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Please be aware that apps are only open from the 1st (12:00 AM Eastern Standard Time) to the 7th (11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time) of any given month. This means that as of 12:01 AM, the 1st, apps are open and that as of 11:59 PM the 7th, they are closed. If you post an application after that time, it will be deleted and ignored. Please pay attention to the application times and the status at the top of this page!

PLEASE READ THE RULES BEFORE APPLYING! Especially the last few, as they establish what characters can or cannot be accepted.

If you want to canon-update your character, you must re-apply for said character with the relevant changes (history, personality, strengths and weaknesses, etc). For re-apps and canon updates, samples must be rewritten; we do not accept recycled samples.

The old application posts can be found on Livejournal, using the Applications tag.

Here's the application. Copy and paste the text box info into a comment and fill it out. You must apply with the following format, otherwise your application will not be accepted.


Confused? HERE is a quick explanation of how to fill out our fandom applications.


Confused? HERE is a quick explanation of how to fill out our OC applications.

You may link to threads on the [community profile] trainingwings community for your first person samples, as long as the thread in question is no older than three months. The thread or post must still have at least ten lines of dialog from your character to be considered.

HERE is a word-counting tool to check your 3rd person samples.

If a mod does not accept your app right away, please be patient. We all have our own personal and busy lives to attend to, and there might be a period of time when it might take us days to get to the applications. There is also the possibility that we do not know the canon you are applying for, and we need time to study it. So please be patient and we will work as fast as we can to get you an answer. If it has been a week with no word, please feel free to message Akai (guynophobic), Masamune (masamune3x), or Emily (spark memories) on AIM, or email them at their respective email addresses found in the [community profile] luceti profile page.

Note: Applications are not always processed in the order they are received, due to the way they are divvied up between the moderators. If your application has been skipped, do not fret. Another mod will be getting to it soon enough. Additionally, you now have ONE WEEK to complete revision requests and Q&A's. You will be reminded of this deadline three days before it's up. After that week has passed, your application will no longer be considered for the current round. We apologize, but please be patient with us!

A note for applying here on Dreamwidth: Due to the character count limit being higher on DW, it might be tempting to toss the whole thing in one comment and leave it. However, we ask that you split the application up into at least two comments- the first containing your player information and (if you want) basic character info, the rest in another comment (or more, if you wish). This is to avoid having entire applications spanning the page and making it huge.

Splitting them up will make it easier for mods to process the applications. Thank you!

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Arthur Pendragon | Reserved

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Name: Masamune
Livejournal Username: dammitmasa
AIM/MSN: Masamune3x (AIM)
Current Characters at Luceti:
[personal profile] markofthewise - Sokka
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Arthur Pendragon | Reserved

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Name: Arthur Pendragon
Fandom: Merlin (BBC)
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Time Period:The night after drawing Excalibur (Sword in the Stone pt 2)
Wing Color:Red, with bits of blue
History: Merlin Wikia

Personality: Though recently made king, Arthur has not quite lived up to the legacy of the myths and stories that would persist long after his own death. Indeed he remains still in his first year of kingship and has just recently lost his kingdom due to trusting the wrong people. In spite of his failings though, there is much about him that resonates with the well known version of King Arthur. At the heart of it, Arthur is a good and just man. He strongly believes in justice and fairness, qualities that once put him at odds with his father's often brutal method of dealing with problems. He absolutely cannot stand to see others suffer, especially when there's something he can do about it. Left to his own devices, he will do everything in his power to work towards the greatest good, but often his duty to Camelot (or his father before) will leave him at odds with his values. Usually it takes one of his friends to make him see sense and make the right choice, despite the consequences that come from it.

But in spite of how moral he may be, Arthur is far from perfect. Though he has declared that he makes his own choices, he is often easily influenced by those he thinks are wise. He still follows many of the beliefs his father held and listened to the advice of his uncle Agravaine over that of Merlin in almost every situation. Unfortunately these have often led him to making terrible choices that he still regrets. Under Agravaine's advice, he pushed Guinevere away because he, as king, could not allow his feelings to take preference to what his kingdom expected. Likewise, he also executed an enemy king in cold blood to 'prove his own strength', causing a war that he only very nearly was able to stop by putting his own life on the line in a duel. Like his father, he can often be led into trusting the wrong people.

Arthur's mistakes and regrets stick with him, more than people often realize. During one of his first times leading the knights, he raided a druid camp. Though the women and children were meant to be spared, he was unable to control it and in the chaos, the entire settlement was slaughtered. This incident would come back with a vengeance years later, ultimately leading him to confronting the spirits of one of the slaughtered druid boys who sought retribution. After Arthur confessed his crime and offered himself to be killed, the druid boy ultimately chose to forgive him, leaving the prince in a rare moment of being in tears. When it comes down to it, Arthur absolutely will not let anyone suffer for his mistakes. The same can be said when a curse was cast on Camelot after he killed a unicorn. Though Merlin offered to die in Arthur's place, due to Merlin being nothing more than a servant, Arthur tricked him and drank the poison himself. (But he got better, it wasn't actually poison.) Again, when he executed an enemy king and started a war, he made arrangements with the remaining queen to settle the dispute in single mortal combat, with Arthur fighting as his own champion. He did not want any man, of Camelot or any other kingdom, to die because of his poor choices. This conviction runs at the very heart of him and he will not hesitate to sacrifice himself for the good of his kingdom.

However Arthur is not always virtuous and he does have his faults. For all he says about equality and fairness, he can be something of a spoiled prat. He often takes the finer things in life for granted and isn't above making his servants work hard for his sake, especially Merlin. That said, he is not quite as much of a bully as he was before about it. In fact most of the time he only does it to tease Merlin or to punish him for his apparent incompetence (since Merlin's mentor, Gaius, will often excuse Merlin's frequent disappearances for spending a day at the tavern). Even then, it's a rare moment when Arthur will clean or cook for himself, unless he absolutely has to. He does feel that as royalty, there are certain tasks that are beneath him and that he has to be focused on doing his duty to his kingdom.

Like his father before him, Arthur holds a great amount of suspicion for magic. Although Merlin has saved Athur's life countless times using it, Arthur has never known of this. As a result, he has almost always ever seen magic used for evil purposes. He has been enchanted and fallen in love more than once, he's seen his father enchanted to love a troll, he's fought a dragon that tried to destroy Camelot, he's seen Morgana corrupted by magic, he saw Morgause trick him (or so he believed) into seeing a vision of his mother that turned him against his father, and most significantly, his father died when a sorcerer named Dragoon (actually Merlin in disguise) tried to heal him. Although Arthur is not as fiercely anti-magic as his father and does not hunt sorcerers as ruthlessly, he greatly distrusts magic and considers it to be an evil power that can corrupt even the kindest of people, as it did to Morgana. Though his viewpoint has softened to some degree, it will be a long time before it is something he can ever condone.

Although Arthur is bold and courageous, one thing he falters at is actually expressing himself. When it came to Guinevere and other suitors, he had difficulty ever outright saying how he felt (and if he did, an enchantment was to blame). He is very concerned with his own image and how people perceive him, so when it comes to emotional attachment, he prefers to keep himself distanced. In that way he is also like his father. For a long time, Arthur believed Uther was disappointed in Arthur, but it was only in his final years that Arthur realized how proud his father actually was of him. Likewise, Arthur is not always the best at revealing how he feels about people. No one knows this better than Merlin, who could not even get a hug out of Arthur even after helping to save Camelot from a troll. It's a rare moment indeed when Arthur will give any praise to Merlin and it's usually laced with a half-insult at the same time. Though this has mostly fizzled out into them both ribbing one another in a more brotherly sort of way.

Among his own knights, Arthur may be the leader, but he often treats them as his friends and equals, especially the four closest to him - Sir Leon, Sir Percival, Sir Gwaine, and Sir Elyan. In fact, the three latter were all commoners that he knighted himself, despite how much his father would have disapproved. The five of them enjoy a healthy amount of respect and rivalry among each other and he usually feels at ease being able to joke around with them, where they will often pick on Merlin (or Gwaine, if Merlin isn't available). This is the model for how he treats most people if they are fellow men in arms like himself. He has a great amount of respect for his fellow fighters, especially those with bravery to match his own. In the end, he is able to easily earn the respect of those who serve with him, because he will never ask more from them than what he would do himself. It's a rare moment when Arthur himself does not lead the charge in the most dangerous of situations.

Although he often has Merlin to tell him when he's being wrong, Arthur will often dismiss him and silence him if he doesn't agree. But there is one person that always has Arthur's ear and that is Guinevere. Though she is also a servant like Arthur, he is head over heels in love with her and has been for some time now. There is nothing he won't do for her sake and when he was still a prince, it greatly pained him to know that they couldn't be together due to Camelot's rules and customs. When their relationship to Uther was revealed, he desperately tried to make a case for them to be together. And when she was sentenced to death for the accusation of enchanting him, he begged for her release, going so far as to renounce his title so he could leave Camelot and be with her. She is the one person he can be absolutely open around, not hiding anything away and feeling just like Arthur the man and not Arthur the king. It is because of this that her betrayal to Lancelot hurt so much. After finding her kissing one of his knights, he was devastated and angry. But in spite of that, he still loved her and spared her from the execution that his father most certainly would have inflicted. Instead he banished her from Camelot, because not only did it hurt him, but he knew that he could not allow himself to be seen as being that weak and forgiving for a betrayal like that.

However, Arthur has recently lost his kingdom to his half-sister Morgana, due to the manipulations of his treacherous uncle, Agravaine. Compounded with the loss of his father through Arthur's decision to use magic, he has been betrayed in terrible ways by those he has given his trust to. As a result, Arthur's confidence has been greatly shaken, to the point he was close to giving up on Camelot, as he no longer felt fit to be its king. Although Merlin was able to pull Arthur out of it by bringing him to the Sword in the Stone as a test of his worthiness, Arthur still maintains some doubts. After all, his only living family hates him and Camelot itself will not be easy to retake. Though he has reunited with Guinevere, he still cannot bring himself to forgive her and put behind them what happened, as much as he wants to. To put it simply, Arthur is in a bad, bad place.
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Arthur Pendragon | Reserved

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Leo Baskerville (canon update) | Pandora Hearts

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Name: Dynast
Livejournal Username: [ profile] dynast_harmonia
E-mail: juufan [at] gmail
AIM/MSN: Cynical Sialeeds
Current Characters at Luceti: [personal profile] analyzing (Rise Kujikawa) and [personal profile] statice (Leo Baskerville).


Name: Leo Baskerville
Fandom: Pandora Hearts
Gender: Male
Age: 17 (he's 16 in canon but has celebrated a birthday in Luceti)
Time Period: Retrace 63.
Wing Color: Black.
History: Wikia link
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Leo Baskerville (canon update) | Pandora Hearts

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To those who aren't familiar with him (read: most people, since Leo usually fails to engage with people outside the topic of Book Books and Really, This Book is Interesting), Leo probably hasn't changed much between his Retrace 47 and Retrace 63 selves. He's still as careful and still as calm despite sporting a brand new haircut and a rather disconcerting way of smiling at times (though one could argue that he's always smiled that way, people just didn't know because they couldn't see his eyes). He still has his bookwormish habits though he's quite obviously tidier in presentation, a little more talkative and perhaps a little more flippant in attitude.

Of course, he still excels in throwing forth the occasional sarcastic barb (his deadpan tendencies, however, seem to have utterly disappeared) but he's still undeniably polite in most social situations. It comes with being trained to serve a member of the nobility and then becoming noblility yourself, it seems— though Leo rarely thinks of his duty as Glen Baskerville as an honour. He still doesn't put on airs, preferring, instead, to engage others on their own level. This can be seen by how he extended a respectful enough (the friendliness is, however, up to debate) invitation to Oz to negotiate about joining the Baskervilles' cause. Glens were considered to be revered, powerful figures among noble circles before the Tragedy of Sablier and in current canon, feared death-bringers; Leo had no obligation and everything to lose by letting Oz in on his plans and yet he did, simply because he considered Oz a close enough acquaintance to be trusted.

Or at least, that's how it all seems on the surface.

"The wrong one, the crazy one— it's me."

Elliot's death has not only devastated Leo, it has broken him. The flippancy in his attitude is not as benign as most would assume; instead, it lies in his change of outlook. Previously, he'd been more of an uninvolved bystander (this can be seen by how much of a role he plays in the story until the Second Coming of Age Ceremony arc— he merely exists as comic relief for any Oz-centric scenes and as an expository character in Elliot-related affairs) but this has now been skewed into to a self-hating, destructive mindset. It is very possible to say that Leo goes from being somewhat physically blind to selectively blind. His hatred for himself and the Will of the Abyss has blinkered him so much that he has taken decisions that he would otherwise have shunned and adopted an attitude that is quite frankly, suicidal. He's willing to harm not only himself but others as well. Oz identifies this correctly enough:

”—No, Leo. You’re wrong.—
—You don’t want to destroy anything at all—
You just want to be destroyed yourself.”

But what does Oz know? Elliot's dead and as far as Leo knows, it's all his own fault.

It would be correct to say that Leo has regressed into a more selfish one-track mind mentality with little to no regard for others— or at least, those who aren't Elliot or close to him. Even the reasons for his actions (as painstakingly explained to Oz) revolve more around personal reasons (i.e. punishing the Will for subjecting Elliot to such a fate). Sure, he attempts to mask it with the somewhat more righteous "To fix the distortion in the Abyss made by the Will" goal of the Baskervilles, but there’s not as much dedication from him to that compared to the efforts of the rest of the Baskervilles. To him, even if their objective is just as valid (and he doesn’t mind subscribing to it), his wants come before theirs. Leo isn’t ignorant of his own downspiral— he embraces it.

And yet, to say that he’s become a stereotypical batshit villain would be incorrect as well—Leo’s selfishness extends to the fact that he doesn’t really want to lose his current friends if he can help it. Having been subject to a lonely childhood, Leo treasures every bit of friendship he can get, even if he has to ruin everything with his own hands in the end. That’s why he’d attempted to talk Oz into joining his cause—it was, as he said, “All […] Leo’s bit of selfishness”.

When it all boils down to that, Leo’s mostly a lonely, disoriented kid who’s lost his bearings for a moment and taken some really bad decisions. Does this excuse what he’s doing (and about to do)? No, of course not. He’s childish, he’s foolish, he’s suicidal and deals with grief in the most abhorrent of ways— no. But for all it's worth, there is still something remaining of the old Leo, even if it’s about to be phased out by this new (but not quite improved, as shown by further chapters) Glen Baskerville 2.0.

Since Leo is essentially the reincarnation of Glen Baskerville, it is assumed that he has the same regenerative powers as the rest of the Baskervilles. Canon has shown that Lily Baskerville was able to recover from a point-blank headshot within minutes; it can be thus assumed that Glen Baskerville (being arguably the most powerful Baskerville) has that same ability as well.

Leo also has the Chain Jabberwock— a creature from the Abyss that he's formed a Contract with. Chains are entities that exist within Contractors and are unable to sustain themselves for prolonged periods on a plane of existence other than the Abyss. In exchange for a shortened lifespan (each Contractor lives as long as it takes for their seal to complete one circle), the Chain serves the Contractor.

Little has been shown of Jabberwock's abilities other than its ability to fly and its ability to wreck havoc (it attempts to wreck a city but that isn't all too difficult due to its immense size). Jabberwock is one of each Glen's army of Chains and is the easily the one closest to him. Not only does it appear in an illusion with Glen in Sablier (Ozwald!Glen had to tell it that Oz did not mean any harm before it backed down), it is also the first Chain that Leo forms a contract with upon claiming the title of "Glen Baskerville". Jabberwock is Leo's own personal bodyguard...if bodyguards could be kept and produced again at the whim of its owner.

That aside, Leo is also relatively book-smart. He's cultivated a reading habit ever since he was young (he likes books, he states, because they offer him an escape) and almost always has a book with him. He's probably gained knowledge of a wide range of subjects (especially since he's been in Luceti for almost a year), but it's all very shallow unless he's interested enough to pursue things further.

As strong as Jabberwock may be, maintaining its existence in the current plane (as opposed to the Abyss) is taxing on the body. As of his current canon point, Leo has only made a contract with Jabberwock a few days prior and thus is unfamiliar with handling the strain of a Chain. Even using Jabberwock for about five-ten minutes (assumed, from the series of events that occur) has been shown to exert extreme strain on him.

Which leads to Item 2: Leo is, despite his superhuman regeneration skills, quite human in terms of his abilities. He bleeds, he exhausts himself, gets knocked out; he is undeniably quite normal in most aspects. Of course, for Luceti, it will be possible for him to die because his wings will always be a weak point and can't regenerate as fast as the rest of him can.

Leo's greatest weakness, however, lies in his obsession with Elliot. In his grief, he makes bad, hasty decisions (i.e. choosing to take on the title of Glen Baskerville after rejecting it for so long) and regresses to a selfish self-hating outlook. He literally becomes suicidal, going as far as pushing himself to use Jabberwock despite the extreme strain on his body and egging Oz on to fight him. Leo's psyche is basically like an inverted pyramid— remove the stabilising force (Elliot) and he goes to pieces.


First Person: Q&A please!

Third Person:
Five days— he'd spent five days living once again like how he'd been before he'd returned. It had been a wonderful five days, a beautiful five days, a nerve-wrecking five days.

He'd noticed the stares, of course, and the questions that all of them had wanted to ask him. Some had just gone ahead and asked (Elliot had, for certain, and Leo wasn't surprised at all; his...changes would have certainly come as a shock), some hadn't, but in the end, none of that mattered. It was like being home after a particularly bad trip, like waking up after...

After a bad nightmare.

Yes, it all could've been a nightmare, couldn't it? Like those nightmares Elliot had when Leo would always be by his side to tell him that they weren't real, that they were dreams, and that he shouldn't not sleep (or Leo might clop him over the head and as much as that might help sleep come faster, it'd leave an unsightly bump the next day too). Dreams that weren't real.

Except that Jabberwock felt real. That stirring -impatient, huffy- was something that he could ignore for some time, but not all the time. It wouldn't do him good to ignore his own Chain even in a place that mostly offered him little harm anyway— Leo himself knew how useless he was with his handgun (always in his pocket even though he'd barely used it outside that one time months ago in this very village) and his hand-to-hand skills verged on the point of being laughable. No one was going to provide free projectiles to throw at threats.

Jabberwock was necessary.

The Chain materialised almost instantly upon summoning, and Leo was momentarily glad that he took the choice to move deep into the forest before calling it forth. The forest was wide around them, but any closer to the village and there was the possibility of someone from one of the taller buildings noticing it— them. He couldn't risk that at such an early point in time, not when everything was turning out better than he'd expected, when his evasive answers had finally met a grudging acceptance.


"Sorry," he commented pleasantly as he reached a hand up to the massive Chain as it ducked its head deferentially for him to pet. "This might take a while longer."


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Mikage Celestine 1/2

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Name: Akai
Dreamwidth Username: [personal profile] fontech
AIM/MSN: guynophobic
Current Characters at Luceti:

Asch [personal profile] dissonates, Zack [personal profile] fairly, Edward [personal profile] automailed, Suki [personal profile] kyoshi


Name: Mikage
Fandom: 07-Ghost
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Time Period: Mid-chapter 7; just before the reincarnation
Wing Color: Classic rose, the colour of the fyulong dragon
History: Wikia.

Mikage will be keeping his Luceti memories!
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Mikage Celestine 2/2

[personal profile] fontech 2012-01-01 05:16 am (UTC)(link)

Mikage is a young man with a wealth of cheer and a capacity for kindness that seems to know no limit. He is honest and straightforward; he never seems to hide his heart from those he cares about, or those he views as trustworthy or decent. He'll smile without hesitation, cry when he wants to, say "I love you" with no irony or pause. He is, in essence, what it means to be a friend.

He's not perfect by any means, however. He's obnoxious when he feels that the situation demands it- he'll rebel against authority, mock, dismiss, or outright ignore even his own employer if he feels they're behaving unjustly, such as Shuuri Oak's mistreatment of Teito. He doesn't like causing trouble or getting into physical fights over trivial matters, though; when the honour of he and his family is insulted and Teito intervenes with violence, he stops the fight saying it isn't worth it. Rather than getting his friend into trouble, he ignores the insult and is just thankful for the support, instead.

On the flipside, he's not afraid of real combat in the slightest. Despite not being as strong as Teito, he has faith in his own skills and the strength of his zaiphon abilities, and he's able to work side by side with Teito- they've trained together enough that they can move and attack in sync. It's pretty much assumed that he has a normal-strength offensive zaiphon, since he doesn't heal nor manipulate. Attitude-wise, while he stays serious in real battles, he's not above having a bit of fun even during training. Really, he comes off as something of a prankster and a goof; he's always looking for ways to have fun and play around, using his sense of humour and ability to read people to try and bring a smile to someone's face. He loves to make people happy. In chapter 1 he says, "Want to scrimmage so I can get pumped and not get into any accidents tomorrow?" which sheds a bit of light on his battle prep tactics. AKA get excited and keep the adrenaline pumping, orz

A great deal of Mikage's personal strength comes from his enthusiasm. Tough situations roll right off his back, and whatever happens, he's bound and determined to smile through it all for the sake of those he loves. His family means a great deal to him, considering he entered the military for their sake- not to make them proud or obey their wishes like many others, but specifically to protect them. His idea of family isn't limited to blood relations, however; he specifically states that Teito is family to him, and that's why he's unable to choose between them. He puts a lot of heart into what he does, without expecting much in return; when he does get a favourable response (such as Teito's confession that being called Mikage's best friend is like having a family) his response can vary, but typically is overenthusiastic and cheeky in some way. He and Teito are prone to razzing on and insulting each other, but boys will be boys. :|b His feelings are genuine, though, and he loves both honestly and deeply.

He places a lot of trust on his friends, and thus he holds true to his promises as best as he can; he's all about fluff and love and bromance, and he never seems ashamed of anything he feels. Putting it simply, he lives to be the light of others. He is also willing to, without a doubt, stand by his friends and die for them if he's forced into a situation that would demand such a thing.

Aside: he hates hospitals and bell peppers, and if the anime can be trusted, he loves all things yakisoba. His favourite colour is sunset orange.


Physical: Though he isn't as strong as Teito, he has enough control over his zaiphon to have been accepted into the military academy (all of whom were candidates for accepting the Eye of Michael, were it to be found.) He's built more physically than Teito as far as size goes, and when possessed Ayanami he's able to manhandle Teito pretty effectively, but it's dubious whether or not he could manage that on his own. Judging by some of the official art, it looks like as a cadet he's had some training with weaponry, but his skill level is unknown.

Mental: Mikage is surprisingly resilent when it comes to serious matters; he can keep his cool relatively well in battle, he withstands Ayanami and the Black Hawks' interrogation after Teito's escape, and he holds himself together as long as possible despite Ayanami's possession and the separation of his soul for the sake of protecting Teito and his family. His will to protect those he loves, even at the cost of his own death, is a wish he holds very dear to his own heart.

Emotional: When he's devoted to someone, it is completely and wholly. He won't desert, abandon, or betray that person, period. Due to his honesty he's emotionally all over the place, but for the most part his greatest strength is his ability to smile through adversity, and to use that strength to find ways to make those around him share that smile no matter what.


Physical: Since his main strength lies in his zaiphon, it's more or less safe to assume that any other physical talents would be secondary in power; skills with weapons (such as guns or swords, as shown in some of the art) would be less impressive, and he lacks the natural talent at physical combat that Teito has. He can keep up and hold his own in a fight, but he's used to working in a team, so he probably would have more difficulty if he was fighting alone. He prefers working with Teito anyway.

Mental: This ties somewhat into physical as well, since it affects his body, but the main effect is spiritual- Mikage possesses only half of his soul due to Ayanami's theft of the other half in order to possess him. Because of this, his body is cold, and if Ayanami extended his influence, Mikage would lose control of his body and become what's essentially a one-winged Kor. Destroying the wing results in his death, so that's his most obvious physical and mental weakness when he's in that state.

Emotional: The trouble with having such an open heart is that it's also unguarded from attack. Mikage's weakness is his love for others; his family, his friends- if you make him choose between them, or hurt them while he's unable to protect them, he falters and finds it difficult to deal with the situation. Naturally he hides it by being all smiles, but even he isn't perfect, and if pushed to the limit, he'll crack under the pressure. He's afraid of dying (which is normal enough but worth noting since he sort of accepted it to save his best friend instead of trying to save himself) and his emotional attachments to people mean he's liable to feel discouraged or lonely when certain people are absent from his life.


First Person:

Hey, everyone. Sorry for disappearing on you guys, but... I'm back! And it hasn't been that long since I left, so that's good!

I think I missed out on a lot, though. So here a roll call for you! If you recognize me - Mikage - tell me that you're still here!

Oh, and to everybody who helped Shuri after I went home... thanks for taking care of him. He really is a hopeless guy, isn't he? Especially with the princess to look after... it's amazing they managed to stay alive in that house without me! Anyway, it really means a lot, so... thank you.

Third Person:

The village wasn't that different when he arrived; it hadn't taken him long to find familiar territory, which was no small mercy considering how cold it was outside. With the recovery of his soul - or, rather, the release of the half that had been missing - his body no longer felt cold to the touch, and that meant he had plenty of warmth to lose. Not exactly an advantageous state of being when it's below zero outside.

Mikage had already found the journal, though it had been half-buried in the snow by the time he'd tracked it down, but he hadn't used it yet. He has no idea how long he's been gone for- it could've been days, weeks, a month or two, or even a full year. And finding out on the journal is... admittedly kind of terrifying. Who's still there? Who's been sent home? Are any of his friends left in Luceti?

Sitting around wasn't going to get him answers, through, so once the journal was in his hands, he started off at a run for the nearest building he could see. From there, it was only a matter of minutes before he reached his destination... only to stop.

House 35. It looks the same as ever, sure. He can't tell if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Only one way to find out, though...

With a deep breath, he stepped forward, pushing open the door, not caring whether or not anyone was home or if it even belonged to the ones he loved anymore. It smelled... lived in. A real home, still, not an empty building fit for the taking. He wandered further inside, following the familiar pathway to his room. Or the room that used to be his, anyway. Deep breath, another deep breath, and then-

...Empty. Completely empty, devoid of... anything. So Teito was gone, then. Somehow he knew that would happen, but...

"Shuri?" It was an impulse reaction, a fear borne of a desire to not dwell on his best friend's disappearance. As long as someone's here... as long as he's not alone... it'll be okay somehow. He'll manage.
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lukius bridges ⤰ tales of the tempest ⤰ basics

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Name: Lukius Bridges
Fandom: Tales of the Tempest
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Time Period: After Caius & co. defeat Rommy on Mount Are.
Wing Color: Dark gray, white at the tips.
History: here. There is also an awesome write-up that Henry did here.
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lukius bridges ⤰ tales of the tempest ⤰ personality

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Personality: You don’t understand, brother. No, I don’t expect you to understand. After all, you were brought up in a good environment, brother!

What Lukius yells before he battles Caius speaks volumes about him and his life; it has a little bit of envy and a little bit of skepticism and a little bit of hurt. Lukius grew up in the church, and in a household that was dominated by the church. He is literally the Pope's right-hand man; worse yet, he's expected to be as his son. His father is driven mad with grief and uses him to hunt Leymon so he can cast bizarre, large scale magic to revive the world, and for what the game shows of us of their relationships it's largely professional in person and more of a master/pawn from the Pope's perspective. He calls him a useless little brat when he fails to stop the party from entering his sanctum.

During one of the earlier scenes in the game, Lukius is speaking with the Pope about acquiring the Pensient from Caius and he calls him the Pope. More disturbingly, he tells him that Lukius is the only one he can depend on — the only one who understands his thoughts — and Lukius tells him he would do anything to help him, even risking his life. He's completely devoted to a man who doesn't even treat him like his son; he's been conditioned into mindlessly devoting his life to him and his cause and he doesn't question it, even in the face of his own brother.

Since the Pope views him as more of a soldier than a son, Lukius is placed as the head of the Heretic Prosecutors Committee at the age of fifteen. He travels the world in search of Leymon (his people, technically) to torture to fuel his father's dream, because he's been sucked into his plan. He was forced to grow up too fast, and as a result he's mature beyond his age. He speaks very formally to the soldiers he commands in-game, and he has to. He is actually the leader of an entire church committee, and he has been taught and brought up specifically for the purpose of leading investigations on Leymon.

Which gets into the issue of his blood. Looking at his pre-battle quote from Lukius' perspective, this is his understanding of Caius' life: he has at least some semblance of a normal family, he has acquired friends — friends who won't turn away from him even despite his Leymon blood, his foster father accepted and loved him — the largest thing missing from Lukius' life is acceptance. He lives underneath the church's eyes, the same church that hunts and persecutes the Leymon, and even if it's for a good goal in his eyes he's still brought up to be ashamed of that part of him. He tells Caius after that battle that he couldn't face the Lycanth blood in him like his brother could; he wanted to stop hunting the Leymon, but the Pope believed so much in the Life Magic he couldn't.

In a way, Lukius actually hates himself. He's conflicted, and no matter which side he's on there's something for him to feel ashamed of. If he's with the Pope, with his father, and he says in the beginning of the game that the Pope is the only thing he has left (the only shred of family or acquaintance), then he has the disgusting blood of monsters in him. He's not really any better than what he hunts. On the other hand, if he believes in his brother, who's radical and idealistic and who truly believes being a Leymon is okay because his friends have helped him there, have accepted him and he wants Lukius to feel that kind of acceptance (he says so in a skit with Rubia), he has to feel ashamed for what he's done his whole life because he was hanging so desperately to the one thing he had left.

It's not an easy choice, and before he thinks he's about to die he says it feels like he's being punished — he feels like his death is the punishment for not being able to accept his blood, for hunting all the Leymon he has. It's another example of how he's grown up too fast; he can make a statement like that. He can say, honestly, that there's gallons of blood on his hands and he deserves to be punished.

We see a lot of Lukius' conflict throughout the game; even in the very beginning, he can't condone Rommy killing the innocent Natwicks. When he has his discussion with Rubia over hunting the Leymon, he admits he doesn't really know if it's the right thing for him to be doing. He just knows his father wants him to do it, has always wanted him to do it, and he knows he has just intentions with it. He thinks the end should justify the means but in the end he's not really sure if that's right, especially considering his best friend was taken from him and replaced with a sadistic Spot who couldn't give less of a damn about humanity.

That's another thing that makes Caius' upbringing better to him: he actively has friends. Lukius had a friend — a very good friend, if the party's comments are of any indication, a sweet girl who he could get along with — and she ended up possessed by the same thing he's been working so hard to accomplish. She turns into something (not someone, something) that doesn't care about anyone on the planet, not him and not the innocent Natwicks and, in the end, not the Pope either. His father is literally the only thing he really has and he's possessed, too, as it turns out.

Lukius is alone until he meets Caius. He's not really anything to his father — just another pawn in his plot, and maybe it's an important pawn but it's not a son; his only friend is suddenly an alien who more or less hates the world; and Lukius himself can't come to terms with the fact he's half-Leymon and half-human. The only thing he has going for him is if he clings to his father's ideals, the world will be changed for the better, and harmony will overcome war and hatred — even if it means hunting Leymon.

Maybe he is jealous of Caius and his good environment, but above all he can relate to him. Caius is half-human and half-Leymon, and yet he travels the world with this group and he accepts the beast part of him, and it's something Lukius can't do because of his position. But Caius is his brother, and he actively reaches out to him — he tells him he's a Leymon, too so why should he hunt them? Caius encourages him to embrace himself instead of trying to reject that part of him. He tells Rubia that he thinks it's sad that he can't, and he really wants Lukius to be able to understand that it's okay.

Caius is the reason Lukius can change. He kills the Pope and frees Lukius of his obligations, and before he does that he shows him that the Life Magic he's trying to cast isn't right. He tells him it's summoning Spots, and believing in something like that is being a fool, so when Lukius barely survives he can come to his senses about it instead of trying to follow in his father's footsteps. He can strive towards not the supposed greater good of eliminating Lycanths but instead learning to accept them — accept himself. Most importantly, he can do good with the skills he's learned still, and he uses his connections to the Church to find a Priseputh to dispel Rommy's transformation — even if he can't free her the way he'd like to, he can free her this way (and this is another mark of his too-soon maturity, being able to come to terms with effectively killing his best friend because his real best friend shouldn't be used by a malicious creature).

He still has his struggles, but he makes progress towards realizing what he wants instead of allowing others to dictate his ideals. Without the tie to his father, he has the freedom after the game to reform the Church, and while reforming it he collaborates with Forest to create alliances between the humans and the Leymon. Even before his fight with Caius, he's inching closer to acceptance: he calls them Leymon instead of Lycanths for once. He uses his maturity and his experience with leadership to accomplish something he can feel good about, and feel good about himself while he's at it.

Lukius' biggest struggle is with acceptance and by the end of the game, reuniting with his brother makes it less daunting and more doable. Even at his canon point, he accepts his brother's affection and joins his side because he realizes in the end he's right — and while he's at it, he learns what some actual familial affection is, and while he doesn't understand it he doesn't turn it away, either.
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Caius Qualls | Tales of the Tempest | Reserved

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Name: Caius Qualls
Fandom: Tales of the Tempest
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Time Period: Having defeated the Pope, departed from Janna.
Wing Color: Dark red with white tips.
History: Whilst Caius does have an Aselia wiki page (Over here!) it doesn't go into much of his history past the first few minutes of the game. What's more, Tempest hasn't been localized. All English names given have been discussed and agreed upon by the rest of the cast!
Brief history of Tempest's plot, as well as a more in-depth history which is a work in progress.
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Caius Qualls | Tales of the Tempest | Reserved 2/3

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Growing up, Caius never had much of a childhood. He was kept in his home town of Fern by his 'father' Ramrus and was forbidden from leaving. Even when he asks his father if he can accompany him on a business trip Ramrus turns him down. It upsets Caius to know there are other children in the village, other people, who are able to go out and do as they please whilst he's confined to the same old same old every single day of his life. When a turn of events allow Caius to leave the village and explore the world he is positively enthralled with the world around him. Upon visiting Reda for the first time, a village outside of the Black Forest which is much bigger and more developed than Fern, he's mesmerized by how different it is from his home town. It's a little sad in a way, given that Reda is far from the most impressive of towns, but seeing as Caius has very little to go off for a comparison it makes it seems as though Reda is some sort of bustling city to him. Even when he finally visits Janna for the first time he can only compare the city to his home town, despite Fern and Janna being completely different in terms of populace and appearance.

Caius has had to endure witnessing the deaths of multiple people in his life, all of them close family and friends. He witnesses Rubia's mother and father being murdered by the hand of Rommy, a persecutor of the church, and then witnesses Ramrus, his adoptive/foster father, being turned to stone by the same person after being forced to fight him. He has also seen his own brother 'die' after only recently finding out that the two of them are related. Finally, he has seen his own father, the Pope, also die by Rommy's hand. Rather than becoming upset and letting all of this weigh him down, Caius vows to fight on for all their sakes, so to make them proud of him, fulfil their last wishes or do them justice in death.

During most scenes between Caius and Rubia it's clear to see Caius has quite the temper on him. The two rarely have a conversation without descending into an argument. What's more, during the start of the game when Caius enters the church at Fern and meets Rubia, she asks if Caius has been fighting with his dad again, implying they too regularly get into arguments. When Tilkis and Forest first appear to rescue Caius an Rubia from a group of skeletons, Caius is snappy and ungrateful at first for their help, insisting that he could have handled the situation himself. He also has difficulty not rising up to any jabs made at him, no matter what they might be or who they might come from. Tilkis teases the boy an awful lot about his relationship with Rubia and each time without fail he defends himself, 'There’s no way I could be caught being your boyfriend'!

In regards to relationships, Caius is quick to accept others and make new friends. Upon first meeting Arria, Caius quickly befriends her despite her being a member of the church. He speaks respectfully to those who are older than him or who are more experienced than him, referring to Forest as 'Mr.Forest' and one point even referring to Tilkis as 'Mr.Tilkis'. To those his age or younger he simply uses their name. It seems the closer he becomes to people the more likely he is to spark an argument out of their conversations, seeing as he seems to constantly bicker with his childhood friend Rubia and even his own father.

Whilst he is quick to make friends, Caius can also be very rude and doesn't mind speaking his mind about people. It's quite common for him to tell another person to shut up if they're annoying him or talking about something he doesn't agree with, be they a friend or a stranger. There are multiple occasions where he tells both Rubia and Lukius, his childhood friends and brother respectively, to stop talking and shut up. Unless he's told otherwise he doesn't really notice his own rude behaviour unless it is pointed out to him. Caius is quite happy to keep on talking about how he could have handled a group of skeletons without Forest and Tilkis' help, but when Rubia tells him not to be rude he comes around and thanks the two for their help all the same.

Love is a foreign concept to Caius and it wouldn't be surprising if someone had to explain what it was to him. Despite Rubia getting worked up and annoyed at Caius for treating her badly and being discourteous he never seems to catch on that she might be getting annoyed because of how she feels about him. He's quick to deny anything about the two of them being a couple and is oblivious to how annoyed Rubia gets when he denies such things.

Caius is a competitive person, often bordering onto the childish side of what could be considered 'competitive'. When finding an old key in the Black Forest, Caius is quick to snatch it up and run off with it, 'the quicker one always wins!' Caius' reasoning for taking it with them, despite its age, is that it looks important so it must be worth keeping.

Shown through numerous camp fire skits, Caius is not a well educated person. At one point, Rubia brings up the fact Caius wouldn't know how to read were it not for her teaching him back home. He knows very little about the finer points of the big, wide world he lives in, such as why Leymons are hunted and why the church is prosecuting them. The party he travels with seems to educate him more and more about Areulla as they explore more of the continent together.

Given that Caius never had the chance to grow up with his true family, namely Lady Melissa, the Pope and Lukius, he holds family very close to him and takes on the ideals that would be expected of a brother. Even when faced with stopping the Pope and going against Lukius as a result, Caius is hesitant and wonders if it's really alright if they stop the Pope. He's clearly worried for his brother, despite how Lukius was raised to be a soldier, a member of the church and Caius' enemy. He wants his brother to come to terms with who he is inside, rather than just blindly following the Pope's orders like nothing else matters. When engaging in battle with Lukius before going on to face the Pope, Caius begs for Lukius to stop aiding the Pope and even calls him an idiot when he refuses to change his mind. After the battle, when Lukius is mortally wounded, Caius demands to know why Lukius didn't tell him that they were bothers sooner. When Lukius seems to pass on, Caius vows to stop the Pope for Lukius' sake. Even though they didn't grow up together and fought one another Caius still treasures and loves his brother, regardless of their actions.

A lot of people seem to place their trust in Caius and as such he has an awful lot on his shoulders. As their dying wish, Rubia's mother and father ask for Caius to take care of Rubia. Caius promises to always be there to protect her, despite their near constant arguing and bickering.

No matter what hardships a person hashad to go through, Caius is a firm believer in 'you are who you are' or 'you are you'. He's able to see past how a person looks or even acts and is capable of not taking a person purely on face value. Having endured the hatred many humans feel for the Leymon race, Caius has come to understand their point of view. Whilst a Leymon might appear frightening they are still themselves underneath, past their appearance. Caius wants everyone to come to this sort of understanding about one another, so not to judge people on how they look or what they do, but to see them for who they really are inside.


Physically, Caius is very fit and possesses a large amount of stamina. He's capable of wielding a single handed sword with ease in battle, having presumably either taught himself or had Ramrus, a knight, teach him how to wield one properly at some point in his childhood. Caius also has access to a number of artes, which he can chain together to create many deadly combinations. Outside of fighting, Caius has successfully travelled the entire continent of Areulla on foot. Even with stops for sleeping and other such breaks it is still an impressive feat. When asked by Forest, Caius also states that he is a good swimmer before the party jumps off the bridge into Janna and into the river below. As well as possessing impressive strength in his human form, when he enters his beast form Caius becomes even stronger. He loses the ability to use any artes and can only pummel the enemy repeatedly with punches and uppercuts, but this is proven to be more than enough for him to beat any enemy to a pulp, including the heretic prosecutor Rommy. With training from Forest, Caius has learnt how to properly harness his beast form, being able to transform at will similar to how Ramrus and Forest are able to.

Mentally, Caius is by far the least intelligent of people. Whilst there are times where he does stop and think his actions through, such as soon after leaving Fern where he discusses with Rubia what plan of action they should take, there are also times where Caius runs in head first to situations without considering the consequences.

Caius has a lot of different feelings backing him up emotionally. He fights for the sake of Ramrus, and then later on to avenge him after he is turned to stone. What's more, he is also motivated to keep going by the chance to uncover who his real father is. Once he uncovers that his father is the Pope, Caius is finally motivated by the need to save Areulla. He has a big sense of justice about himself and there is very little which can deter Caius from reaching his goals. He tends to be a very open sort of person when it comes to meeting new people, given how quickly he accepts Arria as a friend despite her being a priestess of the church. He is quick to place trust in others and expects the same from them in return. Though Arria betrays the party, Caius is quick to forgive her and accept her new resolve soon after.

After discovering he can turn into a beast like Ramrus, Caius tells Rubia that he wondered for awhile why he was a Leymon before accepting himself and being glad. Ramrus had always taught Caius not to turn away from your problems and face them head on and that it's important to accept your fate and live it. Throughout his journey, Caius is constantly reassured that no matter what he might be he will always be Caius Qualls, 'you are you'. 'I will continue to exist as me.' Whilst understanding how frightening it can be for a human to witness a Leymon turning into their beast form, Caius just wants humans to understand that even though they look different they are still the same person.


It's possible for Caius to become sick, injured and die like any other person. Overworking and pushing himself too hard will result in fatigue like any normal person might experience. When Caius is pushed into a corner and the situation looks bad, or alternatively Caius is under a lot of emotional stress, he automatically transforms into his beast form. It's cases like these where he has little choice over his transformation and he must wait until he calms down or until a certain amount of time passes, such as when he transforms into his beast form after being forced into fighting Ramrus by Rommy and when in battle if Caius' HP passes a certain point he is granted access to his beast form.

Caius has received very little education about the world outside of his home town of Fern. Whilst possessing a decent amount of general knowledge he lacks knowledge on the finer points of the world. Before Ramrus explains it to him he is completely clueless about the church prosecutors and why the villagers reacted the way they did to Ramrus' transformation. What's more, Caius wouldn't even know how to read were it not for Rubia deciding to teach him how when they were younger. It's very easy for Caius to become angry at others and he never seems to back down from someone taking a jab at him which is what causes his arguments with Rubia to last so long. Furthermore, Caius enjoys showing off and proving himself to the people around him. When cornered by a pack of skeletons in the Black Forest, Caius says he was capable enough to handle the situation himself without Tilkis and Forest stepping in the lend a hand. Whilst he says that he thinks his actions through carefully, Caius has on numerous occasions run into new situations without a second thought. Upon first reaching Janna and visiting the cathedral, Caius proposes that he and Rubia 'Walk in the front without trying anything' despite the danger of entering the cathedral whilst being chased after and hunter by prosecutors of the church.

When it comes to his beast form and Leymon blood, Caius tends to be open and proud to have both the blood of Leymons and humans inside of him when around friends and humans who aren't against the Leymon. However, given that his beast form only came to light because of his father's death he associates many negative feelings with the transformation. He remains wary when entering his beast form in case he loses control of himself and goes into a blind rage, similar to when he attacked Rommy. He also has a hard time coming to terms with why exactly the Pope orders the execution/torture of the Leymon even after having the situation explained to him. Caius repeatedly calls the whole church cruel and unfair for ever agreeing to going along with the Pope's plans.


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Tyria | Ar Tonelico Qoga

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Name: Tyria
Fandom: Ar Tonelico Qoga
Gender: Female
Age: 735, physically appears to be somewhere around 16-17.
Time Period: Phase 4, right before the XP Shell is shot into the core
Wing Color: Lavender
History: Right here. As a small note, I know the age I put down and the age in this wiki don’t match – however, the age I put down came from a bio in the game itself, and I am more willing to believe that over the age put in the wiki.
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As the Administrator of one of the three Towers left on the world of Ar Ciel, Tyria is an incredibly important person -- viewed as a goddess in one of the other Towers. She is one of three Reyvateil Origins -- a man-made species created to process sounds into energy -- and, unlike the other Reyvateils, is impossible to recreate and therefore considered a sort of gem or treasure of the olden days.

... It's too bad she's a little ... strange.

While serious and sharp-minded, Tyria is incredibly eccentric. She has been known to say very strange phrases that don't seem to make much sense with the current conversation (while the party was in the middle of figuring out some plot points that were vague before that Tyria already had knowledge of, she says "That's correct. The reward for two correct answers is a trip around the world in a hot air balloon."), as well as mention fried bread continually. Her speech pattern also takes strange twists seemingly out of nowhere. One moment, she'll be speaking very in a very rigid, also robotic fashion, then later, will come out with lines containing curse words, slang, or childish phrases (in several cases, she even refers to herself in third-person). She'll fake tears and seriously admit to having done so with a perfectly straight face, misunderstand some things and run with them (such as when Aoto meant to ask Tyria about Kurogane -- he didn't mention Kurogane right away or phrase his question properly, so she seemed to think he was about to admit to wetting his bed and continued to think so even after Aoto corrected her: "Why did you tell me you wet your bed when you wanted to know about Kurogane? It's disgracing to Kurogane!"), and even stroll right into someone's room and immediately say whatever's on her mind instead of leading into the conversation or anything along those lines. ... She also seems to be highly interested in marriage and the idea of getting married.

Thankfully, while eccentricity is a large part of Tyria, it isn't all of it.

Tyria, as mentioned earlier, can be very serious when the need arises. She's a very quick thinker, making a lot of her decisions on the spot instead of mulling around to think them over (such as her decision to allow the song Cosmoflips to be installed into her, even though the person who was trying to convince her to do so had already proved himself to be untrustworthy), and has a very take-charge personality. Even with her odd behavior, she can talk very seriously at length, as well as explain complex situations in fairly simple terms -- or if it's too complex, will simply assure those around her that they didn't need to know anyway. Granted, in some cases, her "explanations" are incredibly confusing, vague, and strange (such as when she said Aoto was "like a mermaid" when pointing out that there was something strange about him), but those cases are about even with her more serious, understandable explanations.

Adding on to the "take charge" sort of personality she has, Tyria does have a habit of snapping the party into action, or at least leading them in the correct direction and guiding them to the next best move. This is shown throughout the entirety of Phase 4 of the game, in which Tyria not only finally joins the party, but generally takes control of their focuses with her mere presence. This could be seen as obvious, given how important she is to their world, but at one point, she was ready to go off and save the world by herself -- she simply asks the party if they'd like to come with her to do so. She was created to do one thing -- regenerate the all-but-destroyed Ar Ciel, and as spacey as she can act, there's barely a thing anyone can do to distract her from that mission. Aside from Aoto, apparently.

Bluntness is another large piece of how Tyria interacts with others. If she doesn't like something, she has no qualms about saying so, even if the person who made that thing is right in front of her. She can come across as almost mean this way, making fun of people (such as a blunt statement she makes to Aoto, who uses drills in battle -- "I think drills are weapons that look cool only when robots use them.") or giving mean, blunt names to items the group creates if they end up being weird or bad items. She also operates on her own plane of logic, doing things that may be seen as "against the norm" while having a rather sound explanation for why she thinks the way she does. This is shown when she tells Finnel and Saki that she'd rather steal items from large containers an enemy corporation has instead of take items from treasure chests, saying that she doesn't "see any problem with opening their boxes like treasure chests."

In short, Tyria is eccentric -- and it's to the point where some party members simply can't see her as the "holy being" she was originally meant to be seen as by the world at large.


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Cheyenne | Original Character | 1/idk

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Note: Cheyenne will be keeping her memories of her previous stay in Luceti, though they'll be coming back a little slowly given her new canon point.

Name: Cheyenne
Gender: Female
Age: Unspecified, due to a very slow aging process (explained in depth below). Appears to be around 14.
Wing Color: Ash Grey
Physical Appearance: Cheyenne has blonde hair with large bouncy curls that hang to a little over shoulder length. Her eyes are always covered by a white cloth due to her abilities (explained below). Should someone be able to see them, they appear to give off the same luster as the inside of a mussel shell. There is no pupil or sclera, and they are just as easily damaged as human eyes. She has a thin build, pale skin, and her body type places her somewhere between the ages of 12-14 physically. She usually wears a short purple dress with tights and black shoes.
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Cheyenne | Original Character | 2/idk

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Cheyenne was born in a nation known as Aregania, where a powerful monarchy had kept the lands and their citizens at peace for centuries. In the lowlands of Aregania, people known as Elemen lived. In this world, there were two kinds of humans: those without powers who lived in northern Aregania, and those with elemental powers that flow through a separate circulatory system in their body.

The elemen, believing they were a higher form of evolution in the timeline of humanity, rebelled against the reigning Areganians. Their elemental abilities gave them a stronger advantage against the powerless humans. Each elemen possessed only one of the following: fire, water, lightning, (plant) life, wind, and light. By the time Cheyenne was born, most of the Areganians had been wiped out by war and their royal family was massacred. Aregania was under control of the Elemen.

However, the crimes of their people paid a heavy cost. The elemen had prayed to their deities for help in removing the Areganians from power. Using the power of the Gods, their armies acted like barbarians, tearing through cities and murdering innocent citizens. Seeing the way their blessings had been used in such twisted ways, the gods punished the fore-runners of the rebellion: the leaders of the different elemental clans. Their souls were painfully torn from their bodies, leaving behind mere traces of who they once were. Only one person survived this process: Valorini, head of the Light eleman clan. Instead of death, she had been transformed into a monster, craving the souls of others to make up for her own lack of one. Using her ability to manipulate light, she created illusions of terror that incited strong emotional responses within her fellow elemen and tore out their souls, feeding on them rather like a vampire. She had become the first Illusionist.

To an Illusionist, a soul is a near-physical part of what makes up a person. All living things possess a soul. Each soul is broken up into four distinct categories: length, strength, potency, and power. For Valorini, the only section of her soul remaining was Power, allowing her body to continue living indefinitely. The souls she took were converted into more Power, which prolonged her life for decades. And yet no matter how many souls she devoured, her hunger was never satisfied: she still lacked the rest of her own soul.

Fifty years later, Valorini had decimated the populations of elemen. Wars began sprouting between the existing Elemental clans as the people struggled to appoint new leaders and deal with the monster that could decimate all life and create ghost towns in just one night. As the flames of chaos tore across the planet, the elemen were faced with just one solution: they had to leave. Aregania is a large nation on a small planet and there were no alternatives for them outside the country. Pleading once more to their gods, the elemen were given an answer with the discovery of the Enchanted Forest.

Believed to be a hub that connected every world in ever universe amidst a sea of evergreen trees, the gods sent signs directing the elemen to enter the forest in the hopes of discovering a new world to inhabit. There was a stark rift between those who trusted the gods and those who did not. In the end, only the Light eleman clan stayed behind as the rest of the remaining elemen clans marched towards an unknown future. In the course of a hundred days, the wars grew quiet and the cities were emptied. The Light elemen, still distrustful of the gods because of what happened to their once beloved leader Valorini, stayed behind even as their numbers continued to dwindle. Within a few short years, only one village remained. Within that village was where Cheyenne lived.
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Saber | Fate/Stay Night | Reapp | 1/??

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Name: Marion
Livejournal/Dreamwidth Username: [personal profile] unification
E-mail: Private; You have it
AIM/MSN: Private; You have it
Current Characters at Luceti:
Paprika ; [personal profile] byakkoyagirl
Homura Akemi ; [personal profile] rabuends
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Saber | Fate/Stay Night | Reapp | 2/??

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Name: Saber ; True Identity [King Arthur]
Fandom: Fate/Stay Night
Gender: Female
Age: Appears 18, actually 1000+
Time Period: Post-Fate Route
Wing Color: White
History: Saber's F/SN wikia entry
Fate Route Summary


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Van Hohenheim | Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood | Reserved

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Name: Dante
Livejournal Username: [personal profile] palamecian
E-mail: esperchild[at]live[dot]com
AIM/MSN: aim: dwarfinaflask/drunkpoetry
Current Characters at Luceti: N/A


Name: Van Hohenheim
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist: BROTHERHOOD
Gender: Male
Age: 450+
Time Period: Episode 49: Filial Affection
Wing Color: Gold
History: FMA Wikia & Wikipedia: Hohenheim's Bio
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Van Hohenheim | Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood | II

[personal profile] hohenheim 2012-01-01 05:03 am (UTC)(link)
Personality: While at first Hohenheim seemed to be depicted as a cold and uncaring father who willingly abandoned his young wife and sons, this initial impression of him begun to fade once his true nature was revealed. Instead of being the uncaring selfish bastard that Edward deemed him to be, Hohenheim comes across as an unexpectedly sympathetic and kind individual who's a tad flirtatious at times. Even at first glance, no one would expect Hohenheim to be the kind of man who cares more for others than himself. He seems to care very little about his dignity and seems to shy away from compliments given by others. He's quite a goof at times. When his wife, Trisha, was still alive Hohenheim would openly confess his undying love for her despite sounding like a hopeless romantic. He seems to have little opinion of what people think of him and seems to be quite open with his emotions unlike his two sons. When Hohenheim first learned of his wife's death, he wept for her not at all feeling embarrassed for showing tears for his beloved. He's a true gentleman through and through in regards to the fairer sex and he does so without coming cross as chauvinistic or prudish.

On another note, Hohenheim's devotion to alchemy happens to be another important aspect of his personality. Long ago when he was still just a lowly slave within the royal court of Xerxes, Hohenheim meet the "dwarf within the flask" who granted him everything from power to knowledge. He yearned to become something more than just a slave, he aspired to become a man with rights that were wrongfully taken away from him at birth. Hohenheim's ambitiousness was perhaps the strongest aspect of his personality during that age, but his ambitious nature soon caught up him once the Homunculus in the flask betrayed him and all of Xerxes. Shattered by the complete annihilation of his country and the death of his countrymen, Hohenheim was cursed by Philosopher's Stone with immortality.

A pivotal aspect of Hohenheim's personality tends to be his pacifistic views. Instead of rushing into combat like everyone else in the story, Hohenheim would rather talk than fight. He always tries his best to appeal to an opponent's sense of reason first before striking. Even during the heat of battle, he continuously tries to get his attackers to stop and listen to him. He's the kind of man who believes"the pen is mightier than the sword" since he abhors violence of any kind. Hohenheim likes to take his time doing things and never seems to allow the urgency of the situations he find himself within to rush his judgment. Instead, he acts patiently and tries his best to figure out a proper solution before the problem grows too out of hand.
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Portgas D. Ace | One Piece | CANON UPDATE

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Name: Erin
Livejournal/Dreamwidth Username: [profile] auburn_skies
AIM/MSN: auburn_skies
Current Characters at Luceti: Portgas D. Ace | apping Zeff and Trisha Elric


Name: Portgas D. Ace
Fandom: One Piece
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Time Period: Chapter 574 (post-death)
Wing Color: Orange with red tips
History: Wiki page
Personality: Ace's personality was greatly influenced by his two foster brothers, Luffy and Sabo. Before he met them, Ace wondered if he should have been born, since he had the blood of Gol D. Roger in him. That man was considered a demon, and Ace asked people what they would do if Roger had a son. The replies were usually "he should just die" or "apologize for being alive". Due to comments like these, Ace gathered a great dislike for Roger. Since he thought Roger did nothing for him, he took his mother's name, Portgas, since she gave her life to let Ace live.

As a child, Ace was incredibly mean and cold toward people. The only person he was kind to was Sabo. The two both had great dreams of becoming pirates, and had been stealing money and treasures for five years. When Luffy came into his life, Ace was cold and rude to him, and even spat in his face. He would just leave him in dangerous situations, and not care at all what happened to him. But when Luffy discovered the stash of money Ace and Sabo had been hiding, Ace thought Luffy should be killed so no one would find out. But shortly after, a pirate Ace and Sabo stole from came to get revenge. Ace abandoned Luffy without a second thought, and Luffy was kidnapped and beaten into telling where the money was. After Ace moved the money (he thought Luffy would talk), Sabo told Ace that Luffy had kept his mouth shut. Ace, angered, went to go get Luffy back. He fought against pirates twice his size and they had weapons, but refused to back down. His determination and courage are that strong and unwavering. After the fight, Ace angrily asked why Luffy didn't talk. Luffy said it was because he wanted to be Ace's friend since he didn't want to be alone, that Ace was the only person he could rely on. Ace then asked him if he (Luffy) wanted Ace to live, and Luffy said yes. That was the first time someone had ever told Ace they wanted him to live, when everyone else had said it would be better if Roger's son was dead. This gave Ace a purpose to live, not just to be a pirate, but for Luffy. As time progressed, Ace and Sabo became closer to Luffy, the bond between the three growing even stronger. They even drank sake together to become brothers. But when Sabo's father came to take Sabo back home, in the city of nobles, Ace was very saddened by this. And when the trash heap near the city where Sabo now lived was going to be burned down, Ace did everything he could to make sure that Luffy would stay safe. When a pirate injured Luffy, Ace screamed as loud as he could for them not to touch Luffy, and that was where he first showed signs of haki. Dadan. their foster mother, soon came to help them, but Ace wouldn't leave the fight. He couldn't stand the thought of his little brother being hurt like that, and he wanted to prevent the enemmy from hurting his dear ones. He said the thought of losing his loved ones was scary to him. After the fire, Sabo left his home to live as a pirate. But on that day, the tenryuubito were stopping at the island. Sabo's boat got in the way of their's, so they fired at it with a cannon. This was the death of Ace's dear brother, and was extremely angered, screaming that he was going to kill the bastard who murdered Sabo. He had to be tied down so he wouldn't go crazy. When he got a letter from Sabo that was mailed before he set out, it told Ace why he was leaving, and to look after Luffy. That was the first time Ace had ever cried, and he then vowed to Luffy that he wouldn't die. Then who would take care of his weak little brother? His brothers were that important to him, they took up a majority of his life.

When Ace grew up, he got a tattoo on his left arm, of his name with an "S" crossed out, as a tribute to his deceased brother. He always wears his loyalties on his sleeves to show how much he cares for and respects people. He later does the same thing with Whitebeard's tattoo, and never wears a shirt to show just how much pride he takes in it. When he set out at seventeen to be a pirate, he was setting out to be the best. Ace was the kind who would always show off, and really let his power be known. He eventually gained a crew who completely trusted him, and would follow him anywhere, even after he joined the Whitebeard pirates, they were still with him then. But if his crew was somehow put in danger, like when Whitebeard showed up, Ace will give his crew a chance to escape. Ace would stay behind and fight to make sure he wouldn't go after them. He doesn't want to see his crew harmed, and he'll fight to the death to make sure that no one gets hurt.

Ace wanted to be the best, and that even meant doing crazy things like trying to kill Whitebeard. To him, this seemed like the best way to prove his strength to the world, by killing the most powerful man alive. But to do so, he had to get past Jinbei, a good friend of Whitebeard's. Ace fought Jinbei for five days straight, with no breaks. This shows his strong determination to see a fight all the way through, and that he's not one to give up easily at all. Though it ended in a tie, he still managed to pick himself up to try and fight Whitebeard so his crew wouldn't be harmed. Ace has incredible care for his nakama, strong determination to keep them safe, and the courage to stand up to anything he feels is threatening. Even after he was put on their ship, he never stopped trying to kill Whitebeard. He attempted (and failed so badly) more than one hundred times, which shows his great dedication to a task. He was extremely cold to everyone on the ship until Marco and Thatch tried warming up to him. It was because of them that Ace decided to stop trying to kill Whitebeard, and become one of his "sons". This is when he realized that he didn't want fame or power or anything like that. Ace just wanted a place where people would accept him for who he is, and not judge him based on who his father is. Ace began taking pride in being a son of Whitebeard, and would beat up anyone who talked bad about Whitebeard. He had that much respect and love for his father.

Ace was immediately accepted by the Whitebeard pirates, and formed a deep trust with them all, especially Thatch and Marco. They were true brothers like Sabo and Luffy, which is why Ace became extremely angered when Blackbeard murdered his dear friend Thatch. Ace was so readily accepted, that crew members even wanted him to become the Second Commander. He was surprised since everyone said no one would have any complaints against it. he eventually took the position, and was an outstanding Commander, respected by all crew members, and he equally respected them back for thinking he was a good choice for the position. It's very easy for Ace to be liked by people, and respected. Mostly because he'll try to treat them as well as they treat him.
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Portgas D. Ace | One Piece | CANON UPDATE

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He couldn't stand betrayal of any kind against Whitebeard, either. Which is why Ace disobeyed orders not to go after Blackbeard, and tried to hunt him down. He felt it was his responsibility since Blackbeard was his subordinate, and took it upon himself to drag his sorry ass back so he could be punished. But Ace underestimated Blackbeard's strength when he fought him. Blackbeard wanted Ace to join his crew, but Ace refused, saying that would forfeit his being a human, and he didn't live with regrets. He was that determined not to back down, or show any signs of just giving up. He fought against Blackbeard with everything he had, but later regretted not listening to his crew members after Blackbeard gave Ace to the Marines after defeating him. While he was in Impel Down, days away from his execution, he asked his friend Jinbei to look after Luffy when he got out. Even when he was already in such a bad position, he could still think of his little brother, and that he wanted him to be safe. When it actually came time for his execution, he made no fuss whatsoever, and cooperated completely. He wasn't happy at all about being Gol D. Roger's son, and that he was being executed for that reason, but he accepted that he screwed up, and was paying for it. When the Whitebeard pirates and Luffy came to save him, he told them to get out of there, that it was his own fault he was there. He didn't want them to have to risk their lives for him. But even so, he was extremely happy that people cared for him, and didn't want to see him die. Ace was of course, very upset at seeing his family get hurt for his sake, even though they volunteered to save him. No one's arm was being twisted for this. Ace was amazed at how hard and long everyone was fighting for to make sure that Ace got out alive. When he was removed from his shackles, he began fighting alongside everyone, proving that he really didn't want to die. That he wanted to live on with his family, and wouldn't let the Marines hurt them anymore.

When Whitebeard said he was going to stay behind to hold off the Marines, and allow his sons to escape, Ace wouldn’t hear of it. He wanted all of them to be able to return together so it wouldn’t feel like Whitebeard’s death would be Ace’s fault. But he eventually relented, telling Whitebeard he was a good father, and Ace was proud to be his son. At that point, even though he was leaving his father behind, he still felt as though he could reach his freedom. But Akainu insulted Whitebeard heavily, and Ace, keeping true to his motto of “never backing down from a fight”, engaged in battle with Akainu. Although he fought with everything he had, and was so close to freedom, he risked and lost it all to fight Akainu, who insulted his father, Whitebeard. He continued to be stubborn and not back down from a fight, even when he began losing against Akainu.
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Yuyuko Saigyouji :: Touhou Project :: Reserved

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Name: Josie
Livejournal Username: piesee/plessur
Dreamwidth Username: kirinji
Current Characters at Luceti: --


Name: Yuyuko Saigyouji
Fandom: Touhou Project
Gender: Female
Age: More than a thousand years old.
Time Period: Post UFO
Wing Color: White.
kirinji: (pic#1255981)

[personal profile] kirinji 2012-01-01 05:03 am (UTC)(link)
History: Background of Yuyuko:
General information:
Personality: Because of her character, Yuyuko Saiygouji is a ghost whose often described as airheaded and/or ditzy. Seemingly oblivious to the point of where the obvious could be right in front of her face and she wouldn't acknowledge it, Yuyuko has a cheerful and carefree personality that when mixed with how she always chooses to speak to others (which is confusingly), gives her an air of mystery that one doesn't know if to take serious or how to take seriously. Hardly ever explaining, she is as whimsy as she is dead.

And she is very playful, too. Very. It's hard for even her assistant, Youmu Konpaku, to know what she's thinking, and it isn't made any easier on her with how Yuyuko likes to tease her and make her job a little more harder than it needs to be. She acts disappointed when the young half ghost/human can't follow or understand what she's saying and chides her, but none of that is the fault of Youmu. When Yuyuko speaks she often lacks a context to her words, not referring to what it could be she's on about and leaving the other person with no idea what it is she's referring to. We see enough samples of this throughout the games she's been present in, to her requiring Youmu to fight her if she wants to go out to investigate any happening, to her admitting defeat to Aya Shameimaru in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody after winning a danmaku battle against her.

Yuyuko is, for sure, not a straightforward ghost. She takes things in her own stride, not explaining herself to others and just expecting them to follow her. We see this in Imperishable Night where her servant, Youmu, is quick to hurry to find the source of the anomaly of the moon, whereas Yuyuko saw no need to rush and took her time in playing around. She allows them to get lost, paying little to no attention to where they're going or who they encounter.We never hardly see her panic, and even a time when she does worry (coming face to face with an immortal, someone who cannot die), she soon enough seems to overcome it.

But as dumb as she might act, as childlike she may be, Yuyuko holds a lot of intelligence and knowledge - somewhere deep inside her, anyway. Living a long life in Gensokyo means that there is much that she knows and understands. When accidents happen, such as the changes in weather in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody and and the flowers springing in Phantasmagoria of Flower View, she already has her mind about what is going on, even though it takes some of the humans and youkai a while to figure it out.

Yuyuko isn't someone who would go and solve a situation just because it's there for her to solve. She doesn't come out for Phantasmagoria of Flower View, nor does she decide to go and investigate the strange happening with the divine spirits in Ten Desires. She's a fun-loving ghost, getting involved with any happenings that she wishes to, even encouraging one troublemaker to continue on with what she was doing as she liked it.

Still, there is a reason for her considered dumbness. She's a forgetful spirit even though she may have experienced a lot, admitting to forgetting what she had for breakfast the other day in one story. In this same story, we see her seem to space out at a lengthy explanation given to her about the subject of the story, the reason of why spirits and flowers seem to fill Gensokyo every sixty years. Her mind instead wanders over to foods, which she mentions now and then into the conversation. Yuyuko does have an appetite to her, you see.

So, overall, what kind of ghost is Yuyuko? She's someone who can have a lot of knowledge in particular things, but she's not the one to go to for a straight answer. She's a lover for traditional ways, celebrating festivals (Japanese ones) like moon viewing and snow viewing. Fun, cheerful, she'll have a battle of danmaku with anyone, and gets involved in with things whether or not another might want her to.

Whether she is truly a calculating sort of lady is nothing something that would be found out so simply, but one can be safe in knowing that she would never cause harm to the point of death so lightly, an ability that she has without a chance for anyone to resist.

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Martel Yggdrasill [reserved] 2/5 - History

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Martel was born among the elves of Heimdall, in Ymir Forest. She was raised at arm's length by her mother, and even more distantly by her father, who, being human, could not remain in the village. Still, she was certain that her parents loved each other, and would have loved her just as well if only they had been allowed to. Her status as a half-elf never saw her too well-liked in the village, but she endured the jibes of her peers for her family's sake. Martel did not believe in violence; striking back at the people who attacked her would only prove their preconceptions right. She instead set herself to what would become her lifelong goal: changing the minds of those who belittled half-elves, one kind action at a time, asking for neither thanks nor rewards. The rest of her time she spent on her own, sitting under the trees, crafting herself panpipes and learning to play them.

Her kindness did her no good, however. One Yggdrasill half-elven brat was apparently too many for the elders as it was, and with the birth of Mithos, their anger only increased. Martel, barely ten at the time, could do little that would convince the elders that her parents were good people, or that her little brother, a mere babe, could not possibly be at fault for anything. So she stayed silent once more, taking in stride insults and mockeries with a smile as good as painted on her face. She did not want to worry her parents, or for little Mithos to grow up surrounded by sadness, and the only way at hand to ensure that was to be as happy as she could herself - or, at least, to pretend to be. She took her brother's care upon herself, playing him lullabies on her makeshift pipes. Their childhood was by no means a wonderful one, but with her panpipes in one hand and Mithos' own hand in the other, Martel was content enough.

Though she did her best to stand as a shield between her brother and the world, Martel could not parry every blow sent her brother's way, nor could she change the minds of the villagers. As he grew from baby to young boy, Mithos' perceived flaws and blunders were piled on top of her own, and it took the elves of Heimdall little time to lose patience with the Yggdrasills' "faults". As relations between elves and humans worsened and the skirmishes of the Kharlan War intensified, half-elves were eventually banned from the village, and the siblings cast out. Neither of their parents ran to their side. No matter how dearly she wished she could have believed them victims, Martel had long outgrown her childhood illusions that her parents cared for her fate or that of her brother. Still, she could not bring herself to speak wrongly of them, and thus chose silence. The subject of their family quickly became taboo between Mithos and her, and with the passing of time, they came to speak as if the two of them had always been alone.

Martel and Mithos flitted from place to place for a couple of years. They wandered far and wide, but the humans of the world did not take any more kindly to half-elves than the elves of Heimdall had. Still, with Mithos' safety and happiness depending on her, Martel refused to surrender to despair. She made her way through the kingdom of Sylvarant, her brother in tow, hoping once again to show by her own example that even if half-elves could cause people harm, not all of them did. It did not help her any more than it had back home; at least, not directly.

People saw no need to lower their voices around two worthless half-breeds. There were rumors on Sylvarant's streets; talk of a mighty weapon, the Hammer of Thor, that would see the Kharlan War put to an end - by setting Tethe'alla ablaze. Martel had passed on her dislike of war and its casualties to her brother, and both of them made haste to reach Tethe'alla, begging for an audience with anyone who would listen in an attempt to warn the country of the impending threat. Their pleas fell on deaf ears, until Kratos Aurion came. Martel never really knew how he managed to do so, or why he alone out of so many Tethe'allans would choose to help her, but he did. A meeting with the King of Tethe'alla was arranged, and though neither she nor Mithos were allowed to address the King directly, Kratos spoke their words for them.

To no avail.

The Tethe'allans did not listen to Sir Aurion any more than they had to Martel herself. They were laughed out of the city, and Kratos cast away with them for having dared associate with half-elves, costing him his rank, home, and the love of Princess Soleil all at once. Still, Kratos never blamed them, and took Mithos under his wing, making him his pupil. He even suggested returning to Sylvarant itself, speaking of a soldier there that he had faced often on the battlefield - a half-elf like them, who had somehow risen through military ranks in spite of his race, and to whom he thought he could get through, if only they could meet. They met indeed, but the half-elf, one Yuan Ka-fai, proved more disillusioned than they imagined, calling their hopes hypocritical daydreams. Still, he did his best to discourage his country from using the Hammer, but his words were no more heeded than those of Martel had been, and so Tethe'alla burned.

Martel kept her morale as high as she could. Mithos depended on her still, for all that he was trying to pretend to be confident and self-sufficient. There had to be, somewhere, a place that even half-elves could call home. And if there truly was no such place, then they would craft it out of their own actions - or fade from the world in silence, to live out their lives quietly. It was not that large a surprise that Kratos followed them, with his homeland now ash and Mithos his student. But when Yuan did so as well, Martel was puzzled, to say the least. He still had his home, and thought little of her dreams of peace. Her kindness was wasted on humans, he said. And yet, still, he followed.

So what was once Martel's family of two became Mithos' family of four, and they returned to wandering with a much more proactive mindset. Though Martel still believed that example was the best teacher, her companions were more inclined to tackle both the issues of the war and of half-elven acceptance in a direct fashion. Pacts were made and promises exchanged - with Summon Spirits, Centurions, even Ratatosk himself. They became angels. Descended to Niflheim. Built a city in the skies. Forged a sword that could split worlds - and then split the worlds indeed, with the dried Kharlan Tree's seed lying in their center.

Martel could not avoid feeling a bit helpless. She was no grand warrior; all she could do was heal her companions' wounds and sing her brother to sleep. She was a burden more than a boon, weak half of the time and sick the other half, but Mithos, Kratos, and Yuan most of all kept insisting that she was not; that she was, in fact, the compass pointing them in the right direction.

It took months for Martel to understand that there might be a reason Yuan chose to stand by her through her countless "stupid ideas", "useless tasks" and "meaningless risks", such as gathering flowers to cure those who had cast them out only to fall to their very illness on the same day. The gift of a High-Exsphere had not done it. Nor had his scrambling around for the mythical unicorn in a desperate attempt to save her from herself. Or even his endless arguing with Mithos - and Mithos' merciless teasing in return. No, those were obviously mundane occurrences. It took a bent knee and a surprising amount of stuttering instead. Then an even greater amount of apologies and stuttering back.

From that moment onwards, Martel had to concede that Yuan just might be right, and that she was perhaps not the best judge of a person's character or motivations.

She also had to concede that her smile was not simply painted on her face anymore.
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Ange Serena :: Tales of Innocence :: Reserved

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Name: Jena
Dreamwidth Username: [personal profile] simplicities
E-mail: colorfulmints [at] gmail [dot] com
AIM/MSN: [aim] xglassxpuppetx
Current Characters at Luceti: n/a.
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Ange Serena :: Tales of Innocence :: Reserved

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Name: Ange Serena
Fandom: Tales of Innocence
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Time Period: Post-Sania, pre-Tower of Dawn.
Wing Color: White fading to blue at the tips.
History: In-game summary provided by the wonderful Jaclyn! The end of Chapter 28: Reunion.

At first glance, people usually assume that Ange is a stereotypical woman of the Church, and she may seem as such until they get to know her better. In actuality, she’s got quite a few traits that a person would never expect of a Holy Maiden. Even Spada’s amazed at how Ange doesn’t turn out to be one of those boring Church women.

Ange is definitely the mother of the group, always talking to her companions in a motherly way, helping them, and even scolding them when they do something wrong. She watches over them and tries to help them with their problems as if she’s their mother, and it certainly helps that she has a motherly tone to her voice — she often speaks gently, however she will raise her voice to display disapproval. She isn’t afraid to tell her companions when she believes they’re doing something wrong, and she isn’t afraid to teach them what’s right.

It isn’t just her companions she cares about, however, but she cares about everyone. This is one thing she has that would be expected of a woman of the Church — her caring personality. She doesn’t find much need in personal possessions, but instead cares more about people’s happiness and safety, and practically lives to care for people. It hurts her to see sadness or pain in others (especially if she happens to be the one who caused it), and she does what she can to make sure people are okay.

She always keeps her eyes on her priorities, and works to make sure things that need to be done are being done. For example, when the party needs to get into Kelm in order to check out the memory circle, they run into trouble as the guard won’t let them enter because Hasta is in there. Ange decides that they’ll tell the guard they’re going to go in in order to get rid of Hasta, but instead, once they’re in, go to the memory circle to accomplish what they need to do. Ange states that while taking care of Hasta would be good, they have other priorities that need to be attended to, and that he can be a sort of afterthought. Even though taking down Hasta would make the town a whole lot safer, she does keep her priorities in mind, and decides that seeing the memory circle first is more important. As such, she always keeps her eyes on her current goal.

Ange is usually a woman of composure, and it’s not very often that she’ll lose that, but it does happen at times. But, usually, she’ll be calm and collected, and she’ll keep her mind clear and her eyes on what needs to be done.

However, the heat can easily take away that composure. While in the heat, she actually acts quite a bit like a child, even telling Ricardo, her bodyguard, that she’s the boss and that she orders him to protect her from the heat. If she were actually able to think straight while in the heat, she’d be able to quickly recognize that it’s impossible for him to do that, but the heat has the ability to screw with her mind and mess her thinking up. She’s completely lost while in it. She doesn’t like the cold much, either, but the heat definitely affects her in a much bigger way.

Another thing that will pull on her ability to remain composed is her fear of dogs. She doesn’t like to make it obvious and she never straight out states that she’s afraid of them, but the way she acts towards Chien’s dogs makes it more than obvious. She ends up screaming when she meets them, but she quickly tries to regain her composure and act like nothings wrong (though she does tell the party dogs go for the throat—). She doesn’t like to state the things that she fears, really.

A third thing that often gets to her is her issues with her weight. She fully believes that she’s fat, and she absolutely hates it when people bring up diets. She’ll lecture constantly, bringing out that disciplining mother side, whenever anything like that is brought up, or whenever anyone hints to her being fat. She’s just extremely sensitive about the fact, but she never really tries to hide her love of food. Any time food is brought up, she’s immediately excited about it, and she doesn’t hide it all that much. Of course, she doesn’t scream about being excited for food, but she noticeably perks up at the mention of it.

Her companions have tried to get her to exercise before, but she’s always been able to subtly avoid it (she hates physically exerting herself in any way). She can easily talk her way out of topics she doesn’t want to talk about, and this happens multiple times throughout the game with multiple topics. And her friends aren’t able to tell she’s talking her way out of it until she’s already done so and she’s gotten away from them. Ange is a sly sort of woman, who will always lie if needed (though she isn’t fond of it). She’ll do what she needs to in order to avoid unnecessary situations that she doesn’t want to be involved in, and she’ll do it in order to reach whatever goals she or the party may have at the time (such as when she lied to the guard in Kelm in order to get everyone in). It’s difficult to detect her lies or her subtly moving away from subjects she doesn’t like, since she’s always so composed and people tend to not think of her as that type of person.

She deceives people for good reasons — never for bad reasons. The reasons she lies are never because she wants to hurt anyone or do anything terrible — they’re always to do acts that are, in the end, good. One such time would be when Ricardo betrayed the party. Ange continued to act as if she had faith in him, but it was only to make sure that he wouldn’t have as hard a time from the others when he returned. She puts others above herself, always.

As a woman of the Church, it’s in her personality to lecture and talk about the Church whenever relevant. She’ll often try to teach the party anything she knows about Devaloka or the Church’s motives, or even what she knows about the current world’s state. She’ll talk about anything she knows a lot about (though only sometimes people will listen to her, considering half the party is made up of kids who don’t care about those topics much, or at least don’t care about being lectured in them). She’s actually rather complicated when it comes to the Church, however. She knows some of the things the Church may do is wrong, and she may not particularly believe in them, but she preaches them anyway. She does, however, hold a lot of values the Church holds, such as personal possessions not being needed, and she’ll talk highly of the Church at times, but at other times she’ll hesitate and show her disapproval in something related to the Church (she doesn’t particularly like talking bad about the Church, but she will show that she isn’t just some completely loyal Church woman by showing that she does believe in things differently than the Church does).

Lastly, it’s important to touch on the impact her past life has made on her. She feels absolutely terrible about what happened between Orifiel and Himmel, and still has a need to protect Himmel even in her new life. She feels as though Orifiel failed Himmel, and she doesn’t let herself live it down. She even ends up betraying the party in order to go with Albert, Himmel’s current life, without a second thought. She protects him and tries to make up for what her past life did. It’s important to her, protecting Himmel no matter what.

Overall, she’s a caring, gentle woman, who acts as the mother of the party and makes sure to care for everyone. She’s a good woman who values relationships and people’s safety and happiness over anything else.

»Ange's most notable physical strengths would be the ones made clear through battles in the game. She's the quick and agile type, with impressive skills with daggers; she can thrust them forward with great force, as well as whip them about in quick, swift movements. In addition to her abilities with melee fighting, she also has quite a bit of spells that she's capable of using -- from light elemental spells such as Ray or Holy Lance, to healing spells such as Heal or Resurrection.
»Most people would consider Ange to be the "fountain of information" in the group. Most of the time when there's a question that the other characters have, they'll go to Ange and ask about it; she's especially knowledgeable when it comes to the Church. Seeing as she's a priestess, she has to know quite a bit about it. She is definitely one of the most intelligent members of the group, if not the most intelligent. Along with her knowledge of the world, among other things, she's also quite skilled at avoiding questions she doesn't want to answer. When someone asks her something she doesn't want to talk about, she'll often ignore them, change the subject, feign ignorance, or even give an explanation that could make a bad thing sound good -- such as when Iria calls her a klepto, and she explains that the things she stole off the monsters were blessings from heaven.
»Ange is practically the motherly figure of the group, always scolding others when they do something wrong, and trying her best to keep the group in order. She's a generally caring person, often trying to remind others of the good things in life, such as the good feeling one gets when helping others. She really does enjoy helping people, seeing as she works for the Church, and the Church's calling is to aid those in need; she uses her ability to heal to help others, and she's saved countless people. In addition to all of that, she is also generally good at keeping herself composed, though there are still things that can affect her quite a bit, and she'll let that show.

»One (kind of hilarious) physical weakness she has is her extreme dislike of heat. She acts almost like a child when in the heat, and she gets quite worked up. In the Kelm volcano, she's often whining about it -- in a tone of voice that's really only heard from her when she's in the heat. She becomes only concerned with how uncomfortable she is, and even demands that Ricardo properly protect her from it (which is impossible, clearly).

Another huge physical weakness she has is exercise. Despite being quite agile and quick when it comes to fighting with daggers, she actually doesn't enjoy running, or exercise in general. At one point in the game, Luca asks Ange if she can run, and she replies saying she can, but she's never been fond of doing so.
»Her weight is a huge issue for her. She's not actually as fat as she thinks she is, and other characters have mentioned that they don't really see what she's talking about, because she isn't really all that fat, but they have admitted that she isn't exactly skinny, either. She gets worked up and upset when there are discussions regarding diets or weight, and she's known to get very angry and take great offense to someone suggesting that she go on a diet.
»A few things have affected her emotionally in a negative way, one of which being when she destroyed the cathedral in Naos. She feels she brought shame upon the Church, and she absolutely couldn't stand seeing the fear in the people's eyes when she was captured -- it was terrifying. She had helped them, and now they looked like they were afraid of her, and that hurt her a lot to have to see. She's a very caring person by nature, so destroying something like that caused her to doubt herself a lot. She doesn't like seeing people with sadness, fear, anger, etc. in their eyes in general, really.

Probably the biggest emotional thing to affect her would be her past life, Orifiel, though. His relationship with Himmel is extremely important to her and it is definitely something she's incapable of forgetting. She definitely feels a huge need to protect Himmel, and she would leave her comrades in an instant to be with him (or his new life, at least -- Albert) -- which does end up happening in the game. Anything about Himmel can immediately gain her attention, and if Albert is threatened or put in danger, it can affect her thought process and actions quite a bit. She really wouldn't be able to think straight.


First Person:

[ A slightly angry-sounding young woman’s voice will now be broadcasting over the journals. ]

To any of you who may know either Spada, Iria, or Hermana, I deeply apologize for their past actions. [ Quietly leaving out the well-behaved one. ] I have already spoken to them about what they have done. And they will be taking full responsibility for their actions. I apologize for whatever trouble they may have caused you, and I will be contacting those of you they have confessed to troubling. Please report to me whatever they have done.

I have had just about enough of their complete disregard for others, and I hope the people of Luceti will be able to forgive them. They will not be causing you any trouble in the future. If they do, I would appreciate it if you contacted me immediately.

[ Hi, Luceti, can you tell she isn’t happy? And there is a pause here before she continues. ]

Thank you for your cooperation. And, again, I apologize for what my companions have done.

Third Person:

It doesn’t take Ange long to put the pieces together and realize she’s back in Luceti. She’s been away for a long time but she can still recognize certain landmarks and other such things, and she can certainly recognize that it isn’t Naraka. She can’t say she’s happy to be back in Luceti, since she has extremely important affairs to attend to in Naraka, and she didn’t have the most pleasant time the last time she was in Luceti.

She decides it would be best if she tried to get used to the place again, seeing as she’s probably be there for a while. And her first instinct is to look around her for her journal, to contact others and possibly check to see if there are any of her friends here. It’d be best to let them know she’s arrived. That’s her first and most important priority, and next is to find a place to stay. Her memory is fuzzy and she can’t quite remember where her old room was, but perhaps a friend can help her out. Surely housing won’t be much of a problem — the Luceti community is a helpful bunch. Then, she’ll work on getting her clothes and then getting settled. This whole process is much easier the second time.

After a moment of searching, she finds her journal, and gets herself reacquainted with it. Flipping through the pages, her memories of how to use it flood back, and she quietly addresses the people of Luceti.

“Hello, I am Ange Serena. I seem to have returned here. If any of my companions happen to be here as well, I would like for you to contact me. I would greatly appreciate any help anyone can offer me. Thank you.”
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Ruri Hijiribe | Durarara!! | Reserved

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Name: Rae
Dreamwidth Username: [personal profile] hypnagogic
AIM/MSN: AIM: groosenator
Current Characters at Luceti: N/A


Name: Ruri Hijiribe
Fandom: Durarara!!
Gender: Female
Age: ~20
Time Period: Post Volume 4
Wing Color: Red
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Ruri Hijiribe | Durarara!! | Reserved

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Ruri is nowhere near your typical idol. Much like her fellow idol Kasuka, (Hanejima Yuuhei) she knows how to turn it on for the camera, but is nothing like her career makes her out to be. Since she's an actress, in addition to an idol and a model, Ruri is very much capable of pretending to be something which she most certainly is not. Her fans view her as delicate and girlish, much like the characters she plays on television. It is also stated that she possesses a type of inhuman charm which attracts people to her despite her melancholic temperament.

In reality, however, Ruri appears to be a young woman who isn't exactly sure of who, or what, she is herself. The delicate and unsure persona which fans view as the 'true' Hijiribe Ruri is little more than a façade which allows Ruri to downplay not only her sometimes frightening personality, but also her intense physical strength. What little insight is provided in regards to Ruri's personality seems to suggest that nearly everything about her life is a lie, and that she herself is quite unaware of who she is or who she wants to become.

This is demonstrated with her seemingly conflicting thoughts regarding becoming a monster. While it appears obvious that Ruri has an obsession with monsters in general, she also expresses a desire to become one herself at multiple points throughout the fourth novel. After being knocked out by Shizuo, she internalizes that she desires, more than anything, to be able to live a life free of constraints, able to do as she pleases without having to worry about anyone else's feelings on matters. When this is considered, it is slightly ironic that she ended up becoming a public figure, forced to hide her true self almost completely.

In all actuality, Ruri was forced to put on a façade from a young age, coming from a wealthy family which insisted upon keeping up a mask of tradition - one which Ruri herself states was stronger than she was. By learning to cover up her feelings from such a young age, Ruri appears to have lost some sense of who she truly is, which is what she tells Kasuka is her greatest fear. She doesn't really have any friends (she says that this is because she lacks the necessary social skills), or even anyone that she can identify with on any level, until she encounters three genuine "monsters" in the form of Kasuka, Celty and Shizuo. Ruri states that she idolizes them because of what they are, going so far as to say that she is glad that she met a true monster before her death (Shizuo), rather than a fake one like herself. She quickly identifies with Celty especially (likely because they are both supernatural beings to some degree). When it comes to Kasuka, however, she realizes that despite his lack of emotion, the desire he has to gain them is what makes him more human than she is. Whereas she is a human that wants to become a monster, he is a monster that wants to become human.

The sense of identity which she gains from these three allows her to finally realize that regardless of what happens to her, she must learn to enjoy every moment of what she is given. Before meeting them, she states that she felt dejected when she thought about what she was - something in between a human and a monster - but afterward, she embraced it.

Perhaps the most intriguing facet of her personality is her conflicting feelings over becoming a monster, as previously mentioned. When she wakes up in Kasuka's apartment after being knocked out, she wonders to herself why exactly she has become so miserable despite becoming what she had always aspired to be - a true monster. The intense self-hate and feelings of nausea begin to eat her alive as she berates herself for allowing feelings of guilt to enter her mind, since she knowingly murdered "those people". While the fact that she is a murderer would normally lead to the assumption that she is evil, this doesn't appear to be the case with Ruri. It is implied that her victims are all members of groups which have been hired to kill or capture her because of her 'special' blood. When this is considered, it almost makes Ruri appear to be the victim, forced to become something that she never really wanted to be, despite attempts to convince herself otherwise.

As the cycle continues, her attempts to convince herself that she is a monster undeserving of love grow, likely in an attempt to prevent those she loves from being hurt because of what she is. She says it herself that she has to become a monster which nobody understands in order to "let those bastards..." (she trails off before finishing, but it is assumed that she wants them to pay for what they are doing). It's also interesting to note that she states that she has to kill "him" or else someone else will be killed, furthering the idea that she doesn't kill for fun, but to protect herself (and possibly others).

Another reason to believe that Ruri doesn't truly wish to become a monster or be a murderer is her reaction when she pins Kasuka to the bed and threatens to kill him. She puts on a brave face for a moment before cracking, visibly shaking with fear at the thought of killing someone that didn't deserve to die. It is even stated that her consciousness threatens to leave her multiple times and she begins to cry, neither of which appear to indicate a cold blooded killer or a monster. These instances make her appear to be very emotional despite her apparent desire to be rid of such things. Ruri is also shown to be willing to go to great lengths for people that she cares about, which can be seen when she masquerades as a Headless Rider in order to aid Celty against the head-hunters and the motorcycle gang despite just having met her.
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Apple :: Suikoden III :: Reserved

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Name: Josie
Livejournal Username: piesee
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Current Characters at Luceti: --


Name: Apple
Fandom: Suikoden (III)
Gender: Female.
Age: 33
Time Period: The end of Suikoden III.
Wing Color: Brown.
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Personality: From the serious-faced woman she was in Suikoden II, the Apple here in Suikoden III has changed quite a bit over the fifteen years between the two games. The woman we see in Suikoden III, while still a serious individual concerning tactics and war, seems relaxed with those that she interacts with. She's a woman ready to give her wisdom, if this is in what she knows in her mind or in the people that she know that can be counted on. To the Flame Champion, whoever might take that place, she offers to them a way to relax and the suggestion to look for power in books.

What little has changed? Her thirst for knowledge, of course, as mentioned. Travelling the lands to put together a book on her deceased tutor, a once famous strategist, she's gone far to gather her materials and has picked up a lot of history along the way, a good thing when you're a historian. There are many times when she shows to us her knowledge of both people and of history, past and present. One time her knowledge is brought up is when an army comes to a village, searching for the legendary figure the 'Fire Bringer'. In an attempt to stop them from attacking, Apple brings up that of a secret agreement that had been made by this Fire Bringer and the army's capital, one that ensured no trouble between the Grasslands (where the village was located) and the Harmonians (the dudes with the army). Such an agreement had been made, and Apple credits her 'exhaustive research' to her knowing about it.

It's made her good at recognising the more popular figures of places, as well as where a person may come from, such as when she comes across Chris Lightfellow dressed out of her Zexen armour gear, and also on a member of a small community of forest dwellers (though that did take a moment or so for her to figure out).

Apple's personality is such that she's willing to encourage people to get up and do what they must do, especially if it's for something that is dear to them. She did so when it came to Juan, a man living at a castle called Budehuc that was in threat of attack. She chides the likes of Caesar and his poor ways of investigating, but also encourages him the same as any other (though she wouldn't like to make that head of his too big!).
Her part is mostly that of a helper, and she's a confident and reliable helper indeed. Being trained by the great strategist Mathiu Silverberg, training in the prestigious Crystal Valley, having three wars under her belt and all of that inbetween, her experiences in the 33 years of her life has turned her into someone sure of herself and knowing her own strengths and weaknesses.

Strengths: Apple is in fit enough shape to be considered healthy. Other than needing glasses for her eyesight, there's nothing more unusual about Apple's body. She has a good mind and intelligence, being someone to rely on when you're in a pickle and need to know some stuff. Mathematics, strategy-- just let her know.

Mentally and emotionally, Apple can be strong. In the past, when a strategist was needing and the one she knew to have a brilliant mind refused to help, she admitted as she bowed before him that she was capable to throw away her pride for the better of the army.

Weaknesses: Apple has the smarts, but what she has in power of the mind she lacks in body of the strength. She's healthy enough, travelling over lands to gather information on culture for research, but she wouldn't be doing any extraneous running without soon needing a break. She has no fighting capacity, either.

Her experiences in the past has made Apple put herself in the side seat than in the driving seat when it comes to war and strategy. In Suikoden II, the strategist that took over for the same side as she, Shu, described her as inheriting the heart of the teacher they both shared. While her heart is a strength, caring for others and thinking of them before herself, Apple has her limits to what is she willing to do. Ultimately, she is someone who can't have her limitations be the downfall of those who depend on her.

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Saber | Fate/EXTRA | Reserve

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Name: Kyio
Livejournal Username: [personal profile] kyio
AIM/MSN: JustlySarcastic
Current Characters at Luceti:
Yuri Lowell || [personal profile] trueknight


Name: Saber (Playable) [Spoilers for true name: Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus]
Fandom: Fate/EXTRA
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown.
Time Period: Post-game, Rin path.
Wing Color: Dark pink
History: Right here.
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Beauty, pride, and strength. These three words make up most of who Fate/EXTRA's playable Saber is. She is incredibly proud, very emotionally strong, and values beauty above all else. These things aside, there is much, much more to the girl than is seen at first glance.

Saber can be rather cold and snappish when things aren't going the way she'd like for them to. A lot of this is due to her noble upbringing - as an emperor, she held an air of dominance and superiority at all times to keep her regal state present. As an emperor, she was actually incredibly popular with her people - not so much with her family or the Roman Senate, but her noble attitude was not one that was scorned by her subjects. She will also occasionally snap, insult, or make nasty quips with this regal bearing, making them sound much more over-bearing than they would normally. The snapping she does can also lead to "tsundere"-esque qualities, where she will get angry with the protagonist for paying too much attention to someone else, or even choosing to save someone without any consideration for how she'd feel about it herself. Her regal standing also makes up a large amount of her pride. For all the things she's done in her life, Saber states that, since she was true to herself the entire time, she wouldn't change a thing about her life. She has her regrets, but none are things she would ever hope to go back and erase. Considering how her life ended (or rather, how she ended her life), it goes to show just how much pride she takes in her own actions, regardless of what they are.

More or less, in the face of great amounts of opposition in her life, and even after having pushed a dagger into her own throat in her life before becoming the heroic spirit she now is, she has nothing but pride for her actions.

These things aside, Saber is an incredibly selfish person. Her definition of love is more or less a "give and take" sort of thing. She lavished her people with gifts and affection of all kinds, but never understood the love her people gave back to her, and therefore was never truly loved in her life. She also allowed herself every kind of pleasure in life - be it food, clothing, jewelery, or any other sort of item that could've existed in Rome of 50AD - 70AD. If the protagonist should use a large amount of items, for example, Saber will encourage continuing to do so a great deal. As said before, she also dislikes it when the protagonist pays more attention to others (such as Rani or Rin) than herself, which will often lead to her throwing a small fit of anger.

Lastly, there are two things Saber has immense love for - beauty, and the arts. For Saber, beauty is what is most important to her. When questioned about her gender, she states that, at her core, she is a maiden simply because of her high value toward beauty. This also leads to her stating that her ... "preferences" are "in the middle", and that she sees the value of beautiful boys and girls. That aside, she is a massive advocate of the arts. She engaged in every art form she could back her in time - painting, sculpting, acting, music, and much more. In fact, she said that she could rival the god Apollo with her skills - a bold statement, but not a surprising one for someone as prideful as Saber. When she speaks of this to the protagonist, she says that she does realize that this makes her a "jack of all trades" and that she was spreading herself too thinly, but she still saw herself as a master in the arts regardless. Her love for the arts also led to her creating a large auditorium, where she would invite her people to watch plays that she herself would preform in. People would leave in the middle of her performances, however, which led to her locking the people in the auditorium until all performances were finished.

As a small note, Saber is also a very small person. She acknowledges this, and knows that it will not change, but will become incredibly angry if "short" or "petite" were used to describe her. The same thing goes for anyone calling her a "princess" - she finds that to be an insult, as she is not only a grown woman, but an emperor.


Physical - Saber is very physically strong, despite her size and stature. Her strength is such that, even before becoming an heroic spirit, she was able to suffocate a lion using only her bare arms. She has immense skill with the sword, having slain many enemies while at incredibly low strength - especially at the start, where she had lost all of her power due to the protagonist summoning her through unorthodox methods.

Her skills are as follows:

Artillery Applause/Thunderous Applause: This is a flurry of sword slashes.

Fount of the Healer: This technique allows her to heal a small amount after breaking an enemies guard.
Fount of the Saint: This gives Saber a small strength boost.
Fount of Chronos: While guarding, this skill will stun an enemy that tries to attack her. (This will be disabled in Luceti, and will instead be considered a normal parry attack).
Emperor's Perogative: This allows Saber and her Master to gain more items after battles. (This will be disabled in Luceti for ... obvious reasons.)
Thrice Setting Sun: This move will allow Saber to revive once if she falls in battle.
Veil of Petals: Like Artillery Applause, this is also a flurry of sword slashes, though much more powerful.

Saber's Noble Phantasm is named Theater of the Deranged, which ignores the enemy's defenses, as well as weakens them. This move more or less functions as a realization of Saber's dreams, as it forces herself and the enemy into an enclosed area, made to look identical to the golden theater she built in her life. And like the theater, it also "locks" both her and the enemy in it for a short time. During this time, there is an extra attack available - Blossom of the Court, which also is a flurry of sword slashes.

Mental - She was taught by philosophers and was amongst the privileged members of Roman society, so (for her time) she is very well read and a quick thinker. She is also incredibly quick to pick up on bits of information, and seems to have a vast amount of knowledge on many myths, legends, and stories. Her abilities as a military strategist and emperor also add to her mental prowess, allowing her to easily pick apart a situation at a glance and decide the best method to go on.

Emotional - Saber can remain calm in nearly any situation. She is never shown panicking, never gets in over her head, and doesn't let her emotions get the best of her during dangerous situations. Because of this, she gives off an aura of being reliable, strong, and valiant - at least to the protagonist. As stated in her personality, she also holds no regrets to decisions she made while being true to herself, and has an immense amount of pride in everything she does. These sorts of things are never shaken for Saber.


Physical - Even though she is rather powerful, Saber is still small and gets out of breath quickly, something shown multiple times throughout the game. In life, and as a heroic spirit, she suffered from migraines brought on by hysteria (which she also suffered from in life), which also lowers her ability to concentrate, or in game terms, lowers her magic-based abilities. As she isn't a Caster, this isn't too much of a concern for her, but it is still a prevalent weakness.

Mental - As quick and learned as she is, some things will go right over Saber's head. When the NPC Archer uses sarcasm on her, she takes it seriously and thus responds as if his sarcasm were a serious statement. There are several matters that will go over her head because of how she takes things at face value.

Emotional - As strong as she is, Saber can be flustered by anyone who may heavily insult her or those she cares for. She will sometimes let her emotions take control and will try to take action when she really shouldn't (at one point, you have to make the decision to hold her back - not doing so ends with you missing out on valuable information on an enemy servant). Her biggest weakness, however, is her definition of love. The way she views love is incredibly selfish - she believes she should get things in return for everything she gives. Because of this view she has on love, she was never truly loved in return, which more or less lead to her downfall in life.
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Zeff | One Piece | Reserved

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Name: Erin
Livejournal/Dreamwidth Username: [profile] auburn_skies
AIM/MSN: auburn_skies
Current Characters at Luceti: Portgas D. Ace | apping Trisha Elric


Name: Zeff
Fandom: One Piece
Gender: Male
Age: Mid-forties
Time Period: Post timeskip
Wing Color: Dark red
Personality: Take Sanji, add about 20-30 years to him, take away the love of women, and you’ve got Zeff. No, seriously. He’s like an older, grumpier version of Sanji. He’s got an extremely foul mouth, he’s violent to people around him, and he is one HELL of a cook. But he’s also an extremely serious guy who hardly ever smiles, and usually looks like he’s glaring. In fact, the emotions he shows most are his incredibly top temper, which usually results in a bit of violence, and his serious and authoritative, firm hold over the Baratie. That restaurant means a lot to him, as it was his dream to make one if he ever got off the rock he was stuck on with Sanji when they were starving. He, like Sanji, finds food and cooking extremely important, and they share the ideal of feeding anyone who’s hunger, be it pirate or marine. In fact, when he was stealing from a ship in his younger pirate days, he kicked a member of his crew for trying to steal a bag of food.

Though Zeff may appear rough and unkind, he actually cares about people. He just has a hard time of showing it. Though, in his restaurant, everyone greatly respects him as a cook, and are glad to work under him. The most important one being Sanji. Zeff is the closest thing to a father Sanji has, though they hardly ever act like a family. They argue and fight physically on a regular basis, often getting other chefs involved. But deep down, he truly does care for Sanji, he just has a weird way of showing it. Rather than saying “I think you should leave the Baratie to go fulfill your dream of finding All Blue”, he says “You’re an annoyance and you ruin the service here, get out!” or something along those lines. He treated all of the chefs on the Baratie as his crew, even if he wasn’t a pirate anymore. They all cared about food and cooking enough to want to join a strict restaurant like his, and that meant a lot to him. But Zeff often had to step in and play the parent to separate the fights between the chefs. Which were mostly between Sanji and another chef. This annoyed him that Sanji was always getting in fights with the chefs and customers, not to mention flirting with the ladies. He often used those reasons for why Sanji should just leave, but they never quite worked.
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Zeff | One Piece | Reserved

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+Zeff has an extremely powerful kick. He’s kicked Sanji through walls so many times, it’s hard to keep track. He eventually taught it to Sanji, though his was more powerful than Sanji’s kicks before he left the Baratie.
+He is an extremely good cook, and the proof of this is that he runs the Baratie, and made Sanji into the extraordinary cook he became. Along with this is his great respect for food and will never allow any of his crew or chefs to steal it, and kicking a crew member when they tried to.
+His restaurant is very important to him, and making it was his dream. He therefore won’t let any harm come to it, and does everything he can to protect it. To help ward off attackers, Zeff even built on an enlarged floor that can come up and be a battlefield. He was obviously smart for coming up with this idea, as his restaurant is one of former pirates. Who are naturally going to fight a lot.
+All the chefs on the Baratie greatly respect him, because of his firm hold over the restaurant and his excellent cooking skills. They’ve come to see him as a great man, not just a pirate or a cook.
+Zeff understands the pain of nearly starving to death, which is why he’s willing to feed any and all hungry people, no matter who they are. Pirates, marines, murderers, he’ll feed them all. Such as he did with Don Krieg, even though it was obvious he was going to attack the Baratie.

-He’s pretty bad at showing his true emotions. He constantly tried to get Sanji to leave the Baratie to make him leave and fulfill his dream of finding All Blue. A dream they shared. But he was rough and crude about it, making it seem like he just wanted Sanji gone because he was annoying.
-He’s missing a leg. And though his kicks are still incredibly powerful, if you take out his peg leg, you’ll manage to knock him to the ground. As did Gin when Don Krieg attacked Zeff’s restaurant. He had managed to be taken hostage because his leg was taken out.
-Zeff has a very short temper, and often shows it by means of violence. For example, the many times he beat up Sanji when they got into arguments, or Sanji did something such as injure a customer.
-The fact that he always has a serious expression really makes him feel like a guy you can’t get close to because you’re afraid he’ll bite off your head or something. The people on a ship he attacked years ago were scared of him, and not just because he was a pirate, but his expression helped to make them scared.


First Person: Tch. Oi, what kinda shitty joke is this? Someone had better tell me how the hell I can get back to my restaurant, or I’ll be pissed. And no—SHIT. Why the hell’s there so much damn snow?! Who the hell dropped me on a shitty winter island!? [More incoherent grumblings and anger go here.]

Goddammit all, does this place even have a city or town or SOMETHING!? These shitty books aren’t exactly gonna help me much! Listen up, if anyone can actually hear me on this thing. I gotta know if I'm still in East Blue, and if anyone here knows about the Baratie. It's really important that I get back there now. [His tone changed from angry to serious.] Those idiots there can get along fine without me, but that doesn't mean I wanna be away from it any longer than I have to be. I'm not supposed to be away from it at all, so someone here damn well better show me the way out of this shithole.

Third Person: As Zeff trudged through the snow, he lifted up his peg leg again to shake off excess snow that was clumping around it. He kept looking around the unfamiliar terrain, trying to find out how the hell he got there in the first place. It certainly wasn’t any island he was familiar with, and he had to pretty much assume that the Baratie wasn’t going to be anywhere near here. It was cold, he was away from his restaurant, and he was mad as hell. The person (or thing) that did this was going to have a nice introduction to his leg. Oh, they definitely weren’t going to get away with this.

“There sure as hell had better be a way for me to get off this damn island,” he grumbled to himself. And the more his leg got stuck in the snow, the more irritated he became. Zeff definitely didn't plan to stay here for long. He was more than ready to pack up and get the hell out of here. After walking around in the snow for a good hour, he was relieved to see there was a town nearby. He saw the smoke coming out above the trees, and immediately began heading in that direction. He kept grumbling to himself about the "shitheads who brought him here", but was more focused on getting his questions answered. He shook off the last of the snow that clung to his peg leg, and he realized he should probably clean it after this.

He hobbled around as best he could, the new surroundings being somewhat pleasant, but it still annoyed him. He couldn't see any people he recognized nor any places that looked familiar. As Zeff turned, though, he saw a building that resembled a restaurant. Now THAT was definitely a place he should check out. It was odd, but the smells coming from it were vaguely familiar, and it gave him a sense of nostalgia. Like something he hadn't felt in a while suddenly came back to him. It calmed him a bit as he pushed open the door, ready to demand some answers about this place.
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Yun // Suikoden III // Reserved

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Personality: It could be said that Yun is oddly calm and mature for a child who knew when and how they were going to die from the very start of their life, but that isn’t so surprising when you take into account that she isn’t just any child. As a shaman of the mysterious Alma Kinan, Yun simply didn’t have the time to dwell on an unchangeable fate. Yun found strength instead of fear in her fate. As she put it, there were few people who ever found their purpose in life and got to see it through; having a firm reason for her existence gave her all the resolve she ever needed. With that in mind, she moved on with her life, intending to enjoy what she had left of it. This affects her outlook on life overall, how she deals with it; treating every day like it must be a good day, helping what can be helped, letting be and consoling what cannot, and tending to others before herself. Even at the end, her thoughts were of explaining that what had to be done was necessary to save, well, everyone to Chris and how the knight was a far kinder person than the she thought she was.

Since she had always been treated like an equal rather than a child in her own village, she finds it cute when outsiders act otherwise. It really doesn’t bother her at all! It’s refreshing to meet people who don’t expect a serious amount of maturity from her, even if it causes misunderstandings here and there. In fact, not a lot at all seems to bother her, not even when people call her weird or possessed. She knows it’s rarely out of malice and how odd she must seem to those outside of her village with all her talk of spirits and fate (not to mention how she speaks to plants and animals, if Kidd’s investigations are to be believed). That, too, amuses her and she can usually defuse any worries about her with how friendly or assuring she is. Of course, despite how responsible and grown-up she may act, she still retains the curious nature of any other child, full of questions, never too shy to approach anyone with them, especially if there’s a good story to be had out of them.

And while Yun does possess a fair amount of tact, something expected, amongst other things, when one is a shaman of the village, she is fairly open about what is going on and what is on her mind. Of course, that doesn’t stop her from pulling the mysterious seer card to get people to go along with her plans. That, however, is reserved for times when something absolutely needs to happen, like when she needs an escort to travel with her or to convince certain people to go help a village win a fight. In that way she is well aware of her power and uses it to her advantage, but never excessively so; just as she knows how to take advantage of that power, she also knows how abusing it would only do harm, which a peaceful girl such as Yun would never dare cause.
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Trisha Elric | Fullmetal Alchemist | Reserved

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Name: Erin
Livejournal/Dreamwidth Username: [profile] auburn_skies
AIM/MSN: auburn_skies
Current Characters at Luceti: Portgas D. Ace | apped Zeff


Name: Trisha Elric
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Time Period: post-death
Wing Color: Lavender
Personality: *Please note that Trisha died before we could really get to know her, so there isn't a large amount of information on her personality.

The cutest fucking moeblob anyone has ever seen in that series, except for Elicia. Trisha is an extremely kind person, and a very loving mother and wife. She loved Hohenhiem, even though he was a Philosopher's Stone, and took great pride in their children. Although she was a very kind person, she also was a bit feisty, often making light quips at Hohenhiem when he didn't feel he had the right to be near his children, as well as keeping up with her rowdy kids, and Hohenhiem, a bit of a recluse. Trisha also likes to do things as surprises, as when she called a photographer over and didn't even tell Hohenhiem. She also gives no shits about him being the Philosopher's Stone, and loved him for the person he was. She always tried to be honest with people around her, especially with Hohenhiem, to make sure he knew that she loved him. She remained loyal to him, as well, even though there was never a guarantee he would ever come home, or if she could even see him again. Even after death, she waited.

This girl knows when she needs to be a mother, put her foot down and give her family some good discipline. She scolds her boys for messing up their dad's study and drawing on the floor, even though he wasn't even home. Trisha also had to be a bit bossy in order to get her kids to listen, and to get Hohenhiem to stop being such a recluse. Again, back to the photographer. Getting him out of his study for family bonding stuff. To her, family was everything. She cared about all of them so much, and didn't like seeing them hurt or in pain. This is why she constantly tried to tell Hohenhiem that even how he was, it was okay for him to be around Ed and Al. Trisha is one of the most earnest people you will ever meet. Kinda that "wear your heart on your sleeve" person. She always let her feelings be known, especially around her family. She was proud of her sons, greatly in love with her husband, and loved to brag about how great her sons were. They could do alchemy at the young ages of four and three, and always praised them about how good they were becoming.
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Trisha Elric | Fullmetal Alchemist | Reserved

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+Trisha is practically a single mother, as Hohenhiem left when Ed and Al were only a few years old. Yet she still did a good job of raising them. Remember that she doesn't really have any specials skills. She's the most human, and yet she still managed to raise a good family.
+She could take great pride in her children, who could do alchemy at the young age of four. She was a very encouraging person to them, and was really happy whenever they got better.
+Trisha has great faith in people. She waited for Hohenhiem and loved him, even though she had no idea when or if he would even come home. Hell, even after death, she was still waiting for him. Ever the loyal wife.
+She's very understanding, as when Hohenhiem had to leave, she knew why and was willing to let him go. She knew he had a big mission, and wanted him to do what he had to do.
+Trisha may be normal, but to people like her family, she was someone extremely important. Think of Hohenhiem, who was immortal, yet he only fell in love with Trisha. Her sons wanted to see her again so badly they tried to bring her back from the dead.

-Out of everyone she knows in the series, Trisha is the most normal person. She has no special skills or the like, and could only brag about her sons' accomplishments.
-She mostly spends her time waiting for Hohenhiem, and never really goes out to look for him. She seems much more passive than active. She pretty much waits for stuff to happen.
-She spent most of her short life in a sheltered village, so she didn't really know much about the outside world. So she may be a bit naive.
-Let's not forget that she was only 26 when she died. She never really got to do much, as she was busy with her kids.
-Physically, she's not very strong. She never did any sort of training to make herself stronger. No combat, body building, nothing. So basically, normal.

Samples (ALL samples must be set in Luceti-verse.)

First Person: this the afterlife? I must say, it's a bit more homely than I imagined. There's even snow! I hope I don't catch a cold, too. Though, I'm afraid I don't quite understand why we've been given these journals. If anyone out there could please give me an explanation, I would greatly appreciate it. [You can hear her flipping through the pages of it.] But the more I look around, I'm not quite sure this is the afterlife. This place is a bit too....realistic for it, and I feel like I'm actually alive. Ah, if anyone can think of anything they can to help me find out where I am, my name is Trisha Elric if you want to contact me. An-- ow! What on earth...? Oh my. These wings....does everyone here have them? The color is certainly nice, but they're rather painful. I hope they can come off. If someone here could be kind enough to tell me, I'd be very glad.

Third Person: Trisha began walking through the town, getting her bearings straight. It was all so confusing, being in a new place right after she died. Her 'afterlife' theory was slowly fading away. This entire place felt far too real, rather than like a dream. The smells, the sounds, the feels. Everything around here, she was experiencing as if she were actually alive. But she had to wonder, why was she given another chance at life? Her boys were all alone in Resembool. If she could be given another chance at life, why not there? She shook her head, and decided to be grateful of any second chance she got. But even this way, she couldn't keep her promise with Hohenhiem. It made her feel a little sad, that even when she was alive again, her promise was being broken.

"Hm....what do I do now?" She really had no place to go, or anything to do. She could try to start a new life here, but it just wouldn't be the same as her life back home. She would never dream of marrying another man, she was far too faithful to Hohenhiem to do something like that. Trisha sat down on a bench, and let her thoughts run wild. A distant look came over her eyes. She was thinking back to her boys, and how they would be adapting. She wondered......would Edward be mad at his father? He never came home, and she spent so much time waiting for him.

As her thoughts consumed her, a thin layer of snow came upon her. She brushed it off, stood up, and began walking again. it would probably be better to keep on the move and stay warm. Where would she stay? How many of the houses were available for use? Was anyone living in them? She couldn't exactly just burst into a house to see if it was taken.

"Well, this is a fine fix. I've been here for hours, and I still don't know what I should do," she stated to herself. She paused again, before giving her cheeks a few light slaps, and got her determined face on. She could do this. She could make it work.

"Mn, it'll be just fine." You keep telling yourself that, Trisha.
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Oz | Reserved

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Name: Kyra
Livejournal Username: [personal profile] kyronae[personal profile] theoniongirl


Name: Daniel ‘Oz’ Osbourne

Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Gender: Male

Age: 19/20

Time Period: Ep. 4x14, after he’s been traveling for about 3 months.

Wing Color: Midnight blue with silver tips

History: Character Wiki Entry


Oz is the stalwart, steady Scooby. In the midst of Sunnydale’s willfully ignorant population, Oz is the quiet, unexpected observer who sees a great deal more than anyone realizes. It’s not that he avoids the limelight. As the lead guitarist for The Dingoes Ate My Baby, he has no trouble directing himself in front of an audience. But with his quiet, taciturn nature, Oz manages to field the attention without ever being the center of it. Incredibly hard to phase, he responds to the weird and the wacky (and the not-so-occasionally horrific) with a laconic calm that is nearly unshakeable.

Or, at least, that’s how it seems.

Oz is shot in the arm, witnesses the dusting of a vampire, discovers the existence of magic and all the many creatures that go bump in the night, and then finds out that he, himself, is one of them after his teething cousin bites him…and turns him into a werewolf. He faces the end of the world (multiple times), and any number of threats to himself and his friends, and he does so with an extraordinary level of calm. In fact, he rarely even raises an eyebrow as events unfold around him. Yet as his relationships with Willow and the other Scoobies grow, the depth of those still waters slowly becomes clear. Terrified of his own incredibly dangerous transformation and madly in love with Willow, Oz is in a constant state of conflict with himself. He masks it well, preferring to let the attention stay elsewhere, instead channeling it into careful, quiet self-control. He weighs every word before he speaks. He looks before he acts. And he locks himself up with every full moon in order to protect the people around him.

For Oz, it’s the people in his life that take the highest priority. Demons may come and apocalypse might loom, but he can be the stalwart stone if the people he cherishes are safe. Usually, any turbulence in his peace is demonstrated by quiet “dramatic gestures,” such as standing up from the couch in surprise when Willow tells him she wants to sleep with him, or starting to walk out of the room when the team worries that his wolfy self might be responsible for maulings going on in town. His protests or outbursts are generally as controlled as the rest of him. However, there are a few points where that laconic cool collapses, and it always involves Willow. When she’s captured by the mayor, he sends a table of supplies crashing to the floor when Wesley tries to argue that saving her is less important than keeping information that could be traded for her release. When Veruca threatens Willow’s life, Oz keeps enough of himself present to fight her even when he transforms into a wolf, ripping her throat out to keep Willow safe. And, once he’s learned to control his wolf form, it’s finding out that Willow is with someone else that breaks his willpower and ends up transforming him even without the full moon.

Whatever else she is to him, Willow is his anchor. Their relationship is far from perfect, but there’s a light in her that he cherishes. Chronically unambitious, it’s Willow who gives him the will and determination to be more. For her, he will strive to study, to learn, to protect, and to control, forcing his wolfish side into submission. For her, he would give up the world itself.


Physical - As a werewolf he has supernatural strength, speed and stamina. He also has heightened senses in both forms, which allows him to notice scents that a normal human would miss (like smelling Willow’s fearful scent from the highway when she was kidnapped by Spike, or smelling her on Tara after she and Tara were together).

Mental - Oz is a genius. During a high school career day, Willow is specially selected as a potential recruit for a highly secret and highly selective software company. Unlike the other Sunnydale students who were all sorted by the career day test, the recruiters explain that they’ve been watching her and her progress for some time. When she steps into the small room to wait for the company’s executive, she finds Oz snacking on hor dourves…the only other Sunnydale student who was qualified.

When his lack of ambition causes him to fail his senior year, he rejoins the rest of the scoobies for a second try. Once Willow comes to terms with this, she proudly declares that he’s, “…the highest-scoring person ever to fail to graduate!”

Emotional - Oz’s calm demeanor is almost completely unflappable. Despite the many strange things he experiences, he meets almost every one with ironic detachment. When shot in the arm, he is in shock, but he still manages to laugh it off with a kind of disbelieving calm. The first time he sees a vampire dusted, Willow starts to empathize, stating that she knows it’s hard to believe, but he only responds that “Actually, it explains a lot.” Even finding out that he’s a werewolf is met with quiet and measured changes to his lifestyle in order to protect those around him. When faced with the end of the world, Willow actually begs him to panic with her instead of being “ironic detachment guy.”


Physical - Unless it’s a night with a full moon, he’s your standard, fragile human. He can throw a punch, and he’s been known to cooperatively slay vampires with the team when Buffy is otherwise occupied, but he’s not much use against super-powered foes.

Mental - Oz is lazy. Or, well, not lazy so much as unambitious. Perfectly capable of succeeding in academic and mental endeavors, he has no desire to actually do so. With the recruiters, he explains that he tests well, but that he has no desire to get a job… at least, not unless it has something to do with his music. Later, when facing incompletes during his senior year, he skips the makeup classes he should have taken over the summer in order to graduate, landing him back in high school for another year.

Emotional - Despite his epic self-control over his emotions and (later) his wolfish transformations, his greatest motivator is also his main weakness. Willow gives him a reason to maintain control over himself, but it’s jealousy over her that can completely unwind him. When she cheats on him with Xander and, later, when he comes back from traveling for six months to find her romantically involved with Tara, he completely falls apart. He loves her completely, and this gives her the ability to both build him up and send him spiraling out of control.


First Person:
Can I have the Q&A, please?

Third Person: (Samples must be 300 words or above. Remember to write using proper grammar, verb tenses, and paragraphs.)

It felt strange to have his own place again. Strange to call one, singular space home after three months of traveling. It wasn’t comforting, really…not when he hadn’t achieved what he’d set out to do…but at least he wasn’t scrambling for a place to wait out the full moon. The cage had been ready and waiting when he’d arrived, already set up in Cordelia’s apartment. For Angel, but it worked well enough for him. One size fits all monsters.

His hand closed around one of the door’s bars, tightening until knuckles whitened. He hadn’t been sure if his body would obey the moon in this strange place, but he didn’t doubt it now. He could feel it thrumming under his skin as sunset approached. It felt like fire, ready to consume him from the inside out, and his heart raced with the excitement and apprehension it created. He would change, and this time there wasn’t any place he could run to to get away from it.

“…Oz?” Buffy’s voice sounded distant, pulling him back from his thoughts. “You okay there?”

“Hmm?” It was a hum, quietly voiced as he turned his distracted gaze back at the slayer. She was different, but the same, arms crossed as she watched him from the doorway. There was a delay as the question registered. “Just…thinking.”

“You gonna be okay with the whole lone wolf thing? The Malnosso have kindly provided us with the finest selection of Bollywood films for your movie-night-in pleasure.”

He gave her the briefest of lopsided smiles. “Not the Bollywood, Buffy. No one deserves that.”

“Laugh all you want. I’ll have you know Wi-“ her eyes widened just slightly as she caught herself and dodged the name. “-w…we killed many a night of boredom with those movies.”

His smile faded a little, but he kept it in his voice. “I don’t doubt that.”

“Fine.” She threw up her hands in mock resignation. “Movie free it is. But consider it an open invitation.”


She left him alone, then, with a backward glance over her shoulder before she closed the door behind her, and he turned his attention back to the cage. Close now. The heat of it was washing over his skin, overwhelming all of his senses and battling for control even as he tried to force it back.

They’d said there was a cure in Tibet. If only he could have gotten there-
But there was no point in if onlys.

Taking a deep breath, he stepped inside the cage and let it clang shut behind him, the lock clicking into place with cold finality. Leaning against the door, he pressed his forehead to the bars, the cool steel feeling icy against his skin. So, so close…

A few minutes later, the lonely, frustrated howl of a wolf would echo through the halls of Apartment Six and up to the full moon waiting overhead.
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Re: Oz | Reserved

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I just realized I botched the html on the Mun info part, so here's the corrected heading:

Name: Kyra
Livejournal Username: [ profile] kyronae
E-mail: kyronaed at
AIM/MSN: goldeneyes1
Current Characters at Luceti:
Jilly Coppercorn | [ profile] tehoniongirl[personal profile] theoniongirl


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Noa | Legend of Legaia | Reserved

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Name: Nuke
Livejournal Username: [personal profile] nuklear_firefly
E-mail: mighty.pidgey(at)
AIM/MSN: Nuklear Firefly (AIM)
Current Characters at Luceti: [personal profile] kineticcajun


Name: Noa
Fandom: Legend of Legaia
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Time Period: Just before going to the Seru-Kai
Wing Color: Emerald green with violet feathertips
History: A wild Wiki appears!
This helps too, for game timeline.
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Noa | Legend of Legaia | Reserved

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Personality: Noa is an incredibly happy-go-lucky, cheerful, optimistic, "genki" (for lack of a better word) type girl. She is eternally energetic and upbeat despite the continually worsening state of the world and is oftentimes the team cheerleader. Sometimes rather literally. She believes in the best in people, perhaps an incredibly naive outlook, but she is also an incredibly good judge of character. She can tell when someone is good at heart despite any amount of proof to the contrary, as proven in how she knows Cara is a good soul despite her thieving. This isn't to say she loves everyone -- Noa hates anyone "bad." (Like pimps.)

In all honesty, though, Noa has the weight of the world on her shoulders. The long-lost princess to a dying kingdom, Noa has been plagued by dreams her entire life from her parents' spirits, begging her to find her way to her birthplace as well as save the soul of her wayward brother. Who just so happens to be the guy behind releasing the deadly Mist into the world, as well as the guy behind summoning the walking Doomsday beast, Juggernaut. And the final boss of the game, but I digress.

Noa is weighed down somewhat by this past that she has no recollection of -- she was raised by a Ra-Seru strapped to a wolf's head, after all -- but despite the occasional bout of crying and feeling hopeless, she still manages to pick herself up and carry on again. She realizes what responsibilites she has (save the world, stop brother from killing everyone, save brother) and is willing to shoulder the burden for the better good. This, contrasted against her pure innocence and naivete because of her upbringing, is a bit of a surprise side of her character.

But back to that innocence. Noa doesn't realize, having been raised by a Seru/wolf, several nuances of society. Like why you're not supposed to go up and ask random people if you can squeeze into a bath with them (it's okay, she'll fit, her butt is really small!). Or what a pimp is (it's something bad, isn't it, she'll defend you!). Or... well, several things about modern (in Legaia's world at least) society. She asks tons of questions, always wanting to learn about these new and exciting things, but it can definitely get on her friends' nerves after a while. ("Vahn, what's a windmill/bunker/healing potion/pimp/disco/insert-anything-else-here?") She's always enthusiastic and happy to learn, but she can be a little put out and pouty if someone snaps at her for asking so many damn questions.

She's fiercely defensive of her friends... which is, basically, anyone she sets eyes on. Noa loves just about everyone right off the bat (unless you strike her as a bad person!!!1!) and will fight to the bitter end to defend them. And she's a great fighter. She believes firmly in justice and the good in the hearts of all and stands to defend those beliefs.

This isn't to say Noa is an eternal ball of sunshine. She does have her bad days and her temper tantrums from time to time, but most of the time, she is pretty cheerful and upbeat.

Re: Q&A

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Subway Boss Ingo → Pokemon Black/White (gameverse) → Reserved

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Name: Lomlily/Lommy
Dreamwidth Username: [personal profile] lommy ([ profile] auburnabstract at LJ)
AIM: auburnabstract
Plurk: lomlily
Current Characters at Luceti: N/A!


Name: Ingo
Fandom: Pokémon Black/White games
Gender: Male
Age: unstated; headcanon'd at 26
Time Period: Post-game, and assuming the protagonist has cleared the Battle Subway lines.
Wing Color: Light grey
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Subway Boss Ingo → Pokemon Black/White (gameverse) → Reserved

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History: Ingo has no official backstory, nor any involvement with the main plot of his canon, so the following has been reasonably headcanon'd. It can be changed/discarded as needed!

Ingo was born in teeny tiny Anville Town with his twin brother, Emmet. Their parents both worked on the subway, the only transportation to reach the town, and so Ingo grew up with an early admiration for the trains. He was also very attached to his father, a stern and stoic man, and young Ingo looked up to him and strove to emulate him. He and Emmet went to school in Nimbasa, the city most closely connected to their hometown and the city harboring the main subway station. They rode the trains back and forth, first accompanied by their parents and then allowed out on their own.

When Ingo turned thirteen, he was given his first Pokémon, a Litwick, and sent out alongside his brother on a traditional Pokémon journey to trek the Unova region and try the gym challenge. He used the familiar subway when possible to reach where he could, and fared quite well against several gyms, but he decided that the gym challenge wasn’t for him and returned to his home in Anville. He still kept up his battling skills and trained with Emmet until they could battle fluidly together.

Three years later, his mother became gravely ill. While Ingo hadn’t been as close to his mother as he was to his father, this still troubled and overwhelmed him. His father, too occupied with staying by his wife’s side, didn't provide well for his children, so Ingo took it upon himself to keep the household going.

His mother’s health fluctuated, keeping her in bed for weeks at a time, and she inevitably passed away. Ingo’s father, losing all sense in his grief, completely abandoned his children and job and disappeared, leaving Ingo and Emmet to pick up the pieces. Ingo held it together for the sake of his brother, but his admiration of his father was shattered completely. He couldn't afford to stew on it, and instead buried his disgust with his father under the responsibility he shouldered in order to support Emmet. They pulled through, and his father returned from his anguished flight after a month, but Ingo had been left with a significantly darkened worldview and stayed cold towards his father whom he previously admired so dearly. Eventually being around their father became so awkward that Ingo and Emmet moved to Nimbasa, taking jobs in the subway as depot agents. They rose quickly in rank and respect because of their knowledge and skill, becoming some of the youngest higher-ups in the system. It wasn’t long before they became the heads of the entire Subway.

A few years before the events of Black & White, the idea of adding a battling aspect to the subway arose; the thought was embraced heartily by Ingo and Emmet, and they were crazy enough convincing enough to sway the other workers into agreeing to set it up. It became an instant hit with trainers, and was advertised as another attraction in Nimbasa and as the Unova equivalent to the Battle Towers in other regions. It kept Ingo occupied and busy, and that is where he has stayed ever since.
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Name: Asmaria
Dreamwidth Username: [personal profile] asmaria
AIM/MSN: BlueriverKane
Current Characters at Luceti: N/A


Name: Estelle Bright
Fandom: Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Time Period: Near the end of the game, just after speaking with Scherazard about Joshua, when she hears his harmonica start to play.
Wing Color: Orange where it joins to the shoulder blades, fading into yellow, then white at the tips.


Estelle is very strong willed and adventurous. Since she was raised mostly by her father for more than half of her life, she has learned to be independent and take on responsibilities that might have fallen to her mother before. She is far from what you might call girly, however, always being quite a tomboy since she was little. Some of her favorite things to do are exploring, picking up strange bugs, fishing, collecting sneakers, and getting dirty enough that her father stopped bringing her jewelry and dresses. That isn't to say that she has anything against it. It's just rather cumbersome to climb trees in a long skirt. She can also cook, though haphazardly and with mixed results, although her omlettes are said to be good. It doesn't bother her in the slightest to be helpful. In fact, she enjoys bringing a smile to other people's faces. She gets excited about little things and big things alike, and likes sharing her enthusiasm with others.

Her father has had a great influence on Estelle, too. Though she remains oblivious of his history for most of the first game, his work as a bracer has instilled many morals in her, and a sense of what is right. She wants to be as brave as her mother was when she died shielding her in the clock tower, too. Estelle dreams of becoming a bracer like her father, even though she is quick to complain about how much it takes him away from home. That is because family and friendship is very important to her. Even though she was iffy about it at first, she wouldn't accept not having Joshua in the family, and has gone as far as to adopt Tita as a sibling down the line as well when she learned the girl lived with her grandfather and was lonely. She is pretty sharp at picking up the nuances in people's behavior, and because of this she is very empathetic. Though sometimes her temper can get the better of her, given the time to think about it she is pretty good at seeing where someone is coming from. She tries to take things into account so that she can see where someone is coming from, and does her best to be understanding of other people's feelings.

Estelle is also lazy. It comes down to what she is able to focus on, usually what she finds interesting or important. Sleeping through Sunday School is quite normal for her, and a lot of the things that she had to learn about for being a Bracer may have taken a while to sink in, but it's mostly the act of repetition that bores her. She remembers things pretty well when put into practice, and that is when they tend to stick, so she does much better with trial by fire than actual study. She can be kind of a ditz when things come up that she might should have paid attention to but just didn't catch, when if she would just try and put her mind to it, she would catch on. Because she is so optimistic, she is easily tricked, as well, and just won't catch onto the things that other people might.

Estelle is actually pretty smart despite that. Not in the technical sense, as she has trouble understanding even the most basic of orbal inventions, but she is clever and attentive in her job and of her friends. As a Bracer, she and Joshua take notes on all of their quests and jobs, and a lot of times she has been shown to catch clues that other people missed, or that Joshua thought she wouldn't have noticed. She just doesn't always speak up on them, showing that despite her impulsiveness, when she tries, she can understand when or not something needs to be said. This also ties into her understanding of others. Estelle knows that Joshua has a past that he is not entirely comfortable speaking about or even remembering, and she has expressed many times that she intends to keep her promise to let him bring it up on his own terms. She has a lot of patience, though it can still be tried.

When Estelle gets mad, she tends to do her best to try and reign it in, but sometimes she snaps. She's thrown someone through the door of a bar before realizing she went a little over the top, and she has no problems picking a fight with bullies. But she doesn't just want to stand up to them, she'll tell them why what they're doing is wrong and what a much better solution would be. She's optimistic and opinionated, preferring to opt for the 'Well that's stupid, you should have just done this instead and everything will be fine!' route, instead of expecting the worst out of people and situations. For her, there is no point in dwelling in gloom and doom and letting that get in the way of getting things done. Whether for herself or for others, when a bad situation looms, she looks for the simplest way of resolving it in everyone's favor.

It's because she cares so much for others that she takes on a lot of worry for them, and tends to do her best at cheering them up or rooting out the source of the problem so she can fix it. Sometimes this is even bad because she can be nosy about what is going on, whether or not it's proper for her to stick her nose into things. Half of it is genuine caring, but a lot of the times, she just hates being left out of the loop. When her father kept things from her, every time that she found out about something, she would have a mini little fit. When she overhears things, she has to ask what's going on. She can also have a tendency to tease others about things that she learns, though generally this is playfully and with friends.

Estelle can get sad, though. She tries not to let it show in the instance it happens, but makes sure to give herself time to figure out why it is she is feeling the way that she is when she has the time to do it. Estelle is very practical about her feelings. Sad, mad, happy, scared... They are real emotions she wants to acknowledge and then grow from that. She is actually quite likely to talk it out with someone she feels close with, so long as she feels comfortable doing so. It is quite frustrating to her that she sees almost the opposite happening with Joshua, when he bottles his feelings up.

There is only one emotion that has taken her a while to get a handle on, and that is the embarrassment and slowly dawning realization that she has feelings for Joshua. Estelle let herself stew in denial for quite some time over it, showing that she can easily become flustered if she feels put on the spot and her thoughts exposed. Despite this, the more that she realized that she cared for him, the more that she came to terms with it, and even decided to tell him when their battle to save the Queen is over. It's partially because Joshua himself resolves to tell her about his past that she feels she will be able to tell him so honestly. Regardless of the outcome, Estelle is able to find conviction in her decisions once she makes up her mind about them.

And that brings us to how stubborn she can be. It would be easier to move a mountain sometimes than it is to get Estelle to change her mind. She's very reasonable about average every day things, but if she wants to tag along with someone to a dangerous place to be sure that they're okay, the only way to keep her from going is to stay home as well. It's all well-intentioned, but her hard-headedness can get her into trouble as well. She has the potential to take on things that might be over her ability to do, but in her mind she just has to do her best and that will be enough. When Joshua tells her at the end of the game about his past and the sins he has committed, she absolutely refuses to let him shut her out of his life, even if he thinks it's for her own safety. When faced with a moment that the things she says may make or break the situation, she pushes aside her hesitation and says exactly what's on her mind. This is why she was able to admit to him in the end that she loves him.
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Skilled with a bo-staff - Thanks to training from her father, Cassius, Estelle is very good with the bo-staff. She was taught from an early age how to wield it, and is capable of not only a powerful swing, but using it to both defend against attacks, disable her enemies, and propel herself in battle. Her grip is strong, and the force of her swing is enough to throw Olivier through a door when he was misbehaving, much to Joshua's disapproval.

Gifted with Orbal skills - Estelle is pretty good with her Orbal arts, able to use all of the elements of Septium crystals in her orbment to cast various spells. She is quicker to pull them off than many. In the game, most characters must wait a round for their casting to go into effect and hit the enemy, but, excluding the large spells, hers generally go off almost immediately. Her specialty is offensive skills.

Speed - She's not as fast as Joshua, but probably due to all the time she spends playing outdoors, Estelle is fast at running and in battle. In the OVA, she wakes up late and high-tails it to the airship JUST before it takes off. In the games, she gets slightly faster turns than most of the party, save for Joshua.

Strong willed - Estelle is stubborn, optimistic, and well... sometimes just not willing to budge from her stance on things. Whether this is in not letting things get her down, or not letting others tell her how to act or feel, she keeps her chin up, and tries her best. Since she was little, she never lets Joshua's mood bring him down, sometimes even beating pep-talks into him physically, and when she's faced off with enemies like Leonhardt or Richard, despite the odds being strongly against the whole party, she's the one who ends up rallying people and telling the bad guys to just stuff it.

Sharp when she tries - Estelle may not always look like it, but when she really does pay attention to the little things going on, it pays off. She's caught many instances where Joshua has acted odd, and asked him why he was spacing out or hiding something. She was the one who noticed air coming out of an abandoned mine before Joshua or Scherazard did, a clue that let them know there was another way through it. The problem is, this is only a sometimes thing.

Brave - Even with odds against her, Estelle will put herself in danger because she wants to overcome her fears and be strong. Because she remembers the strength her mother had in shielding her and giving her life for her, she stands up for people who are weaker and takes on dangerous tasks as a Bracer in training. She doesn't like running away, and will stand her ground even if she is intimidated by an opponent.

Optimistic - Estelle wants to believe the best of people, and the world and what is going on. She's got lots of examples around her of how bad it can get, but she doesn't want to let that cement it in stone. This allows her to be more forgiving of people, and keeps her from getting depressed when the odds are against her. She has caught herself thinking dark thoughts before, and quickly snaps herself out of it, telling herself not to think like that and how she's going to make the best of it. She scolds other people when they start acting down as well.

Forgiving - Despite having a rivalry with the sky pirates, when she finds out what they went through after the Martial Arts tournament and realizes they aren't bad people, Estelle quickly begins taking Josette's comments in stride, even thanking them for cheering them on. She also doesn't seem to hold any ill will toward General Morgan or Sid after learning why they behaved the way that they did, since they turned out to be on the same side in the end.


Klutzy - She has hit herself in the head with her own staff when not paying attention to what she's doing, and in the OVA, she smacks her head against the bed when eagerly laying down to sleep and greet the new day. It seems to be over-eagerness and inattentiveness that causes this, since she can actually control her movements when she focuses.

Naive and dense - Estelle's optimism can be a double edged sword, unfortunately. She completely bought Josette's act as a school-girl before learning that she was a sky pirate, and even when they came to rescue the princess, she hadn't put two and two together to realize Kloe was the princess and not just the student they had befriended, when she was wearing the royal gown right in front of her. She won't immediately assume the worst of people unless she has reason to, which brings me to the next weakness:

Jumping to conclusions - Estelle's imagination can get the better of her, and she'll fill in the blanks without thinking too hard about it. She gets the idea in her head that Olivier has come to steal Joshua's heart away, although that isn't helped by the way that he flirts. She assumed that Joshua was an illegitimate child when her father brought him home all that time ago, too.

Jealous - This was gradual, but as Estelle has come to recognize her feelings for Joshua, she gets very easily jealous of other people giving him their attention, and vice versa. She usually realizes it moments after the fact, but usually her jealous is enough for her to snap back at something he or someone else says, and then correct herself and try to cover it up.

Inexperienced - Although Estelle has been trained by one of the highest ranked Bracers and former military man that her father is, she still just recently graduated to being a full-fledged bracer herself. Only her travels around the country with Joshua, stopping the coup, are the extent of her experiences. She does not have all of the strategy or foreknowledge that many of her enemies do, even though she does well enough to stand up to them with the help of her friends. Though that it what it was- a team effort. She does not have as much experience as the Bracers who have been doing their jobs much longer than herself, and so she has a long way to go. Her father saved them in the final battle against the Reverie under Grancel Castle.

Non-lethal weapon - Estelle's father trained her in the bo-staff because it was non-lethal, which is meant to show mercy to her opponents. This can be a weakness to her though if her enemy is more powerful or takes advantage of her good-natured attempt to resolve something without fighting to the death.

Dependent on the Orbment - Without her Orbment, Estelle can't cast her magic. The quartz inside of the clockwork provide the energy needed to cast, and without it she can't pull off the special moves and elements that it allows her to use. She has to take the time to brush her fingers across the correct pattern to call upon a spell, as well.

Temper - Estelle has a temper and it's easy to set it off. While she can come to her senses well enough with an explanation, sometimes she doesn't think before speaking, and it can get her into trouble. Seeing people doing something she doesn't approve of, such as being a jerk or insulting her are quick ways to start a fight with her. She's more likely to have a yelling match than a physical one, but that doesn't mean that she won't beat the crap out of someone on her bad side, either.

Morals - Estelle was raised to do what is right, and while this is a good thing, it also holds her back from making the kind of judgment calls that a more hardened person might. It goes in line with her forgiveness, and someone that she is willing to forgive may or may not hold up to her expectations of them. It can come to stab her in the back if she isn't careful.

Caring - People that Estelle cares for can be used against her. While she will do all in her power to make the right decision, she is a very emotional person despite her strength of will. The safety of others and those she cares for are her biggest priority, and while she isn't the type to put herself down if it isn't necessary, she would put her life on the line for others without second thought.