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Please be aware that apps are only open from the 1st (12:00 AM Eastern Standard Time) to the 7th (11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time) of any given month. This means that as of 12:01 AM, the 1st, apps are open and that as of 11:59 PM the 7th, they are closed. If you post an application after that time, it will be deleted and ignored. Please pay attention to the application times and the status at the top of this page!

PLEASE READ THE RULES BEFORE APPLYING! Especially the last few, as they establish what characters can or cannot be accepted.

If you want to canon-update your character, you must re-apply for said character with the relevant changes (history, personality, strengths and weaknesses, etc). For re-apps and canon updates, samples must be rewritten; we do not accept recycled samples.

The old application posts can be found on Livejournal, using the Applications tag.

Here's the application. Copy and paste the text box info into a comment and fill it out. You must apply with the following format, otherwise your application will not be accepted.


Confused? HERE is a quick explanation of how to fill out our fandom applications.


Confused? HERE is a quick explanation of how to fill out our OC applications.

You may link to threads on the [community profile] trainingwings community for your first person samples, as long as the thread in question is no older than three months. The thread or post must still have at least ten lines of dialog from your character to be considered.

HERE is a word-counting tool to check your 3rd person samples.

If a mod does not accept your app right away, please be patient. We all have our own personal and busy lives to attend to, and there might be a period of time when it might take us days to get to the applications. There is also the possibility that we do not know the canon you are applying for, and we need time to study it. So please be patient and we will work as fast as we can to get you an answer. If it has been a week with no word, please feel free to message Akai (guynophobic), Masamune (masamune3x), or Emily (spark memories) on AIM, or email them at their respective email addresses found in the [community profile] luceti profile page.

Note: Applications are not always processed in the order they are received, due to the way they are divvied up between the moderators. If your application has been skipped, do not fret. Another mod will be getting to it soon enough. Additionally, you now have ONE WEEK to complete revision requests and Q&A's. You will be reminded of this deadline three days before it's up. After that week has passed, your application will no longer be considered for the current round. We apologize, but please be patient with us!

A note for applying here on Dreamwidth: Due to the character count limit being higher on DW, it might be tempting to toss the whole thing in one comment and leave it. However, we ask that you split the application up into at least two comments- the first containing your player information and (if you want) basic character info, the rest in another comment (or more, if you wish). This is to avoid having entire applications spanning the page and making it huge.

Splitting them up will make it easier for mods to process the applications. Thank you!

Vanitas | Kingdom Hearts | Reserved 4/4 Writing Samples

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First Person:
A case of mistaken identity and an encounter with Ventus
Vanitas meets Riku

Third Person:
A groan escaped Vanitas's lips as he slowly regained consciousness. After the blissful sensation of feeling nothing for a while, being brought back to life was quite an exhausting experience. As he began the slow, aching climb to his feet, he began to notice something peculiar: His armor was missing. Well, that was easily rectified. By mental command, his armor began to knit itself back together. The only thing missing was his helmet, but that was irrelevant as there were more important things on his mind. One of those happened to be the burning question: Why was he still alive? Last thing he remembered was merging with Ventus, forging the X-Blade, and battling Ventus for control of their heart.

But once his thoughts came towards Ventus, his eyes narrowed as a lingering thought burned into his mind: He failed. Thats when anger began to build within him; Anger towards Ventus for foolishly choosing to die when they could have been whole, anger towards Aqua and the mouse for interfering, anger towards Xehanort for marching him to his faliure, and anger at himself for blindly following his orders. He was so close! Salvation was nearly in his grasp! He did everything Xehanort wanted, but he still failed! And now to add insult to injury, he was still alive and now had no purpose. What was he supposed to do?! Vanitas then took a few deep breaths to rein in his anger, lest too powerful Unversed appear.

That's when his eyes directed themselves towards the black book on the ground. He picked it up to find that the book had his name on it, which was odd as he never carried a journal. He then opened it to find that he could see people in the book and hear their voices. One particular voice happened to be Ventus. This made him smile malevolently. He was going to find Ventus, and make him pay.

How's this?

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marita covarrubias | the x-files

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Name: Lise
Livejournal/Dreamwidth Username: n/a
E-mail: brightredwarpaint @ gmail
AIM: darkness bemoan
Current Characters at Luceti: n/a


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marita covarrubias | the x-files

[personal profile] descrier 2013-01-02 12:16 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Marita Covarrubias
Fandom: The X-Files
Gender: Female
Age: In her mid to late-30s. (My guesstimate would be 37 or 38.)
Time Period:
Post-One Son, mid-season 6. Before the events of Resist or Serve.

Wing Color:
silver + navy


Marita resembles the typical blonde bombshell femme fatale mostly reserved for forties films ― calm, mysterious, never giving way to what meaning she portrays in her words ― and, as Fox Mulder's informant, she is a character that is patiently unraveled as she finds herself tied to the government's conspiracies. There is not much revealed about her throughout the series, but she is one of the catalysts hidden in the shadows that help Mulder and Scully onward with their journey.

Despite her prestigious job as a peacekeeper with the United Nations and using her assets to help the Syndicate, Marita never fully believed in what they were set out to accomplish in their work with the aliens. She hated their work, despised everything they believed in. In fact, she had taken in the belief of Mulder's side for the pursuit of truth that she had become his informant because of her access to Syndicate information that she was able to reveal to him only a surmount of what they had been planning to do. Her information had typically been as cryptic and obscure as she usually was when keeping Mulder at a distance, but never the less, she was able to reveal as much as she could without being harmed, but it seemed she had no qualms about believing in aliens or the possibility of an alien colonization.

Although she had been the only woman in the office amongst the higher-ups of the Syndicate, Marita hardly ever showed any signs of being intimidated by them. She was not one of those who feared them without a second thought and made sure that her presence was just as strong as theirs.

The same could be said of her relationship with Krycek, for she had loathed them just as the rest (if not more) and yet, she never dared to back down. Her ruthlessness to use him, convince him that they shared similar sides, just to betray him for the sake of the Syndicate, was not unlike Krycek's own actions.

Being caught in the crossfire did not help to Marita's advantage, though, as she ended up infected with an alien life form known as Purity (or the Black Oil) at an attempt to hold a patient ― for Mulder's advantage ― who was also infected with it. Thus, the Syndicate held her against her will and performed experiments on creating a vaccine to prevent the Black Oil from mass infection. Trapped with nowhere to go and no way to fight back, Marita had become desperate to get out of the facility they kept her in, going so far as to reveal as much information as possible to Mulder (during his decontamination at Fort Marlene) about Cassandra Spender and the nature of what the Syndicate was planning to do with the first successful alien-human hybrid.

Eventually, she pleaded with Agent Spender to help her escape, only to have Alex Krycek leave her for dead when Spender's access was denied. It is entirely clear not clear how she escaped, she was able to leave and be nursed back to health. Her work had not been finished though, as she had come to work alongside the Cigarette Smoking Man once more.

Where Deep Throat was the informant who revealed the most information to Mulder and where X was the one who withheld information, who had tested Mulder's part in certain cases and used him for his personal benefit, Marita was the informant who truly believed in his pursuit and used every aspect of her life to help him, even if it had put her in danger at the hands of the enemy. Her intentions are not fully clear ― as there seems to always been an air of ambiguousness surrounding her ― but if there is one thing that is clear, it is the belief in Mulder's pursuit for the truth.


physical; Marita uses her words in dictation as her physical strength is next to none. She is not a fighter like Mulder or Scully, but one who uses her diplomatic occupation to obtain what would otherwise be impossible for most of the other characters.
mental; She seems to be very intelligent upon keeping the mysteriousness of her informant role she performs. It is unclear, for the most part, whose side she is really on, and despite her demise at the hands of the Syndicate, Marita knows how to play her cards properly. She chooses her words carefully to use in the manner of asking and answering the correct questions.
emotional; Her emotions are extremely closed off. She comes off as cold and distant, even when she tells Mulder about her faith in his beliefs it seems stifled. Only when she is caught in a dire situation to leave her vulnerable, she tends to lose all of her usual reservations. Other than her time at Fort Marlene being used for experimentation, we rarely ever see this happening. Her experience at being a diplomat, she leaves her emotion compacted in her head.

physical; Thanks to the experimentation, Marita's immune system is most likely severely damaged. As well as the fact that she is not a fighter at all she would be overpowered by someone much stronger than her.
mental; Marita is mentally sound, but when she finally works on her own regard, she forgets to properly cover up her tracks. The patient infected with the Black Oil leaves her dead, only for the Syndicate to save her and use her for testing their vaccination. Despite this, Marita's razor-sharp mentality falls back into it's normal pattern once she escapes.
emotional; In her vulnerability, her words become faster, her voice less-calm and full of desperation, even pleading both Krycek and Spencer to help her escape from Fort Marlene. It is a rare occurrence, but if she is in a danger with no other way to escape, that same desperation would most likely resurface.
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Demi-Fiend/Naoki Kashima | Shin Megami Tensei 3 Nocturne

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Name: Final
Livejournal/Dreamwidth Username: finalcrosmaycry; both on LJ and DW
AIM/MSN: AIM - finalcrosmaycry
Current Characters at Luceti: n/a


Name: Naoki Kashima; The Demi-Fiend; Hito-Shura
Fandom: Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Time Period: Before the rise of Kagutsuchi Tower; after defeating Kagutsuchi and on the 5th floor of the Temple of Amala (Neutral Route)
Wing Color: black, with patterns of black and green all over them.
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[personal profile] heavensmostwanted 2013-01-02 01:00 am (UTC)(link)

Naoki has little to no development, as he is a silent protagonist, so their personality really depends on the player. OOC behavior is nearly impossible, given the factors that he's still a kid. While he is still willing to lend a hand to others, it is only a small group of people close to him. And even then, that is a very, very small group, given that nearly all humans save for his friends, his teacher, Hijiri, and Hikawa, are all dead. The other reason for this is the countless times he had been betrayed by his friends, to the point of not even caring anymore about his former friends. In reality, he still cares, but has buried the feelings so deep down, that he can hardly remember unless prompted to. As such, activities such as fighting really don't leave much of an impact unless relations have been built, and he is more than willing to do such things. And he can even enjoy himself at times by the thrill it brings to him, which is why exploration of the unknown can be a bit exciting, given that he has set off the path to restoring the world to find demons or powerful tools that can help him. The Candelabrum and ascending down the Labyrinth of Amala were such examples, allowing him to test his skill against the most powerful demons, and gain more useful items that would help his journey. But these come off more as a distraction to make sure his human self does not come out and reveal itself. You can argue that the reason he does not cry or allow himself to break is because that would heavily affect his combat style, thus allowing for more of his weaknesses to be hit on an emotional level.

And all of that brings us to his human aspect. He can still feel, and while he doesn't like Hikawa's plan, he still tries to let go of his emotions. The reasoning behind this is that he doesn't want to allow his feelings to control him, and force him to make another mistake, such as not stopping Chiaki or Isamu. Moreover, while he does agree with Takao, he resented her for doing all of this with Hikawa. And that is what is blinding him from forming strong bonds as well, because these were, aside from Hikawa, the people he trusted the most, and if he couldn't trust them, it's that much harder to trust anyone. He'll more or less use people, like how he used his demons.

But despite what he may think, he is leaving himself vulnerable to relationships. He is not so violent as to simply reject others immediately or blow then up. If others would try to understand him without being so pushy, then he can open up to them easier. If not though, then the task is just made all that much harder. But he can be left vulnerable after a good talk, but he will still be watching you closely, just so you don't go evil or something. As such, he actually does try to talk to people and act casual as if he was a normal being, maybe ask a few questions in a casual manner, such as what type of demon they are. All of this is done more to let down the guard of the person he is talking to.

The same goes even for his own demons. At one point, he did trust them all, but now he is becoming more cautious of them. Because since their kind is responsible for most of his current woes, he knows he cannot trust each single one. Even the demons point that out simply by talking and expressing violent thoughts or their own wishes. Despite that, they are the only beings he can call friends and fight for, and the only bonds he has left. And despite what some may think about using demons as tools, Naoki doesn't really it see it that way, as his demons swore their servitude to him, and even risk their lives to make sure he lives. That said, he was still willing to exploit their power without a second thought, as they were made to do so, sometimes literally with fusions.

And that kind of behavior does at least bring out some of Naoki's nicer traits, such as helping others out and protecting them, if they are his friend; he has helped multiple demons with simple requests in the game, and sometimes, he didn't need to. And even if they aren't, seeing a one-sided fight does tend to piss him off, but only if the side that is getting beaten on truly deserves it by his moral standards. While he wasn't too broken up about Gozu-Tennoh's army, that was because they were aggressive and had plenty of power and resources to defend themselves. Plus they had imprisoned his former friend Isamu.

Beings like the Manikins however, demons who lived only for peace and could hardly ever fight back, save for Futomimi and Sakahagi, they earned more respect because of their wishes. Yes, Futomimi had told Naoki not to interfere, but Naoki understood that as Futomimi not wishing to rely on Naoki's strength alone to always bail them out. That, and Naoki did have more important things he had to do, such as restoration to the world. And when most of the Manikins fell, Naoki did feel sorrow, but that turned into rage and sadness when he realized it was the fault of his former friend, Chiaki.

Yet despite it all, there are only two people he blames for all of this the most: Hikawa and himself. Hikawa he cannot stand and would kill in a heartbeat, but Naoki could have prevented the betrayals if he just went to his friends and aided them, instead of just letting them wander by themselves. And with such a mistake, he plans on correcting his mistake by eliminating his former friends. And in order to do that, he must become a demon, not Naoki Kashima.

It's for this reason too that he also seeks out power by growing stronger and risking his life for Magatama and taming/creating stronger demons. However, that doesn't mean he will stoop to their level. When faced with a foe that wants him dead, he will of course go for the kill, even if he does debate it in his head depending on who it is. When faced with another enemy that he seems to doubt, he'll still fight, but won't deliver a death blow if their reasons for fighting are much different than Naoki thought. In some cases, Naoki may just allow them to join him, though again, watchful eye. And as far as sacrifice is concerned, he'll do it, but only as a last resort. And thus far, he has yet to be in such a situation. Not to mention sacrifice means allowing those demons to die, and more of a hassle for him.

When put in a new environment, he wants everyone to understand who he is and not cause violence. After all, the demons pick a fight with him, not the other way around, and those demons are always aggressive. Aside from that, when presented with things that remind him of his former life, he can and most likely will fall back on those times, but not for too long. This was shown when he played a video game the Manikins had, though he had gotten a Magatama out of it. Again, it would take a lot of convincing before he finally gave in and just accepted everything around him, because he was in a world where demons attacked him at every single corner everywhere. Caution anywhere would probably be second nature, as there is barely anywhere in the game he can get a break from demons trying to kill him.
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Re: Q&A

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Logan | Fable | Reserved

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Name: Steph
Livejournal/Dreamwidth Username: [personal profile] balverine
AIM/MSN: aim: tabootycall
Current Characters at Luceti: N/A
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Logan | Fable | Reserved

[personal profile] balverine 2013-01-02 03:12 am (UTC)(link)

Name: Logan
Fandom: Fable
Gender: Male
Age: Canonly unspecified, estimated late 20s.
Time Period: Fable III: about 6 months after the Revolution/6 months prior to the Crawler attack
Wing Color: Black
History: fable wiki page
Personality: **Note -- The genders of his Hero parent, his younger sibling, and his younger sibling's friend are all conditional. I tend to go with mother and sister.**

So let's do a little background before I get into personality. Logan is the eldest living child of the late Hero King/Queen of Albion. After his parents' deaths, Logan was charged with the responsibilities of both ruling a kingdom and legal guardianship over his younger sibling. Four years prior to the beginning of Fable III, Logan and a group of soldiers went on an expedition to the land of Aurora. It was there in the desert that he first encountered the Crawler--an Eldritch Terror and basically, a physical manifestation of/reference to the Black Death. He could do nothing as every single one of his men were slaughtered mercilessly. There isn't a detailed account of his encounter, but most attacks from the Crawler are the same. He was victim to all sorts of physical and psychological torture in the process. His emotions were twisted and toyed with as the Crawler tried to break his fragile human psyche. He was verbally berated, shown horrific hallucinations until he was driven to insanity. As he survived, it's inferred he didn't go down without a fight. Still, he was nearly killed, but the Aurorans rescued him. Saved his life. He saw the plight of the Auroran people, having lived through the terror what they had to endure since the Crawler's initial attack four years prior to his own arrival, he promised to send help, a proper army to help defend them. However, the night of his return to Albion, he received a from the blind Seer of the Spire, Theresa. She informed him that the Darkness that attacked him in the desert, the creature that slaughtered his men and nearly killed the King himself was planning an Attack on Albion. She showed him the future of his land. All the death, all the destruction. It couldn't be stopped or reasoned with. And he had five years to prepare for all out war against such an abomination.

As King of Albion, Logan was responsible for his kingdom and the safety of its people. And this severe sense of duty and strong devotion to his kingdom is what most the former ruler. He puts Albion's well-being above all else. He is willing to do anything or sacrifice anything if necessary to defend his land. If he had to end a few lives to save millions, he would. As he states himself, "If a few had to suffer, it was to build an army. If a few had to die, it was to save a country." If it cost him his friends and family, his own reputation and welfare, then so be it. He is not morally unsound, but rather felt forced to make these drastic sacrifices to try to ensure his kingdom had a future. Every single life his sole responsibility.

He mentions to no one of what he encountered in the desert. He never speaks of his near-death experience against the Crawler. It is revealed to the Hero in-game by a total stranger--the woman who had saved his life years prior. He never explains the origins of the scars on his face and hid the rest from the public. He says nothing of the suffering Aurorans, speaking of their land only as a desert wasteland, devoid of life. He says not a word of the darkness looming ahead. Nothing good would come of telling them the truth. He would either be deemed a madman or create a massive panic. Instead, he keeps the burden entirely to himself. A practical thinker, he knows the only way he'd ever have any hope of saving his kingdom, saving 6.5 million people, would be to raise one hell of an army. And to raise one hell of any army, one would need to make a fortune. And Logan believes that the only way to raise that money was through the cruelty of a tyrant. Temporary happiness and a good reputation meant nothing if they were all going to die.

Of course, this has led him to a near constant state of stressed the hell out. Though he never expresses these feelings directly, it's fairly obvious something is wrong. Some burden he carries alone. He is desperate to save his land, so much so that Reaver, a depraved, sadistic, greedy ex-pirate becomes his most resourceful asset. Most obvious signs are the dark rings beneath his eyes and frequent bouts of ill-temper that serve as a testament to his exhaustion. He stress has aged him physically, looking more like a man in his early forties than his late twenties. And he behaves more like a cankerous, tired aged ruler as well. He also has a tendency to talk to himself when under stress, as seen in the most misleading cutscene in the entire game.

Yet he masks his everything with self-control and a stony facade. So to most, Logan tends to come across as a real hard ass--stern, stubborn, humorless, and cold. Solemn and serious as a heart attack, smiling seems to be a foreign concept to him (unfortunately verified by an actual smile). He is levelheaded and composed, even in the most severe crisis. He still has a lingering air of arrogance and pomposity about him. He usually carries himself with pride, back straight, shoulders squared, and chin up. He's not afraid to look someone else in the eye. Seeming to look down on them because of his position of royalty. Though he does not take great care of his health, he takes some pride in his appearance, almost always well dressed and clean cut. Despite his composure, he has quite the short, nasty temper. One he is much more likely to lose under a state of chronic stress (or when his pride is hurt). He can be quite the formidable enemy, able to keep control even when enraged. Instead of going head first into a fistfight, he seems to use methods that are far more petty and harsh.

With that said, Logan is very detached and distant from those around him. He was probably never the most social creature, but he has isolated and alienated himself from everyone during the last four years of his reign. He seems very callous, harsh, and devoid of compassion. He shows little, if any, signs of sympathy or empathy. He has a worker at the very start of the game executed simply for sticking up for a child worker. He orders his guards to start shooting at the protestors without even batting an eyelash. He is demanding of his subjects and tries to force them to make as many sacrifices as he did. It's to save them, after all. As King, he will not be questioned. He is the Law and the Law is not mocked. His actions are never wrong. He is incredibly paranoid and secretive, believing with good reason that everyone is plotting against him. There was an attempted coup prior to Fable III, led by the General Solomon Turner, formerly head of Logan's armies. He believed the King broke the "unwritten rule" and had to be stopped. Logan, of course, was able to stop the coup and sent Turner to the secret prison, Ravenscar Keep, to rot away for the rest of his life. The Old Guard was no longer trustworthy and As far as he was concerned, they were all plotting against him.

Because of his extreme paranoia and secrecy, he has the worst communication skills ever. Another example is his actions against Ernest Faraday, the head of Faraday Industries and the man responsible for many of the technological advances in Albion. He was unfortunate enough to catch the King's attention. tourists could take a "glimpse into the future" and he built his creations. Logan was impressed with what the man had created and better yet, had to offer. He tried to force the man to build a clockwork robot army "to defend Albion." Unaware of Logan's true intentions, inferred to be a defence against the Crawler, and convinced the King was going mad with power, Faraday refused. Logan publicly declared the man a threat to society and sent him to Ravenscar Keep, wiping his name from any records. He doesn't trust most people with information about himself, his obligations, or his motivations.

The only exception is his younger sibling (the Hero). Logan genuinely cares for him/her and is very much the overprotective big brother. He never seemed to take to the parental figure well. He/she is his only family, and while distant, he tried his best to shelter and protect him/her while he still could. He was deeply hurt by his/her 'betrayal'--that is, said killing the protestors was wrong--and lashed out in anger. But Logan realized that he/she was no longer the child he could keep from the truth and sought to show him/her the difficult decisions one must make as a ruler. This is possibly get him/her to understand and respect the reasons for his actions but also, as he says himself later, to "prepare him/her." Though this is from after the point in which he's being taken in canon, when the Hero and Walter, his former advisor and sibling's father figure, cornered him in the castle, Logan surrendered immediately at the sight of his sibling. With surprising grace no less. He expresses that he had high hopes for his sibling and upon seeing how he/she's matured, believes she may be the better ruler.

Logan may be intelligent, a practical thinker, but emotionally he's pretty damn stupid. Forever the stoic, he would generally prefer to seem emotionless than vulnerable. So he's bottled up his feelings, keeping them all to himself for over the past four years. He has been bereft of any close attachment for so long that he no longer knows how to deal with it, and he won't. Can't trust anyone enough to for them to get close. As a tyrant, he pushes away those he cared for. It makes it less difficult to commit such horrific actions. He does indeed care, but he's really bad at showing it. He cares for the citizens of Albion, though the only hint of that is the utter desperation in which he tried to save them. It's slightly better with his brother/sister, though not much. The closest he/she gets to properly articulated feelings is after his surrender with "You've finally become the man/woman I've always wanted you to be." He isn't exactly capable of soft-hearted love or showing much affection, but that doesn't mean he doesn't feel it.

All that aside, he has a good sense of curiosity. He used to travel frequently before his trip to Aurora. He seems to embrace technological advances and is impressed by more advanced technology such as the clockwork robots built by Professor Faraday.
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Logan | Fable | Reserved

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Logan | Fable | Reserved

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nuklear_firefly: (>D! [Linhua])

Sergeant Calhoun | Wreck-It Ralph | Reserved

[personal profile] nuklear_firefly 2013-01-02 03:54 am (UTC)(link)

Name: Nuke
Dreamwidth Username: [personal profile] nuklear_firefly
E-mail: mighty.pidgey(at)
AIM/MSN: Nuklear Firefly (AIM)
Current Characters at Luceti:
Remy LeBeau | [personal profile] kineticcajun


Name: Sergeant Tamora Jean Calhoun
Fandom: Wreck-It Ralph
Gender: Female
Age: Technically, one week... her game has only been plugged in that long. However, she looks to be in her late 20's, so let's go with that. :V
Time Period: Immediately after saving/resetting Sugar Rush, just before the arcade reopens
Wing Color: Bright sky blue
History: Here comes daredevil! I mean, Wiki.
nuklear_firefly: (I LIEK CHOCOLATE MILK)

Sergeant Calhoun | Wreck-It Ralph | Reserved

[personal profile] nuklear_firefly 2013-01-02 03:54 am (UTC)(link)

Personality: A killer sharpshooter who is not afraid to kick some butts and take some names, Calhoun is a little prickly. Okay, a lot prickly. But she has good reason. She was programmed with the most tragic backstory in Hero's Duty. Once upon a time, she was a more open and affectionate woman (albeit still a hardcore soldier), engaged to the man of her dreams. When their wedding finally arrived, Calhoun failed to do one of her usual perimeter checks. This was the one day that the Cy-Bugs got through her defenses... and one broke right into the chapel, devouring her fiance right before her eyes. Ever since, Calhoun has become more guarded and hell-bent on defending her game - as well as the arcade - from the menace of her mortal enemies. If this means shoving away her friends and loved ones in order to keep them safe, that's entirely acceptable. Defense comes first. She can never rest until the bugs are entirely wiped out... which, unfortunately, will never happen as long as the quarters continue to roll in.

In spite of her badassery and prickliness, Calhoun does have a heart of gold deep down. Even though she intended to destroy the gate leading out of Sugar Rush to stop the Cy-Bug invasion from spreading, she stopped short of actually doing it because Vanellope couldn't get out. She stayed right by the glitch's side until the invasion was practically right on top of them. She also feels bad after punching Felix in the face to calm him down in the NesQuiksand, apologizing and going as far as only gingerly tapping his cheek when he tells her to hit him again (Laffy Taffy has a sick sense of humor). Even the men under Calhoun's command recognize that she's still a good soul in spite of her harsh attitude, all of them rallying behind her and even attending her wedding to Felix fully armed to ease her fears of a repeat attack.

Speaking of Felix, he's managed to draw Calhoun's softer side back out again to some extent (in no small part because of his boldness and honesty about his feelings). Even though she still thinks that Vanellope's joking threats of beheading her ex-bullies are more interesting than a candy-coated racing game, she's still a softie at heart and is beginning to let it show by the time they leave Sugar Rush. Although it's in very brief glimpses. And she might just punch you if you bring too much attention to it. (Or, if you're lucky, just be defensive and slightly twitchy about it.)

Also, she hands out derisive nicknames left and right. She tends to use them until she respects someone enough to actually use their real name, and even then, it's typically the last name. (What. She's a military lady. Force of habit.)

Physical: Calhoun is a badass. She's in peak physical condition, in no small part helped along by running up a tower filled with Cy-Bugs all day, every day. She needs to be in top shape to be able to guard her troops and the first-person shooter, and she takes that job very, very seriously. All told, she can punch so hard that she can instantly disfigure someone's face, as proven by Felix having to use his golden hammer to smash himself back into shape after she hits him. Her punches can even knock Ralph over, and that's no small feat. She's also freakishly tall (as tall as Ralph - who is nine feet tall according to canon), which could be a strength or a weakness.
Mental: She's a very fast thinker, even in critical conditions. She spots the baby Cy-Bug on Ralph's face in the split second she possibly could see it and instantly puts all the pieces together on what can potentially go wrong if the bug gets out. Before even setting foot in Sugar Rush, Calhoun knows full well that the bugs will gorge themselves on the candy-rich environment, multiply like crazy with such an abundant food source, and promptly devour everything in sight without stopping, since there isn't a beacon available to draw them in. She's also constantly alert, so it's very difficult to take her by surprise.
Emotional: Handles difficult situations and being embroiled in an endless war very well. She takes most things (fairly) in stride and doesn't panic when faced with almost-certain-death scenarios. She knows and fully accepts that her troops need a solid and fearless leader and does her best to be that pillar of stability that they know they can trust and follow. Functions very well under pressure; in fact, practically thrives in it.

Physical: Drawing a blank, good chap. The worst that could be said is that she's a normal human being. No special powers, no unrealistic abilities... just human. Her freakish height could possibly apply here, though?
Mental: She's very smart, but she's also a bit too cocky sometimes, which leads to incredibly unfortunate oversights. Her insistence that her guard would never let someone sneak into her game without her noticing is what leads her to not notice Ralph climbing the tower. Her absolute faith in her own skills, as well as that of her soldiers, tends to lead to her underestimating the ability of others in the arcade. She's also incredibly stubborn, sometimes to her own detriment. Refusing Felix's help at first would have led to her getting roadblocked in Sugar Rush several times, had he not stubbornly insisted on coming along.
Emotional: Breaks down pretty easily if something dredges up too many memories of her tragic programming backstory. She locks down and shuts people out, and will storm off to be by herself if she has the opportunity. Example: Kicking Felix out of the escape pod after he called her "dynamite gal" - the exact same nickname Dr. Brad Scott used for her.

She blames herself for Scott's death, constantly dragged back to the memory that it was her lack of a perimeter check that led to the attack. She blocks people out for fear of them becoming too close, because she can't stand to lose anyone else the way she lost her first love. This unfortunately ends with her preferring to let rage be her primary emotion rather than allowing herself to be vulnerable.
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Jonas/The Vision | Marvel Comics (Earth-616) | Reserved

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Name: Amanda
Livejournal/Dreamwidth Username: [personal profile] daintily
AIM/MSN: AIM - mangrit
Current Characters at Luceti: N/A


Name: The Vision/Jonas
Fandom: Marvel Comics (Earth-616)
Gender: Male
Age: 16 in appearance.
Time Period: After his death at the hands of Nathaniel Richards.
Wing Color: A bright, almost metallic yellow that matches his cape.
History: Over here.
notawhat: (:D)

Jonas/The Vision | Marvel Comics (Earth-616) | Reserved

[personal profile] notawhat 2013-01-02 06:14 am (UTC)(link)
Personality: One of the first things you must learn about Jonas is that he is his own person. He has quite literally searched the world to find out who, exactly, that person is, and while he may not know for certain, he knows he is not Nathaniel Richards, who his brain patterns are based off of, nor is he Victor Shade, the previous Vision, despite their shared programming. He is himself, and proving that he’s not the copy of anyone else is his main concern. He is determined to pull himself out of the shadows of others, and his individuality is one thing he will never give up on.

Another thing would be his team. Jonas became an integral part of the team of heroes known as the Young Avengers, and through knowing them he was able to show who he truly was. Jonas thought of the team’s best interests often, and his calm and calculating nature would be helpful to a team comprised of emotionally charged teenagers. He wants to do what’s best for the Young Avengers, because they are his closest friends, and in some cases they are more than just family-like. He cares deeply for them, even if he tends to be withdrawn and analytical. He spends a lot of time thinking, and he’s not one who tends to rush into things, and he doesn’t see why others do or why others let themselves get carried away and don’t pause and think. He wants to be better, and he wants to help other people be better. He is always willing to offer guidance to others, and he’ll try to guide his teammates along even if they haven’t asked. He plays a supporting role in the Young Avengers, and his rationality and analytical nature make him well suited for that sort of role, as well as the fact that he knows how to blend into any society and how to go unnoticed.

Of course, being rational and analytical doesn’t mean that Jonas is boring. He has a healthy, snarky sense of humor, speaks his mind often, and is not afraid of sharing his opinion. He is filled with ideas, and he always sees another option whenever others’ cannot. And he’ll tell them this in a very matter-of-fact manner that borders on cheeky. He used to be much more reserved, but as he discovered himself, he grew more comfortable with the person he was. He’s not pretending to be anyone else anymore, and he feels that now he can feel free to speak and feel like what he’s saying is what’s natural to him, and he can smile and joke and just enjoy his life now that he’s breaking away from being just an AI in armor from the future.

Overall, Jonas is as complex as any organic person, and he’s a constantly evolving individual. He can adapt to his surroundings, but he refuses to be influenced by them. He is capable of thinking for himself, and he does a lot of just that. He is thoughtful in the most literal of fashions, and if he was anyone else he’d just be an average teenager. That’s what he wants to be, at least.

Strengths: As far as physical strengths go, this incarnation of the Vision is made of a super durable metal alloy from the 30th century. The alloy is neurokinetic, meaning it reacts to his conscious and subconscious thoughts, and the advanced technology of it has gifted him with several unique abilities, including ones that his predecessor did not have. He is capable of self-propelled flight, where Victor Shade could fly by altering his density, invisibility and intangibility/”phasing”, he can alter his appearance with holographic projections and minor shape-shifting, he can project energy in the form of blasts. The technology of his armor grants Jonas the ability to open temporal portals, making him able of time travel. Another feat he’s capable of is actually being able to attach himself to others, actually functioning as armor. He was able to (mostly) cover Chase Stein of the Runaways, granting him with the abilities his armor has, even if there was psychic feedback due to the fact that the armor is run on thoughts.

Due to being synthetic in nature, the only way to truly “kill” Jonas is to destroy or overwrite his programming, because even if his body is destroyed he can be put into another one. As advanced as his armor is, it is capable of being broken or torn apart. His arm was ripped off by Noh-Varr, and Nathaniel Richards mangled his body beyond repair, but the average person probably wouldn’t be able to put a dent in him. His body is also capable of repairing itself, depending on the extent of the damage.

Jonas is impossibly smart. He’s an artificial intelligence, so that’s kind of a given. He can access computer networks (as well as take them over, and the fact he could take over government networks like his predecessor makes him very powerful, as well as potentially dangerous), meaning he has literally endless knowledge on a variety of subjects. He knows several languages, and can download others into his system, amongst all the other information. (He can even store and play back music and project videos as holograms.)

As far as emotional strengths go, he’s still a teenager. He is mature and logical, but that doesn’t mean he’s not susceptible to all the ups and downs typical in growing up.
Weaknesses: Like stated earlier, Jonas’ body is sturdy, but not unbreakable. He can heal himself, but the extent of the damage dictates healing time, and some things are simply irreparable, as he did, technically, die in canon. He is nothing without his programming, and it’s possible, and for some, even easy to disrupt his processing and to cause Jonas to short circuit. Due to the similar programming he has with Victor Mancha, another creation of Ultron’s, the two must remain separated. The feedback caused by the two being close to each other is very damaging to both the robots and those around them, and short-circuiting is never pleasant. It’s also not much of a stretch to assume that the Vision’s programming could get a virus, as other creations of the killer, psychopathic robot that created the original Vision have been infected by them, but that’s never been shown to happen to Jonas. He can be torn apart and damaged, and if you wipe his programming you’ll get rid of Jonas’ existence entirely.

Despite his endless intelligence and his access to any and all resources you could hope for, Jonas is not emotionally infallible. He lets intuitions dictate his actions more than they should, and he takes risks that border on stupid. Seeing Cassie while going through Initiative training wasn’t very intelligent and resulted in the destruction of a diner, but Jonas can get so focused on what he envisions happening that he doesn’t consider all the alternatives. He can think of dozens of scenarios at once, but there are still some things he can’t fathom, even with how often he can dwell on negative possibilities.


First Person: Requesting a Q&A, please!

Third Person: Wings were frustrating. They were an inconvenience often, and Jonas wasn’t used to the extra mass they added to his body. He was always in control of his body, he knew every little thing it could it could not do, and wings were…Different. Unusual and strange and he really couldn’t understand how Teddy could stand growing them. Adjusting to wings had been difficult, and he still felt terribly off balance. He knew he would get used to them soon enough, but in the mean time they weren’t all that pleasant.

And they molted.

Dozens and dozens of tiny, metallic feathers surrounded the teen, and he didn’t know when it was going to stop. He didn’t feel anything from the wings, no itching or pain or much of anything, but the feathers made a mess. Jonas had yet to see many others with molting wings – the adults all had wings that were already full of long, thin feathers that wouldn’t just fall off, children had downy, downy wings and still weren’t at the age where their adult feathers were growing in, and not all of the people close to Jonas’ age were molting. It was a strange wing-puberty was going through, and for someone who wouldn’t ever go through puberty otherwise, it was a bit distressing.

Though perhaps distressing was a strong word. It was unusual, yes. Messy, unpleasant, and unexpected were all words that applied to the wings, but balance issues aside, it wasn’t really that bad having them. Being stuck in an experimental bubble was distressing, but Jonas was used to crazy scientists. He had read about several, met a few, and he’s even broken someone out of a facility that performed experiments. It wasn’t that far-fetched to him, so he was able to adjust and cope. There wasn’t much he could do to escape, and he trusted himself well enough to be able to survive whatever the people operating Luceti were planning. So he didn’t worry, and spent his time focusing on smaller things that he had never encountered before.

Another feather fell to the floor, and he sighed softly before standing. He should really get around to buying a broom.

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Derek Bliss |Vampires: Los Muertos | Reserved

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Name: Silver
Livejournal/Dreamwidth Username: [personal profile] silverthorne
E-mail: silverthorne . redux @ verizon . net
Current Characters at Luceti: N/A
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Character/Wiki stuff

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Name: Derek Bliss
Fandom: Vampires: Los Muertos
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Time Period: After they rescue Zoey and before he goes into the clinic to stake her.
Wing Color: Patterned like a red-tailed hawk: Upper (outer) wings are dark reddish brown, underneath they are cream colored with black banding.
History: Wiki *** Movie *** My own synopsis

Background references, which I used for headcanon purposes in Derek's skillset were taken from both the 'Prequel' movie, and the book both movies are based off of.

For purposes of reapplying, Derek has been completely reset and has no memory of Luceti or any of its inhabitants. This will be a completely fresh start for him.


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Re: Q&A

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Richard "Ringo" Langly | X-Files | Reserved

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Name: Ally
Livejournal/Dreamwidth Username: [personal profile] mistress_string
AIM/MSN: Ravenpaw99
Current Characters at Luceti: N/A
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Name: Richard “Ringo” Langly
Fandom: X-Files/Lone Gunmen
Gender: Male
Age: Early 30s
Time Period: Season six
Wing Color: yellow and brown moth wings

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Faith Long - OC

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Livejournal/Dreamwidth Username:
Current Characters at Luceti:
Clove - shenevermisses
Horatio Hornblower - captainhornblower
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Faith Long
Wing Color:
pale brown, dark spots (common brown dove pattern)
Physical Appearance:
Faith is a slightly tall young woman, and she generally wears the clothes of a society lady in the English Napoleonic era. She has pale skin and blonde hair, and her eyes are hazel. She is very leanly built and lacks any sort of notable muscle development, as her life has been one without physicial labor.
Faith is the second daughter of Admiral John Long and his wife Henrietta. Her brother, David, is a lieutenant in the Royal Navy, apparently following in the footsteps of his father. Faith, likewise, has always been groomed to do as her mother did and marry a well-to-gentleman and keep a fine house.
She met Aaron Cork, a major in the army and the son of a naval marine, when she was twenty-one, and he courted her for over a year. He never proposed, but everyone took it for granted that he would. Faith, on her mother's advice, allowed him no liberties without a contract of marriage.
When she was twenty-two, Faith's brother brought home a friend from the service, Edward Burr. Burr proved charming and good company, though he swore to no interest in Faith. He told her about the war, satisfying the curioisty her father and brother were hesitant to answer. Burr's feelings toward Faith soon changed toward the romantic.
When Burr was forced to leave to return to service on his ship, he obtained Faith's permission to write to her. She promised that if he would write her faithfully every week (David, on the same ship, would send letters with Burr's, so there would be proof of a time delay should that occur), she would postpone accepting any offers of marriage until he felt he could make one himself.
Burr did write, telling Faith all he could about the war, and she wrote back with increasing fondness. As the length of her letters and abundance of her warm words grew toward Burr, so did Cork's jealousy and anger toward Faith. Though he never saw the contents of the letters, he knew of their existance and made it clear he did not approve, once by grabbing Faith's wrist so hard that it bruised.
When Burr came again, David and Faith worked together to obtain an invitation for him to a party the admiral was holding. Faith, in a private moment, kissed him on the cheek but was seen by Cork. Cork waited until Burr was gone then dragged Faith outside. He struck her three times, twice sending her to the ground. All the while, he shouted at her, calling her a whore. Before he could do worse, David, who had heard the shouts and was closer than others, arrived. The two men quarreled, and Cork made the mistake of striking David after other party-goers had gathered around them.
A duel was set. David insisted, due to the nature of the insults against Faith, that no quarter could be given or asked for. It was a fight to the death with short swords. David came out the victor, though gaining a scar across his face.
Faith and Burr continued to write to one another for several months as Burr continued his career. Shaken as she was by Cork's treatment of her and subsequent death, Faith attached further to Burr, seeing him as everything Cork was not. When Burr was finally promoted to master and commander, he was able to return to the Long household and ask the admiral for permission to properly court Faith with the intention of marriage.
The courtship (which the admiral said he considered the long history of letters to be in and of itself) was fairly brief. After only a few weeks, during the preliminary truce as the details of the Treaty of Amiens were worked out, David announced his own engagement to a young woman he had saved from a pirate ship. Burr, having received permission from the admiral in the morning, asked Faith that evening for her hand in marriage. Faith enthusiastically agreed.
The Peace brought an era of dances and social expectations. Faith and David worked together to remake Burr's wardrobe, somewhat with his funds (Burr having come into money for his service at the Nile) and also with Long family money. They also worked to teach him every dance and social convention he would be expected to know as the son-in-law of an admiral. Through Faith's doing, Edward received invitations to some of the upper echelons of society, and, with her guidance, managed himself fairly well in most of them.
After a brief period of illness, which did not allow her to be very social, Faith noticed a change in Burr. He came by less often and spoke in terms both glowing and hesitant of an old acquaintance, a Frenchman named Martineau. Faith knew the name -- the man had been, only a few weeks before, a one-time lover of David's. She bit her tongue and played at being ignorant of him, though she quickly came to the assumption that Edward was now engaged in an affair with the man. Faith decided, as they were not yet married, to simply not acknowledge it, to pretend she had no idea of what was going on.
A month before their wedding, two weeks after Burr's reunion with Martineau, Burr called on Faith while she was alone in the house. He informed her that he was breaking off the engagement and would be gone from her company. Faith lashed out, accusing him of his involvement with Martinea, which he did not deny. She told him of Martineau's affair with David and threatened that if Burr did as he said -- if he truly broke their engagement -- she would tell her father. Not only would she ruin him, she would see him killed for the illegal relationship. Burr maintained his position, though, and left. Faith broke down into a fit.
Despite her threats, Faith never told a soul why Edward left her. She let everyone gossip as they would, and most of the theories people came up with were rather sympathetic toward her. Faith swore she would never speak to David again when she found out he had allowed Martineau and Burr to reside with him in his country home, but blood soon trumpted circumstance, and Faith resumed writing often to her brother, without mention of his houseguests.
Faith evaded all attempts by her mother, aunts, or other "concerned" women to introduce her to eligible young men by pretending to be utterly grief-striken at the ending of her engagement, as if she were so beside herself with sorrow she could barely function, much less think about marriage again.
After the disappointments of Cork (championed in the early stages by her mother) and Burr (brought to her by David) both, Faith determines that her next proper suitor will be one she chooses for herself.
Faith is very much a high-class woman of her time. She is polite, modest, and compassionate.
Faith was raised in the upper ranks of society. Her family is not nobility, but they are wealthy enough to travel in the same circles as minor nobility and the higher ranks that allow themselves to associate with the same. She has been taught ettiqute all her life and abides by the rules she knows.
Faith entertains her father's company, high-born nobles and low-born sailors alike, with light conversation about them, their families, and so on, but always with another woman present to act as a chaperone. If, as Burr did often, she is invited for a walk about the gardens of the Long household, a maid always follows to make sure no impropriety occurs.
Faith cares for others, donating regularly at church and when the parson comes around collecting for the poor. She accepts Abigail Darling (a young woman about her age whom her brother saved from a pirate ship) into the Long household long before David even seems to be courting Abigail. She dresses the other girl, who has always been poor, in fine clothes and teaches her to embroidery as well as introducing her to playing the pianoforte the family has. She quickly begins to call Abigail "sister," sure that she and David will marry soon, and she sees it as her job to see that Abigail is ready and able to take the role and do it well.
Faith is very much a young woman. She is brash, tests boundaries, and considers herself first.
When emotional, whether for good or bad, Faith speaks in haste. She is often able to consider the good emotions more, leaving less room for error there. She does, though, throw her arms around Burr and kiss him when he proposes, despite being in a semi-public place and that sort of open emotion being frowned upon. When she is angry or hurt, though, all of Faith's tact disappears. She lashes out, using any weapon in her mental arsenal that she can think of to wound in the way that she has been wounded. She does not seek just to make the injuries even but to do more harm than was done to her.
Faith tolerates her chaperones but does not always mind them. One servant in particularly, Maggie, is a confederate of Faith's. The two women have signals worked out for when the maid is to slip away and allow Faith some time (usually between five and ten minutes) with a gentleman. Most often, this gentleman was either Cork or Burr, Faith's purpose to allow the man with her to speak freely, as the presence of Maggie, they would think, meant all their words might be repeated to the admiral. She does not allow serious liberties, but Faith also lets both Cork and Burr (particularly when Maggie has been sent away) to kiss her or show more physical contact than is deemed proper.
While Faith is not particularly greedy, she also does not always know how to distinguish "want" from "need," and her generosity suffers for it. If she has more money than she needs for the things she must purchase in town, she will happily spare a coin or two for someone who seems to be in need. If, however, she has only enough for what she came for, she will not cut down on her spending to help someone else. She considers the things she has been sent for or has decided to buy to be needs and, therefore, she must get them.
Faith tries to balance her emotions and reason. She does not always succeed, such as when she is angry, but she tries not to let emotions cause her to act foolishly. Men who court her are tested first before she allows herself to become too fond, though once she has decided to be fond, she often makes excuses she ought not make for them. Cork's rough treatement of her, for instance, is excused as a temper that means he cares enough about her to be angry that she would think of straying. However, her attachments to anyone not family do not tend to be very deep. Cork's death causes her minor grief, but she moves on quickly, helped by Cork's treatment of her. Her fury at Burr for leaving her overwhelms her sense of loss, and she is soon able to defiantly rejoin the social world, only playing at heartbreak when someone seeks to see her courted by another young man.

Faith has very nimble fingers, and she is good at working with delicate materials. Other than that, her physical strengths are very few. She can ride a horse, but only side-saddle, not at all in a way that could keep up if speed were necessary.
Faith is an intelligent young woman for her era. She is very curious and always wants to learn. She has a fluent knowledge of French and Latin and a minor, working knowledge of Spanish. She is politically minded, even if that is often discouraged, and she is always trying to learn more about the world around her, even the unpleasant elements. For her world, she also knows what is expected of a young lady (such as hyper-emotionality) and will exploit those attitudes to get what she wants, such as being left alone after a broken engagement. She is very well-taught in sewing and needlepoint and has taught herself to draw to make new patterns for complicated embroidery.
Faith is very, very good at perseverence. She takes emotional hardships in stride and resolves herself to keep going. She does not usually wallow in her grief or shame. A few days might be spent crying over a choice or some circumstace, but, after that, she will figure out how to move on, or at least try to. Faith is also compassionate. She cares about helping others, and she is quick to embrace young women as her friends and dote on them, as she does with her sister-in-law Abigail. She enjoys teaching the skills she's mastered (needlepoint and drawing, especially) onto other people. When Faith decides on a course of action, she must be hard-pressed to abandon it. Whether it is marrying a man who comes from nothing, as Burr did, or learning about the war despite protests from every angle, she will find a way to do what she wants.

Faith is entirely human, and she is a young woman brought up in a life of leisure. She has little stamina and no idea how to survive on her own. She is physically weak, as her life never prepared her for any sort of labor.
Faith is from 1802. She has education only in languages, music, sewing, literacy, and basic geography, mathematics, and history. Her political knowledge is completely based on what others had told her or she has picked up from the few times she has been able to read publications about the war or the political world. Advanced mathematics (anything beyond mangaging the expenses of a household) and science are well beyond her. She also knows little outside her own world. Something such as the plight of the poor is an abstract notion to her. She has sympathy for such a thing without really understanding what it is to be poor or what those without money face.
Given time and space, Faith can be very calm, cool, and collected. In the heat of the moment, especially face to face, she is prone to outbursts. She is ruthless with her words in a fight, using any weakness she knows of to cut when she is feeling hurt. Faith is also self-serving. She will help others but not to her own disadvantage. Giving money to someone in need when she has plenty is an obvious right decision in her eyes, but she would be unlikely to make the same donation had she only enough to afford the things she intended to buy. She would not think of going without something (unless it were completely frivolous and she knew that) to help someone else, as she would assume someone else would be along with money to spare and the compassion to help.

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Max Woodville | OC

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Name Zalia
Livejournal/Dreamwidth Username: zalia
AIM/MSN: ZaliaChimera
Current Characters at Luceti: Clint Barton
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Part 1

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Name: Max Edward Woodville
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Wing Color: Dark purple-blue
Physical Appearance: Max is of average height, 5' 9" or so and medium to slim build. He's not overly muscled although he is relatively strong. He has fairly pale skin (he burns horribly in the summer if he isn't careful) and black hair which he wears short and is often fairly scruffy. His eyes are blue and people with the right training might see something a little wrong there, something that isn't quite human. He normally has a small amount of stubble, the beginnings of a moustache even, although never more than a couple of days old. He doesn't have any tattoos but he does have a few scars. Most of them are faded nearly invisible, but there's a jagged one running down his right arm from where the creature that possessed his friend touched him. He's usually found wearing casual clothes; jeans and t-shirts, and avoids formal wear as much as he possibly can.

A little background on the world first;
During World War Two, the United States only joined the Pacific front, forcing Britain to make an alliance with the Sidhe faeries in order to win. The alliance persists to this day. The win was decisive, Germany and Austria were divided and the world entered a new age. The British Empire was dissolved and replaced with the Commonwealth, a superstate made up of former colonial possessions, and is still a major world power in the present day. The USSR is still in existence and has a (mostly) friendly relationship with the Commonwealth. Magic is relatively commonplace and accepted by most people; you can purchase spells from shops. Sidhe culture is very popular, almost revered in some cases, for it's elegance and beauty.

Max was born in northern rural England to a very old magical family, able to trace their roots back to ancient royalty. His family was large and varied, and through the centuries, had intermixed with magical creatures, such as faeries, nature spirits and selkies. Max's own grandmother for example, was a selkie seal woman who married a human. He grew up with his parents and two older brothers, as well as a near constant parade of various relatives, both human and non human. This certainly made for a unique upbringing. He was brought up in an environment where magic was completely normal and accepted, and he was given a thorough grounding in it's history and workings, encouraged to develop his own skills and talents in it. This lead to him being completely comfortable with anything magical, to the point where he sometimes finds it a little strange when people don't know something or aren't as comfortable with it as he is.

He attended a local primary school, making friends despite his somewhat precocious nature. Alongside his normal lessons, his family tutored him in magic, developing his natural talents as they began to take shape. It became clear when he reached his teens, that he excelled at creating wards, barriers for protection and restraint, for hiding things, concealing secrets, and revealing hidden things. He focused his attentions in this direction, learning to use thread and weaving as a focus for his powers, despite the occasional jibes from relatives and other sorcerers who claimed he was nothing more than a hedgewitch, an insulting term for someone with little magical power or skill.

He had a fairly normal school career, doing well academically and having a small but close group of friends. The first big blow came when he was seventeen with his first serious girlfriend. They'd been going out for a few months when he invited her home to meet his family. She was disturbed and terrified by the casual use of magic that he displayed (especially while showing off) and the unusual nature of his family. She broke up with him the next day, saying that he was a monster and evil and she couldn't be around him anymore.

Max was, to put it bluntly, heartbroken, not to mention deeply cut by her words; they proved a heavy blow to his confidence and he became rather more withdrawn, not helped by the success of his older brothers entering the diplomatic service and graduating from Oxford respectively, putting more pressure on him to succeed. He threw himself into his studies and it paid off, gaining him several A-levels and an offer to study history at Oxford University which he accepted.

Of course, first came the traditional gap year. He began in Japan, attending the wedding of his eldest brother to a Japanese lady, a Kitsune fox spirit, in Sendai. Following that, he was able to get a visa to spend a month in Moscow in the USSR, which left him stranded when the Berlin Incident occurred; supposedly a new weapon was tested in East Germany, leaving the eastern side of the Berlin Wall fused into glass. It understandably caused an international incident during which Max's family pulled some strings to get him a place to stay at the Commonwealth embassy until he could return home. He kind of resented this a little, feeling as though he was still being viewed as a child unable to take care of himself, despite the situation.

He was eventually allowed to leave and spent the rest of his gap year travelling around Europe, seeing sights, picking up bits of local magic from the places he visited, flirting with attractive people including a brief fling with a mermaid while he was spending a few weeks in Copenhagen.

Eventually of course, he had to return home to attend university. His first year there was pretty normal; attend lectures, attempt to find a manageable work/life balance, spend more time than is probably healthy drunk. The problems of his high school years seemed kind of petty and small. He made some new friends, joined a couple of societies, became a well known reference for anything magical, and made a little money on the side selling low-level charms and spells, reinforcing rooms locks, keeping secrets, nothing dangerous.

It was during his second year when things started to get a little... weird, even for him. Max began to see things, specifically, dead things. Lingering spirits, ghosts, twisted embodiments of old grudges or promises broken. It was particularly unpleasant, especially since the spirits could see him too, and were drawn to him, able to touch and seep into his consciousness when he was unguarded. Understandably, his classwork suffered, with Max starting to shut himself away in his room where he was better able to protect himself from them. Even his family were at a loss since no-one within the family had ever had such a power to such a strong degree.

Without Max's knowledge, one of his close friends, Chris, began to search for a way to help him, dabbling in magic that he had little knowledge of and no hope of controlling. This dabbling lead, at the start of his third year, to Chris accidentally summoning a particularly dangerous spirit, dark and violent, which possessed him, slowly eroding his will and taking control of him.

When Max found out, he tried to banish the spirit, but lacked the training or knowledge to do so. At this darkest moment, faced with the fact of his own death and the death of his friends, as well as the release of something terrible into the world, a dormant part of Max's powers awoke and he was able to destroy the spirit utterly.

The energy drain left him in a coma for three months, and when he woke, he found that while the spirit had been destroyed, the magic had had another, terrifying effect; he'd wiped his friend Chris from existence. Every trace of him was gone, even his parents didn't remember him, claiming to never have had a child. He was utterly erased form existence. Along with this, Max's uncontrolled magic had left his mind somewhat ragged, a mental wound that would not heal, making him a draw for spirits and magical creatures unless he protected himself thoroughly.

His recovery was slow and painful and he became very withdrawn once more. He had to retake his last year at university, throwing himself into his studies and avoiding the social activities that he'd once loved. Once he graduated, instead of following his brothers into the Civil Service or Diplomatic service, he vanished for a a couple of years, barely contacting his family. During this time, he traveled around the Commonwealth and Europe, working on his ability to channel spirits and training as an exorcist because he never wanted to be that helpless again should the situation arise. He also made contacts around the world, some of a less than legitimate variety.

He returned home, much to his family's relief, and set up a small business selling wards and shields, simple charms to people, as well as performing exorcisms. He quickly built up a certain reputation, and saved up some money, enough that he was able to put a deposit down on a building in the city of York. He opened a shop there, partly catering to the New Age and popular interest in magic, crystals, incense, simple charms and spells, partly catering to more specialist tastes; acquiring magical artifacts, books and tools of varying legality, things for specialists.

His business became moderately successful, supplemented by an income for performing exorcisms.

It was a few years later, when Max was twenty-eight, that he met Brendan when the young man collapsed in the backyard of the shop, setting off every ward and protection that Max had. Max sheltered the obviously scared and exhausted young man, eventually coaxing out the reason for his condition. Brendan had been taken by the Sidhe several years before, being kept as a pet and curiosity in one of the courts, while his place in the human world was taken by a Changeling. Over that time, he'd had many glamours cast upon him that his true appearance was lost, even Brendan unable to remember. This of course, made it impossible for him to legally get help. No-one would believe him, and the Sidhe had connections with the highest powers. He was also marked with a powerful tracking spell which Max was unable to remove entirely, but was able to block the effects of, hiding Brendan from the Sidhe.

Brendan stayed with him, working in the shop and living with Max. While Max encouraged him to create a new life however, Brendan was unwilling, too focused on the hate that he felt for a Sidhe and what they had done to him. Although things seemed to be improving for a while, with Brendan becoming more willing to talk about what had happened to him and making a few friends, things fell apart when he was invited to spend Christmas with Max's family.

Max's family, full of magical creatures and mages and with Max's grandfather one of the people responsible for forming an alliance with the Sidhe and making Brendan's desire to regain his normal life impossible.

Things grew a little strained between them after that, with Brendan withdrawing from him, becoming silent and reclusive and so angry at him, culminating in a fight where Brendan accused him of being complicit with what had happened to him. That did no go down well, leaving them both feeling betrayed and hurt. They didn't get chance to reconcile before Brendan accidentally broke the wards that max had put around him, allowing the Sidhe to track him. The shop was attacked by a powerful Sidhe prince, the one who had owned Brendan. Max told Brendan to run, giving him a blade enchanted to be effective against Sidhe to protect himself. While Brendan ran, Max engaged in a battle of names with the Sidhe, who's personalities and actions are shaped by what people believe about them. It was a hard battle, with Max left exhausted, but victorious, and the Sidhe defeated and weakened enough that Max was able to demand that he remove the tracking from Brendan.

With that done, he chased after Brendan, arriving at his location just in time to see him murder the Changeling that had taken his place.

Despite his misgivings, and a little scared at the look in Brendan's eyes, like his thirst for revenge had only been fueled not quenched, Max pulled some strings to cover up what had happened, drawing a little on that terrible power to change reality to make sure that Brendan would not be implicated. The power took it's toll however, leaving Max unconscious while Brendan desperately called Max's brother to help them.

His brother came, giving Brendan a bit of a tongue lashing in the process, angry at him for what he had done and for dragging Max into danger, but helping anyway. They got Max to the hospital and after finding out that he would be alright, Brendan left.

Part 2

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Part 3

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Re: Q&A

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Kohaku 1/6

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Name: hedi
Livejournal/Dreamwidth Username: [personal profile] ihasamap
AIM/MSN: Forensicsandscience / N/A
Current Characters at Luceti:
Raenef - [personal profile] airhead_overlord
Crona - [personal profile] mybloodisblack
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Name: Kohaku
Fandom: WISH
Gender: N/A (Though since the manga refers to angels as females, I will too)
Age: 250+ (350+ if you count while she was asleep)
Time Period: Sometime between the end WISH, and Kobato
Wing Color: Light yellow
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Kohaku 2/6

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The one thing that makes Kohaku who she is, and keeps her that way is her innocent and childlike mind. While her innocence comes from what she did, and who she was as an angel, nothing will ever be able to change that about her, though her childish mind has some part in that as well. But just like with any child she will automatically see two people fighting (yelling loudly at each other) as very good friends, and if she just so happens to see a chase going on, she watches it just like it’s a friendly game of tag. And just like with any child, she will ask questions about anything and everything she does not understand, which is still a lot, but that doesn’t mean she won’t openly and happily any question that she’s asked. In fact, she will often answer questions she isn’t even asked at all.

Being the angel she is, she also has a hard time dealing with negative emotions. If there’s even a hint that she’s upset, angered, or disappointed someone she will apologize over and over until she is told that it’s alright…a few times. She worries way too much about disappointing those around her. She’ll even apologize for something that isn’t even her fault if she around. (In fact, if you have a long enough conversation with her, the words ‘I’m sorry’ will come up eventually, no matter what) She will also, almost automatically, start tearing up if someone starts yelling, or uses a very angry tone with her. It’s a reaction she cannot help, and will feel like curling up in a ball and hiding until the yelling stops. Not only then will she cry either, in fact she is a pretty big crybaby. The simplest of problems can push her straight into crying.

Back in Heaven Kohaku’s job was to sing for the new angels, giving her voice almost a kind of power. Not only does it help plants grow, and keep them happy and alive, but it also has the same effect on people. It may not work on those who aren’t open to things like that, but to those who are, her singing can make someone shut up and listen. Calming them down, and just making them smile. Her personality is almost the same too. It’s extremely easy for her to talk to someone for just a few minutes before getting them to open up about their problems…which is really just fine since Kohaku will go out of her way to help anyone with a problem they’re having. Even if she can’t help too much, she’ll stop by to see how someone is doing until they feel better.

Because of the things she does almost all the time, Kohaku is possibly the nicest person anyone will ever meet. Not only does she fully follow the ‘respect your elders’ rule, she has the highest of respect for just about anyone she meets, no matter how the first impressions go. (And there’s the sad fact that she’s much older than everybody else she’ll meet on any normal day.) Her extreme niceness also comes from not even knowing how to be mean. The only person she’s even yelled at was a demon, and he had given her many, many reasons for doing so. But even then she’ll run off before being a part of any sort of negative conversation.

Since Kohaku has grown older, only a few things about her personality have changed. Her entire world changed when she lost Shuichiro the first time, but now since she’s been by the side of a few of his reincarnations her strongest emotion, love, and the lost of Shuichiro isn’t as scary. This point has made her a lot stronger when it comes to a loss of something important. While in WISH she practically went into a depressant coma, she is now strong enough to come to terms with the fact that even if he were to pick someone else in his next reincarnation, she wants his happiness over hers, and she will wish for the happiness of everyone around her before she thinks of herself. Any sort of selfishness has just about completely left her.

That doesn’t stop her from being sad though, or even a little bit afraid. Loosing anything or anyone important is hard for everybody, yes. But being an angel, and just who she is, that kind of loss can almost be unhealthy.

Now that Kohaku has been on Earth for a good long while she’s much more comfortable around scary looking people, demons, or ones from any other place. (Like the big bear that makes apparently yummy pastries!) And since she is no longer tied to Heaven as strongly, she believes that there is no harm in making friends with anyone. As long as they are nice, or at the very least seemingly nice, she will gladly be their friend.

Kohaku 3/6

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Kohaku 4/6

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Kohaku 5/6 Samples Ver. 1

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Kohaku 6/6

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Delirium Part 1

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Name: Jordan
Livejournal/Dreamwidth Username: I don’t have a dreamwidth, I use the journal [personal profile] fishy_go_byebye for the majority of my interactions.
AIM/MSN: endlesslythyme
Current Characters at Luceti: N/A


Name: Delirium
Fandom: Sandman by Neil Gaiman
Gender: Female
Age: Delirium looks like a young girl, running the gambit between 12 and 18, but in reality she’s as old as the first race of sentient beings, whatever form they may have taken.
Time Period: After The Wake, which is the 10th Sandman novel, in which Dream is buried and Daniel takes his place, with influence from Endless Nights, which has various side stories in it.
Wing Color: Delirium is in a constant state of flux, shifting her age, height, hair length not at will, but thoughtlessly and constantly. I would want her wings to change color much the way her hair does, as the feathers would be kind of like an extension of her hair’s penchant for brightness. I think they would look like an oil spill in a puddle, the way rainbows reflect, the color of her feathers shifting along with the color of her hair.
History: To be found here.
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Delirium Part 2

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The Endless don’t see morality in the human sense, and Delirium sees it even more skewed than the rest of her family. That is always the most important part to remember. Immortality brings a certain bend to morality in the first place, extend that life into infinity and then add insanity – it’s a melting pot for a twisted sense of right and wrong. Delirium wants to do right, usually, but she doesn’t understand what right is. She is affiliated to all people in her realm, the benign and criminal alike, and she has bits of all of them inside her. Very simply, classified in D&D terms, she is chaotic neutral. For example, in book VII, Brief Lives, Delirium and Dream are being driven around by a nice chauffeur. Their driver ends up being killed by a trap set by Destruction to hinder anyone finding him. Delirium’s first thought on hearing the news is that now she gets to drive the car like she wanted to that morning. It’s very selfish, and not malicious.

Delirium is the youngest of the Endless, an anthropomorphic personification of insanity, created into a family of seven containing (in order); Destiny, Death, Dream, Destruction, Desire, Despair, and Delirium herself. She has a complex about being the youngest. She doesn’t feel that being the youngest makes her less, and gets upset at being teased by Desire. It’s a little bit her curse, being the youngest of the oldest beings she knows, because she feels like the rest of the family looks down on her. In some ways, they do, of course. Her insanity makes her difficult to deal with, and condescension is easy for them to fall into – particularly with Desire, who Delirium tends to bicker with the most.

Delirium was not always as she is, once – long ago, before many can remember – she was Delight. In those times, worshipers would come to lay gifts of flowers and jewels at her feet. It is not so, anymore, and has not been so for a very long time. Something happened, something she does not speak of. There are debates on what, exactly, happened to caused Delight to turn into Delirium, and I ascribe to a combination of possibilities. The first possibility says that she experienced an extremely traumatic event which led her to take refuge in her own mind. The second family of belief thinks that Delirium had to change as society changed. As pure delight became lost to the world, she had to reflect her realm in whatever way she could, and becoming insane was the closest reflection of the world that allowed her to maintain her basic character. I believe that Delirium is strong enough to have withstood one of these things – she would have been able to reflect the delight of children even if society changed, after all, and she would have been able to work through the trauma with her family and those who fell under the purview of her realm. The two influences in conjunction are what drove her to breaking, both the abuse of her innocence and then the loss of it in the world for her to fall back on shattering her mind. As she was shifting from Delight to Delirium her beloved brother, Destruction, held her on a hill in her realm as she laughed and cried and feared why her hills and flowers melted into chaos around her.

She has her own realm, like all of the Endless - built of herself and the thoughts and minds of her people - but she isn’t there often. She prefers the wander, or be lost, wherever the current mood strikes her. She is insanity personified; chaotic, vague, drifting. A waif lost on the breeze of her next thought and never considering what will happen when she makes an action. Delirium has never stayed in the same place for particularly long. She likes to be moving from one place to the next, a wanderlust without a purpose. Meandering between realities and worlds with little understanding of time and place, Delirium tends to spend her days visiting those who exist in her realm. She’ll sit with them on street corners, in doorways, on stoops – they don’t have to be talking, but she takes and gives comfort just by her presence, even if it is only in passing. The people in her realm are crazy but they are not alone, and Delirium needs to receive that comfort as much as they do. She seeks out her family in emergencies or for a purpose (though sometimes she forgets why she’s finding him while she’s looking), and owns a dog, Barnabas, who keeps her company and cares for her wellbeing. Barnabas was given to her as a result of a plan gone awry when she convinced Dream to help her find their prodigal brother Destruction.

The world spins around her, and she spins around the world, and at the same time she never moves. Almost everything in Delirium’s life relates back to herself, as she stands in the middle of the crazy storms she creates. It’s not that she doesn’t care about other people, or is really that completely self-centered, though. Delirium loves fiercely, and then forgets that her love existed. That is not to say she ever stopped loving, but that out of sight does not need to happen before out of mind occurs. The broken fragments of her mind flow back and forth, in and out of conversations and interactions. She is always out of her mind, and just as well, since her flashes of lucidity and insight are frightening enough. In emergencies, Delirium has been known to pull herself together if it is needed - after all, only one person can truly be broken at a time (especially if there are only two of you) – and when she does, her eyes blend into a teal color. But forcing the pieces of herself back together hurts, like glass and fire, and just can’t last. Afterwards, she usually needs to be soothed with a break from even the loosest connection, taking a nice vacation as a cloud of fish or sparkles.

Delirium is volatile, with a mood as mercurial as the ocean and as changeable as a breath of wind. The smallest things can set her off into a storm of tears, laughter, or both. Sometimes she knows everything, though she is usually even less lucid then than she is when she can’t remember her own name. Death once mentioned that no one should know everything, and the only thing that makes being alive okay is not knowing everything. Delirium is like living proof of that, but she doesn’t know how to balance knowing and not knowing.

Delirium is a girl whose looks can range between 12 and 18, depending on how she feels. She is the most changeable of her family, always shifting appearances. This acts in reference to her emotions, her surroundings, her current preferences – but all of it is instinctual. Her hair is often bright, and changes lengths, colors, and styles with a seeming will of its own. Her eyes are mismatched, one blue with sliver flecks, and the other a bright green. Delirium’s shadow is tangible and never matches her own shape, moving of its own accord - much like her hair - and feeling like velvet to the touch. All of these show her disconnect with reality while exhibiting her affiliation to her own realm. Each of the Endless does it in their own ways. The Endless are as much reflections of people as the realms are reflections of the Endless. Often dressed punk, Delirium wears fishnets and too-long clothing or just scraps of cloth. But thrown-together carelessness of her appearance is usually just that – carelessness. She smells of old leather, sour sweat, and late nights.

Delirium Part 3

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Delirium Part 4

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Delirium Q&A Response

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Alex Benedetto / GANGSTA.

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Name: Meru
Livejournal/Dreamwidth Username: benriya_secretary (is this okay?)
AIM/MSN: I don't use these clients...
Current Characters at Luceti: N/A

(( Hi, um, I'm really sorry that this part probably looks really awful... I'm actually like pretty new to dreamwidth/livejournal and rping on these sites, so I don't really have a personal account. I also don't really use AIM or MSN as IM clients. If you'd like for me to do something like make a personal account or make an account for one of those clients, then please tell me so and I'll get right to it! Sorry to be a bother with this. ;; ))


Name: Alex Benedetto
Fandom: GANGSTA.
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Time Period: A while after she joins Benriya (but before things start to get real). Around chapter 18 or so.
Wing Color: A very light, cream color.
benriya_secretary: (pic#5439563)

Re: Alex Benedetto / GANGSTA.

[personal profile] benriya_secretary 2013-01-04 07:26 am (UTC)(link)
History: (I'm sorry if this is a little bit short for peoples' tastes! GANGSTA. is currently an ongoing series, so the histories of the characters aren't too intensive just yet. I did pull Alex out of a timeline where a decently good amount of information is told about her, though.)
In the crime-ridden streets of Ergastulum, Alex spent her days working as a prostitute. Of course, this wasn't exactly by will as it was under the influence of a violent and manipulating pimp named Barry... No, Alex's life wasn't the greatest from her experiences working under Barry, and the fact that her memories of the past before being caught in his web are foggy can be just another thing to add to her problems. After being given a particular drug that helped to "stabilize" her for her pimp's own goals, Alex's memories of events from before had slowly been eaten away, fortunately leaving her able to remember her mother and brother. (It's too bad she can't even remember her brother's own face, though...)

Fast forwarding through her awful experiences working the streets, Alex is soon caught in the middle of a hit job done by two men known as Benriya or "utility men". These two men, Worick Arcangelo and Nicolas Brown, were hired by the police and neighboring mafioso to "dispose" of Barry and his gang for the continuous ruckus they had stirred up in the city. The mafia didn't exactly take kindly to imbeciles stirring up business in the city they controlled and managed to maintain some amount of stability for. When Nicolas and Worick had caught sight of Alex, Nicolas believed it best to kill her, since she was a witness and worked for Barry, after all... Worick on the other hand saw no gain in killing her, and so the prostitute's life was somehow spared through convincing. And when the deed was done and Barry's body was covered with bullet holes and slashes, Alex appeared in front of the carnage, grabbed a gun, and shedding a single tear, shot Barry's already-dead body several times point blank. She was free. She was finally free.

After shooting her pimp and the man who essentially "took care of her", Alex felt nauseous and was in a daze, with Nicolas and Worick leading her away from the scene. When the Benriya were confronted by the police and asked why they didn't kill Alex as well, Worick responded in saying that Alex was their "loot and treasure" for the job, and that she would be working as their secretary from then on. As skeptical as Officer Chad (that old grump) was, he could see that from Alex's soft-spoken nature that she didn't seem to pose any threat. And, well, if he argued with Benriya, the police would have just lost their only way in dealing with those... "out of our reach" issues that those law-abiding/serving folks couldn't touch. As worried as Alex was about her future, she knew that these men couldn't have been that bad if they did spare her life...

And things really weren't that bad after all. Her secretary job left her in charge of the phone in the Benriya's apartment to answer any calls for jobs they were offered, as well as heading off on small deliveries with the guys. And as time went by, Alex could feel herself slowly being put back together again, save for those memories that were still lost somewhere in her head... And, there was one more problem... Although Alex had thought to finally have been free from Barry and everything surrounding him, she realized it wasn't exactly over. All alone in the Benriya's apartment one rainy day, Alex had looked out the window to see what appeared to be Barry - a very bloody Barry with a smile that could match that of the devil, looking up towards her. Overcome by pure terror and panic, all Alex could do was huddle herself into a corner as she began to hear footsteps going up the apartment's stairs and the opening of a door to the room. ... A short while later, Alex wakes up in a bed in the small clinic run by Dr. Theo and Nina, people she had met during her time in helping Benriya with deliveries. The cool-headed Dr. Theo explains to Alex that she was experiencing hallucinations of Barry's phantom, showing that her mind isn't exactly in the right place. The grip that the pimp had on Alex had become so powerful that it had nearly broken her, and she was now having to resort to taking tranquilizing drugs prescribed by Dr. Theo to prevent any more hallucinations from occurring (even if they still continued to persist, but not as greatly as before...).

Life hasn't been easy for our dear Alex, but she's never said that it is. As our lady in the skin-tight, black dress and heels continues her stay with Benriya, she hopes to not only forget about her horrible treatment from the past, but to also remember the kinder memories she had with her mother and brother as well as create new ones with the men that she has begun to open her heart to and have the same done to her.


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Garrosh Hellscream (not reserved)

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Name: Charles
Dreamwidth Username: [personal profile] saltprince
AIM: Suik Gloris
Current Characters at Luceti: Haruhi ([personal profile] godbent), Masaomi ([personal profile] generalflirt), and Rin ([personal profile] rashness)


Name: Garrosh Hellscream
Fandom: (World of) Warcraft
Gender: Male
Age: 30 (...probably. This isn't official)
Time Period: Post-Shattering, Pre-Wolfheart (so early-Cataclysm)
Wing Color: black
History: Sup
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Personality: Garrosh Hellscream is a man who has the potential to embody, at once, all that is the best and the worst about his people's culture. On one hand, he is a Mag'har orc, raised on the plains of Nagrand and as a result never suffered the demonic corruption which most of his people have struggled with for decades - he's shown to be honorable, quick-witted, and very devoted to seeing his people through to a better future. On the other, despite this, Garrosh Hellscream is a violent and impulsive man, whose tendency to fly off the handle at the slightest provocation and do what he feels is best for his people, at the expense of everyone else (including, well, his people) has escalated his world into a World War (Note: The World War has not technically started at where he's from in the timeline, but the seeds of it are already there). He is an incredibly controversial figure, both in fandom and in his own world, and one who has made many enemies in the course of doing what he feels is best... which, increasingly as time goes on, is clearly not right.

However, to understand where Garrosh is now, the path which got him there needs to be understood too. Garrosh's story begins as a child, specifically as the son of the Chieftain of the Warsong Clan, Grom Hellscream. As a baby, Garrosh was ill with red pox, a deadly and contagious plague which was sweeping through the orcish people, and like most of its victims, was put into a quarantine zone in Nagrand called Garadar. While he and many others were there though, orcish culture was fundamentally and forever changed: Gul'dan brought the blood of the Pit Lord Mannoroth for the Chieftains of the various clans to drink, nominally to increase their power. And while it did increase the power and ferocity of the orcs - allowing them to kill or conquer every other species on Draenor - it also enslaved them to the demonic Burning Legion. The first Chieftain to drink the demon's blood and thereby enslave his clan was Garrosh's father, Grom. The now corrupted orcs would then become the first Horde and with the help of Medivh would surge into Azeroth to cause the First and Second Wars.

However, during all this, the now-recovered quarantined orcs at Garadar would remain in isolation, only knowing bits and pieces of what actually happened with the majority of their race. They came to be called the Mag'har (literally, "uncorrupted") orcs, and for a long time they just sat there and adjusted to a new isolated life. Years later, after the Second War, when the Alliance invaded Draenor to end the orc threat once and for all, one of the Horde's key leaders actually came to Nagrand to recruit backup out of any orcs who had fled into there and came upon Garadar. The then young Garrosh both offered his services and asked about his father, only for the recruiter to laugh in his face about the apparently weakness of the Mag'har and dismiss him. Garrosh then asked the elders of the village for more details about his father and his legacy, and the answers he got (that Grom Hellscream was key in enslaving his people to demons) sent him into a lasting shame spiral.

Around 18 years later, Garrosh is now a key leader to the Mag'har, but dealing with a crippling sense of doubt and inferiority about his father's legacy which had pushed him into depression. This is further complicated by the fact that despite this he is one of the Mag'har's most capable hunters, strongest warriors, and most charismatic men. When the current elder dies (and she is quite old by this point) he would become the Chieftain of the Mag'har, something that he dreads due to the fact he is his father's son. However, around this same time the (New) Horde and the Alliance both push into Outland (the remnants of Draenor... which exploded not long after the incident with the recruiter but that's a whole other story) and modern orcs re-establish contact with the Mag'har. The Warchief of the Horde, Thrall, meets with Garrosh, and is surprised to find that he's so harsh about his dad, because Grom had become one of Thrall's closest friends prior to his death. Thrall then shows Garrosh a visit of his father's last stand: Grom was the one (with help from Thrall) who killed the Pit Lord Mannoroth, thus ending the Blood Cruse that he had helped put the orcs under. He's now considered to be one of the orc's greatest heroes in the society Thrall's founded in Azeroth.

This is the turning point. Garrosh's spirit returns, and depression and shame do a 180. From here on out, Garrosh not only takes pride in his father, but in many ways seeks to emulate him.

Emulation of Grom Hellscream is a double-edged sword at best, because while he was a hero who broke his people out from subjugation, he was also an exceedingly bombastic and violent man, even by orc standards. And the younger Garrosh, emulating his father example, becomes increasingly uncompromising to things that he considers to be detriments to the Horde (and theory the orcish people) once Thrall takes him to Azeroth as an advisor. In many ways, this is a good thing: it shows how much he cares about the good of the orcs and during the war against the Lich King (the master of the undead who was therefore a threat to the entire world) he was one of the first to lead the charge while others hesitated to take the war to his shores. In others, it's a far less appealing prospect: the chief reason, of course, is that Garrosh comes to see the Alliance (the world's other superpower alongside the Horde) as being his people's enemies, and continually tries to push Thrall and the Horde towards war, despite a hard-won and tenuous peace being held between them.

In this period of about two years, three important things happen to Garrosh, which shape his character from here on out: The first is an encounter he has when he first enters the orc's capitol city, Orgrimmar. While initially very impressed and people are impressed with him because of his father and because he's a Mag'har, he has one very distinct and hazardous encounter with an embittered poor and hungry orc woman who points out the obvious: Orgrimmar is in Durotar, which is a desert. There's simply not enough resources in the land for everyone to live prosperously. She goes on to suggest that only slightly to the North in Ashenvale (Alliance controlled land) there are abundant resources that the other side is doing nothing with, and Thrall's insistence on them not taking it is damaging their people. From this, and from perceptions Garrosh develops that Thrall helping out the other members of the Horde (the Tauren, Blood Elves, Darkspear Trolls, and Forsaken), which he sees as a waste of resources which could improve orcish welfare, he becomes increasingly dissatisfied with the status quo of peace Thrall is working so hard to keep.

The second is that in Northrend, during the campaign against the Lich King and his Scourge, Garrosh makes a name for himself, not just as the son of Grom Hellscream, but as a war hero in his own right. He's the leader of the Warsong Offensive, the Horde component of the joint-faction (lead by the faction-neutral Argent Crusade) force which combats their undead on their own shores. Garrosh and his battle-hearty soldiers eventually would come home the heroes of the Horde and Garrosh himself, because of his brutal and uncompromising tactics which won the Horde a number of glorious victories, would be exceedingly popular among his own soldiers. In many ways, the man became the new thing to emulate among the young orcs. He's also honored by Thrall personally, because when he returns, Thrall bestows Gorehowl (his father's ax) onto him.

And the third is that Garrosh developed a personal rivalry with Varian Wrynn, the King of Stormwind and thus de facto leader of the Alliance. Where I'm taking Garrosh from they've come to blows twice so far, and both times have ended with someone else breaking it up. Both men deeply dislike each other on a personal level, and their hatred for each other bleeds into their dislike for each other's species (orcs and humans respectively) and factions. This point is particularly important, because in understanding Garrosh Hellscream it must always be acknowledged that despite his high-minded ideas about the liberation of his people from what he sees an Alliance tyranny in denying them resources and ensuring the orcs a prosperous future through winning wars, he's also a petty man in some ways. While it is not the deciding factor in his actions to come, almost certainly his personal disdain for Varian has effected how he sees the Alliance as a whole.

Not that long after the heroes from Northrend return, a series of other events in the world eventually culminate in what comes to the called the Shattering. The Shattering is a series of "natural" disasters on a global scale, caused by the crazed dragon aspect Deathwing, which not only irreversibly changed the geographic layout of Azeroth (due to massive earthquakes, numerous tidal waves, firestorms, etc) but also came within an inch of literally killing the planet through upsetting the elements so much. In the wake of this, Thrall feels it is his duty to follow his calling as a shaman instead of remaining the Warchief of the Horde, and due to social pressures, names Garrosh to the stand-in Warchief in his absence. While this is wildly popular with the young orcs and some younger members of the other Horde races, it is decidedly unpopular with grizzled veterans and most of the other racial leaders of the Horde. In particular, Thrall's best friend and brother-in-spirit, Cairne vehemently believes that Garrosh will lead the Horde into war and ruin, and challenges the new Warchief to personal combat... only to be killed in it, not by Garrosh per se, but because the leader of rogue faction of his people (the Tauren) poisoned Garrosh's ax prior to the battle.

The death of Cairne really sets the mood for Garrosh's leadership of the Horde, and the point I'm taking him from isn't that far into it. Despite having numerous personal misgivings about if he's prepared for leadership on this scale, Garrosh's bombast has allowed him to push through and make radical changes to how the Horde operates already. This is all done in the name of seeing his people through to a prosperous future, and became he believes in the new world that the Shattering has created, only the strong will survive, and the Horde must be the strongest. He sees the massive destruction as being an opening for the Horde to get its place in the sun. This view is not shared by many of the other leaders in the Horde. Sylvanas (the leader of the Forsaken) and Baine (Cairne's son, the leader of the Tauren) both personally dislike Garrosh, but know they must work with him because of their peoples' needs. The Darkspear leader (Vol'jin) takes it a step further and in fact promises Garrosh that someday he'll be assassinated and he'll play a role in it, but is persuaded to keep his people in the Horde despite this by Thrall.

Because it's early in his reign I'm taking him from, Garrosh really hasn't acted yet on most of his promises. The Forsaken (with backing from the rest of the Horde) have invaded Gilneas and he's sent General Krom'gar into Stonetalon and increased forces into Ashenvale to try to secure both, but for the most part, his destructive and impulsive later actions in the course of the Cataclysm have not yet happened and the mentality he adopts (that the Alliance must be entirely killed off to ensure his people's future, hence starting a World War) has not yet solidified. So the question must be asked - who is Garrosh Hellscream at this moment?

Frankly, it would depend who you ask.

Garrosh Hellscream, despite being deeply charismatic in the context of his own people and a great warrior - arguably one of the greatest the Horde has ever seen - actually has a very weak core. Shame from his father pushed him into depression, and he had to be told his father was okay to get better. Once he did, he then went to Azeroth to seek the approval of the person who told him this (Thrall), until he decided Thrall was too weak willed, and then sought to emulate his father and live up to that ghost. His own personal code of honor and definition for the difference between war and murder has flip-flopped constantly in the last year in particular (though this is past his timeline point, he still has the potential), and he has at times seemed like a different person depending on the context. When it comes down to it, Garrosh Hellscream still isn't entirely sure who he is, let alone is confident in who he is, and thus has worked to create a persona of being what he feels his people needs him to be.

Even if few others necessarily agree.


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Guilmon | Digimon

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Name: Mizu
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Guilmon | Digimon

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Name: Guilmon
Fandom: Digimon
Gender: Male
Age: Less than a year old
Time Period: Right before he’s sucked back into the digital world
Wing Color: White
History: Here
The first thing to notice about Guilmon is that his appearance doesn't quite match up to his personality. He looks like a rather threatening dinosaur, but underneath his looks he's kind, friendly, and childish. Despite that, he's willingly goes into battle, and he's protective. At the beginning of the season, he goes charging into battles due to a feral nature he grows out of by about the middle of the season.

That’s not to say that Guilmon isn’t still dangerous, however. When he is angered he flies into a rage, his eyes turning reptilian, and charging straight at the thing that had made him angry, for good or for ill. When he was younger, near the beginning of the series he would often give into his instincts to fight, even when Takato told him not to. Now, he has a better control of himself, and his temper is less of a problem.

Childishness is Guilmon’s most striking characteristic. He’s naive and gullible, and thus can be lead to believe a lot of false information of somebody shares it with him. Guilmon’s very willing to go along with other people and digimon’s plans, even if Takato says not to. But he does eventually become more obedient and actually follows the instructions that Takato set for him. Guimon can also easily be distracted easily, if the current subject isn’t especially important. But if it is important, he’s also capable of having serious discussions when people need them.

Guilmon is also kind hearted. When another digimon is taking care of a threat, Guilmon goes and rescues a small child’s balloon, gives it back to her, and then allows her to ride on his back as the group brings her back to her mother. Keeping with his kindness, he still plays with Impmon on a trip, even when the other digimon had previously been nothing but mean to him.

Guilmon managed to mature at a very rapid rate. He's starts out the season as very infantile, but over the course of time he's still childish, but he's much more able to communicate and care for himself and others. There’s a simplicity to the way he thinks and looks at the world. He ends up having a sort of childish wisdom about him. When something comes up that he doesn't understand, he accepts that he doesn't understand it and moves on. He doesn't stop to ponder over it. There are things in the world Guilmon doesn't understand, and probably never will and that's just fine with him.

He accepts just about everything that happens around him easily. When he’s pulled back from the Real World and back to the Digital World, he doesn’t fight it. He doesn’t make anybody feel bad. He gets a promise that he and Takato will play again someday and then he accepts his fate. There’s no struggle to hold onto the Real World, there’s just an acceptance that it’s happening and the belief that they will all see each other again one day. There’s a lot of optimism in the little dinosaur. He constantly believes that everything will turn out for the best, even when things are looking their worst.

He’s also very quick to forgive. When Takato apologizes for not thinking about Guilmon, he just goes "No problem" and moves on. Very accepting of just about everything, and is very sure of who he is. "And no matter how much I change, I hope you know, I'm still me too," is his response to Takato when he's worried about Guilmon's digivolving and changing his personality. And Takato responds by saying Guilmon sees things clearly. And he's right. Guilmon never lets questions cloud his view, he knows who he is and that's what matters.

The absolute most important thing to Guilmon is his best friend, Takato. Takato was the one who created him, and is also the person he has the strongest bond with. But he still cares a lot about the rest of the Tamers group. Which reflects onto his strongest motivator, which is being with Takato.
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Guilmon | Digimon

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Vegeta | Dragon Ball GT

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Name: Showan
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Name: Vegeta
Fandom: Dragon Ball GT
Gender: Male
Age: 58
Time Period: Post the defeat of Omega Shenron/Goku's departure with Shenron
Wing Color: White
History: Wiki link
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2/4 Personality

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Personality: Throughout the series from Dragon Ball Z to the end of GT, Vegeta undergoes a massive amount of development. He is the prince of his race, the Saiyans, with an attitude to match his status. He believes his race is the most powerful race in the universe, and has no issues displaying his pride for them. His pride of his race and for himself is one of his defining traits, being both beneficial and detrimental for him. From the start Vegeta is prominently arrogant and hot-headed, ruthless and cold. Being very intelligent, he excels at tatical fighting and will rush head first into a fight. He enjoys mocking his foes in battle. He kills for the thrill of it, eradicating a planet's inhabitants until the planet was finally forced to surrender, coming under the rule of the Planet Trade Organization. This organization is headed by King Cold and his two sons, Frieza and Cooler; whom of which has enslaved Vegeta's entire race to do their bidding. Frieza is in charge of the section of the organization that rules the Saiyans, and treats them as lower class nothings, insulting them and calling them monkeys. Because of such Vegeta developed an extreme bitterness, which only grows after Frieza destroys Planet Vegeta and most of the Saiyans with it, leaving only a handful of them left. This leaves him wanting to kill Frieza for what he's done, but knowing he wasn't strong enough to do so, he continues to serve underneath him until he can become strong enough to finish Frieza once and for all.

Which leads to arriving on Earth after discovering the information about the Dragon Balls from Radditz's communication via scouter. Accompanied by Nappa, they battle the Z Fighters, Vegeta killing Nappa in the process, and then finally being defeated himself. But before Vegeta leaves the planet, he is stopped by Krillin wielding a sword to finish the wounded Prince. But Goku asks Krillin to spare Vegeta and show him mercy, in which Krillin reluctantly agrees, and lets Vegeta escape. This one act of kindness challenges everything Vegeta had ever known and believed in, and from this point on in the series he can't seem to get Goku off his mind, thus the start of his obsession with him. This even manifests more after the battles on Namek, when he sees that Goku has reached the level of a Super Saiyan, becoming infuriated that he, the Prince of all Saiyans, is not one of the Saiyans of legend but yet someone he considers to be low class is.

From this point on he is fixated on becoming stronger, and trains incessantly to reach this goal. He is fueled by his passion to become stronger than Goku, which previously stated is technically a lower class Saiyan. He believed that he was the most powerful Saiyan, but after seeing Goku's transformation and eventually his future son Trunks's transformation, it enraged him, pushing him to his limits in his training, to the point of hurting himself and requiring medical aid from Bulma and her family, who he lives with while he waits for Goku's return to Earth and the arrival of the androids, the new threat to Earth. During that time he has a child with Bulma, but is still emotionally distant from her and their son. However, during a fight with Cell, Trunks is mortally wounded, which sends Vegeta into a frenzy of attacks due to the fact that he has seen Trunks give everything for him and he has done nothing but dismiss Trunks, and lashes out to avenge his fallen son. (This being from the anime; from what I understand the manga is different during this part, but I've never read it.) He fails however, leaving Gohan to finish Cell off (though Vegeta provides an essential moment for Gohan to kill Cell), leaving the battlefield with his pride very hurt, witnessing Goku sacrifice himself without fear to save his loved ones and then Gohan being the one to actually defeat Cell.

Despite this he continues to train for the next seven years, still intent on becoming stronger than Goku. But, as he states himself, he wants his old edge back, and takes advantage of this by allowing himself to be controlled by Babidi, returning him to the evil man he once was when he first arrived on Earth, so he could be on the same playing field as Goku. He states that he cares not for his family or anything else, only caring for his own strength and greatness. But Goku calls him a liar during a heated battle, rightfully so, which leads to Vegeta taking on Buu himself and sacrificing his life so his family could live on, finally fighting for someone/thing other than himself, as Piccolo states during the encounter. (I like to call this "Vegeta's mid-life crisis.") King Yemma allows him to come back to Earth however, where he must put aside his pride, to work with and fuse with Goku to save the lives of their families and essentially their own race, as well as the lives of everyone in the universe from Buu. Before fighting Buu for the last time, Vegeta finds out about Goku offering Bulma to Old Kai for a kiss, making him essentially freak out on Goku for being "senseless", one of the few times Vegeta verbally confirms that he truly does care for her.

But he is forced to the sidelines once again in the final battle, watching Goku in his SSJ3 form, where he delivers his final speech for his respect for Goku, (speech if you want to watch) now someone he sees as a friend instead of an enemy. He even goes as far to call Goku "old friend" as he flies away with Uub to train during the World Martial Arts Tournament.

Now fully accustomed to Earth life, Vegeta no longer dons his Saiyan attire, but instead is seen wearing western style clothing, oddly enough usually in khaki pants until later in GT where is he portrayed with a sort of 90's style biker outfit. He has also fully settled down, and had a second child; a daughter named Bulla. He is still the arrogant man he once was, but in his old age he has matured significantly. Where he once would have flown off the handle at something that irritated him, he now will generally meet it with an eye roll or shrug it off, his temper having a longer fuse than previously. That doesn't mean he won't get angry, because he still does, but it takes something a bit more extreme to send him over the edge. Also, he has become very touchy about how old he has become, when a few teenage boys are hitting on Bulla as they are driving home from a shopping trip, they call Vegeta a geezer, to which he rips the steering wheel off of their car and runs them off the road in a silent anger. He also now displays caring for the Earth as a whole, coming up with a plan to move Earth's entire population to the Planet Tuffle before it explodes, helping the Z Fighters move the population to spacecraft and is seen knocking out anyone who refused to leave the planet so that they could be transported as well. He is, however, still too prideful to wear the badges given out to the people associated with Mr. Satan to help with the move. He also declares to Super Android 17 that he is the sole protector of the planet and that he came to do this job, insulting the absent Goku while displaying his strong sense of pride, yet concern for the world he lives on.

During the fight with Omega Shenron, he is still having inner turmoil with being a second to Goku; until Bulma helps him find a way to reach SSJ4, in which he joins the battle to help Goku defeat the dragon. Goku tells Omega that if you want good things to happen to you, you have to be good, as Vegeta throws a rock at Omega's head and states, "I would listen to him if I were you, more of than not things that Kakarot says come to pass. But I know that it’s going to take more than talk to change your mind, I had to learn the hard way myself." This reveals that Vegeta also has changed some of his beliefs over time; mostly showing he believes in karma, which is a complete 180 from the Vegeta we see in the beginning of DBZ. Vegeta also again shows his care for his family and friends at the end of the battle, telling them to get off the planet so they could train to finish the fight they'd started while Vegeta went back to hold off Omega and buy them time to escape.

Outside of battle he is a man of few words, and speaks only when he feels he needs to. Early on he is looked down upon because of his rash and ruthless nature, but eventually as time progresses, he becomes more accepted into his newfound family and friends. There is a scene at the end of Z where he is wallflowering at a party held at Bulma's, and Goku sees him there and beckons him over, echoed by the rest of the cast. He is often very serious, but in his later years he can be found making a joke here and there with his family and friends. His sense of humor is very dry and sometimes dark, as per when his wife complains that reporters may be all over her lawn if the Saiyans transform at the World Martial Arts Tournament, and Vegeta responds, "I don't see the problem, when the journalists come I'll just destroy them." He also is seen chuckling quietly while Chi-Chi reams Goku out for leaving her on Planet Tuffle following the Baby Saga. There is also a filler episode where Goku and Vegeta find themselves in the innards of Buu, and discover a family of giant worms, in which Vegeta becomes very ill at the sight and hides behind Goku in fear, creating the gag that Vegeta is afraid of worms, or is at least grossed out by them. He also shares the same Saiyan hunger as Goku; he will eat and eat and eat until he explodes, though he does not show his hunger quite in the same way Goku will; in fact he chides Goku for thinking with his stomach too often.

3/4 Strengths/Weaknesses

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4/4 Samples

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Bilbo Baggins | The Hobbit

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Name: Leah
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Name: Bilbo Baggins
Fandom: The Hobbit (2012 Movie)
Gender: Male
Age: 50 (middle-aged among hobbits, who come of age at 33)
Time Period: End of the movie (after escaping with the eagles and seeing the Lonely Mountain)
Wing Color: green
History: [Wiki: The Hobbit] [Wiki: Bilbo Baggins]
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[2/3] Bilbo Baggins | The Hobbit

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Bilbo can be very set in his ways and a creature of habit. He dislikes disruptions, most particularly unexpected ones such as thirteen dwarves and a wizard turning up on his doorstep. He rises to that particular occasion simply because he is also a homebody, proud of simple virtues such as hospitality and obliging his guests. To be honest, he can be stuffy and overly concerned with the minor, proper details of daily life. This is a hobbit seriously prepared to halt an entire company's journey because he forgot a pocket handkercheif, and laments the loss of his buttons for quite some time.

He wasn't always like this. As a child, he grew up on stories of adventures and lands beyond the Shire, and elves. He wanted to explore and experience the world, and it's that part of Bilbo that Gandalf wants to rekindle when he rigs Bilbo's role in this adventure.

Whether then or now, he is brave when he has to be. While normally timid, he has faced down terrible goblins and trolls if it means protecting someone important to him. He has gained a sword, and he will eventually name it once he has done great deeds with it; these are within his capability even if he's not fully sure of that fact himself. He's good in a tight spot and rises to the occasion.

He is also loyal. He is spurred to his greatest acts by his concern for his comrades and friends. Even his decision to stick with the dwarves on their quest is motivated by loyalty - and kindness, recognizing that he wants to help their situation. This is the mercy and compassion that ultimately makes him choose to spare Gollum. It also makes him prefer to think his way out of a problem and find another solution, rather than defaulting to battle. He's no warrior.

Alongside this loyalty and mercy, Bilbo has a strong conscience. This will eventually compel him to repay the elvenking for the food stolen during the time he was trying to free the dwarves. It will also push him to look for a win-win scenario once the situation at the mountain becomes a standoff - even at the price of alienating his comrades if it will bring a larger settlement and peace.

He also has a strong sense of personal pride. As soon as the others doubt, even while he's unsure of himself, he sets out to prove himself. This ocacsionally gets him intro trouble as he's been known to face danger simply to show that he is, in fact a 'real burglar' and asset to the company.

However, Bilbo feels out of his depth a lot. He is out of his depth a lot, whether on this grandiose adventure throughout the lands of Middle Earth when he's a homebody hobbit, or whether in a place like Luceti where nothing is like anything he's ever heard of. He is prone to self-doubt, and doubt of his own skills and abilities, until he grows in confidence.


Bilbo makes a better 'burglar' type than he'd admit. Hobbits are capable of moving very quietly, so quietly as to be unnoticed. They are also resilient, especially mentally. Bilbo is, ultimately, able to resist the One Ring's corruption not perfectly, but remarkably well.

He's better at quick thinking than fighting. He's the one who thinks to play for time when facing the trolls (and let the morning light do the work), and when pressed, he's the one of the group who tends to have more creative solutions. He can be somewhat ingenious. He enjoys riddles and knows them very well.

Growing up, Bilbo relates that he enjoyed conkers, which has given him at least some accuracy with thrown projectiles: stones. He's also slowly learning to use a sword... but at this point, he has no especial skill with it. It's something he may be willing to work at in Luceti in the hopes it will stand him in good stead if he returns to his world and quest.

While it's not his own power, it should be noted he does have the One Ring, which he knows he can use to seem to vanish. In reality, it draws him into the Twilight World, but this is unknown to him, and he is unaware of its vast other potential. He is equally unaware of the danger it represents, and thus feels able to use it freely.

Although this is also largely irrelevant in Luceti, Bilbo is from a wealthy background, wealthy enough that relatives are hopeful of inheritance (and his nice hobbit hole) and that he can live as a gentleman of leisure. This can also be a drawback in that it makes him unfamiliar with hardship until his journey.


Bilbo is small, not strong, and untrained. As he says himself, he is no warrior. Actually, he has no combat skill at all to begin with, and is very shaky and awkward with the sword he does begin to use. He's more dependable in avoiding a fight than in helping during one.

Hobbit feet are very durable and tough, to the point they need to shoes. This would be an advantage, and sometimes is, but it has proven to be very detrimenal over some terrain such as the goblin halls that sorely bruised them.

Typically, hobbits are not good with heights, preferring to live in holes and with no second floors. However, so far, Bilbo has seemed to keep his head.

Bilbo's comfortable rut and self-doubt have kept him stationary, even almost stagnant. Fortunately, he's quickly growing out of this thanks to his experiences on his journey, and Luceti is likely to provide a similar push towards growth.

The One Ring is a double-edged power. While Bilbo only knows it as a convenience, the more he uses it, the more susceptible to its corruption he will become.

Aragorn | Tolkien 1/2

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Name: SheBit
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Name: Aragorn Arathornion
Nicknames/Aliases: Strider, Longshanks, Elessar, Estel, Throngil.
Fandom: The Lord of the Rings
Gender: Male
Age: 87, though he could pass for a man in his late 30s or early 40s.
Time Period: Immediately after the breaking of the fellowship, when Boromir was killed and the hobbits taken by the uruk-hai.
Wing Color: Black, with flecks of silver.

Personality: If anyone tried to accuse Aragorn of heroism he would probably deny it strenuously. Duty is a heavy burden on him, but one that he must carry. He is a man of honour; a ranger of the north; a son of Numenor; a warrior by necessity; a lover by choice and the last heir of Isildur, but no hero. Aragorn enjoys quiet solitude, such as a night alone in a moonlit forest, and can seem stern and joyless to those who don't know him, but once his cold exterior has cracked and fallen away he is a good companion, rewarding those he considers friends with fierce loyalty and engendering heroism in others.

Aragorn likes a cup of rich wine or frothy beer when he can afford to relax, and especially enjoys a pipe of soothing hobbit weed, but he has no great love for overly rich or complicated food, preferring to dine on a little roasted meat or a simple stew – the food of a ranger rather than a lord. Similarly, he's more comfortable in woollen leggings and a mud-spattered travelling cloak than in fine silks and velvets, though he'll admit that there's little as fine as a hot bath and clean clothes after weeks in the wild – especially if there's also a fresh pipe.

Though he's an experienced and highly skilled fighter, Aragorn has the heart of a poet and would prefer to be sitting by a roaring fire reading or singing tales of the heroes of old instead of being the subject of the tales and songs of future generations. One day he will be Elessar Telcontar, High King of the Men of the West, but only because duty and necessity have bound him to that fate; he would much rather remain Strider, a simple ranger, at home in the north with his beloved Arwen.

Usually quiet and softly-spoken, Aragorn is passionate if roused, though he's more likely to argue in defence of someone else than himself. Names will never harm him (and he's had many in his long years), but when people start throwing sticks and stones Aragorn will defend himself, and he'll always protect those who can't fight for themselves.

Raised in the home of his elven foster father Elrond, Aragorn has never quite felt at home with elves or men. The elves, while fond of him, always looked on him as only a man, while his brother rangers found his elven ways strange. Perhaps this is why he often prefers his own company, or the company of the hobbits and commonfolk of the north, who see him simply as Strider, the sombre and brooding ranger. If asked, he might suggest that he's serious and taciturn, rather than sombre and brooding. If no one asks, he doesn't much care what their opinion of him is: actions make the man, not adjectives.

Re: Aragorn | Tolkien 2/2

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Physical: Aragorn is physically like any other human, except that his elvish lineage causes him to age much more slowly than most men: at almost 90 he's as strong and vigorous as a man of half his years, or even younger. He's in peak physical condition,and though his strength is unexceptional he has an impressive stamina and dexterity, allowing him travel quickly on foot for weeks on end without tiring, and come come through serious fights without suffering even a scratch. Aragorn is an extremely skilled fighter, proficient with sword and bow (or whatever else is at hand – a flaming torch to the face can be an effective weapon against Wraiths, it seems).

Mental: Aragorn is a skilled tactician and fighter, but his knowledge isn't restricted to combat. Raised by the elves at Imladris, he is well versed in history, languages and literature; he's as happy with a book in his hands as a sword. He is also a skilled healer, with both extensive knowledge of herbs and a healing touch which has helped to heal wounds and sicknesses (he uses Athelas to treat Frodo's Morgul blade wound, and though I'm taking him from an earlier point in the books, in Return of the King he heals Eowyn's wounds with his touch). As Chieftain of the Rangers of the North, Aragorn is as at home in the wilderness as he is in a tavern or the halls of home.

Emotional: Aragorn is fiercely loyal to his friends, to the point of throwing himself in danger's way to protect them (like taking on several Nazgul on Amon Sul to defend the hobbits). He is also a determined bastard, and once he has resolved to achieve something he will do all he can to reach his goal. He has a strong sense of honour and duty, forcing him to act when he might prefer not to and colouring many of his decisions. Perhaps Aragorn's strongest motivating emotion, and that which prompts him to set out into the world in the first place, is his love for his betrothed: the elf maiden Arwen, who he has loved for nearly 70 years but cannot wed until his quest is completed.

Physical: Aragorn has no particular physical weaknesses; he's human, and therefore prone to all of the injuries and sicknesses that affect humans, though his elven blood probably gives him some immunity to illness.

Mental: Aragorn isn't a genius by any means, but he's not stupid, either. In dangerous situations he might be accused of thinking with his sword first and his mind second, but both blade and brain are fairly sharp.

Emotional: Many of the emotional strengths listed above could also be considered weaknesses. Aragorn's deep-seated sense of duty and honour forces him to go out into the world as a ranger and adventurer when he'd be happier to sit by a warm fire with a book and a pipe. He suffers from bouts of self-doubt and deep melancholy, especially when he feels that he has failed him companions (when his friend and advisor Gandalf is lost at Kazadum he is almost unable to continue, so racked with guilt at the great loss).


First Person: Q&A, please. Aragorn really isn't one for too much introspection and monologing.

Third Person:
He could hear running water, but it was not the Anduin. The flow was too fast and the bed too shallow: a bubbling stream rather than the mighty river. It was like the laughter of a child, not the roar of the great Anduin. Aragorn slowly opened his eyes. Above were dark trees and a cold, bright sky, but the sun had shifted and the season seemed wrong. His body was aching and sore, though he didn't recall being struck. There had been orcs, he remembered. They were under attack and he'd heard Boromir's horn and run toward the solemn call. Boromir. The memory returned to him and stabbed at his heart like an icy blade. He had arrived at the clearing too late and found the Gondorian dying on the cold ground, his chest pierced by thick-shafted arrows; his bright lifes-blood mingling on the hard earth with the black ooze of his felled enemies. With his last breath the man had pledged himself to Aragorn and called him king.

“My brother.” Aragorn's voice was hoarse, his throat dry like parchment. “Forgive me, Boromir: I have failed you.”

He sat up slowly, wincing in pain. He didn't recall being struck, and if the orcs had attacked him while he knelt over his dead friend then why had they left him alive? And why had they... taken his clothes? The cool breeze pricked at the man's bare arms and chest and he realised with a start that his clothes and cloak were gone and he wore only a thin pair of white trousers. His weapons were also nowhere to be seen. Nor was Boromir, though his absence seemed more reasonable when Aragorn realised that he was no longer on Amon Hen. As orcs were not known for stripping their enemies, moving them and then leaving them alive, if injured, in woodland clearing, it was clear that someone else had done this, though to what end Aragorn had no idea.

Moving more stiffly than he would have liked, Aragorn searched the clearing quickly for his weapons, but there was no sign of sword or bow or knife, nor of his clothes. Unwilling to venture out both naked and unarmed, the man picked up a sturdy-looking branch and swung it as if wielding a longsword, inhaling sharply as a shock of pain ran up his spine. Aragorn laid down his new sword and began to run calloused hands up his back, searching for a wound that might need urgent attention, but felt no blood. He was surprised the find something protruding from his back, but it was not the sword or axe or arrow he might have expected. It was something... feathery?
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Q&A Responses

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Alex Tate | Original Character

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Re: Alex Tate | Original Character

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Alexandra "Alex" Marie Tate
Wing Color:
Grey, speckled black and white
Physical Appearance:
Alex stands 5'5". She is underweight, though not so much as to be only skin and bones. Her brown hair is never longer than her shoulder blades or shorter than her shoulders. She has green eyes. On her back, she hsa a tattoo that reads "Semper Fidelis".
Alex was raised by Demetri and Stacy Tate. Demetri was a member of the United States Marines, and his family traveled with him, so Alex grew up on military bases and temporary housing. Her father retired just before her thirteenth birthday, and the Tate family moved to the suburban Midwest.
Two weeks before Christmas, Alex and her father were out shopping for a present for Stacy. On their way walking home, three men appeared, as if from nowhere. All three were distinct: one had a burn up his neck, one was very tall, and one had extremely pale eyes. The man with pale eyes grabbed Alex, showed her long, sharp fangs, and threw her aside. Alex remembers nothing from that moment until twelve hours later.
Alex woke up in the hospital. She was told her father was killed, and the hospital kept physicians and psychiatrists on hand for her. She did her best to help the police, remaining reasonably calm and describing the attackers, but her constant assertion that one of the men, at least, was a vampire worried almost everyone. One night, she woke up screaming about the man with the burn standing over her, refusing to relent even after seeing the surveillance footage of the hallway, which showed it being completely empty. Even after being sedated and woken, she persisted, and several doctors felt it was indicative of deeper trauma than anticipated.
On her mother's suggestion, she spent eighteen months in a psychiatric care center for adolescents. It was believed that she'd had a psychotic break due to her trauma. Alex did what the doctors told her, including therapy and medication. As soon as it was allowed, Stacy checked her out for evenings and weekends, always asking about her progress and encouraging her. Alex was released two days before she turned fifteen.
Stacy, left an exceptional amount of money by her husband, took up her aunt's offer to move into her house on the east coast, as Gladys was moving to a retirement community for active seniors. Alex was as eager for a fresh start as her mother, so she agreed quickly. The pair moved to Middletown, Delaware. Stacy took a part-time job, and Alex finally settled into a school permanently and started to make friends.
In Alex's senior year, after the winter break, her English teacher was replaced by a long-term substitute, Steven Prewitt. He had the class read Dracula just as girls began to turn up dead in the area. They were all fifteen to eighteen with brown hair and light eyes. The girls, six in total, were all stabbed multiple times and their throats cut, drained of all blood. Alex began to (due to timing, assignments, and what seems like advances on her) suspect Prewitt.
One night, after a text from her best friend Lucy on a strange phone, Alex went out to retrieve her from a party where she'd been drinking and didn't feel safe driving or staying there the night. Alex, without a car that night, went out on foot, planning to drive Lucy's car back. The text proved to be a fake, sent by the serial killer, who had decided to make Alex his next victim. The man attacked, and Alex recognized the burn on his neck, marking him as one of the men who had killed her father. He also, when he had Alex down, revealed himself as a vampire. Before he could bite Alex's neck, Prewitt pulled him off. Prewitt showed his own fangs and told the man, whom he addressed as Joshua, that Alex was under the protection of Claudius Fitzregina, the head of a noble house. That was sufficient to scare Joshua off temporarily. Prewitt gave Alex an amulet with Claudius's seal, assuring her that it would keep her safe.
Alex spoke to Prewitt the next day. He taught her about the strengths and weaknesses of vampires. They could be killed by piercing the heart for over an hour or separating the head from the body for the same amount of time. In daylight, they were as mortal as anyone, stripped of their powers until the sun went down. He also explained the politics of their world. An Assembly made laws and kept order, but some rogue vampires always defied them. Prewitt told Alex he'd known her father and revealed that Demitri had also been a vampire. Because of her blood, Alex was ideally suited, Prewitt said, to work for the Assembly, enforce their laws, and hunt vampires who broke them, including the men who killed her father. Alex agreed to the task, mostly to get justice for her father.
Alex found Joshua before he came after her again. Joshua revealed that he worked for a man named Matthias, but he did not know why Matthias had ordered Alex dead. It was her he had been looking for, but he'd had so general a description that he had been killing any girl who matched it. Alex fought Joshua and barely came out of it alive, though she did manage to kill him. Alex blamed her injuries on a hit-and-run car accident.
Prewitt taught Alex about the five lost noble lines: Báthory, Blagojević, Borgia, Rasputin, and Tepes. The Tepes line, he told her, could not be revived, being the blood of Dracula. Prewitt explained that there was magic guarding the castles in which the echoes (ghosts of the heads of those houses who could not influence the world beyond the thresholds of their once-residences) of the lines could be found. Each echo would ask her to prove something about herself, some quality they thought made someone worthy. To even cross the threshold, both mortal and vampire blood must be offered, making a dhampir (a half-vampire) perfect for the task. If Alex could prove herself to the echoes, they would grant her their house's power, previously lost to the vampires, and allow her to restart their lines. Prewitt confided in Alex that her father had been the last descendant of one of the lost lines, though he had not been able to find out for certain which it was. Alex agreed to the task and started with Báthory, believing it sounded most like the few parts of her father's history she knew, the most likely to be the house she belonged to.
Though it took her a few weeks, Alex finally tracked down Matthias. Alex learned that he was the pale-eyed man who had led the attack on her father. He beat her easily, nearly killing her. She survived only because Prewitt intervened.
Her defeat prompted Prewitt to explain he would awaken the power in Alex's vampire blood, making her a true dhampir. Alex agreed, and she allowed herself to be hypnotized. She dreamed of blood and castles and battles and heard her father and other men speaking. When she woke, Prewitt warned her about coming nightmares, blood lust, severe weight loss, and sensory overload. The symptoms (caused by her body adjusting to the new vampyric influence at night) lasted ten days, three longer than Prewitt had expected them to and warned her for.
Fully awakened to her dhampir nature, Alex sought out the third man from her past, Connor. He was also an agent of Matthias. With her sharpened senses, rapid healing, and improved strength, she killed Connor with ease. She learned from him a few of Matthias's preferred hideouts and swore herself to finding him.
A few days after the death of Connor, Claudius appeared to Alex in a dream, assuring her that he and Prewitt would always protect her. He told her he had sent Prewitt to find her, to make sure she was safe from the attack he knew Matthias had planned for her. He confessed to feeling a deep pull to Alex and being reminded of his lost love, his wife who had died long ago. He encouraged her to seek out the lost lines and start them anew. The next day, when she came to him with questions, Prewitt explained the power of vampires to communicate through dreams with anyone, mortal or vampire. Alex promised Prewitt she'd practice her own and hone the ability. Two nights after that, an aged man appeared in Alex's dream. He seemed to threaten her if she continued associating with Claudius.
Told about the visitor, Prewitt could not indentify him but warned Alex that Claudius had many enemies and had made more by supporting a dhampir. The Assembly itself would stand with her, he promised, but not all vampires might. An unknown source was a threat, and he told her to regard any communication from that man, if it came again, as the same. Until they knew who he was, Alex could not afford to give his words any weight.
One evening, Stacy caught Alex sneaking out. After she demanded an explanation and Alex found she couldn't lie her way out of it, she texted Prewitt, who was waiting for her, to come in. They explained everything to Stacy and offered proof. After recovering from the shock, Stacy supported her daughter but refused to allow her to go to Hungary to find Báthory Castle. Once Alex had graduated, Stacy promised, she would reconsider the issue.
Alex found Matthias after searching all of his hiding places. The vicious fight left them both with serious injuries which, for most of the battle, healed quickly. Alex, at last, prevailed. She graduated the next afternoon, looking no worse for the wear. After approval from Prewitt, both of them agreeing she had done more than enough for the moment, she accepted an invitation to a party and finally let herself just have fun.
Claudius came to Alex again that night. He appluaded her work against Matthias and her research about the Báthory line. He was convinced by Alex to tell her more about his wife, whom he described as looking very similar to her. She had been killed by his enemies, he said, but had died with a smile in his arms after promising she would find a way back to him, even if it took a century or more.
The next morning, Prewitt surprised Alex with plane tickets and hotel reservations for Hungary. Stacy reluctantly allowed Alex to go, seeing how eager she was to go, listening to Alex's reasonable arguments, and remembering she'd promised to reconsider after graduation.
When Alex found Castle Báthory, Prewitt had to remain at the threshold and wished her well. Alex cut her palm just as the sun set, and her blood on the door made it open. She went in, and it shut behind her. She had to navigate her way through a maze of illusions designed to test her determination and, most importantly, her courage. At last, she spoke to Erzsébet Báthory. The countess told Alex she was not of the Báthory line but commended her for her courage. She granted Alex the ability to restart the Báthory line and pass on their power, illusions. Báthory also gifted Alex with a simple, very long dark chain necklace.
Claudius appeared again that night. He warned Alex that the Assembly would call on her soon, and he would serve as her patron. He also told her he was sending a man named Victor Fehrmann to be turned and given the power of the Báthory line, as, since she was not of it herself but was surely of another lost line, she could not stand herself as the new head of the Báthory line.
Victor arrived, and Alex (guided by Prewitt's instructions) changed him into a vampire. Prewitt called Victor a vassal of Alex's now, and her his sire. As she slept afterward, the strange old man appeared again He scolded her for her actions, calling her foolish and impulsive.
With Victor, Alex and Prewitt returned to the US, finding the legal process of immigration, for Victor, somewhat sped by Claudius's many contacts and old money. Stacy, once the situation was explained to her, agreed to let Victor stay with them and to allow Alex to put off college for a few years to deal with vampires and revive the lost lines, as it was, she could understand, important work.
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Cliff Fittir | Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

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Name: Stark
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Name: Cliff Fittir
Fandom: Star Ocean Till the End of Time
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Time Period: 4D Space, about to enter the Lost City to have a meeting with 'B'.
Wing Color: Black
Link to info on the Star Ocean Wiki
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Cliff Fittir | Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

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Cliff truly seems to be the embodiment of a stereotypical fighter character in a JRPG-- he's a boisterous, fun loving, and tough man that has a heart of gold underneath the overconfident and even temperamental attitude...but, underneath the casual, laid-back, and sometimes crude demeanor is an uncommon wisdom, intuition, and intellect. Though he is no genius, he has the experience that his fellow party members lack, and his bits of advice that he slips in off hand during the first half of the game show hints of this before the player realizes what's going on. However, his repeated jokes throughout quickly make everyone involved forget about this undercurrent...not that it truly matters to Cliff himself. 

As both a Klausian and a member of Quark, Cliff has a high respect for self-reliance, a dislike for the all encompassing order that the Federation represents, and he generally treats everyone on the same level regardless of their age, gender, or social position. A lot of this is an ingrained, cultural quirk...but parts of it are fueled by his own unwilingness to follow a system that goes against his beliefs. Though he introduces himself as merely a member of Quark, it is eventually revealed that Cliff was indeed the founder of this organization, and that he willingly stepped down from that position in favor of working in the background. He is a highly observant, intuitive man with experience in tactics and military strategy, and he is an extremely capable international and even interplanetary negotiator. His retirement from his political 'career' was by his will alone-- he passed the duties off to a young woman that he deemed more than capable of this position, his charge Maria Traydor. 

These skills aren't used once more by choice. He prefers his position in the background, and he slowly starts to fill the position of a mentor and advisor as the story goes on, and he chooses to remain in that support position.. During the duration of their stay on Elicoor III, Cliff consistently allowed Fayt to take the reigns of their entire journey, right down to the final decision of whether they helped the kingdom of Aquaria in their war against Aeryglyph or not. Throughout this he offered his subtle support, such as when he temporarily took the reigns when they met Nel to answer he questions, and allowed her own imagination fill in the gaps left in his bare description of their plight. This gave them their cover story, that they were a pair of stranded engineers from the far away country of Greeton, and it allowed them to travel the lands with little outside complaint. His underlying support is shown in other ways too, such as when he manages bluntly cut through the evasions that Clair Lasbard was making in her explanation for Nel's absense when Nel went to rescue her subordinates, Tynave and Farleen. He is also a light sleeper, as he was fully aware of Nel's midnight visit before she set off on her near suicidal rescue attempt, and when he was there to exchange a few words with Fayt on a night when Fayt himself couldn't sleep because of his concerns over a young woman called Ameena. This ties into Cliff's own abilities of observation-- he was the first among the party to realize that Ameena was a very ill young woman....and it allowed him to draw upon his own knowledge and experiences to know exactly what to look for in Fayt's actions that could be an early warning of Fayt unleashing his own raw power of destruction in a fit of emotional outrage. 

His laid-back attitude is a boon in these moments, as he is able to keep his cool and diffuse the situation before it even begins to to look like a problem. Unfortunately, his laid-back attitude can reach the extreme ends. He doesn't always follow formalities in negotiations, preferring instead to get to the truth with as little details as possible. He doesn't always bother with preamble, but he does use a degree of charm in these situations. These are the moments when people regret not taking him seriously, as it is the surprise factor and his own charisma that earned him the respect of his people. He is dedicated to his word, to the point where it takes priority over is own misgivings.. Even after it becomes apparent that Fayt doesn't need a bodyguard, Cliff still remains in that position. He genuinely wishes to help Fayt in any capacity that he is able, and he's not going to waver from it for a moment.

Unfortunately, this laid-back attitude can also manifest in a rather explosive temper. His blunt, cutting remarks can quickly shift into mocking threats when his pride as a man is insulted, and this can even border on starting a brawl on impulse if he feels that the offender needs that kind of treatment. Furthermore, he truly loves a good fight, and he throws his all into it. His taunts include straightforward threats of violence, and it's not uncommon to hear him declaring that he's 'gonna pulverize' someone or 'gonna mow them down.' This is what truly makes him a boisterous fighter.

Ultimately, the underlying factor in all of this is Cliff's inherent honesty. Though he is known to gloss over the details of a situation if it seems like they will only cause more trouble, he never tells a direct lie. Furthermore, this is what makes him both a good advisor and a good negotiator. He's straightforward, friendly, good natured, and prefers to keep everything as simple as possible on every occasion. It's the foundation of his every action...and its the core of his person. It's something that he cannot and will not waver on, no matter the games that he does play.
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Fayt Leingod | Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

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Name: Alisa
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Re: Fayt Leingod | Star Ocean: Till the End of Time 2/??

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Name: Fayt Leingod
Fandom: Star Ocean: Till the End of Time
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Time Period: post final boss, pre-character endings.
Wing Color: a pure, solid white
History: Fayt's article on the Star Ocean Wikia
A good history summary of Till the End of Time on the Star Ocean Wikia


"Why does Quark's leader want to meet with me? I'm just a college student from Earth!"

Fayt Leingod, up until that fateful vacation on Hyda IV, was a pretty average college student, albeit born to somewhat famous parents. He was studying Symbological Genetics at the prestigious Bachtein Science University, but it's noted by Sophia early on in Hyda IV that he is more interested in playing battle simulator video games then doing the homework due after their vacation. Fayt was not quite lazy, but drawn to different things, active past times like the battle simulators and basketball, and was just a normal college student putting his homework off until the last second on summer break, savoring his leisure time while he got it. His hobbies would ironically end up being helpful, considering what happened next left him fighting for his life with a steel pipe and later a sword in hand.

Fayt, from the moment of you put in the game, is a bit sarcastic and very much a typical teenager. He isn't shy about verbal quips, and will be very bluntly honest, stating his views on a subject clearly and without mincing words, while speaking freely on the issues that matter to him. He is not; however, prone to outright rudeness to those he cares for purposely. When realizing Sophia is angry at him for skipping out on her, he apologizes, trying to make amends almost immediately. He had lost track of time, and even awkwardly wanted to involve her in the video games he had been enjoying and tried to show her how fun they were. It was a bit of a failure on his part, since Sophia didn't seem all that impressed.... but he does get some points for effort.

While Fayt has a tendency towards enjoying active pastimes more than study, he's no slouch in the intelligence department. He's resourceful, capable of assessing situations quite a bit to figure out how much would be too much to say, what might be needed, and using scientific ideas to solve old school problems throughout the Vanguard and Elicoor arcs. From fixing a music box to fixing a weapon for war, to figuring out what is or isn't legal to say on a planet thanks to the Underdeveloped Planet Preservation Pact, he's knowledgeable about bits of earth history, engineering and basic science that would make him seem genius level to people on a 16th or 17th century development level planet. He's even a certified engineer on Elicoor, though he was mostly roped into that by an overeager Welsh, and can help design and make several things with decent skill, including weapons, armor, medicine and even machines.

Perhaps some of that resourcefulness comes from the fact he is his parent's child. While loved very much and never feeling any lesser for it, he did have to grow up primarily on his own, given their careers, as stated in the game dictionary. Fayt's a half decent cook with a invention level of 16 in that skill, and pretty capable of managing on his own rather than panicking in situations most average 19 year olds would freak out in. His parents trusted him to make good choices, and he's got a good head on his shoulders, often shown to have a solid moral compass with a good amount of capability to make tough choices when he's properly informed of them. He clings to the laws of the federation when stranded on Vanguard and Elicoor, and when shown that people were suffering greatly and he could stop it, he finally lets them go for the greater good, knowing it makes him a criminal but also knowing countless people could be saved. He's well aware of what he's doing when he chooses to help Aquarians make a weapon to end the war quickly- many lives would be lost, but many, many more would be saved if they intimidated Airyglyph into backing down and giving up. He only gave them as much information as he had to, limiting what damage could be done.

While he's resourceful, he's also incredibly, sometimes painfully so, stubborn in his morals. He refuses to prioritize a meeting with the queen about potentially helping make said weapon over saving a girl in nearby, citing it would only delay them a while and his choice hadn't been made yet. He also spends half the game looking over his choice on helping Aquaria- he didn't want to make the wrong choice and put countless people in jeopardy, and takes a good, long time to decide in spite of pressure to make one being particularly heavy. 'Join or die' were basically Nel's words for a small portion of the game, and he would not make a choice until he was sure it was the right one regardless of her threats. He's not one to be bullied into something he doesn't believe is right, and very clear and concise in stating his views, though not usually prone to forcing them upon others.

That rock solid moral compass comes into greater focus later in the game- After completing the weapon and engaging Airyglyph, there is a massive attack by spaceships from the sky. It was the Vendeeni, the same people who had destroyed Hyda and attacked their rescue shuttle had come to Elicoor, and it turns out Fayt himself was their target all along. People dying all around him on both sides, being killed by blasts from the 'Celestial ship' as it came to be called later all because of him, Fayt snapped, screaming 'who the hell am I?!' as his powers of destruction activated, destroying the ship... practically deleting it from existence.

When he realizes all of this was his fault, he gets angry, sad... and then they get to work trying to get off the planet immediately. He's still remorseful for what had happened, and torn and grieving and confused, but he had to get off the planet soon, because the Vendeeni would have no reason to stay if they left, and his father was still in jeopardy as well. He can prioritize the situation over his feelings, and make moral choices in spite of his grief.

This even comes down to allying with a former enemy, which he does without hesitation. It had been war, and he would be holding no grudges, as long as there was no discourse in the party. He knows what needs to be done and does it.

"Wait. I might be stuck here if I lose my communicator....What am I thinking? There's no time! Hold on, Niklas, I'll get you out!"

Fayt's kindness, too, is one of his greatest strengths, tying into his morals to a great degree. He goes out of his way to rescue and save one of the siblings he stayed with on vanguard, stranded and alone without anyone to help him, and when offered the choice of getting Niklas out of the cell by destroying his communicator or leaving him in there and keeping his only ability to communicate with the natives, as well as his distress signal to eventually be saved, he chooses to blow it up, freeing Niklas. The only reason he's saved is because Cliff had already figured out he was there, but if Cliff hadn't, it was possible he would have spent his life in an underdeveloped planet, stranded and without any ability to even speak to people. He goes out of his way to help people he barely knows countless times, saving a woman who had pretty much up until then said 'Help me and my country or I'll have to kill you' when she runs into an enemy base to rescue woman who had gotten capture trying to save them. They saved them all in the end. He soon after goes out of his way to help a sick girl, Ameena, who had gotten lost in the mountains, well aware he was making a Queen wait on their presence in a meeting that could change the tide of the war. He can't leave a person to suffer, or not help someone who needs it. It's not who he is, and not who he wants to be. While he is passionate about protecting those important to him, he can be almost equally as passionate about protecting near strangers.

Fayt has a pretty solid view of his existence and purpose, honestly so much so that you'd expect otherwise given the plot of the game. (This is going to take explaining so I apologize beforehand for the sheer wordiness for one trait.) In the game, they later discover they are in fact, from an entirely fabricated universe. A digital, artificial reality similar to a massive MMO with AI serving as NPCs.... Fayt and most of the 'Eternal Sphere' being the NPCs. They entered the '4D' world and saw their world is pretty much entertainment, a game, a pastime, with people playing man made characters in their world. They even meet the people who programmed them.

Luther had decided the programmed AIs, the people of the entire Eternal Sphere, had grown past their normal means because of 'bugs' in his precious system, and while his sister had plead with him to allow this miracle to continue, that the eternal sphere was filled with living, thinking people now, he was not one to be stopped, mad with power and angry his creations would not act as programmed. That was why the executioners had appeared, destroying entire planets and races in such a short amount of time. They were not angels or demons... they were debugging programs.

It was a difficult reality to accept, but in the end instead of letting this fact crush them, as it would many people who weren't even given a chance to deny this truth, they all decide that they have to avoid deletion by their 'Creator' Luther, and fight and defeat him. Essentially, they were taking up the task of slaying God in order to survive, and they did defeat him. The final program to delete and wipe the Eternal Sphere, however, was already running and could not be stopped. Instead of giving up, Fayt says they just have to believe they exist, that they can survive.

"Just believe that we exist, here and now."

Later he wakes, along with the rest of the party in a field, finding they are alive and well, having survived through the power of their minds and souls, or perhaps through some sort of miracle. Sheer willpower and belief in their own existences had gotten them to that point. Fayt survives on sheer stubborn will and belief that his existence has meaning through most of the game; through his trials on Elicoor, through the reveal of his power of destruction, and through the reveal that they're all programs in an artificial reality. It's a pretty strong trait of his character, if not a core one.
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Albel Nox | Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

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Name: Albel "The Wicked" Nox
Fandom: Star Ocean: Till the End of Time
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Time Period: Post-game (single ending)
Wing Color: Black fading to a pale gold at the tips.
History: Wiki here!
Personality: Albel Nox did not earn his nickname "The Wicked" in error. He’s a brutal warrior, not above kicking people when they’re down (literally... just ask Nel’s right-hand women, Tynave and Farleen). He’s known for ruling his division of the Airyglyph military with a (again, literally) iron fist, demanding the best out of his men and whupping them to a pulp if they give him anything less than the best. He’s incredibly aggressive and outright physically violent towards others, although there is usually some sort of provocation. In his words, he does not “trounce weaklings.” He will only rip apart someone who is on equal standing, even if that means disobeying direct orders from his superiors. Which he does from time to time. And it lands him in a dungeon, to boot, but he isn’t too bothered by it. He is stiflingly proud, stubborn, and opinionated, and if he feels like being contrary just for the sake of being contrary, he’ll do it. (Much to Nel’s exasperation when the party is in the Urssa Lava Caves.)

The truth of the matter, though, is that the source of Albel’s bitterness and anger is that he hates nothing more in the world than himself. He blames himself for his father’s death by dragonfire, and perhaps rightfully so -- he was told not to try to capture himself an air dragon as a boy and tried anyway, stubborn and proud as ever. When the dragons turned murderous, his father died in an attempt to save him. Albel escaped with his life, but his father was burned up along with his Albel’s left arm. Albel has never forgiven himself. His hatred is his fuel, but in spite of an outward appearance of hating everything, he admits to the Crimson Scourge that the only thing he truly hates is himself. Albel is convinced that he is weak and worthless and tries to improve, but isn’t so sure how well he’s managing that. He does seem to be trying to make himself into a better person, actually going out on a limb for the other members of the Star Ocean party, but he’s still hesitant to really open up to anyone else. Fayt is the only one who gets to see the weaker side which Albel guards so viciously.

All that said, though, Albel is a very loyal soul, deep down. He gives everyone a hard time, but he still comes back to help the party and he will always strive to protect and serve his king. He’ll openly insult those superiors who he feels don’t deserve their titles (cough Vox cough), but he’ll also defend those he does respect with his life.

He also has a rather twisted sense of humor and tends to laugh in people’s faces at their misfortunes. The boy ain’t right.
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Albel Nox | Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

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Physical: Albel is very lean, but don’t let that look fool you - he’s all muscle and trained agility. He practically dances around the battlefield, he’s so graceful; but it’s a outright deadly dance. He’s one of the strongest warriors in Airyglyph, captain of the Black Brigade, quick on his feet and even quicker to strike. He’s not the most durable fighter in the party, but he’s more durable than most on Elicoor, able to survive attacks from dragons and laser guns where others lay down and die.

He also has some small command of some sort of magical power which does not stem from Symbology. With it, he’s able to summon dragons - made of energy, no less - to attack his enemies, and can also strike out with a chakra or soul-powered blast which he’s dubbed Palm of Destruction. His ability with Symbology isn’t much to look at or comment on, but he’s learned a few odd spells at the behest of one Fayt Leingod.

Mental: He’s a cunning warrior and thinks very fast in the field of battle. He also has enough of a rough background to see right through the guises of others in the Airyglyph court to see their true characters, and acts accordingly. For example, he knows the Dragon Brigade is full of corruption and back-stabbers and treats them for exactly what they are. Albel never expects anything out of anyone short of the worst, and prepares for it... and, often, is entirely right about what he expects. Good judge of character, even though his own is so twisted.

Also, he grew up as a high-born child in Airyglyph, the capital city of... well... Airyglyph. While his education might not seem like much as compared against the Earthlings and Klausians in the cast, he’s more educated than most on Elicoor.

Emotional: BWAHAHA WHAT EMOTIONAL STRENGTHS? The best that could possibly be said is that Albel isn’t upset by other people’s low opinions of him... he thinks worse himself, after all, and just takes others’ opinions in stride. Part of the price of being called “The Wicked.” Also, to his credit, he manages to handle the emotional strain of being thrown into highly-advanced technological environments like the Diplo and Moonbase, and brushes off the shock of fourth-dimensional interactions by just treating people there the same as he does everyone else... with disdain.

Physical: Albel’s left arm was burned off in the dragon attack which killed his father. He’s got a metal claw gauntlet by way of a prosthetic, and it works just fine, but underneath, all he has left is a burned and scarred stump that ends slightly above where the elbow used to be. The claw itself is a little clumsy as well, and he tends to only use it to fight, rather than to use it like another hand. Also, he’s very skinny. The boy could probably be broken right in half if caught by the right blow from the right angle.

Mental: While he’s sharp by Elicoorian standards, Albel isn’t the brightest bulb in the chandelier. He doesn’t understand most technology and approaches things with a mentality closer to what might be expected of the Middle Ages or Renaissance on Earth. He’s starting to get the hang of things like computers in the sense that he understands that the keyboard controls them, but he’s got a long way to go yet. Usually, he’ll just stand back and shrug off technology onto one of the other party members, and doesn’t try too hard to try to learn it himself unless he suspects he’ll need to know it. (Besides, he’s convinced that this is what Sophia exists for, anyway.)

Emotional: As mentioned, Albel’s emotional state is incredibly shaky ground, possibly over a soon-to-be-active supervolcano. He hates himself and blames himself for his father’s death, constantly bitter and angry and hurting. Even after confessing his weakness to the Crimson Scourge when he tried (successfully) to take the sentient sword for himself, and making an effort to try to improve things, Albel still doesn’t have much of an opinion of himself. At least positively. He’s uncontrollable and violent and lashes out at friend and foe alike, even going so far as to nearly stab Fayt in the head while the Earthling boy slept. He needs the stability of those around him to balance him out, even though he’d deny any possible need for any of them.


First Person: Q & A, please!

Third Person:
The woods, strangely, were something of a comfort in this alien world. Albel probably would never have suspected that they would quickly become one of his favorite places to wander around, at least after he had found himself in this godsforsaken enclosure, but here he was. It was quiet, for one thing. If he left behind that irritating, squawking journal (a pox on whoever thought something of that nature would be more help than harm), he could actually find somewhere away from the rest of the fools trapped here alongside him. And that was no small blessing. The Klausian was bad enough, but so many other shining rays of metaphorical sunshine could be blinding. And way too much of a test of patience.

He had tried wandering the mountains the first month that he’d been trapped here, but for one, there wasn’t anything interesting up there. For another, the mountains were practically little more than foothills compared to the mountains he grew up in. He wouldn’t admit it out loud, but he missed his home. Although, really, he probably deserved this exile. It hadn’t taken Albel all that long to grow frustrated that the closest thing to Airyglyph geography wasn’t all that close at all. The soil wasn’t rocky enough, the animals not fierce enough, no dragons practically spilling out of the caves.

But the woods... the woods were a thing apart from the alien technology of the enclosure and its inhabitants. Sure, it was closer to something from Surferio, but that was fine. There were things to hunt wandering these woods and rumors of huge beasts, and that was something to look forward to. The thrill of the hunt was hard to come by in this place, unless you could work that “simulator” Fayt was always going on about. Albel couldn’t, and so he didn’t count it. Besides, this meant both food and a way of working out frustration (and one that didn’t include getting told off by someone who should mind their own damn business).

He crept along, making little to no sound at all, light on his feet as ever. Ahead, there was a huge stag, one he’d been tracking all day. It had paused at the river’s edge to drink. It would never suspect a thing.

Before Albel heard the crashing, the deer did. Its head shot up, huge ears swiveling, and took off in a flash of tawny brown and white. Albel gave a low growl of frustration just as the crashing noise came out of the trees behind him. He didn’t even need to look to know it was the thickheaded Klausian. Nobody else could possibly make so much noise and still manage to somehow sneak up on him.

“This had better be important, worm,” Albel snarled. When the oaf just offered him a wide smile and a laugh instead of a quick explanation, the Captain of the Black Brigade flexed the fingers of his iron claw.

He was going to kill something today, and it was starting to look like it was going to be one Cliff Fittir.

i am the batman.

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Noda | Angel Beats! | Reserved

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Name: Iyo
Livejournal/Dreamwidth Username: [personal profile] mayuld
E-mail: wingedkurobuta @
AIM/MSN: AIM; winged kuro neko
Current Characters at Luceti: None


Name: Noda
Fandom: Angel Beats!
Gender: male
Age: 17...ish. The series never specify the ages.
Time Period: Right after the huge fight against the Shadows, Episode 12
Wing Color: Solid dark purple.
History: Character profile
Anime series
Wikipedia link
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Re: Noda | Angel Beats! | Reserved

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In short, Noda is an idiot. He never seems to think too far with his actions which, in a way, makes it a good reason why he is one of the combat members of the SSS. As the entire casting may be an idiot, in a way, Noda stands out in the portion that he cannot handle almost any form of intelligence at all. He falls into the trap that he designed in not only the first episode but in the preceeding one as well, and gets incapacitated merely from listening to someone recite Pi... He also stands out to be one of the most inconsiderate members of the battlefront, where he swings his halberd axe around without much thought, which almost cleaves Otonashi into half if he were sitting an inch closer.

Perhaps it may be due to the fact that they were in the afterlife, but Noda has a slightly different perception towards the world from everyone else. His choice of weapon as well as his way of speaking at times reveals that he at least used to view the world as some RPG world and he's the main protagonist. While this perception is not as drastic as how he originally perceived the world as, he still has a slightly skewed look where it's still some sort of game because no one will die.

It was never mentioned in the series how his life was other than one of the drama CD series where he mentioned that he was a society shut-in, but he may have became a shut-in due to the inability to socialize with others at school because he was so obsessed with video games. This trait follows with him in his perception of the afterlife as well as how he socializes with everyone else. If he's not in a mission given by Yuri, he rarely socializes throughout the anime series. Whenever he does, he makes the entire situation awkward where he's yelling something no one will understand. He, like Shiina, ends up spending his time alone since no one else is able to have a decent conversation outside of missions, and therefore one of the least likely to be picked for when teams are formed.

The only person Noda likes is Yuri. He looks up to her as well as have the tiniest of a crush, as he has a photo of Yuri that he keeps with him at all times. As being an idiot, the easiest way to get on Noda's good side is to talk of how Yuri would be so happy if he were to do something you'd want him to do; the easiest way to get on his bad side, is to diss Yuri. If anyone were to be disrespectful towards Yuri, he steps in to teach you a lesson. Otonashi is the victim of this, since he had improperly declined joining the battlefront when he first finds himself in the afterlife. Noda keeps his little grudge that later turns into a one-sided rivalry, where he challenges Otonashi into absurd competition during the baseball tournament. Even Hinata, who generally has a good relationship with almost everyone, gets tired of Noda's personality.

Noda seems to be fine on his own most of the time. He doesn't step up to interact with others unless the mission calls for it (as the High Tension Syndrome mission), but he does voice his opinions at times when he's in the groups, as when the group was taken back by Otonashi inviting Kanade for going to the river to fish for food. Otherwise, he's off doing his own thing, like during the food supply gathering mission he's off by himself catching fish with his halberd. This ties with his inability to socialize decently, of being himself as well as what happened while he was alive. As mentioned in the drama CD, he was a burden to his mother while he was alive. He knows how he thinks won't be understood by others and therefore keeps to himself most of the time, and in addition to that, wants to be more independent from others. He's not antisocial because he hates others, but he is one because he's simply inept to socialize.

- As a combat member, he's a pretty strong fighter. He doesn't carry a halberd axe around for nothing, as it might seem to people in the anime series, for how he easily gets killed off during the Guild descents. When the Shadows appeared in Afterlife, he was able to take the first one that had appeared even when he was taken by surprise. He has precision with how he swings the halberd around even to the point of using it as a baseball bat at one point, where him, along with Otonashi, break the baseball game rules by hitting the baseball back and worth. The weapon fits him nicely, being blunt and dangerous when handled improperly, but stable if you know how to use it.

Since he's a close-range fighter, he is fit. As with the baseball competition episode, you see him half naked while training with his halberd and although not as musclular as Takamatsu, he's well-built. Even without properly playing baseball, he's able to make home runs. He's also able to stay perfectly fine even after knocking his own head against three bats so hard that they get bent, as well as not be out of breath after running through the entire first floor while cleaning the floors with a rag with Hinata, Takamatsu, and Matsushita.

- His impulsiveness is what lets him survive later in the series when Shadows started to appear without warning. The first Shadow attack him and Ooyama, and Noda was able to successfully beat it without knowing exactly what it was. He even goes "What did I just cut?" as the shadow disappears.

- His arrogance lets him be one of the combat members who is always in the more important missions, even though he rarely associates with the other members. While he's an idiot, he's a usable idiot for places that require mindless violence if you use his arrogance the right way.

- He's extremely loyal, although the one person he will ever be loyal to in any given situation is Yuri only. If he admres you or looks up to you, he'll listen to what you say. He'll still question things he doesn't get, but he will end up going along with your words if he is loyal to you. Of course, it'll take a long time before he'll act even remotely close to how he does towards Yuri, but once he has his trust in you, he will make sure to be there for you no matter what. As he mentions before the big fight against the Shadows, the only time he would move is when it is for Yuri.

- If there are any weaknesses in the physical area, perhaps his preference in fighting style may be one. Although he is able to wield a gun, he sees them as useless toys as opposed to his halberd axe, as he mentions in the first episode of how he dislikes it. Other than that, he seems to be less nimble than the girls (Angel, Shiina, Yuri), where he doesn't seem to know the word "avoid." He's the first one to fall into the traps (that he himself has made), as well as being an easy target for the Angel clone to kill first. While he may wield great strength to carry the halberd around without tiring himself out, Noda sure doesn't know how to act defensively against swift-moving opponents.

- He is an idiot. Even other idiots call him an idiot, as others calls him one when the group finds him at the entrance of the underground guild. He doesn't take anything school-related well. He is the only one that gets disabled within the entire main group of the battlefront when Takeyama starts reciting Pi in front of everyone, as well as the one one who seems to have the most difficulty concentrating on trying to distract himself from listening to the teachers while the battlefront needed to avoid Angel's clone from attacking them.

- His impulsiveness and arrogance, while it may work for when the situation calls for it, usually ends up coming out as a hindrance for others. Otonashi is usually the victim for his impulsiveness throughout the first half of the anime series, where he barges into the Infirmary and kills Otonashi 100 times before leaving. He's also found at the Guild entrance when then the group sets down for getting equipment, where he causes nothing but trouble for the group.

He also hinders Hinata's team from winning points early on in the baseball matches, where he would try to compete against Otonashi to do better for both pitching as well as a batter. In both cases, it costs the team a point they could had earned otherwise.

- Since he's an idiot, expressing feelings tend to be placed in the back as well. He's one of the barbaric ones that prefers to rush into fighting if given the chance, and tends to keep to himself more so than the others. Unless there's a mission that makes him required to be present, Noda does not even appear on screen. He's used to keeping to himself more than expressing himself through words or actions except for rivalry, as he is towards Otonashi. Otherwise, even the main members of the battlefront don't think much about Noda throughout the anime series. Noda, while being one of a fit members, was disregarded from adding into the baseball teams during the sports festival episode. If Hinata had not remembered him, Noda would had spent the entire episode training with his halberd by the creek.

While this lone wolf sort of behavior diminishes as the Shadows made its appearance at the end of the series, Noda still prefers to be by himself and away from socializing. While the other members were talking about Takamatsu getting reverted to an NPC, Noda only speaks up for a brief moment and spends the majority of the time just listening to others speak. He doesn't do so well with large group of people, where he ends up being in the back.
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Hisako Ichiki/Armor | Marvel Comics | Reserved 1/2

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Name: Gingey
Livejournal/Dreamwidth Username: [personal profile] speedster
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Hisako Ichiki/Armor | Marvel Comics | Reserved 2/2

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Name: Hisako Ichiki/Armor
Fandom: Marvel Comics
Gender: female
Age: 16
Time Period: Post Astonishing X-Men #41 Because I'm not getting into Schism.
Wing Color: bright yellow
History: Here at wikipedia.
It's quite obvious that Hisako was raised to be polite, even if...she's not always very good at actually being polite. Still, she makes efforts here and there--especially if she doesn't know you. Being raised in Japan, her tendency to default to politeness and formality is hardly surprisingly, because that's simply what's the cultural norm there. Her elders are often referred to as "sir" or "m'am," and even if she's been told to refer to them otherwise she'll call them by their last name until she's more familiar with them--Emma Frost is "Miss Frost," despite her requests to at least be something like "Auntie Emma." She's also completely at a loss for how to treat Storm when she first meets her--because Ororo is royalty, but also one of her teammates and she keeps insisting on Hisako dropping the formality with her...

Underneath the attempts at politeness, Hisako can actually be pretty rude and sarcastic. Depending on how comfortable she is with you she might awkwardly try to cover it up, but that doesn't stop her from talking out of turn in class without thinking. She's not the type to blindly follow orders and won't hesitate to question people as soon as she has concerns, even if it means speaking out of turn. She's definitely a very awkward girl who often feels out of place among the company she's in, but she's also someone that quickly found herself not afraid to talk back to Wolverine. And getting to know him better just saw her throwing more and more sarcasm his way, because she was becoming comfortable enough to stop holding back for politeness' sake.

Hisako's the kind of person that shows her fondness for you through teasing. Of all of the X-Men, she's closest to Wolverine, which is make apparent because of her near relentless jokes at his expense. Her favorite subjects are Logan's drinking habits and his weight...which she blames on his drinking habits. Lay off the beer, Logan. She also warms up to Beast pretty quickly...which we see in her threatening to shave Japanese obscenities into his fur. At this point, she's comfortable enough at Xavier's to stop holding herself back for the sake of politeness around most people, but even when she's freely making sarcastic remarks and joking around there's an air of awkwardness to her that she can't completely shake.

There are some people she doesn't even bother trying to be polite to, though, and that would be the villains. Enemies aren't worth bothering to hold herself back for, so any snarky comment sent their way is fair game.

Being on a superhero team and all, Hisako's definitely for doing the right thing. least her idea of the right thing, because some of the things the X-Men tend to do for the sake of mutantkind aren't popular with other people(see: Avengers vs. X-men, a fight Hisako was part of). Pretty early into her career as an X-Man, she gave herself and Wolverine away to a group of enemies and picked a fight with them when she and Logan had other things to attend to. As Logan complained about this, she quickly defended her actions with the fact that the people they were fighting were going to shoot civilians if they hadn't intervened. She's also questioned Logan's morally questionable behavior in the past. Punching an old man in a wheelchair didn't go over well with her. 

Hisako is fairly ambitious and definitely a hard worker. When we're first introduced to her, she makes it clear that she wants what a good chunk of the students at Xavier's strive for--to become an X-Man someday(and, lucky her, due to Logan taking a liking to her that day came far earlier than anyone would've ever expected). Being put on the team by Logan in no way made her complacent, because what came next was proving she belongs on the herself and everyone else. Her initial interactions with the other X-Men show this pretty clearly, and even when they react to Wolverine making her an X-Man by accepting it pretty casually? She's still very focused on living up to the name. We see her training constantly, usually asking Logan to be her sparring partner. She also took the initiative to read all of the X-Men's files on old enemies and the like, to the point of the other X-Men referring to her for information. Emma Frost, for example, wasn't an X-Man in the early days, so she turns to Hisako to fill her in on anything they encounter that she hadn't run into before. 

Joining the X-Men has done a lot for Hisako's confidence. Originally, she felt like she'd never be able to make it among them, she'd never be good enough. Even after Wolverine let her on the team, she pretty much told him she didn't belong on the team at first. It took Logan pushing her for her to really accept her place on the team and turn her lack of confidence into a reason to keep working hard.

As a mutant, Hisako possesses the ability to protect her body with psionic armor. What color it is tends to vary from artist to artist--it's been blue, red, a mixture of blue/red/purple, and, very rarely, yellow. What exactly it is seems to be hard to describe--no one's ever fully described it, actually. When Logan first asked her about it, Hisako started to explain that it was her accessing protection from her ancestors. At a later date, it is said to be made of memory. Due to its connection to her ancestors, Hisako's power will briefly increase dramatically when someone in her family dies. Her armor is usually around the same size, but if she strains or temporarily gets more powerful she can make it larger. However, the former tires her out quickly. She can also encase another person in the armor with her if she strains. Besides its defensive uses, it also makes, for example, any punches she throws hit harder. 

For reference, usually her armor is something like this or this. Meanwhile, this is an example of her straining to make it larger, and here she's straining to include someone else.

Hisako is also a really hard worker, as seen through the initiative she takes in her training and how she goes out of her way to do her research. She's very loyal and dedicated, proving her loyalty to the X-Men multiple times--planning to follow Cyclops' orders even after his and every other X-Man's hypothetical death and leaving her mother and brother's funeral to assist them in a fight, for example. She's also pretty good at getting through things with a sense of humor.

While most things cannot pierce Hisako's armor, it is weak to adamantium. Wolverine found this when his claws pierced her armor in a sparring session(although her armor is thick enough at default size that he usually can't actually hurt her because his knuckles prevent him from getting far enough, it depends on what part of her body he's going for). Maintaining her armor tires Hisako out, so she has to be careful of how long she has it up. She also has to be careful of how large she makes it--the larger she is, the faster she gets tired. Expanding it to include someone else also tires her out faster.

Hisako's awkwardness around others--especially those she doesn't know very well--holds her back in social situations at times. Finding herself somewhere she isn't comfortable in yet is certainly going to set her back a bit until she settles in more. She's very hard on herself(ie how she doubted Wolverine's choice to let her join the X-Men), and although this drives her to work hard it also holds her back at times.

Her inability to hold her tongue for the sake of politeness at times can also certainly be a weakness, because things like speaking out of turn in class get you in trouble and tend to piss people off. Related to this, she has a tendency to let her emotions get the best of her--in one of her first appearances she talked back to Wolverine while he taught a class because he said something that touched a nerve. 


First Person
So, um...nice village you guys have here, huh? The wings are interesting...but it's not I've never seen that kind of thing before. I've just never personally experienced it. I guess I'd get used to it after awhile if I had to stick around that long. Unless this comes with the irresistible urge to eat birdseed or something, that I don't think I could get used to. 

I still don't know all of what's going on here, but I kind of can't stick around. I have a lot of things to do at home, and...

[Okay, this is just getting stupid and embarrassing. Hisako decides she should really just cut to the chase.]

--Okay, you know what? I'm going to stop rambling now. Does anyone know where the X-Men are? [A pause.] Does anyone even know who the X-Men are? Or do I just sound like a crazy person right about now? I'm hoping I don't, that would be really good.

Third Person:
Hisako had already made her mind up from the moment when she finally accepted that she was stuck here(at least, for the time being): she wasn't going to let being in a completely new environment slow her training down. The wings, however, might pose a bit of a challenge. Forming her armor to accommodate them wasn't really all that difficult to get the hang of--though it was kind of awkward, as she still wasn't used to even having them. Every time she armored up she had to stop and remember that she needed to include them. That wasn't really a major issue or anything, though, just an annoyance.

The real problem was that it took more effort to maintain her armor this way. Keeping it up already tired her out, but now she had to work around the extra effort it took to cover her wings. So it came down to either pushing herself harder or stopping earlier--and as far as Hisako was concerned, only one of those was even an option. Pushing herself through having a consistent extra strain instead of a temporarily one like enlarging it or encasing someone else in it with her.

At least Hisako's armor gave a bit of an advantage, though. Worrying about the state of her oh-so-fragile wings wasn't as much of an issue in battle when you could protect them the way she could. ...Not that she'd really seen much battle action around here. Well, not yet, at least. Things seemed pretty peaceful for the moment, but she'd heard talk of the war everyone was subject to being drafted into. And knowing that made keeping up with her training all the more important, as far as she was concerned. So maybe she didn't have much superheroing to do around here, but she still had to be prepared for when something inevitably happened. Even if it could be awhile.

All of this downtime was almost boring, honestly, even if it was good to have. She needed time to get used to working around her new wings, after all...
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Name: Tsunayoshi Sawada
Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Gender: M
Age: 14
Time Period: End of the manga, after the Curse of the Rainbow story arc.
Wing Color: Flame colored. That is to say, shades of orange and yellow.
History: Here and here.
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Tsuna is the shounen hero who would immediately be aghast at having to do something actually heroic. Then, after much fuss, he'd fail the first test. And yet somehow, he'd still save the day and have absolutely no clue as to how he did it. Afterward, he'd insist vehemently that no one ever put him up to such tasks again, only to be promptly pulled into the same situation with exactly the same results—or better.

But he still wouldn't have a clue as to how or why.

And this pretty much sums up not only the events of his life, but also his attitude towards things.

That loser complex is amazing.

The first time you see Tsuna, he's getting hit in the face with a basketball. Like a loser. It's an occurrence that is all too common in his life. He even has a nickname to go with it: No-Good Tsuna. Toss him a can of soda and he misses the catch. Save him from a giant turtle attack and he trips after he's saved and ends up in the hospital with a broken leg. What luck, you say? What luck, indeed. He has none of it. He's no good at school; no good at sports; no good at life. And he candidly admits it. Tsuna sees himself as a loser. He acts like a loser, so everyone around him treats him like one. They don't expect anything from him and he doesn't expect anything from himself either. He doesn't seem to mind it much.

But who's to say most (if not all) kids his age aren't losers? Being a loser actually means he's more normal than most of the people he knows.

In any case, despite his incredibly bad luck, trusty incompetence, and general clumsiness, he's a typical teenage boy. He acts goofy around the girl he likes. He likes to slack off. His room is a mess because he thinks cleaning up is troublesome. He'd rather play games or read comic books than study.

Teenagers are all about their public image, and Tsuna's no different. He wants to maintain his public imagine, too—even if it's that of a loser. But y'know, he's a normal loser! Not a weird loser. And that makes all the difference to him. His weird friends and family more often than not embarrass him, and there are a few instances in the canon where he wishes he were anywhere else, or he pretends to not be associated with these weirdos. What Tsuna wants to be is Mild-Mannered Loser Tsuna, who minds his own business, and not Superloser Tsuna, who's involved in troublesome world-saving affairs. Or even worse, troublesome attention-catching affairs.

[Your] lack of ambition is also placed first among all the bosses.

Wanting to maintain his status as a normal loser is not much of an ambition, if you can even call it that. That's because Tsuna doesn't seem to have much ambition in the first place. He doesn't want to grow up rich or to do anything astounding. He doesn't particularly want to grow up to be anything at all, really—and he certainly doesn't want to be a mafia boss, god forbid!

At first Tsuna only goes to school so he can catch glimpses of his crush, Kyōko Sasagawa. No, really, that's the only reason. In one chapter, he notices she's not at school and decides to cut, because what's the point if he can't see her? Later on Tsuna goes to school because it's fun and he has friends—but he still doesn't care about learning or studying. His incentive to study is zero and he remains mediocre at everything. In all of Tsuna's life, he has never scored 100% on any test. He's flunked every test since his enrollment. He takes supplementary classes for art. Art. He also takes supplementary classes for just about everything else. What else is there to do for someone like him except to float aimlessly through life and eventually become a lowly salaryman? At least, that's the way he looks at it.

I don't want to lose... to such a cruel person...

He's not ambitious, but that doesn't mean he doesn't strive for anything. He didn't at first, but this changed. Throughout the series—right until the very end of it—you see him striving to protect his family and friends. His resolve to protect shapes him into becoming a stronger person. Above all else, Tsuna is an extremely kind boy and a good person. Wimpy, yes, but his inability to turn down requests shows his inherently kind nature. (It also shows that he's a terrible pushover and a doormat, but that's because he's too nice sometimes. And because he's a wimp, but we've already established that.)

In any dangerous situation, even when he's scared for his life, his first priority is to protect the people he cares about. On his own, Tsuna's first instinct is flight rather than fight, but put him in a situation where his loved ones are in danger and he'll fight with all of his will—his dying will, his living will, his everything to protect them. To him, no one person is any more important than the next. For example: when Kyōko, his crush, and Haru Miura, one of his more wacky and troublesome friends, are poisoned and Tsuna only has enough antidote for one of them, he decides "it would be just as bad no matter who died!" Later, he lets himself get beaten up and even goes so far as to agree to stab himself for their sake. If anything, this protective trait makes him a brave coward. The thought of stabbing himself utterly terrifies him, but it is not a task he's willing to ask his friends to do for him. Not when they have already tried to protect him numerous times before. In a nightmare situation, Tsuna shows he can rise to the challenge.

This kindness is in no way limited to only those he cares about. He's just as soft-hearted and forgiving when it comes to his enemies. During the Kokuyo arc, he worries over his enemy's subordinates. Even though Tsuna claims he doesn't want to lose to Mukuro Rokudō because of his cruel disregard for his own men, Tsuna shows concern for Mukuro's life at the end of the battle.

When Tsuna's in this protective mode, he's more serious than ever. He has a calm wariness to him and he's concentrated on his resolve to protect. His eyes become sharp, focused at half-mast. He stands firm and ready. He is quite different from the usually wide-eyed and clumsy Tsuna, who generally hunches over in fright or shies away from trouble.

I want to live life at my own pace.

Although Tsuna willingly fights to protect his friends and family, he dislikes violence. And with it, he dislikes the mafia. He's extremely unwilling to have anything to do with the mafia. Tsuna fights for his friends so they can live their lives peacefully, having snowball fights or just hanging out together. He doesn't want to complicate things or put anyone in danger by having the mafia involved. His reaction to Reborn's insistence that he become the next Vongola head is DENIAL, DENIAL, REFUSAL, DENIAL. When it comes to his aversion to mafia business, he's very frank about his thoughts on the matter—not that it helps much since no one ever listens. Jerks.

Tsuna's the type of person who wants to pass on anything weird/dangerous/abnormal/embarrassing/mafia (which is a adjective in this case) in life. He would take an indefinite rain check for all of those if he could. Unfortunately enough, most of the people in his life are weird/dangerous/abnormal/embarrassing/mafia. When he's forced to deal with these things, he complains and moans about his unlucky life. Usually Reborn quickly shuts him up with a brutal kick to the face. A typical day features Tsuna making horrified faces at the crazy shenanigans that come his way. This makes him appear very high-strung to onlookers. It's quite common to see him screech out "hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" when faced with something overly bizarre or horrifying. (Note: not /hi/ like the greeting, but pronounced as a stretched /hee/, a squeak of absolute fear and horror.) There are also times when he accidentally lashes out at his friends in his irritation, but he always apologizes afterward.

At the same time, Tsuna also admires his weird friends. They all have something they want to work towards and accomplish. They all try their best even if by doing so they cause problems for him. He gets irritated at times, but he really does marvel over how great they are as friends. He's incredibly proud of his friends, especially Hayato Gokudera and Takeshi Yamamoto. They inspire him to try harder as a person, and they make him feel like he's not such a loser after all.

As stated previously, Tsuna doesn't aspire to become anything, and he doesn't seem to mind being a loser. While that's not necessarily wrong, it's not the full story either. When Tsuna was a child, he expressed the desire to change. Even then, he thought of himself as a useless person. He wrote in his report that he wanted to change and to become a giant robot when he grew up. Giant robots are typically heroic symbols for children. In a way, this symbolizes his desire to become a hero of sorts.

Along the way, however, Tsuna forgot that people could change and sunk into the false comfort of constant uselessness. When Reborn and his friends enter his life, Tsuna begins to change unconsciously. He's still changing now and for the better. This change means he's learning how to truly accept and be himself, which sometimes means being a loser and a klutz and a no-good student, but at other times means being a protector and a friend (even if his friends drive him insane). It doesn't mean he wants to be a hero, though admittedly that would be nice. Tsuna's not a hero. But he'll do a heroic deed without thinking anything of it. He's just stupidly humble like that.

(Not to mention, Tsuna is also stupidly oblivious in the strangest ways. He can see through all of Reborn's disguises, but he still can't indentify who adult Reborn is.)

It's embarrassing to say, but… somehow… I'm automatically sure that you'll just… help me… For some reason… I kinda see you as family…

When Dino first meets Tsuna, he says that he doesn't seem ambitious. "You look unlucky, too," he adds, "Your disposition to be a boss is zero." Well, he's still not ambitious and he's still plenty unlucky. But Tsuna is beginning to shape up to be the kind of boss Vongola needs, though good luck getting him to realize it. Tsuna used to correct Reborn for calling his friends his Family (specifically Famiglia). He would always insist: "They're not my Family, they're my friends…" If anything shows Tsuna's growth throughout the series, it's the moment he admits to Gokudera and Yamamoto that he thinks of them as family. Not quite in the way Reborn wants it to mean, but it doesn't make Tsuna's dedication and loyalty to his family any less fierce. He'll never abandon them and he's already the kind of boss that will die for them. His trust in his family and allies is absolute.