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Please be aware that apps are only open from the 1st (12:00 AM Eastern Standard Time) to the 7th (11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time) of any given month. This means that as of 12:01 AM, the 1st, apps are open and that as of 11:59 PM the 7th, they are closed. If you post an application after that time, it will be deleted and ignored. Please pay attention to the application times and the status at the top of this page!

PLEASE READ THE RULES BEFORE APPLYING! Especially the last few, as they establish what characters can or cannot be accepted.

If you want to canon-update your character, you must re-apply for said character with the relevant changes (history, personality, strengths and weaknesses, etc). For re-apps and canon updates, samples must be rewritten; we do not accept recycled samples.

The old application posts can be found on Livejournal, using the Applications tag.

Here's the application. Copy and paste the text box info into a comment and fill it out. You must apply with the following format, otherwise your application will not be accepted.


Confused? HERE is a quick explanation of how to fill out our fandom applications.


Confused? HERE is a quick explanation of how to fill out our OC applications.

You may link to threads on the [community profile] trainingwings community for your first person samples, as long as the thread in question is no older than three months. The thread or post must still have at least ten lines of dialog from your character to be considered.

HERE is a word-counting tool to check your 3rd person samples.

If a mod does not accept your app right away, please be patient. We all have our own personal and busy lives to attend to, and there might be a period of time when it might take us days to get to the applications. There is also the possibility that we do not know the canon you are applying for, and we need time to study it. So please be patient and we will work as fast as we can to get you an answer. If it has been a week with no word, please feel free to message Akai (guynophobic), Masamune (masamune3x), or Emily (spark memories) on AIM, or email them at their respective email addresses found in the [community profile] luceti profile page.

Note: Applications are not always processed in the order they are received, due to the way they are divvied up between the moderators. If your application has been skipped, do not fret. Another mod will be getting to it soon enough. Additionally, you now have ONE WEEK to complete revision requests and Q&A's. You will be reminded of this deadline three days before it's up. After that week has passed, your application will no longer be considered for the current round. We apologize, but please be patient with us!

A note for applying here on Dreamwidth: Due to the character count limit being higher on DW, it might be tempting to toss the whole thing in one comment and leave it. However, we ask that you split the application up into at least two comments- the first containing your player information and (if you want) basic character info, the rest in another comment (or more, if you wish). This is to avoid having entire applications spanning the page and making it huge.

Splitting them up will make it easier for mods to process the applications. Thank you!

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Guilmon | Digimon

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Name: Mizu
Livejournal/Dreamwidth Username: [personal profile] mizu
E-mail: mizushiori[@]gmail[.]com
AIM: itsamizu
Current Characters at Luceti: N/A
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Guilmon | Digimon

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Name: Guilmon
Fandom: Digimon
Gender: Male
Age: Less than a year old
Time Period: Right before he’s sucked back into the digital world
Wing Color: White
History: Here
The first thing to notice about Guilmon is that his appearance doesn't quite match up to his personality. He looks like a rather threatening dinosaur, but underneath his looks he's kind, friendly, and childish. Despite that, he's willingly goes into battle, and he's protective. At the beginning of the season, he goes charging into battles due to a feral nature he grows out of by about the middle of the season.

That’s not to say that Guilmon isn’t still dangerous, however. When he is angered he flies into a rage, his eyes turning reptilian, and charging straight at the thing that had made him angry, for good or for ill. When he was younger, near the beginning of the series he would often give into his instincts to fight, even when Takato told him not to. Now, he has a better control of himself, and his temper is less of a problem.

Childishness is Guilmon’s most striking characteristic. He’s naive and gullible, and thus can be lead to believe a lot of false information of somebody shares it with him. Guilmon’s very willing to go along with other people and digimon’s plans, even if Takato says not to. But he does eventually become more obedient and actually follows the instructions that Takato set for him. Guimon can also easily be distracted easily, if the current subject isn’t especially important. But if it is important, he’s also capable of having serious discussions when people need them.

Guilmon is also kind hearted. When another digimon is taking care of a threat, Guilmon goes and rescues a small child’s balloon, gives it back to her, and then allows her to ride on his back as the group brings her back to her mother. Keeping with his kindness, he still plays with Impmon on a trip, even when the other digimon had previously been nothing but mean to him.

Guilmon managed to mature at a very rapid rate. He's starts out the season as very infantile, but over the course of time he's still childish, but he's much more able to communicate and care for himself and others. There’s a simplicity to the way he thinks and looks at the world. He ends up having a sort of childish wisdom about him. When something comes up that he doesn't understand, he accepts that he doesn't understand it and moves on. He doesn't stop to ponder over it. There are things in the world Guilmon doesn't understand, and probably never will and that's just fine with him.

He accepts just about everything that happens around him easily. When he’s pulled back from the Real World and back to the Digital World, he doesn’t fight it. He doesn’t make anybody feel bad. He gets a promise that he and Takato will play again someday and then he accepts his fate. There’s no struggle to hold onto the Real World, there’s just an acceptance that it’s happening and the belief that they will all see each other again one day. There’s a lot of optimism in the little dinosaur. He constantly believes that everything will turn out for the best, even when things are looking their worst.

He’s also very quick to forgive. When Takato apologizes for not thinking about Guilmon, he just goes "No problem" and moves on. Very accepting of just about everything, and is very sure of who he is. "And no matter how much I change, I hope you know, I'm still me too," is his response to Takato when he's worried about Guilmon's digivolving and changing his personality. And Takato responds by saying Guilmon sees things clearly. And he's right. Guilmon never lets questions cloud his view, he knows who he is and that's what matters.

The absolute most important thing to Guilmon is his best friend, Takato. Takato was the one who created him, and is also the person he has the strongest bond with. But he still cares a lot about the rest of the Tamers group. Which reflects onto his strongest motivator, which is being with Takato.
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Guilmon | Digimon

[personal profile] digitalhazard 2013-01-05 01:16 am (UTC)(link)
Physical :
+Tough hide, Renamon’s Diamond Storm attack didn’t do a lot to him.
+Pyro Sphere, is his main attack. Where he fires a blast of fire from his mouth.
+Digimon, made out of data and as such only data based attacks can do a lot of harm to him. (This is told by the government attacking the Devas, logically it also applies to Guilmon)

+Childish wisdom, he doesn’t dwell on things that he doesn’t understand, he accepts them and moves on.
+Straightforward, he doesn’t lie or make any attempts to hide the truth, even if he may have gone against Takato’s wishes he’ll tell him. He says when he spends time with Impmon, even when Takato said he shouldn’t.
+Optimistic, even when he’s being pulled away from Takato he fully believes that they’ll see each other again one day.

Physical :
-Cannot digivolve unless Takato is around, he relies on his partner’s power for that.
-Bond with Takato. If Takato isn’t around, Guilmon can’t reach his full potential. He’s also emotionally linked to his tamer. If Takato gets angry, so does he.
-Vaccine types, as a Virus Digimon he’s weak to Vaccine Digimon.
-Dark digivolution, if he’s forced into digivolving he can end up as Megidramon. A mindless, destructive beast, and his personality is pretty much gone.

-Temper, if he flies into a rage it’s difficult to calm him down, as seen during Leomon’s death.
-Childish, he’s still very young and as such very gullible.
-Disobedient, occasionally Guilmon will not do what Takato asks him to do. The order “stay here” had Guilmon follow Takato to school.
-Simple minded, he doesn’t question very much. He just accepts what Takato says at truth.


First Person:
Wow, this sure doesn’t look like the Digital World. Well, not the part we landed on before. [pause] I wonder where I am. And where Renamon and Terriermon and everybody else is. We were gonna go back together, right? Maybe they’re somewhere else... The digital world sure is a big place. It was real easy to get lost before. Maybe a data stream picked them up! Aww, then we’re all over the place!

It’s alright, I’m sure we’ll find each other. Even if it takes a while.

Third Person:

He wakes on his stomach in the middle of the woods. He takes a moment to get up and look around. The funniest thing about it was that he didn’t remember ending up here. Guilmon’s last memory was starting to dedigivolve into his In-Training form, but looking down at his claws he was definitely still Guilmon. Forest was the only thing that surrounded him. It was a far cry from the desolate wasteland with data packets rolling all over the place. There were trees and everything. And he didn’t remember the funny layers before they made it to the surface the first time he went to the digital world. There wasn’t any floating around, or falling that he could remember. Gosh, that sure is strange.

Guilmon shakes himself off, getting rid of whatever leaves and dirt were on him. And huh, that’s funny he doesn’t remember having wings before. Takato didn’t use a card on him before he left either, so where did these things come from? He turns his head to try and get a look at them, they kind of looked like the white wings that Takato gave him before, but there were only two instead of the card’s six. Did somebody give him wings while he was asleep? He didn’t think anybody could do that, but he has been wrong before. He puts the thought aside for now. It didn’t really matter where the wings came from, after all. He had friends to try and find.

He sniffs the air, it all smells crisp and clear, but it seems that his friends aren’t anywhere close by. That’s alright, he’s sure he’ll find them again. Maybe not right away, but at some point he will. He picks a direction and starts walking. Starting to look was the first step to finding. And Guilmon really wanted to do some finding.
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