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Event Suggestions

This is where you can make a suggestion as to what event you would like to see run here, or to put forth an event entirely of your own creation! Please do realize that even if you suggest it, we might not end up using your event idea for a myriad of different reasons. Making a suggestion here doesn't automatically qualify your event to be run, but we do want everyone's input. Thanks a lot, you guys!

Please use this format when proposing an event:

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Draft suggestion

[personal profile] simplestgift 2012-01-04 11:24 pm (UTC)(link)
Event Name: Heavy Metal
Who to credit: Tori
Event Description:

The Third Party has laid siege to the Malnosso’s nickel alloy plant, which provides stainless steel and other metallic raw materials for Malnosso and resident use (including the nigh-indestructible material used to make droids). Draftees will be transported onto the site itself and must make do with the office building for sleeping quarters and non-combatant refuge. Here, floors are separated into departments (IT, accounting, HR, etc), but each one is fairly indistinguishable from the next. Cubicles, phones, computers, offices, chairs, supply closets, housekeeping materials. It’s fairly neglected-looking as far as office buildings go, like it’s a holdover from the 70’s, but as the fuss is in the areas that have to do with manufacturing, you can’t expect a lot. In the basement is a lab where metal samples of varying alloys are tested for strength, corrosive resistance, and other properties. As for the rest of the plant…

The mills contain death trap after death trap. They even look ominous—-tall warehouses with walls seemingly tiled with old, dirty windows, many of them broken. It could be something out of an action/horror flick. The overall color is a dingy, grayish brown where it isn’t rusted, like an old factory in a steampunk comic. There are two separate mills.

This is where sheet and plate metal is produced. Here, we have two massive forging machines capable of pressing tons of metal into flat pieces. There are also the cold rolling machines, which are forceful enough to roll flat hard metals at room temperature. The annealing furnaces are massive and designed to heat sheet metal till it glows. Giant machines cut raw edges even of plates that are several inches thick.

Rod and Tube
Ingots (huge cylinders of metal alloy) are ground and rolled into billets (longer, thinner rectangles of metal). Billets are ground into long rods (some less than a centimeter, some more than a foot thick), then sometimes hollowed out to create tubes or drawn thinner and thinner to create great coils of wire. Here, hazards include even more annealing furnaces, bundles of rods that may fall or roll, and the attached pickle house. There are also machines for cold-drawing rods into thinner and thinner rods (drawing it cold makes the metal stronger). These machines could take a finger (or a wing) off if you’re not careful.

Both mills have a giant crane spanning the width of the mill that can travel from one end of the room to the other on tracks that line the two opposite walls lengthwise. Hanging from it are two giant hooks that can be operated in the little control room built into one end of the crane. These are not in great repair and can be used as intended (to pick stuff up)…or they can fall and injure someone by accident or intent.

Also in both mills one can find melting furnaces. Doesn’t everyone love playing with liquid metal? Careful of the weird science-y thing called…convection, is it? Here and there are chemicals of various uses to play with, if you want to blind your enemy (and/or yourself) with harsh and corrosive things, but the real fun comes with the pickle house.

The pickle house is attached to the rod and tube mill. It is home to many giant vats of bubbling acid used to clean up each metal product before it is shipped. Acids used here include hydrochloric, nitric, sulfuric, and deadliest of all, hydrofluoric. Any one of these in this sort of concentration will cause serious burns, and the fumes and mists from them, if inhaled, will cause lung damage. Hydrofluoric acid is unique in that it can be absorbed through the skin and travel through your bloodstream, eating away at the calcium in your body. It may take several hours for it to begin to feel like it burns on your skin. If it is caught early, proper medication can be applied topically (or intravenously, if it’s not caught early enough for a topical treatment) with success. If it is caught late, it's probably too late. Hydrofluoric acid burns have a white color with a red outline, unlike other burns. There are no walkways constructed over these dangerous, open vats of acid, but there is a crane (smaller than the ones in the mills) capable of lowering metal on non-corrosive caddies into the baths. Also, the sides of the tubs are only about four and a half feet tall, so accidents are always possible.

Other buildings include shipping, which has offices as well as finished products waiting to be shipped. Here, there are no shipping trucks, but there are smaller vehicles used to transport products on-site, as well as a small train that can be traveled to any other building. There’s a crane here, too, as well as literally hundreds of tons of metal products. If your character has super strength? Have fun with them swinging an 850-pound nickel-titanium rod at the jaw of something. There’s also a cafeteria, but the food stores in it are sorely depleted and not very fresh anyway. Last but not least, a security building at the front gate contains hard helmets, steel-toed boots, safety goggles, earplugs, respirators, heat-resistant clothing, and all other manner of personal protective equipment in every size imaginable. There is a nurse's station on the second floor of the security building with first aid supplies, cots, blankets, and other such items as are needed in a nurse’s station, but it’s no hospital and can only treat serious burns until such a time as one can have proper help. There is no supply of the expensive and scarce-needed topical medicine needed to stop the damage caused by hydrofluoric acid.

Have fun with the environment. From a crushing ingot swung by a crane to a slim rod to the equipment itself, anything can be a weapon.
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Silent Hill event

[personal profile] averybadfeeling 2012-02-10 01:41 am (UTC)(link)
Event Name: Silent Hill (Week/Weekend/Event/Insert-time-period-here)
Who to credit: Justin/Yon Fellow/Obi-Wan's mun
Event Description: Essentially, the entire village is filled with fog, the lights go dim, and people are attacked by manifestations of their psychological flaws, as in the video game Silent Hill. Pyramid Head is optional, though whether he'd be an NPC that the players would use as needed or a specific player is ambiguous. Could turn into either a survival horror type of scenario or else just a random emergency that the village would have to respond to. At the end of the event, the fog and the monsters disappear and the victims try not to be too traumatized by what they've learned about themselves.
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[personal profile] averybadfeeling 2012-02-10 01:50 am (UTC)(link)
Also a possibility: The architecture of the village changing. Community houses becoming warped and distorted, abandoned buildings taking on a sinister air, the battledome taking on an abandoned clinical aspect, et cetera.

ETA: Another possibility is that all of this would take place in basically an alternate reality, rather like it does in the Silent Hill games themselves. This adds the rather convenient advantage of not inconveniencing players who wish to opt out.
Edited 2012-02-10 02:17 (UTC)
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[personal profile] simplestgift 2012-02-10 03:22 am (UTC)(link)
Event Name: Flash Forward
Who to credit: Lynn [personal profile] sepiaepiphany
Event Description: Residents wake up one morning believing it is ten years in the future and with new memories of time that never actually passed. Relationships have developed, people have gone home and returned, died and revived, and the war with the Third Party has progressed. How different is life in Luceti now? Who is married? Who has kids (who remain mysteriously off-screen)? Has Luceti elected a mayor yet, or raised any kind of internal government at all? What new places and traditions have been made in the last ten years?
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Event suggestion

[personal profile] rollypolyclover 2012-02-18 06:25 am (UTC)(link)
Event Name: Holes (Pardon the utter lack of originality.)
Who to credit: Issaru [personal profile] blastiaiseasy And Louis Sachar for writing Holes I guess idek cough.
Event Description: Oh gosh all the words I'm sorry.

For whatever reason, the Malnosso have deemed certain materials and minerals buried in the sand and dirt over at the beach to be incredibly valuable. Heck if experimenting with moon rocks isn't going anywhere why not go looking for some new materials to mess around with? But using droids for the excavation or any of their own resources wouldn't be fun, might as well rope the entire village into a little digging.

Villagers are escorted/dragged by a droid down to the beach where they are given a spade/pick axe/wheelbarrow/etc and a canteen of water to last them a good few hours. The heat seems a great deal more intense today and there is barely a single cloud in the sky to provide a little shade. Every so often droids will offer to refill the villager's canteens but those who refuse to work get a single canteen of water for the entire day, enjoy a little dehydration with your digging.

Droids are more or less constantly monitoring the project. Those who are slowing down in their digging or are found to be talking too much might get a little prod back to work courtesy of the droids. Those who are causing a fuss and refusing to work will be constantly dragged back to the beach. Anyone who passes out from the heat or another illness will be taken away either back to the village or to any trained doctor or medic for treatment. As soon as they're back on their feet they will be sent back to work. There are times when the digging will be unsupervised, allowing villagers to sneak off for some rest or cover for someone else's digging should the work be too much for some people.

When the sun starts to set then villagers are either taken home by the droids or shown to quickly made wooden shacks lined up on the beach where they can sleep for the night. Once they wake up again it's back to work digging up the beach. Those who refused to dig and work a proper day will be kept in the shacks at the beach where they will be unable to bathe or properly rest up.

Villagers who find certain materials, treasures and so on can show their findings to the droids to score a day off. They'll be free to leave and head back to the village to go about a normal day, but they'll be brought back the next day to start digging once again.

Muns who wish to opt out of the event can choose to have the droids not escort their character down to the beach. Characters not chosen to go dig for the Malnosso can still visit the beach and interact with those who were if they so wish, perhaps smuggling in food and water or whatever else they might have planned. The droids will pay little attention to those who weren't picked to come on down and dig for the Malnosso unless they try intervening with the excavation and try stopping the digging in some way, in which case they will be shown back to the village.
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[personal profile] shadedsunlight 2012-02-27 02:56 am (UTC)(link)
Event Name: So You Want to be a Superhero...
Who to credit: Cata [personal profile] mise_en_scene
Event Description:

Residents wake up to find themselves with new powers! Some can fly? Others can turn invisible. However, with great power comes great responsibility and some awesome (or not) costumes too. Basically, Luceti is a comic book dream for the duration of the event. Secret identities! Superhero back stories!

Characters can alternately be supervillains (because the superheroes need someone to fight) or remain unaffected and boggle at everything. Characters that already have powers can swap them out for something different. This can also expand to include Magical Girls and Super Sentai teams. Go wild!
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[personal profile] rutagraveolens 2012-03-11 04:46 am (UTC)(link)
Event Name: The Luceti Hunger Games
Who to credit: Cata | [personal profile] mise_en_scene
Event Description: Taking a page from another world, the Malnosso decide to stage their own version of the Hunger Games. This can be done in a variety of ways; maybe the rogue Malnosso doing a larger-scale experiment, or perhaps it's a ceremonial battle against the Third Party. Or someone wants to see what happens when you throw X amount of people into an enclosure to see who comes out.

It's simple enough. Take X amount of characters (The series uses twelve boys and twelve girls from each district for a total of twenty-four, one year had twenty-four girls and twenty-four boys from each district for an especially bloody year), place them into a controlled environment, limit resources, have environmental traps to force them together if they spread out too much, watch the blood flow.

But ah, what about everyone on the outside? The Hunger Games is a televised event, so every bloody, emotional, heart-wrenching moment can be captured on TV (or the journals, or a specialized viewing location).

What about death penalties? That's going to be a lot of people for John to deal with. Well, this can be changed a bit; when people "die" inside the enclosure, they simply end up back in the village with no actual death placed on them.

As far as opting out goes, this is more akin to a draft. Everyone knows people are out there fighting, you pay attention to it as much as you want. That it's being broadcast in some way is a bit different, but what information is released can be altered (maybe it's just highlights, or maybe it's just death counts, who knows). Also none of the fighting will take place in the village; this could easily be its own enclosure elsewhere, or even some specially sealed section of its own (like down by the lake or something).

This is an event that doesn't have to tick down to the last person either. It could be something that only lasts for a few days (one real day could equal two event days or something), maybe there's a winner that comes out on top, maybe everyone "dies" at the end, or maybe time runs out and everyone is sent back to the village.
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[personal profile] eyesofstrength 2012-04-14 11:48 pm (UTC)(link)
This was on the old LJ post, but resubmitting just in case with some additions I thought up.

Event Name: Kid Friendly
Who to credit:
Event Description: Basically for as long as the event lasts, everyone who is affected now is forced to be kid friendly. Basically if it can't appear in a cartoon meant for kids or a Disney movie, characters can't do it.

So for example, Sanji now would be forced to suck on a lollipop and can't cuss out men. If players want, cuss words could be bleeped out or replaced by more appropriate words. So shithead could become poo-poo head for instance.

Depending on how far players want to go, cartoon physics could be added so that if someone jumped off the roof of a community building they'd be flattened and then get back up a few minutes later. Topics that can't be discussed with children like violence and death would not be brought up. People's weapons could become harmless items like brooms, etc.

Basically it's meant to just be silly overall and not too chaotic.
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[personal profile] eyesofstrength 2012-04-16 12:38 am (UTC)(link)
Event Name: Animal urges
Who to credit: Nadia, though you can also blame Misa and the folks on rpanons for helping inspire this.
Event Description: A bit of a different twist on the turn into an animal event. Instead of actually turning into animals the people affected by this would gain traits of animals and still look like their normal form. Characters that are animals already, like Moro, can choose to gain human traits as well. Humans are animals, after all.

So perhaps someone will gain a love for fish like a cat even though they hated it before, or even may be allergic. Or someone may want to go dig up bones in the forest like a dog would, or even go sniffing at people's butts or chewing on shoes. Definitely don't want to give some catnip to the person acting like a cat, they may start running around like a crazy person. Barking and meowing is optional, of course, but they may feel tempted to.

Players can choose any animal, not just dogs and cats, those were just easy examples. They character can slither around like a snake if they so wish. Probably will be a bit hard in a human body, but they sure can try!
Edited (forgot the name, oops) 2012-04-16 00:38 (UTC)
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[personal profile] redjacketthief 2012-08-18 08:19 pm (UTC)(link)
Event Name: The Trouble with Pokemon

Who to credit: Stark--through conversations with Plum and Yon Fellow, as well as CC, Zero, and Art-chan on Plurk. Name was suggested by Axiomatic Grue.

Event Description: On the first day of the event, each of the characters wake up to the Pokemon that most suits their personality in their room. It is only one Pokemon, and there are no Poke Balls, so the 'Mon has to hang out with the character for the duration of the event. It will mostly be a chance to explore the characters and how they interact with everything, as the 'Mon will be a reflection of their wishes and personalities. Some of them may be surprising--a gruff character with a soft side might have an affectionate Pokemon, or a friendly character with a hidden darkness might have a Dark Type.

Characters who are all ready Pokemon Trainers are automatically exempt unless they wish to participate. No character must participate, but it would be cool if most of the game got on board.

Naturally, anyone who wants a Legendary Pokemon must fill out a sign-up sheet so that we do not have doubles of those, just like in the games.

The event will last for a week to two weeks, depending on what the mods think and how long people wish for it to go.
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[personal profile] distressedude 2012-09-01 02:59 am (UTC)(link)
Who to credit: Sararararah
Event Description: Not so much an event suggestion as something that could be included as part of a regular event, in combination with a mission.

Experiments in Luceti are all the resuts of testing shifts, right? Well, what if there was a mission for highly intelligent Lucetians to try their hand at Shifting technology? Considering how long the Malnosso have been studying shifts, they probably wouldn't learn anything right away. Maybe initially the Malnosso only wanted the mission to deal with learning Shifting basics, like "Make it rain on a day previously set for sunshine" or "Shift this stack of books into this bookshelf". But for someone who's never used the technology, there's bound to be a few mishaps...

And unfortunately, the target of these shifts happens to be Luceti itself.

Whether the missioned character(s) know of this beforehand (thus, is aware that the experiment was the result of their own blunder) or finds out afterwards (comes back bragging about supposedly mastering shifts only to learn oops-I-accidentally-the-village) could be left up to the muns.

But the basic idea would be to have something a little different in terms of the usual experiments, and also possibly open up opportunities for some of Luceti's mad scientists to collaborate with the Malnosso should they see it as an opportunity to attempt to do so.
Edited (DW, DON'T POST BEFORE I'M DONE) 2012-09-01 03:01 (UTC)
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[personal profile] distressedude 2012-09-01 03:22 am (UTC)(link)
Event Name: Come As You Are!
Who to credit: Sararararah
Event Description: Perhaps in an attempt to identify the force that brought everyone to Luceti in the first place, a shift is conducted that reverts everyone to the state they were when they first arrived in the village. But because this is the Malnosso and shifts like these never go right, something goes wrong.

Some people are physically how they were when they first arrived, but not mentally. Others may suddenly forget everything about Luceti and wonder why they suddenly look and feel so different from what they last remember. And for people who may have been in dire straits when they arrived (such as near-death or after-death) they get returned to the village just as they were; which likely means a swift death upon the start of the experiment. But seeing as this is shift induced, rather than actually "die," they just get to wander around the village as a ghost. Neat! Or they could just be dead if someone wanted to sit out the event and/or play with death penalties idek.

The idea in general could also be tweaked in some way to try and apply more to people who hadn't been in Luceti very long, or who wouldn't change much regardless. Maybe some people are just thrown back in time to a weird canon point, either physically, mentally, or both? Or, if applicable, they could be shifted into a canon point previously held by whoever played their character before them (sans that character's Luceti memories, of course).
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[personal profile] bloodybishie 2012-09-15 04:58 am (UTC)(link)
Event Name: Open to all Ages
Who to credit: Art, based on a conversation with Mon
Event Description:
Basically, people wake up aged completely differently. A ten year old could be 40, or a 25 year old could be 8. Memories may or may not change, at the players' digression. Likewise personalities. Also, the ages need not stay constant throughout the shift. A character could age ten years one day and then be 20 years younger the next. If a player chooses, their character could be passed over by the shift itself, but they could still stare, or even babysit.
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[personal profile] somethingtoavenge 2012-11-17 12:29 am (UTC)(link)
Event Name: Release the Fanfics
Who to credit: Em, based on evil idea and talked about on Plurk
Event Description: So the basics are: Every single book in Luceti gets turned into fanfiction. (Or non-canon stories for OC's) All of them. For maximum confusion, the Journals are glitching thanks to this and will post random bits of different fanfiction to the network. This may be viewed as fourth-walling but since Real Person Fiction is a thing it doesn't have to be.

Clearly the fanfiction must be relevant to the characters in Luceti, no fanfiction where the main character isn't in Luceti.

For preference, referencing real fanfiction is okay, or you can just use ideas you have had and not used.

No real other effects, except EXTREME EMBARRASSMENT.
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[personal profile] gleamed 2012-11-23 07:19 pm (UTC)(link)
Event Name: Modern Warfare/A Fistful of Paintballs/For a Few Paintballs More/And So Forth: Fourth Wall Edition
Who to credit: Bayley
Event Description: This suggestion is specifically for the Fourth Wall event. Basically, since Fourth Wall is already a wacky hodgepodge of random characters and ridiculousness, why not add in an enclosure-wide paintball game to add to the mayhem? Luceti is suddenly stocked with a ton of new faces...and a ton of paint-based weaponry. The rules are simple: last one standing without a drop of paint on them wins. Maybe the prize for the winner isn't even ever named, but word spreads that its a good one and the Malnosso are eager to see who comes out on top. Problem is, the prize doesn't actually exist! Meaning all this madness and forming alliances and creating paint-related chaos is completely pointless. But that's okay, because after Fourth Wall ends, they won't remember any of it anyway! Except for the Malnosso, who get a good laugh.
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Event/Shift Suggestion

[personal profile] spohkh 2013-01-05 04:32 am (UTC)(link)
Event Name: The Soap Opera
Who to credit: [personal profile] lostinmyway [profile] blessingsgone [personal profile] spohkh
Event Description:

This would be a shift where everyone finds themselves in a hardcore Soap Opera.... where everything doesn't make sense and is overly dramatic.

Have you found yourself suddenly pregnant with someone else's child and are compelled to announce it dramatically? Have you suddenly found your long lost family member or discovered that you have an evil twin? Have you been replaced with another actor but still the same person? Have you found out that you're related to everyone around you? Is the air filled with a tacky soundtrack and bad camera angles? Are you in a coma? Back from the dead? Suddenly without all your memories? Have you discovered a totally unexpected (not unexpected or completely illogical) plot twist? Do you have a terminal illness followed by a bad hospital scene with bad (though strangely good looking) doctors? Are you apart of a love affair? Perhaps even a love triangle?
Stay tuned next week to find out the DRAMATIC conclusion....

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[personal profile] implanta 2013-03-25 12:46 am (UTC)(link)
Event Name: The Problem With Wings
Who to credit: Raini
Event Description: Since the Malnosso have an affinity with wings, and pretty much no one knows WHY they have them, other than to blend in (poorly?) with the natives, who is to say that the Malnosso can't use them for other nefarious uses? Based on the... er, problem of becoming a Vermiform from Infinite Undiscovery, the Malnosso will have a meteor shower happening in the enclosure! Only thing is, it ain't a meteor shower in the literal sense. Maybe those who watch it for too long will start exhibiting symptoms of becoming a Vermiform, or maybe those who are able to use a lot of magic, or have Fon slots will feel the effects? Maybe only a few will become truly invisible, needing to be killed to break the effects?

Those who want to affected but not to an extreme can be shielded from the meteors (in a house, locked in their closet where they can't see it happening as an extreme example) where they can calm down, or they can be forcefully detained so they don't have to be killed in order to break them out of the effects from the meteor shower.

After a couple of days and the Malnosso go "whoops too much of a problem in this enclosure!" they can give those unaffected the means to track down and make those who have gone into full invisibility in order to do what is necessary: a way to mimic Capell's ability, or Shift traps, maybe?

If players choose death for their affected characters, it would be like a normal death in the enclosure, with the character coming back a few days later with a penalty in place. The event is meant to be one of the more serious ones, much like some of the bigger plots in the past have been (Luceti Valley, for example) and also a good shake up.
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[personal profile] relictusdeus 2013-11-30 04:49 am (UTC)(link)
Event Name: There's no place like home / A mile in my shoes

Who to credit: If I remember correctly, this was the brainchild of you guys, the mods! So I take absolutely no credit whatsoever -- I simply think it would be a fun event to revisit.

Event Description: I remember an event in which characters could visit each others' canon worlds for a short period of time -- I thought this was very cool and worth repeating especially since this game has a wide variety of characters and canons. And hey, actually seeing one's world packs more of a punch than simply hearing of it.

If characters pulled from just after the point of their death could have the chance of sharing their home world with someone, that'd be cool too. Not quite sure how that might work, but maybe an alternative to physically visiting the world (which the dead person no longer exists within) is for there to be super-accurate Shifts in place that change parts of Luceti into little pockets of canon-worlds which are every bit as interactive and 'real-feeling' like Battle Dome simulations, I think. Maybe some of what makes the Shift as accurate as it is is the fact that they're based on one's own memories of home. BUT ANYWAY.

Again, this isn't an idea I take credit for and there would be all these nitty-gritty details to work out. But I'd simply love to see this event/concept come up again. Thanks!
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[personal profile] relictusdeus 2014-01-09 05:17 am (UTC)(link)
Event Name: Super Throwback World

Who to credit: Nintendo? Hehe, they serve as all the inspiration.

Event Description: I propose a lighthearted sceneario in which the enclosure is Shifted into a knock-off the Mario series universe. This can offer a number of things for characters to do, such as the following:

Nomming on weird foodstuffs: Instead of mushrooms, people can expect special apples to cause the one eating them to grow in size temporarily. And for more freedom, there should be one that shrinks a person too. A bit Alice and Wonderland-y, that.

Explore the pixelated enclosure: Just have a look around! The hills and clouds have beady-little eyes and the trees seem to bob in time to a song no one can hear.

Try on various ability-granting suits: The Bat Suit lets one fly; The Fish Suit allows one to breathe underwater and swim like a serious pro; the Kangaroo Suit looks adorkable and allows one to jump really high and kick things hard (hope no one's in the way of that). These are just random ideas but the possibilities are near-endless. All it takes is touching it and someone is automatically in it. For it to disappear, maybe someone has to be touched by another person or a baddie.

Stomp on some knock-off enemies: It's good stress relief, right? Although some WILL fight back (and look cute trying). And they're always respawning, too. Oh, and don't touch the Fluffies - which are a lot like Fuzzies from Yoshi's Island. Contact with those will induce a few minutes of disorientation, lack of balance, and colourful visual hallucinations. Walking straight and talking properly suddenly becomes a big problem.

Collect coins for low-level 'rewards', maybe?: Don't know if this would be possible, but it'd give collector-type characters something to do.

Warp around: There are pipes all around that accidentally take people to random places in the enclosure. Sometimes one leads to a 'bonus room' filled with coins and/or a suit to try on. Aaaand sometimes one might end up in someone else's house. Excellent for awkward situations!

Save the day!: The big baddie, Snufflegrump (I'm sure someone can think of a better name than me, haha,) has captured Prince Mango and someone has to stop him before he ruins Luceti Kingdom! BUT WHO? He probably hangs out in a castle waiting for challengers.

Or something like that. :I Anyway, thanks for considering!
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[personal profile] knightofratatosk 2014-02-04 04:51 pm (UTC)(link)
Event Name: Movie Madness
Who to credit: Luna, [personal profile] luna_hoshino
Event Description: The residents of Luceti discover when they awaken one morning that they can communicate in movie quotes and only movie quotes. Of course, they may not even realize that's what's going on-- as far as they know, they just find themselves unable to say anything other than certain lines that just seem to sort of pop into their heads. Any attempts to say anything else will be turned into mumbled gibberish. Expect misunderstandings galore when someone quoting romcoms tries to communicate with someone speaking in lines from zombie apocalypse flicks.
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Cook-off Block Party!

[personal profile] universal_charm 2014-06-10 04:18 am (UTC)(link)
Event Name: Luceti Multicultural Cook-Off
Who to credit: Luna (Kirk-mun) & Luna (Richard-mun), based off an IC-thread
Event Description:
Luceti has such a myriad of cultures and worlds represented it only stands to reason that everyone has their own cuisine styles to. And what better way to sample them all than with a block-party/cook-off?

This could either be a casual, mingle, single-day affair or it could even go so far as having a possible contest and winners (contestants would sign up OOC and be given numbers and a randomizer would pick first, second, and third). Players would need to give descriptions of their food if they want their character to cook, or in the case of mingling, simply sample dishes and have some fun.

Meant to be a light-hearted affair, it would be a way for residents to bond and fill their bellies at the same time!
knightofratatosk: (Shiny)

[personal profile] knightofratatosk 2014-07-27 07:17 am (UTC)(link)
Event Name: Fighting Evil By... wait, what?
Who to credit: Luna
Event Description: Suddenly Luceti becomes the setting for a magical girl anime-- sparkly transformations, dramatic poses, talking animal sidekicks, and the poor normal kids who don't realize their best friend is actually the magical girl/boy abound.

They fight evil! (And by 'evil' we mean 'monsters of the week.') Or at least that's the idea. The reality probably doesn't quite work out that way, because not everyone is going to be on board with wearing ridiculous costumes and running around shouting out the names of their attacks.

Players can get as silly or dramatic with this as they want, and those who'd prefer not to turn their characters into a magical girl/boy can have them just gawk at all of the weird costumes and general sparkles that have suddenly taken over the enclosure.
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[personal profile] fashionably_strong 2014-08-14 12:06 am (UTC)(link)
Event Name: Battledome Shenanigans
Who to credit: Lex
Event Description:
Just a very minor and silly event with a slightly more serious purpose. Basically, the Malnosso have installed new monitoring equipment in the Battle Dome to carefully monitor everyone's training because they've found that not enough people are volunteering for the combat testing missions. However, one of the people installing the new monitoring equipment is a bit of a troll who likes video games.

For a few days, whenever characters go into the Battle Dome, they'll have odd things happen. For example, two characters who go in with the intention of sparring will suddenly have a voice announce "Versus mode", whereas a character who went in alone would either get "Training mode" or "Adventure mode" announced. On a wall, there will also be health bars featuring their names, showing that the Battle Dome's system is monitoring how close they are to unconsciousness.

Just a bunch of little video game-esque oddities (particularly fighting games, but similarities to adventure RPGs could be found, too) until people start talking about it over the journals and the Malnosso make their scientist fix the issues. Then just a brief announcement from the Malnosso thanking everyone for bringing the Battle Dome glitch to their attention.

Mostly a light-hearted and silly mini-plot, but there would be the lasting plot detail of them upping their monitoring of the Battle Dome's usage to assess where people would best be placed on Drafts.