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Event Suggestions

This is where you can make a suggestion as to what event you would like to see run here, or to put forth an event entirely of your own creation! Please do realize that even if you suggest it, we might not end up using your event idea for a myriad of different reasons. Making a suggestion here doesn't automatically qualify your event to be run, but we do want everyone's input. Thanks a lot, you guys!

Please use this format when proposing an event:

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Cook-off Block Party!

[personal profile] universal_charm 2014-06-10 04:18 am (UTC)(link)
Event Name: Luceti Multicultural Cook-Off
Who to credit: Luna (Kirk-mun) & Luna (Richard-mun), based off an IC-thread
Event Description:
Luceti has such a myriad of cultures and worlds represented it only stands to reason that everyone has their own cuisine styles to. And what better way to sample them all than with a block-party/cook-off?

This could either be a casual, mingle, single-day affair or it could even go so far as having a possible contest and winners (contestants would sign up OOC and be given numbers and a randomizer would pick first, second, and third). Players would need to give descriptions of their food if they want their character to cook, or in the case of mingling, simply sample dishes and have some fun.

Meant to be a light-hearted affair, it would be a way for residents to bond and fill their bellies at the same time!