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Agent Phil Coulson ([personal profile] somethingtoavenge) wrote in [community profile] luceti 2012-11-17 12:29 am (UTC)

Event Name: Release the Fanfics
Who to credit: Em, based on evil idea and talked about on Plurk
Event Description: So the basics are: Every single book in Luceti gets turned into fanfiction. (Or non-canon stories for OC's) All of them. For maximum confusion, the Journals are glitching thanks to this and will post random bits of different fanfiction to the network. This may be viewed as fourth-walling but since Real Person Fiction is a thing it doesn't have to be.

Clearly the fanfiction must be relevant to the characters in Luceti, no fanfiction where the main character isn't in Luceti.

For preference, referencing real fanfiction is okay, or you can just use ideas you have had and not used.

No real other effects, except EXTREME EMBARRASSMENT.

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