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Leonhardt aka "Loewe" ([personal profile] eyesofstrength) wrote in [community profile] luceti 2012-04-16 12:38 am (UTC)

Event Name: Animal urges
Who to credit: Nadia, though you can also blame Misa and the folks on rpanons for helping inspire this.
Event Description: A bit of a different twist on the turn into an animal event. Instead of actually turning into animals the people affected by this would gain traits of animals and still look like their normal form. Characters that are animals already, like Moro, can choose to gain human traits as well. Humans are animals, after all.

So perhaps someone will gain a love for fish like a cat even though they hated it before, or even may be allergic. Or someone may want to go dig up bones in the forest like a dog would, or even go sniffing at people's butts or chewing on shoes. Definitely don't want to give some catnip to the person acting like a cat, they may start running around like a crazy person. Barking and meowing is optional, of course, but they may feel tempted to.

Players can choose any animal, not just dogs and cats, those were just easy examples. They character can slither around like a snake if they so wish. Probably will be a bit hard in a human body, but they sure can try!

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