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Event Suggestions

This is where you can make a suggestion as to what event you would like to see run here, or to put forth an event entirely of your own creation! Please do realize that even if you suggest it, we might not end up using your event idea for a myriad of different reasons. Making a suggestion here doesn't automatically qualify your event to be run, but we do want everyone's input. Thanks a lot, you guys!

Please use this format when proposing an event:

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[personal profile] fashionably_strong 2014-08-14 12:06 am (UTC)(link)
Event Name: Battledome Shenanigans
Who to credit: Lex
Event Description:
Just a very minor and silly event with a slightly more serious purpose. Basically, the Malnosso have installed new monitoring equipment in the Battle Dome to carefully monitor everyone's training because they've found that not enough people are volunteering for the combat testing missions. However, one of the people installing the new monitoring equipment is a bit of a troll who likes video games.

For a few days, whenever characters go into the Battle Dome, they'll have odd things happen. For example, two characters who go in with the intention of sparring will suddenly have a voice announce "Versus mode", whereas a character who went in alone would either get "Training mode" or "Adventure mode" announced. On a wall, there will also be health bars featuring their names, showing that the Battle Dome's system is monitoring how close they are to unconsciousness.

Just a bunch of little video game-esque oddities (particularly fighting games, but similarities to adventure RPGs could be found, too) until people start talking about it over the journals and the Malnosso make their scientist fix the issues. Then just a brief announcement from the Malnosso thanking everyone for bringing the Battle Dome glitch to their attention.

Mostly a light-hearted and silly mini-plot, but there would be the lasting plot detail of them upping their monitoring of the Battle Dome's usage to assess where people would best be placed on Drafts.