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Isaac (Laforeze) ([personal profile] relictusdeus) wrote in [community profile] luceti 2014-01-09 05:17 am (UTC)

Event Name: Super Throwback World

Who to credit: Nintendo? Hehe, they serve as all the inspiration.

Event Description: I propose a lighthearted sceneario in which the enclosure is Shifted into a knock-off the Mario series universe. This can offer a number of things for characters to do, such as the following:

Nomming on weird foodstuffs: Instead of mushrooms, people can expect special apples to cause the one eating them to grow in size temporarily. And for more freedom, there should be one that shrinks a person too. A bit Alice and Wonderland-y, that.

Explore the pixelated enclosure: Just have a look around! The hills and clouds have beady-little eyes and the trees seem to bob in time to a song no one can hear.

Try on various ability-granting suits: The Bat Suit lets one fly; The Fish Suit allows one to breathe underwater and swim like a serious pro; the Kangaroo Suit looks adorkable and allows one to jump really high and kick things hard (hope no one's in the way of that). These are just random ideas but the possibilities are near-endless. All it takes is touching it and someone is automatically in it. For it to disappear, maybe someone has to be touched by another person or a baddie.

Stomp on some knock-off enemies: It's good stress relief, right? Although some WILL fight back (and look cute trying). And they're always respawning, too. Oh, and don't touch the Fluffies - which are a lot like Fuzzies from Yoshi's Island. Contact with those will induce a few minutes of disorientation, lack of balance, and colourful visual hallucinations. Walking straight and talking properly suddenly becomes a big problem.

Collect coins for low-level 'rewards', maybe?: Don't know if this would be possible, but it'd give collector-type characters something to do.

Warp around: There are pipes all around that accidentally take people to random places in the enclosure. Sometimes one leads to a 'bonus room' filled with coins and/or a suit to try on. Aaaand sometimes one might end up in someone else's house. Excellent for awkward situations!

Save the day!: The big baddie, Snufflegrump (I'm sure someone can think of a better name than me, haha,) has captured Prince Mango and someone has to stop him before he ruins Luceti Kingdom! BUT WHO? He probably hangs out in a castle waiting for challengers.

Or something like that. :I Anyway, thanks for considering!

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