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Cloche Leythal Pastalia ([personal profile] implanta) wrote in [community profile] luceti 2013-03-25 12:46 am (UTC)

Event Name: The Problem With Wings
Who to credit: Raini
Event Description: Since the Malnosso have an affinity with wings, and pretty much no one knows WHY they have them, other than to blend in (poorly?) with the natives, who is to say that the Malnosso can't use them for other nefarious uses? Based on the... er, problem of becoming a Vermiform from Infinite Undiscovery, the Malnosso will have a meteor shower happening in the enclosure! Only thing is, it ain't a meteor shower in the literal sense. Maybe those who watch it for too long will start exhibiting symptoms of becoming a Vermiform, or maybe those who are able to use a lot of magic, or have Fon slots will feel the effects? Maybe only a few will become truly invisible, needing to be killed to break the effects?

Those who want to affected but not to an extreme can be shielded from the meteors (in a house, locked in their closet where they can't see it happening as an extreme example) where they can calm down, or they can be forcefully detained so they don't have to be killed in order to break them out of the effects from the meteor shower.

After a couple of days and the Malnosso go "whoops too much of a problem in this enclosure!" they can give those unaffected the means to track down and make those who have gone into full invisibility in order to do what is necessary: a way to mimic Capell's ability, or Shift traps, maybe?

If players choose death for their affected characters, it would be like a normal death in the enclosure, with the character coming back a few days later with a penalty in place. The event is meant to be one of the more serious ones, much like some of the bigger plots in the past have been (Luceti Valley, for example) and also a good shake up.

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