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Draft suggestion

Event Name: Heavy Metal
Who to credit: Tori
Event Description:

The Third Party has laid siege to the Malnosso’s nickel alloy plant, which provides stainless steel and other metallic raw materials for Malnosso and resident use (including the nigh-indestructible material used to make droids). Draftees will be transported onto the site itself and must make do with the office building for sleeping quarters and non-combatant refuge. Here, floors are separated into departments (IT, accounting, HR, etc), but each one is fairly indistinguishable from the next. Cubicles, phones, computers, offices, chairs, supply closets, housekeeping materials. It’s fairly neglected-looking as far as office buildings go, like it’s a holdover from the 70’s, but as the fuss is in the areas that have to do with manufacturing, you can’t expect a lot. In the basement is a lab where metal samples of varying alloys are tested for strength, corrosive resistance, and other properties. As for the rest of the plant…

The mills contain death trap after death trap. They even look ominous—-tall warehouses with walls seemingly tiled with old, dirty windows, many of them broken. It could be something out of an action/horror flick. The overall color is a dingy, grayish brown where it isn’t rusted, like an old factory in a steampunk comic. There are two separate mills.

This is where sheet and plate metal is produced. Here, we have two massive forging machines capable of pressing tons of metal into flat pieces. There are also the cold rolling machines, which are forceful enough to roll flat hard metals at room temperature. The annealing furnaces are massive and designed to heat sheet metal till it glows. Giant machines cut raw edges even of plates that are several inches thick.

Rod and Tube
Ingots (huge cylinders of metal alloy) are ground and rolled into billets (longer, thinner rectangles of metal). Billets are ground into long rods (some less than a centimeter, some more than a foot thick), then sometimes hollowed out to create tubes or drawn thinner and thinner to create great coils of wire. Here, hazards include even more annealing furnaces, bundles of rods that may fall or roll, and the attached pickle house. There are also machines for cold-drawing rods into thinner and thinner rods (drawing it cold makes the metal stronger). These machines could take a finger (or a wing) off if you’re not careful.

Both mills have a giant crane spanning the width of the mill that can travel from one end of the room to the other on tracks that line the two opposite walls lengthwise. Hanging from it are two giant hooks that can be operated in the little control room built into one end of the crane. These are not in great repair and can be used as intended (to pick stuff up)…or they can fall and injure someone by accident or intent.

Also in both mills one can find melting furnaces. Doesn’t everyone love playing with liquid metal? Careful of the weird science-y thing called…convection, is it? Here and there are chemicals of various uses to play with, if you want to blind your enemy (and/or yourself) with harsh and corrosive things, but the real fun comes with the pickle house.

The pickle house is attached to the rod and tube mill. It is home to many giant vats of bubbling acid used to clean up each metal product before it is shipped. Acids used here include hydrochloric, nitric, sulfuric, and deadliest of all, hydrofluoric. Any one of these in this sort of concentration will cause serious burns, and the fumes and mists from them, if inhaled, will cause lung damage. Hydrofluoric acid is unique in that it can be absorbed through the skin and travel through your bloodstream, eating away at the calcium in your body. It may take several hours for it to begin to feel like it burns on your skin. If it is caught early, proper medication can be applied topically (or intravenously, if it’s not caught early enough for a topical treatment) with success. If it is caught late, it's probably too late. Hydrofluoric acid burns have a white color with a red outline, unlike other burns. There are no walkways constructed over these dangerous, open vats of acid, but there is a crane (smaller than the ones in the mills) capable of lowering metal on non-corrosive caddies into the baths. Also, the sides of the tubs are only about four and a half feet tall, so accidents are always possible.

Other buildings include shipping, which has offices as well as finished products waiting to be shipped. Here, there are no shipping trucks, but there are smaller vehicles used to transport products on-site, as well as a small train that can be traveled to any other building. There’s a crane here, too, as well as literally hundreds of tons of metal products. If your character has super strength? Have fun with them swinging an 850-pound nickel-titanium rod at the jaw of something. There’s also a cafeteria, but the food stores in it are sorely depleted and not very fresh anyway. Last but not least, a security building at the front gate contains hard helmets, steel-toed boots, safety goggles, earplugs, respirators, heat-resistant clothing, and all other manner of personal protective equipment in every size imaginable. There is a nurse's station on the second floor of the security building with first aid supplies, cots, blankets, and other such items as are needed in a nurse’s station, but it’s no hospital and can only treat serious burns until such a time as one can have proper help. There is no supply of the expensive and scarce-needed topical medicine needed to stop the damage caused by hydrofluoric acid.

Have fun with the environment. From a crushing ingot swung by a crane to a slim rod to the equipment itself, anything can be a weapon.

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