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Event Suggestions

This is where you can make a suggestion as to what event you would like to see run here, or to put forth an event entirely of your own creation! Please do realize that even if you suggest it, we might not end up using your event idea for a myriad of different reasons. Making a suggestion here doesn't automatically qualify your event to be run, but we do want everyone's input. Thanks a lot, you guys!

Please use this format when proposing an event:

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Event/Shift Suggestion

[personal profile] spohkh 2013-01-05 04:32 am (UTC)(link)
Event Name: The Soap Opera
Who to credit: [personal profile] lostinmyway [profile] blessingsgone [personal profile] spohkh
Event Description:

This would be a shift where everyone finds themselves in a hardcore Soap Opera.... where everything doesn't make sense and is overly dramatic.

Have you found yourself suddenly pregnant with someone else's child and are compelled to announce it dramatically? Have you suddenly found your long lost family member or discovered that you have an evil twin? Have you been replaced with another actor but still the same person? Have you found out that you're related to everyone around you? Is the air filled with a tacky soundtrack and bad camera angles? Are you in a coma? Back from the dead? Suddenly without all your memories? Have you discovered a totally unexpected (not unexpected or completely illogical) plot twist? Do you have a terminal illness followed by a bad hospital scene with bad (though strangely good looking) doctors? Are you apart of a love affair? Perhaps even a love triangle?
Stay tuned next week to find out the DRAMATIC conclusion....