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Event Suggestions

This is where you can make a suggestion as to what event you would like to see run here, or to put forth an event entirely of your own creation! Please do realize that even if you suggest it, we might not end up using your event idea for a myriad of different reasons. Making a suggestion here doesn't automatically qualify your event to be run, but we do want everyone's input. Thanks a lot, you guys!

Please use this format when proposing an event:

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This was on the old LJ post, but resubmitting just in case with some additions I thought up.

Event Name: Kid Friendly
Who to credit:
Event Description: Basically for as long as the event lasts, everyone who is affected now is forced to be kid friendly. Basically if it can't appear in a cartoon meant for kids or a Disney movie, characters can't do it.

So for example, Sanji now would be forced to suck on a lollipop and can't cuss out men. If players want, cuss words could be bleeped out or replaced by more appropriate words. So shithead could become poo-poo head for instance.

Depending on how far players want to go, cartoon physics could be added so that if someone jumped off the roof of a community building they'd be flattened and then get back up a few minutes later. Topics that can't be discussed with children like violence and death would not be brought up. People's weapons could become harmless items like brooms, etc.

Basically it's meant to just be silly overall and not too chaotic.