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Event Name: Modern Warfare/A Fistful of Paintballs/For a Few Paintballs More/And So Forth: Fourth Wall Edition
Who to credit: Bayley
Event Description: This suggestion is specifically for the Fourth Wall event. Basically, since Fourth Wall is already a wacky hodgepodge of random characters and ridiculousness, why not add in an enclosure-wide paintball game to add to the mayhem? Luceti is suddenly stocked with a ton of new faces...and a ton of paint-based weaponry. The rules are simple: last one standing without a drop of paint on them wins. Maybe the prize for the winner isn't even ever named, but word spreads that its a good one and the Malnosso are eager to see who comes out on top. Problem is, the prize doesn't actually exist! Meaning all this madness and forming alliances and creating paint-related chaos is completely pointless. But that's okay, because after Fourth Wall ends, they won't remember any of it anyway! Except for the Malnosso, who get a good laugh.

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