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Event Name: The Luceti Hunger Games
Who to credit: Cata | [personal profile] mise_en_scene
Event Description: Taking a page from another world, the Malnosso decide to stage their own version of the Hunger Games. This can be done in a variety of ways; maybe the rogue Malnosso doing a larger-scale experiment, or perhaps it's a ceremonial battle against the Third Party. Or someone wants to see what happens when you throw X amount of people into an enclosure to see who comes out.

It's simple enough. Take X amount of characters (The series uses twelve boys and twelve girls from each district for a total of twenty-four, one year had twenty-four girls and twenty-four boys from each district for an especially bloody year), place them into a controlled environment, limit resources, have environmental traps to force them together if they spread out too much, watch the blood flow.

But ah, what about everyone on the outside? The Hunger Games is a televised event, so every bloody, emotional, heart-wrenching moment can be captured on TV (or the journals, or a specialized viewing location).

What about death penalties? That's going to be a lot of people for John to deal with. Well, this can be changed a bit; when people "die" inside the enclosure, they simply end up back in the village with no actual death placed on them.

As far as opting out goes, this is more akin to a draft. Everyone knows people are out there fighting, you pay attention to it as much as you want. That it's being broadcast in some way is a bit different, but what information is released can be altered (maybe it's just highlights, or maybe it's just death counts, who knows). Also none of the fighting will take place in the village; this could easily be its own enclosure elsewhere, or even some specially sealed section of its own (like down by the lake or something).

This is an event that doesn't have to tick down to the last person either. It could be something that only lasts for a few days (one real day could equal two event days or something), maybe there's a winner that comes out on top, maybe everyone "dies" at the end, or maybe time runs out and everyone is sent back to the village.

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