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Sep. 23rd, 2017 10:03 pm
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Player: Jayne
Contact: [plurk.com profile] bronnichiwa
Age: 25
Current Characters: Anise Tatlin | Tales of the Abyss


Character: Naoto Shirogane
Age: 16
Canon: Persona 4
Canon Point: Post vanilla Persona 4 true-end.

Background: Wiki link!

Personality: From the outside, Naoto seems cool, calm, and collected. At times she can come off as cold or unemotional, but only because, despite her small stature, she attempts to put on the air of someone much more mature than her age. Through this demeanor (and while masquerading as a male), she earned the title of “Detective Prince,” and was a consultant of the police, although she also often worked on her own.

Even with a calm exterior, however, it's easier to illicit an emotional reaction out of Naoto than it first appears. This is especially true when dealing with a case, or when someone close to her is being threatened. Despite her serious appearance, she can act quite childish and narrow-minded at times.

Her work and her job is one of her driving forces; her parents were both detectives, and died during an investigation when she was young. Partly out of adoration and partly to find her place, she started training soon after the accident to become a detective and continue the Shirogane line. It's no small matter; Naoto is a workaholic.

Although she works as a consultant for the police, she is also often on her own, and will fall just short of doing anything to solve a case. When it became obvious that the police had arrested the wrong suspect in the Inaba murders, Naoto acts as a decoy (and the next victim) by readily placing herself in a position where she knows that she'll be kidnapped, all in order to show the police that the true criminal is still out there.

After this, the investigation shows up to save her, and is met with her shadow. Her shadow reveals the two parts of herself that she has the most issue with, and thus, the two parts people are least likely to see. The first is a more physical barrier; she dislikes the fact that she is a woman, and feels she loses respect because of it, and isn't taken seriously.

Her drive to be taken seriously and respected is one of the key defining points of her character; in the conversation with Souji in which her Persona attains its final form, she admits that her greatest fear has always been that she would not be accepted. This acceptance that she strives for has two dimensions; she both wants to be accepted and respected in the workplace, and accepted by her peers as a friend. In the workplace, she was (and still is) very rarely taken seriously because of her age, despite her accomplishments. However, at the end of her social link, she vows to keep working cases and trying harder so that she'll one day be acknowledged.

The other side of herself that she is hesitant to acknowledge is her childlike side, the side that both needs other people and shows weakness. The shadow itself is very needy, clinging to the other members of the group, and behaves as a child; throwing tantrums, screaming, and crying (all things that Naoto technically does to smaller degrees, but is hesitant to admit to herself). Although she ultimately comes to terms with it, and accepts it as part of herself, it is still very hard to recognize on the outside. While part of her childlike side stems from the fact that she is still young, and is often in a hurry to grow up, the other part stems from her loneliness.

Acceptance (and friendship) from her peers was another thing that she had often struggled with when she was young. As a young girl growing up with an interest in detective novels, she was shunned by many others in her age group, and deemed to be 'strange' or 'weird.' As a result, she spent a good deal of her childhood reading mysteries in her grandfather's study, and prior to the events of the game, had no other friends her age to speak of. While she did have a good family in her grandfather and their butler, she was still very much alone, and although she hadn't realized it at the time, was wanting to begin forming stronger connections with people and make friends her own age. Post her rescue in the TV World, she is able to realize this dream by becoming part of the investigation team. Her intro in Persona 4 arena echoes this, and opens with her speaking on how important her friends are to her and how much she wants to spend time with them.

To her friends, she will occasionally show her more childish, vulnerable side. She is seen several times blushing and visibly reacting to comments made about her appearance or figure, and becomes visibly upset when the group is swapping ghost stories.

When placed in an unknown environment, Naoto's first instinct is to observe. She takes in details around her before coming to a decision, although the decision isn't always the most intelligent or beneficial to her.

Naoto's greatest strength is her will, but she often attempts too much and gets herself in over her head. She's willing to go to any lengths to solve a case, but because of this, she also often risks her personal safety. Slightly less so after nearly dying in the TV, but not by much.

Abilities: In addition to being moderately fit, Naoto is also a Persona user! Her Persona is Yamato Takeru. Since she's coming from vanilla, she doesn't have her elemental attacks, and most of her abilities are either non-aspected magic damage or instadeath spells. Both of these take a pretty heavy toll on her.

Alignment: Sosyne! Naoto tries her best to remain calm and act mature, regardless of the situation. During her confrontation with her shadow (arguably her lowest point in the game) she's characterized as being angry and losing her cool, in contrast to her usual demeanor.

Other: N/A


General Sample:This should be enough.

Emotion Sample: Spooky.

Questions: None that I can think of!


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