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Status: CLOSED

A SPECIAL NOTE, PLEASE READ: Due to Luceti entering the end of its plot, officially (DETAILS HERE), applications are open all the time. If we receive a sudden inexplicable spike in apps this might change, but that is unexpected.

Previously played characters can return for the endgame using the basic application at the bottom of the post. We will allow canon-updates of characters using the same application, just label the app appropriately.

PLEASE READ THE RULES BEFORE APPLYING! Especially the last few, as they establish what characters can or cannot be accepted.

The old application posts can be found on Livejournal, using the Applications tag.

Here's the application. Copy and paste the text box info into a comment and fill it out. You must apply with the following format, otherwise your application will not be accepted.


Confused? HERE is a quick explanation of how to fill out our fandom applications.


Confused? HERE is a quick explanation of how to fill out our OC applications.

You may link to threads on the [community profile] trainingwings community for your first person samples, as long as the thread in question is no older than three months. The thread or post must still have at least ten lines of dialog from your character to be considered.

HERE is a word-counting tool to check your 3rd person samples.

If a mod does not accept your app right away, please be patient. We all have our own personal and busy lives to attend to, and there might be a period of time when it might take us days to get to the applications. There is also the possibility that we do not know the canon you are applying for, and we need time to study it. So please be patient and we will work as fast as we can to get you an answer. If it has been a week with no word, please feel free to message Akai (guynophobic) or Kath (so moe you died) on AIM, or email them at their respective email addresses found in the [community profile] luceti profile page or here at the Resource/Link Directory.

Note: Applications are not always processed in the order they are received, due to the way they are divvied up between the moderators. If your application has been skipped, do not fret. Another mod will be getting to it soon enough. Additionally, you now have ONE WEEK to complete revision requests and Q&A's. You will be reminded of this deadline three days before it's up. After that week has passed, your application will no longer be considered for the current round. We apologize, but please be patient with us!

A note for applying here on Dreamwidth: Due to the character count limit being higher on DW, it might be tempting to toss the whole thing in one comment and leave it. However, we ask that you split the application up into at least two comments- the first containing your player information and (if you want) basic character info, the rest in another comment (or more, if you wish). This is to avoid having entire applications spanning the page and making it huge.

Splitting them up will make it easier for mods to process the applications. Thank you!


As noted above, if you are either:
a) a previous/current player bringing back a character played here before
b) a current player with a current character wanting to canon-update

Here is the short-form application you can use.


1) The character must have been played in Luceti BY YOU at some time in the past.
2) The character must not currently be played by anyone else.
3) The application must be accepted by a mod as per usual before the character can ICly return to the game.

If you have questions about this app (it's very much a beta right now, this is the first time we've done this!) please use the contact methods above.
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Jack Horner | Fables

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Name: Masamune
Dreamwidth Username: [personal profile] dammitmasa
AIM/Plurk: Masamune3x / [ profile] dammitmasa
Current Characters at Luceti: [personal profile] markofthewise, [personal profile] snikting, [personal profile] dragmire
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Jack Horner | Fables

[personal profile] originaljackass 2013-03-01 05:00 am (UTC)(link)

Name: Jack Horner (or Jack of the Tales)
Canon: Fables
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown, but appears to be in his mid-20s. His true age is hard to determine due to how he embellishes his stories. But he’s anywhere from 500 to 1000+ years old.
Wing Color: Silverish Blue

Canon Point: Jack of Fables #50 - just after dying
Canon Point Explanation: This is after his death, after the conclusion of his story. This means he’s gone through the development of his dragon curse, but has resumed human form (in both his deceased body and his soul itself). It also means he’s escaped his contract with the various devils he’d bargained with. This will allow Luceti to be a continuation of his story rather than an interruption from it, wherein he’ll be allowed to have character development as the fallout from the messy events that resulted in him and his son killing one another.

Jack Horner | Fables

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Jack Horner | Fables

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Jack Horner | Fables

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Jack Horner | Fables

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Jack Horner | Fables

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Gold | Pokémon Special | Canon Update | 1/?

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Name: Kyo
Journal Username: [personal profile] kyosuke
AIM/PLURK: shounenspirit / [ profile] mamoritai
Current Characters at Luceti: Gold, Asbel, Haru Glory
mischiefbreeder: (☀ They do just fine without my orders!)


[personal profile] mischiefbreeder 2013-03-01 05:01 am (UTC)(link)

Name: Gold
Canon: Pokémon Special
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Wing Color: Gold

Canon Point: Post-epilogue events of Volume 43, Chapter 460
Canon Point Explanation: It's the latest chapter starring Gold, of course!
History: It's a history, yo.

Personality: The simplest way to characterize Gold is by noting that he is a Jerk with a Heart of Gold.

Okay, provided you've survived your venture into TVTropes land (or even better, were smart enough to not fall into such an obvious trap), I'll elaborate. When you first meet Gold, what you often see from him is that he's kind of a jerk. He's very arrogant and blunt, always speaking exactly what's on his mind. You don't have to worry about him mincing words or hiding the truth from you. But it also means he's often not very sensitive about what he says. He's prone to being sarcastic with people, always full of wise cracks and peanut gallery commentary. You can count on Gold to make a joke, make some odd comment or reference, or give someone a ridiculous nickname based on his first observations of them. A lot of his behavior stems from his own amusement. Gold seeks entertainment. He says weird things, makes bad jokes, and plots all sorts of ridiculous pranks, all just to amuse himself. As if in direct contrast with his teammate and friend, Crystal, Gold is very immature, and rarely takes anything seriously, treating everything he encounters casually and as if it's all just a game.

But there's definitely far more to him than just the jerkish outer behavior. If you spend any decent length of time with him, you quickly discover that he's, well... honestly a really good guy. It takes a bit to warm up to him, considering his behavior, but once you connect with him, you've got a friend for life. He's incredibly dedicated to those he considers his "partners", be they human or pokémon, and will never abandon or hurt them. He carries a burning desire to help others with their troubles, no matter how big or small they might be, always putting others before himself, despite his admittedly selfish-sounding attitude. He doesn't even expect to gain anything out of it, despite how he might claim otherwise. Any perks or bonuses obtained as a result are just that to him, ultimately.

But can a person truly be described such a banner statement? Hardly. There's always much more to a person than what can be first seen.

Gold can very much be compared to a child, and that's a pretty accurate way to look at it, to be honest. He's energetic and immature, always playing, always goofing around. Always looking for that way to just have fun and not worry about things. His motto is pretty much "don't sweat the small stuff", even. Compared to his more serious companions, Silver and Crystal, Gold is very nonchalant about most everything, taking a devil-may-care approach to life. To him, it's almost like life is a stage and he's one of the players. This can be seen in his dramatic, over-the-top behavior, in which he makes all of his actions into a show of sorts. Exaggerated gestures, ridiculous speech patterns, and overdramatic behavior, he does whatever it takes to seem as flashy and out there as possible.

He's very much a creature of emotion, carrying his heart on his sleeve and letting his emotions dictate his actions. Happiness, anger, sadness, despair... He'll switch between them from even the slightest change in stimuli, and act based on them. He's very hotblooded, leaping into things full-throttle at the slightest provocation. It really doesn't take much to get him to just fly off the handle and take action, without any consideration for the consequences that might lie ahead, be they good or bad. He's honestly kind of careless; once he gets caught up in his emotions, he won't stop to think things through or listen to reason. But he's passionate about what he does, putting his heart into anything he sets out to do.

In short, Gold's a guy who comes off brash and abrasive at first, but is actually a sweet, kind, heartfelt, fun-loving guy who treasures those around him. Friendship is key to him. He'll fight for his friends, and if they're in trouble, he'll save them. And if you hurt them, well... you're in for a world of hurt. Treat him well, and he'll value you as if you were gold.

...On a final note, he's a bit of a pervert. Girls are damn fine, okay?


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Sarutobi Asuma ;; Naruto ;; Reserved 1/?

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Name: Angie
Journal Username: [personal profile] picarats
E-mail: kismesis [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com
AIM/PLURK: hintcoin (AIM) [ profile] heartstringing
Current Characters at Luceti: N/A


Name: Sarutobi Asuma
Canon: Naruto
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Wing Color: Deep red with yellow tips

Canon Point: Post-death
Canon Point Explanation: This would be the easiest point to pull him from and play him. There won’t be any awkward between Asuma and castmates, and he wouldn't have to worry about suddenly finding out he's dead, since he already knows.
History: Wiki link!
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[personal profile] picarats 2013-03-01 05:01 am (UTC)(link)
At first glance, Asuma is a pretty chill guy. He’s relatively laid back and relaxed, the kind of guy that most people enjoy to be around. While he may be a chain-smoker, he is an easy-going teacher who spends time, and cares about his students—particularly Shikamaru, who he regularly plays Shougi with. Sounds like a pretty straight-forward guy, right?


Asuma is a Shinobi, and one who takes his job very seriously—though he doesn’t always show it, and his laid-back nature is somewhat deceiving at times. He is a very capable fighter, and one who prefers to think before he acts, instead of rushing into a fight like Naruto would. As a teen, he was a part of the twelve guardian ninja, and was much more brash and reckless than he is now. He actually ran away from Konoha for a time, after a disagreement with his father, the Third Hokage. Since then he has matured a lot, and when you look at his past self and who he is now, you can hardly tell they’re the same person. He understands what it means to be a Shinobi, now, and desires to protect not only his country, but his village and the next generation of ninja as well—and he puts his life on the line for that.

In line with how serious he takes his job, is his personal life. Asuma is not one to flaunt what he does in private, and his private matters—who he cares about, his past, ect—are things that he keeps to himself and rarely shares with others. A great example is his relationship with Kurenai. While people may have suspected the two were an item, the truth doesn’t actually come out until his death, when he tells Shikamaru. Why? Well, because he knows just how dangerous personal ties can be. Not to himself—but to the person he cares about. He’s cautious, because if an enemy or someone who has a vendetta against him find out his weak points or who he cares about, they could go after those people. He wants to avoid them getting hurt in this way, by keeping these matters to himself.

He is a chain smoker. Not a very compelling trait, until you look at some of the interesting details surrounding his smoking habits. Mainly—He will stop smoking whenever something bad happens, or when things get serious. When it comes to smokers, this is usually the opposite. If you look at it though, there is some reason behind it. Namely, smoking has a “calming” effect, and when people try to quit? They get restless. What better way to give your all in combat, than when you’re antsy and on edge? Quitting for a time is his way of pulling out all the stops, and showing just how much a situation affects him.

Asuma ‘s laid back nature often leads to him getting stuck with things he’d rather not do—such as train Sora and Naruto on how to use wind chakra. People will just. Give him jobs and leave him to it, which isn’t exactly something he appreciates, because unless he has to do something, he would rather not do it. This aspect of his personality is most apparent during the chuunin exams, when he is the only jonin to not step in and stop Hinata and Neji’s fight. However, he will easily step in when his own students’ lives are in danger.

This leads me to my next point: His stance as a teacher. Asuma is a good guy, and while he claims to be strict, you don’t actually see him being very…well, strict. At least, not strict in the sense that most people think. He’s laid back, and wants his students to do their best and be at their best, and he will push his students to be the best they can be. He is very proud of them, after all. However, while they were still considered team 10, they weren’t exactly the most motivated team, and Asuma often had to resort to tricks and bribery to get the results he wanted—though this was mostly in Choji’s case, with who he would offer to take out to lunch in return for things like participation in the chuunin exams.

There are a few things that he is very passionate about. A big one is Family, and the relationship between family members. He never got the chance to reconcile with his father, so when people—like Kazuma—use their family ties for evil or manipulation, he gets pissed. Fathers are supposed to lead their children to be the best they can be, after all, not manipulate and misuse them. Another point he’s passionate about is fighting for the future generations.

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Gretel - Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

[personal profile] haventkilledusyet 2013-03-01 05:04 am (UTC)(link)

Journal Username:
[personal profile] sepiaepiphany
harlequindream @ plurk
celia0sword @ aim
Current Characters at Luceti:
Clove - [personal profile] shenevermisses
Faith Long - [personal profile] charitylovehopefaith
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[personal profile] haventkilledusyet 2013-03-01 05:04 am (UTC)(link)

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters
mid twenties (assuming 26)
Wing Color:
dark brown

Canon Point:
Canon Point Explanation:
This is the end of Gretel's known canon, and it allows her to be a little less anti-magic, at least past the "kill at the first signs of magic" point. She knows there are good witches in the world and won't, therefore, think it's appropriate to burn anyone who uses magic.

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Kaede Kaburagi | Tiger and Bunny | Reserved

[personal profile] maplemimicry 2013-03-01 05:04 am (UTC)(link)

Name: Batty
Livejournal/Dreamwidth Username: [personal profile] batty_chan
AIM/MSN: oyajimoe (no msn, plurk more commonly used @ batty_chan
Current Characters at Luceti: N/A


Name: Kaede Kaburagi
Fandom: Tiger and Bunny
Gender: Female
Age: 11
Canon Point: After the last timeskip at the end of episode 25
Canon Point Explanation: Kaede, and in particular her relationship with her father, undergoes a lot of development throughout the course of the series. By the end of the series, with many of their miscommunications and misunderstandings resolved, their relationship is on stable ground, and I’m interested in exploring how it develops and grows in the future.
Wing Color: A light, pastel pink

...For some reason, that link only goes up to episode 24. The last four paragraphs of Kotetsu’s history on this wiki page summarize the events of episode 25 and the epilogue.
maplemimicry: (pic#5770358)

[personal profile] maplemimicry 2013-03-01 05:07 am (UTC)(link)
Personality: Kaede can rightly be said to take after both her parents. Above all, she’s a passionate girl--whether she’s excited about meeting the junior champion ice skater, fangirling her favorite Hero Barnaby, or rushing off to another city to save her dad, everything she does is suffused with enthusiasm and fire. She’s inherited her father’s intensity, and it burns equally bright in both love and anger. This is perhaps most clearly seen in episodes 19-21, when she screams at Kotetsu that she doesn’t even want him to come home anymore, but is just as soon vehemently proclaiming her father’s innocence in the murder he’s accused of, despite the other six (brainwashed) heroes trying to convince her that Kotetsu is dangerous and she should leave. Then, when the situation is resolved, she whips right around to chew her dad out for all his Wild Tiger-related lies and secrets over the years.

She likes to think she’s cooler than her dad, but in a lot of respects, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Kaede can be impulsive and (though perhaps to a lesser degree than Kotetsu) somewhat reckless. She sometimes says hurtful things without meaning them, and she doesn’t always think before she acts. She runs off to pray at the family shrine without thinking of bringing an umbrella for the rain, and when the storm worsens and she gets trapped inside, finds her phone battery dead and can’t call for help. Later, when she leaves Oriental Town without a word to anyone to go to Sternbild, it’s apparent she doesn’t actually have a plan for clearing her father’s name. It’s by sheer force of luck that she happens to run into Maverick on the way to the roof of Apollon and absorb his power, and she doesn’t even realize she has it until it activates on its own when she screams for the other Heroes to give her her dad back.

Despite this, she’s clearly mature for her age. She’s good at determining what she wants and is very straightforward about such things. She’s motivated and hard-working, and does what she believes is right, despite what others might think, and often on her own.

Even so, she’s still just a child, and is usually preoccupied with mostly childish concerns: She gets in a grumpy and huffy mood because she can’t find her favorite stuffed animal; she turns down a present from her dad because it’s not cute; she jumps up and down in excitement at getting an autographed magazine of Barnaby. She expresses affection in somewhat childish ways as well, such as with crayon stick-figure-like drawings, but she’s developed some of her mother’s “tsun” tendencies as well--by the epilogue of the series, Kotetsu has returned to Hero work from his retirement the previous year, and it’s revealed that she encouraged him to do so by claiming that just sitting around at home was pretty lame. Of course she wants him to be home and with her, but since learning the truth, she’s come to understand how important being a Hero is to him, and she wants him to be happy.

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Flora Reinhold ;; Professor Layton ;; Reserved

[personal profile] picarats 2013-03-01 05:06 am (UTC)(link)

Name: Angie
Journal Username: [personal profile] picarats
E-mail: heartstringing [at] gmail [dot] com
AIM/PLURK: hintcoin (AIM) [ profile] heartstringing
Current Characters at Luceti: N/A!


Name: Flora Reinhold
Canon: Professor Layton
Gender: Female
Age: 18-ish
Wing Color: a bright yellow on the outside of the wings, changing to a light pink on the inside.

Canon Point: End of the third game.
Canon Point Explanation: Canonmates are from the end of the third game, so it’ll be smooth sailing.
History: Wiki link!
picarats: (Default)

[personal profile] picarats 2013-03-01 05:09 am (UTC)(link)

Flora is a calm, sweet girl. Having spent most of her life in a tower, though, she usually doesn't know how to communicate very well. She'll either shy away from people by running off/only speaking what’s necessary, or go on a never-ending tangent. Flora is incredibly kind, though, and generally gets along with most people. However, she does have serious abandonment issues, and will cling to the people she cares about by following them around. Even when they tell her not to, she'll go off and follow them anyway. She does this a number of times when the Professor and Luke go out on their adventures--She just doesn't want to be left alone.

Flora can be kind of oblivious when it comes to her own safety. She tends to get distracted, or she just won’t realize she is in danger. Which leads to her getting kidnapped, wandering off, ect...She is very calm in the face of danger, though, and seems to hold herself together pretty well when things get hectic and confusing. In that way she is very strong. She is, however, also very naive. She's trusting and honest, and sees the good in people, but doesn't take into consideration the negatives to their personalities. A great example of this is Clive--He kidnaps her, and the only thing she wants is an apology. She doesn't even seem that upset by it! So while she is strong in the face of danger, she doesn't always realize just how dangerous some situations are.

Despite being dependent on the people she cares about, and following them when they leave her, Flora is fiercely independent in many cases. She does what she wants, without really worrying or thinking about the consequences. When Layton tells her to stay put? She follows anyway. When she was stuck, trapped in a tower? She took matters into her own hands to make sure things worked out. Really, she just does what she feels she should do, even if it's a course of action someone else would disagree with. She's definitely not afraid to act, that's for sure.

Being alone is something she doesn't like. She has spent most of her life being virtually alone, so she tries to avoid it if at all possible. Her lack-of-people skills seem to get in the way of this, as she only really has the Professor and Luke, but she sticks to them like glue regardless. With them she's found a family, and really that's all she feels she needs--Even if she doesn't like being left behind when they go off on their adventures.

Flora is well meaning. She's a kind girl who enjoys the company of others. She's a young woman, but due to being raised in a tower will often act like a child in respects to the things around her. She notices the little things, and enjoys a good view, and will often state these facts aloud. She's got a strong heart and has been through a lot, but she doesn't seem to let it affect her for long, and works towards accomplishing her goals and staying near the people she depends on.

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Siuan Sanche | Wheel of Time

[personal profile] ageless_words 2013-03-01 05:06 am (UTC)(link)

Name: Wolf / CC
Journal Username: [personal profile] silverwolfcc
AIM/PLURK: LittleTigerCC12 / [ profile] silverwolfcc
Current Characters at Luceti: Marco: [personal profile] fierybluebird / Smoker: [personal profile] justicereigns / Fujiko Mine [personal profile] doubleppk


Name: Siuan Sanche
Canon: Wheel of Time
Gender: Female
Age: 40, but as an Aes Sedai, she looks much younger, and indeed even "ageless"
Wing Color: Blue!

Canon Point: Chapter 5 of Book 2: The Great Hunt
Canon Point Explanation: By this point Siuan has been the Amyrlin Seat for 10 years, finally received news that Moiraine found the Dragon Reborn (their twenty year mission) as well as two more ta'veren, and the Horn of Valere. For all that "good" news (if confirmation that the end of the world approaching is good) Siuan herself is trying to juggle family politics taken to the worst extreme outcomes and managing the world at large. To say she's stressed is an understatement, and it shows.
History: WoT Wikia link
ageless_words: (fishtails and eyes!)

Siuan Sanche | Wheel of Time

[personal profile] ageless_words 2013-03-01 05:08 am (UTC)(link)
Personality: Raised by a Tairen fisherman, Siuan grew up around fishguts and boats her entire life until the White Tower, and she rarely lets anyone who truly gets to know her, forget it. Tear has a fairly strict system about classes, though it wasn't generally enforced except through economic and sociological conditions. That said, however, these things still greatly inhibited the typical development of anyone born without an economic or noble background, and usually the two were synonymous. In Tear, channeling: the ability to connect to saidar for women, or saidin for men, was completely outlawed. Any woman who was discovered with the ability to do so was immediately shipped out to the White Tower and discouraged from ever returning. Tear itself, doesn't have any female rulers, their distrust for the power was so great that they only allowed men to join the High Council of Lords that governed the country, and indeed, they had a fairly curt relationship with Tar Valon and the White Tower. Females in general were often viewed as manipulative and scheming, and it was illegal for commoners to press charges against a lord or to make any accusations against one.

As a fisherman's daughter, Siuan grew up on a boat, learning and working at the trade as a very young girl, and until the "spark," the ability to channel, was discovered within her as a teenager, she assumed with everyone else, her life was going to be simply fishing. She had no formal education in politics, or "Daes Dae'mar" nor did she even know the basics of math or how to read and write. However, she was an extremely quick study and in less than three years as a Novice (the lowest interns of the White Tower for those training to become Aes Sedai) Siuan was excelling so well at her classes, she quickly became an Accepted. This set a record that, up to that point, only two others had matched, Moraine who was Siuan's best friend, and Elaida who became one of Siuan's worst enemies. Despite not even knowing how to read or write Common before joining the Tower, Siuan excelled at her classes and studies so much that before long, even as an Accepted, she was teaching the classes on the Old Tongue, something the Tairen noblemen were supposed to learn, but few did.

Siuan is incredibly stubborn and ambitious, but above all else: driven to the point of nearly epitomizing the Blue Ajah stereotype of being "so willing to save the world, they lose themselves in the process." She is incredibly sharp-tongued, blunt, and for all the typical Aes Sedai stereotype of being manipulative, (which Siuan certainly is) Siuan's brand of manipulations has been likened more to being beaten with a stick. She's also been known to actually conjure a stick of air to use to smack someone and teach a lesson, so that's a very good comparison. Indeed, even her constant fish references and sayings are less because she wants to remember her roots, and more because she wants everyone else to remember them. In the highly political realm of Tar Valon, Aes Sedai and world rulers who know about Siuan's background as a Tairen fisherwoman, often underestimate her sharp intellect and how quickly she catches onto new ideas.

It also helps that Siuan gets a kick out of using her status as the Amyrlin Seat combined with blunt, even vulgar speech patterns to elicit a shock from people. Much like her blunt stick beating machinations; this serves to throw off her political opponents and gives her opportunities to strike and get done what she wants. However, those who truly know her best also know that for all she wants respect, she prefers a much more casual stance and she can get more irritable about being teased with formality than receiving none at all. Siuan is an incredibly loyal friend and ally, but above all else, she will use everything, anything, and everyone towards her cause. If the "ends justify the means" then Siuan surely has justice on her side, if not always very much else. More than anything, Siuan is extremely devoted to her cause(s), which fortunately happen to be saving the world and the entirety of time and existence from being destroyed by the Dark One.

Siuan was mischievous and a great lover of pranks, and she was fantastic at puzzles, all before coming to the Tower. She hid most of that in the White Tower for obvious reasons, (they have very strict rules and standards, even more than any of the world's nobility since Aes Sedai and the Amyrlin are more like the Pope and bishops) but her closest friend and "Pillow friend" Moiraine was often let in on more of Siuan's secrets than anyone else, even when they were both accepted, and this continued until they were literally considered partners in crime and Siuan was deposed from the Amyrlin Seat. Indeed, Siuan was extra mischievous with Moiraine and did her best to make her laugh often at the worst possible times, and she was even willing to use tickling if need be to do it. Still, this isn't a trait she lost entirely, and much later in life, she started using this again in a very tsundere way, with the man she fell in love with: Gareth Bryne. Siuan's love of pranks usually incorporated using others to help her out, and as such, when she did get in trouble, (which was very often) it often got those closest to her in trouble as well. This even elevates in degree later in the series when Spoilers: one of her most trusted best friends gets Stilled and deposed alongside her, and the man she loves dies from being separated from her and unable to watch her back when she's killed. In any case, for all her prickly choice of words and antics, it shows she actually does like people and prefers to be alongside with them.

Despite becoming a world leader, Siuan forever had a huge dislike for rules. In some ways, this actually served her fairly well since it forced her to find ways to manipulate around the rules in order to get away with thwarting the intentions, if not the actual letter of the laws. However, her dislike for adhering to rules, especially if she felt it got in the way of her causes or justice, was well-known to other Aes Sedai, and it even leads to her downfall thanks to her reputation for it. That said, it's also a huge part of why she dislikes standing on formalities, especially with those who know her well, and even later in life, she continues to thwart rules almost just because they're in the way.

Much like the rest of her personality, or way of talking, Siuan has little to no use for honey, whether in her tea, manipulations, or negotiations. Certainly something that would drive the Grey Ajah crazy around her, she also makes a habit of noting it when other people do like syrupy sweet things. She doesn't consider it soft of them, she just finds it mildly gross and perhaps a bit unnerving. Likewise, Siuan is incapable of getting along with horses. Part of her seafaring background, and partly that she's convinced they smell and manipulate her fear. Instead of honey, sweets, or any amount of kind words with little to no meaning to them, Siuan greatly prefers practical things. Fish, crackers, black tea, things with substance and purpose, things she can use and direct specifically to her causes.

Despite Siuan's ambition, she hadn't actually intended, nor sought to become the Amyrlin Seat. She wanted to sail all over the world and explore, but as Moiraine pointed out, Siuan was born to lead. She has a commanding presence and attitude, and her intelligence and quick study made her a large asset in palace courtroom politics. Siuan is pretty good with people, coarse, a little bit bullying, manipulative, and blunt besides, but she's a good read on them, and she is an extremely caring, devoted friend. Throughout the series, she's one of the fiercest most loyal allies the other characters can obtain, and she's someone who spit in the Dark One's face in order to tell him off of her friends. Between this and her knack for puzzles, before being raised to Amyrlin Seat, Siuan was given the position overseeing Eyes & Ears for the Blue Ajah, connecting the network of spies and informants. And in true Siuan fashion, she forever retained the knowledge in her memory to utilize at later dates for the sake of her personal causes she believed were right.

While Siuan is perfectly capable of tiptoeing around laws (to thwart them) or the truth (for her causes; though as an Aes Sedai, she incapable of lying, and even when that disability was revoked from her, she still did her best to adhere to the truth as much as possible) Siuan does not sidestep topics, especially not to spare someone's feelings. Once again, this is part of her blunt "stick-like" style, lacking in honey and preferring instead to go straight to the most useful aspect possible. It's also part of what makes her a good leader, since she fearlessly charges beyond anyone's comfort zones, including, or perhaps especially, her own.


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Professor Oak | Pokemon Adventures/Special | Reserved

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Name: Dikeledi
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Name: Professor Samuel Oak
Canon: Pokemon Adventures/Special
Gender: Male
Age: mid to late 50s
Wing Color: Light Grayish Brown(like his hair)

Canon Point: Post Emerald arc

Canon Point Explanation: This canon point was chosen because most of the Pokemon Adventures/Special cast in Luceti started right after the Emerald Arc. I figured it would be a lot easier and cause less confusion between characters and players by following suit.

History: Bulbapedia

Professor Samuel Oak is the famous researcher who had created the Pokedex, a device known to collect data on Pokemon. He is well-known, especially in the Kanto region where he does his research in his lab in Pallet Town. Johto is also one of many regions where he is very popular, thanks to having a second research facility in Cherrygrove City and hosting in a radio show with DJ Mary. Other achievements include being a former champion in the 1st Pokemon League tournament and a current member of the Pokemon Association. Many scientists and trainers look up to him as he’s the leading authority of Pokemon. His dream is to have a complete Pokedex, which may become a reality thanks to his assistant Crystal and the other Pokedex Holders.

While known from little children as a “mean old nut”, it’s far from the truth. He’s passionate about Pokemon and cares for their well-being. He’s not one that would want Pokemon to do his whim and only that, but rather someone who wants to befriend and work alongside them as partners and friends. He doesn’t see Pokemon as tools but companions and creatures deserving of love. Because of this, he doesn’t give away his Pokedex so easily. A trainer must feel the same way and use the device as a means of research and not solely as a tool for battle. So far, there were no regrets in entrusting the Pokedex to all ten trainers(three of them which were given by Professor Birch, whom Oak trusts). It shows that he professor has good judgment and a good heart. But that doesn’t mean that he is without flaws.

Everyone have their angry moments and Oak is no exception, though he is quick to accuse if anything else. Such accusations occurred in the second chapter when Red entered his lab without his knowledge and accidently freed his Pokemon from the pokeballs. It took some explanation, but after retrieving the Pokemon, Oak was able to see Red in a different light and not as a thief. Gold’s situation was different, but was given the same treatment; he was accused of being reckless by jumping into a flooding river. But after the professor calmed himself down, he realized that Gold had done what he did to save a Pokemon.

When he’s not annoyed at someone to the point of anger, he gets worried to the point of forgetting tasks that must be done on the here and now. One example is in the Yellow arc when Pika came into the lab injured. Though Oak’s worry over the Pokemon was justified, since the Pikachu was hurt and Red was nowhere to be found, he was asking it too many questions without realizing that it needed medical attention. Misty had to remind him that Pika should be taken care of first.

Lastly, Oak can be a bit of a braggart. Such behavior is shown in the RGB and Yellow arc, both which he told Red and Misty how he was the champion of the Pokemon League in his youth and how no trainer can match up to him. Though it is usually ignored by changing the topic, it doesn’t affect the Professor’s demeanor; he would continue to talk about something else with the other person as if nothing had happened. That, along with his blunt nature and temperament, points to him being human; he’s not perfect. Despite it all, he is a kind soul with a love for the Pocket Monsters. Once you get to know him a little more, you too will believe that he’s not what the little ones say he is.

Professor Oak | Pokemon Adventures/Special | Reserved

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Despite being an old man, Oak is healthy enough to stand on his feet and fight when needed be. Both the RGB arc and the FRLG arc show events where he was able to quickly recover from injuries Team Rocket had inflicted on him in their kidnappings. Other than that, Oak’s pretty much your average joe who can do whatever someone else in his age can do.

Oak is no dummy, especially when it comes to Pokemon, since it takes a great deal of knowledge to become a renowned professor. Being able to create the original Pokedex and its upgrades shows his ability as an inventor which coincides with his position as a researcher. His intelligence had gained the attention of Team Rocket who wanted to force him to participate in the continuation of the Mewtwo Project. Oak’s also skilled enough to decipher an ancient language written in the notes concerning the Wish Pokemon Jirachi, had it not been stolen from his lab.

Oak is a man who cares deeply about Pokemon. He cares enough to only let certain trainers keep a Pokedex depending on their feelings toward Pokemon and what they mean to them. He’s also very observant, being able to identify all the Pokedex Holders according to their abilities such as fighting, training, healing, breeding, and capturing to name a few.

It was shown in the FRLG arc that one’s happiness can bring him to tears, which was evident after Blue left his lab to see her parents for the first time. He’s also selfless, thinking of others before himself. When he was captured by Team Rocket the first time and was currently being freed by Green, Oak said to forget about him and was asked to instead free the citizens of Pallet Town. Another instance is when he showed compassion by giving Blue his complete trust; despite stealing his Squirtle, the Professor gave her the Pokedex because he believed in her and cause of the promise she was willing to keep.

Oak is an old man; because of his age, he may have a hard time keeping up with the younger crowd. One example is in the RGB arc when he joined Red in the recapturing of all his pokemon that were accidently released from his lab. Oak mentioned that he would’ve been too old for this had he noticed they would be walking all the way to Viridian City to find his pokemon.

Age also plays a factor when capturing pokemon; because of such, Oak was unable to successfully capture a single Slugma to collect data for his research. He says that his age had caught up to him, since in his younger years he would be able to catch them easily and without any trouble.

The professor is no Superman. Like any other human being, he can easily get cuts and bruises on his skin and body. Despite telling Crystal that he can still fight despite being old, he’s not strong enough to defend himself or escape from Team Rocket’s clutches, since he had been kidnapped twice before.

In the GSC arc, Oak admits to not knowing everything about pokemon, since there are many more secrets out there that have yet to be discovered.

In the FRLG arc, Oak caved into Team Rocket’s demands and was kidnapped a second time. Although the Professor was more resistant in the RBG arc, the same thing could’ve happened had Green lost to Koga, since the latter believed that putting the former through agony would’ve convinced him to take part in the Mewtwo Project.

Oak can easily get frustrated and to the point of agitation depending on the topic or situation at hand. Examples include Gold not understanding him when talking about the Pokedex Holders helping others with their strength. Another is when Yellow refused to answer his questions concerning Red’s disappearance and the reasoning behind Pika’s condition.

The Professor is quick to anger when thieves steal his pokemon or when trainers can’t take no for an answer. But what really ticks him off is when someone is reckless enough to risk losing their life. An example is in the GSC arc when Gold was doing that very thing, unknowing to an angry Oak that he was doing so to save a pokemon’s life.

Anything else?: Oak will have these Pokemon with him: Fearow, Stantler, and Kangaskhan.

Fearow is a Normal and Flying type Pokemon which is said to have a Hardy nature and knows the moves Fury Attack and Mirror Move. The manga doesn’t state its gender, so is going to assume it’s male. Was formerly a Spearow who had evolved into its current form in the FRLG arc. It’s weak against Rock, Ice, and Electric attacks, but is strong against Bug, Grass, Ground, and Ghost attacks.

Stantler is a Normal type Pokemon and is Oak’s method of transportation, knowing the moves Confuse Ray and Take Down. She is female and was around during the GSC arc before the Professor’s first meeting with Gold. She’s weak against Fighting type attacks, but is strong against Ghost type moves. It also knows the ability Frisk, which shows the item being held by their opponent.

Kangaskhan(nicknamed Kanga) is a Normal type Pokemon and knows the moves Mega Punch and Dizzy Punch. She is female and one of the oldest in Oak’s team, being she was around when he won the 1st Pokemon League Championship. She’s weak against Fighting type attacks, but is strong against Ghost attacks. She also has the Scrappy ability, meaning that Normal type attacks will cause damage against Ghost Pokemon.
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Moiraine Damodred | The Wheel of Time | Reserved

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Name: Ax/Axiom
Journal Username: [personal profile] voidbearer
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Name: Moiraine Damodred Sedai
Canon: The Wheel of Time
Gender: Female
Age: 42-43, appears early 20s due to wielding the One Power
Wing Color: Various shades of blue, dark to light.

Canon Point: The Great Hunt, Chapter 5
Canon Point Explanation: As of this canon point, Moiraine and the 3 Ta’veren (Rand Al’Thor, Mat Cauthon, and Perrin Aybara) have completed their journey to the Eye of the World and stopped the Dark One from escaping his prison. Moiraine has learned the identity of the Dragon Reborn, and her role changes from protector and guide to mentor and advisor. Essentially, this is the end of one adventure, and the beginning of another, where Moiraine’s purpose changes dramatically. It details Moiraine and Siuan’s plans for the future.

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Moiraine Damodred | The Wheel of Time | Personality

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Personality: Moiraine Damodred Sedai is a very driven person, having a single minded desire to do what she feels is best in her mission: to fight against the Dark One and his minions. It’s worth stating that this is not always the nicest path. When dealing with anyone outside a very, very small group of people she will always act in the manner that furthers the greater good of what she perceives to be the Light. This is not to say she is some Machiavellian sociopath who hurts everyone or tosses people aside, merely that she has a tendency to be alright with making difficult choices. The following quote, to three young men she rescued from a Shadowspawn attack, is a perfect example of this: “The Dark One is after you three, one or all, and if I let you go running off wherever you want to go, he will take you. Whatever the Dark One wants, I oppose, so hear this and know it true. Before I let the Dark One have you, I will destroy you myself.”

She is a kind person, but there is no room for error or balking at a hard choice when opposing the Dark One, so she must be pragmatic and a little cold. And given the things arrayed against her mission, it’s hard to say she’s wrong in this. Her goals are simple: Find any way to oppose the Dark One and aid the Dragon Reborn. Failure to do so will result in the world being doomed and the Wheel of Time being broken forever in the image of the Shadow, so she doesn’t really have room to be nice all the time.

That said, she is not an unreasonable or uncompromising person. Nor does she believe that she holds all the answers, admitting several times to Siuan Sanche and Lan Mandragoran that she does not. Moiraine knows her strengths and her limits and asks questions accordingly. Moiraine hires or befriends the appropriate individuals with the right set of skills to get a job done, such as taking Lan Mandragoran as a Warder rather than someone that she knew better.

Moiraine is a serious individual who carries herself as such. Work comes before pleasure, period. She smiles and is a happy, generous person but can become as cold and withdrawn as a stone at a moment’s notice when it’s necessary. She takes joy in what she can, though she accepts that relaxing is not often a thing that she can do. Moiraine does enjoy dancing, and listening to music. Even with friends, though, she takes care to keep the bounds of propriety. Moiraine Sedai does not allow herself to become drunk nor does she allow herself to be taken for a fool. She makes no secret that she wears a mask to hide her true self from others, but she also rather flatly tells people that she’s doing it. With certain specific friends, such as Siuan Sanche, she removes this mask entirely, and Siuan is probably the only person in the world who’s really seen the person underneath the mask since she came to the White Tower. She is a kind, gentle person who goes out of her way to help people provided it does not interfere with her mission. An example of this is Tam Al’Thor, who she takes great pains to heal even though she didn’t need to, severely draining herself in the process to remove the taint of a Trolloc’s blade.

Moiraine on the battlefield is a whole different person from the calm, quiet and collected Aes Sedai. She is a ferocious opponent who generally tries to overwhelm a foe with raw force. She's headstrong, ridiculously so, and has an absolutely die-hard attitude towards defeating an enemy. She is not afraid of death or injury, and throws herself into danger without hesitation. A good example of this is her duel with Aginor and Balthamel. Both of the Forsaken outmatched her by a huge margin in terms of relative power but she threw herself at them without a second thought, thinking only to delay or stop them however she could. This trait is something that follows her in her personal life, and she is known as a fairly reckless Aes Sedai among the others. Though most Aes Sedai are considered to be like spiders on a wall, Moiraine is more likely to take action rather than merely manipulate from behind the scenes.

Moiraine is also a very secretive and manipulative individual. This is due to her upbringing as minor royalty in Cairhien as well as her live in Tar Valon as an Aes Sedai. In both parts of her life, almost different worlds even, navigating political landmines was extremely important to survival. In a noble house, proper and due custom had to be observed, as a single mistake could have dire ramifications in Daes Dae’mar, the great game of houses. In Tar Valon, it was similar, with the various factions of Aes Sedai all vying for political gain within the White Tower. Moiraine displays enough savvy to avoid getting herself killed or worse. Being Aes Sedai also means that she has to keep quite a lot of secrets as the customs and rituals of her faction, the Blue Ajah, are complex and kept hidden from outsiders. She must maintain a hidden identity outside of Tar Valon as well as the world at large fears and hates Aes Sedai because they are so secretive, and because of incidents long since passed.

In regards to family, Moiraine, despite being of a royal bloodline, wants nothing to do with them. She resents her uncles for their cruelty to others, as well as for their sheer stupidity. In a fit of pride, one of her uncles started a war that devastated every country east of Andor. Very, very few people know of her bloodline and she keeps it secret for that reason. She certainly won't be discussing it openly with anyone who doesn't already know.

Moiraine is a student of history and she is shown to delight in learning almost as much as a member of the Historian’s Ajah, the Brown. This is in part due to her parents, both of whom were scholars. She often tells stories of the past and shares history lessons with other characters, to teach or to entertain or to impart wisdom, or to shame them as she does in early in the first book. She takes great pride in her learning and training to be an Aes Sedai and it lends her an air of calm serenity. Despite all of that, though, Moiraine does have quite a temper. She does have cracks in her armor, and she will act on that anger. She displays somewhat petty tendencies over minor slights, particularly those who treat her poorly because she is Aes Sedai. She shows this particularly well in her treatment of Nynaeve Al’meara, a village wise-woman who causes her quite a bit of grief. Nynaeve repeatedly insults Moiraine and receives some rather cruel rebuttals and harsh words in reply. Accusations that Moiraine might be a Darkfriend, a servant of the Shadow, make Moiraine furious and it will break that outer calm to splinters. Moiraine believes very strongly in what the White Tower stands for, and anyone who questions the role Aes Sedai play in the world is in for a rather vociferous argument. She may not agree with all of her Sisters, particularly Elaida Sedai of the Red Ajah but she does not ever speak ill of them.

Another part of Moiraine's trouble with Nynaeve Al'meara is that she is uncomfortable discussing topics related to romance and sexuality. This is due at least in part to her Cairhienen upbringing, as the entire nation is considered somewhat subdued and dour, a fairly conservative kingdom. Her general seriousness and her choice of Ajah (Blue Ajah are forbidden from marrying) are also reasons for her somewhat prudish attitude. The acts themselves don't bother her, but discussing them causes a mixture of flustered consternation and even a little frustration. It barely occurs to her that her Warder, Lan Mandragoran, is a handsome man and she has an issue with seeing him (or others seeing him) that way. It is a major source of contention between her and Nynaeve.

As a final note, Moiraine believes very, very strongly in the Pattern, a metaphysical fact in her world. The Pattern is similar to fate, destiny, or other such concepts and Moiraine has a somewhat strong belief that the Pattern will do as it wills, and that people are just caught up in it. This often leads her to wait on the Pattern to show her answers when it could be too late, though the Pattern will take that into account according to how the Wheel of Time weaves reality. The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills.
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Undertaker | Kuroshitsuji | Reserved

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Name: Undertaker
Canon: Kuroshitsuji
Gender: Male
Age: Ageless but he looks to be around his early 30s late 20s
Wing Color: Gray at the base fading into black

Canon Point: End of Chapter 65 right after he cuts the Campania in half and disappears.

Canon Point Explanation: I’m taking the Undertaker from this canon point because it gives a very well rounded view of his motives and overall personality.

History: Have a wiki!
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Undertaker | Kuroshitsuji | Reserved

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The Undertaker is eccentric. He is usually seen as a man who is obsessed with death, coffins, and funerals as his name implies. He is never really shown any serious side to his demeanor and typical he often requires people to make him laugh as a form of payment for his services. He explicit states to hating the Queen outright as shown in this quote.

"Victoria, aye? I'm not a fan. She sits herself up so high above everyone else, and leaves the painful dirty work to the Earl."

The Undertaker, however, is not a dumb person though he does tend to act absentminded and flighty. He is shown giving Ciel advice and information in both the circus arc and the jack the ripper arc of the manga. But typically the Undertaker is a man who has created an image for himself as being a creepy and overly fond of death and everything related to it type of person.He also doesn’t really care about personal space and will do anything to get a laugh out of someone, even if that means startling them or making them uncomfortable with his advances. However he never does anything with malice or that is what is perceived.

As of the Campania arc the Undertaker shows a vastly differing side to himself. The Undertaker is a shinigami and not just an ordinary one either. He is apparently one of the infamous few shinigamis said to have deserted their positions and removed themselves to live among humans. The Undertaker has apparently known Ciel’s family in the past; specifically his father Vincent Phantomhive and even in the present day he seems to have a slight attachment to the Phantomhive household.

”It seems you only make the Earl miserable after all. So maybe I’ll just have you disappear.”

This quote from chapter 64 shows that the Undertaker has a specific interest in Ciel. He also entrusts his apparent “treasure” the funeral lockets he wears like a sash around his person to Ciel without much of a thought either. The Undertaker has only shown attachment to one other person and that is Viscount Druitt.

"He, he... It's been a while since I've laughed so much... To lose such an amusing man would be like losing the whole world to me... Don't you agree? Shinigami?"

But this might have only been due to finding Druitt entertaining and funny as shown with this quote from the chapter.

He has also shown to have a way of manipulating people as well, as he used a human doctor to perform his own experimentation with the corpses he was provided, while making the man think that he was creating some miracle cure to bring people back to life. But even the Undertaker cannot perform such miracles and instead he went for something slightly more twisted. The Undertaker has a curiosity towards humanity which is one reason why he created the living corpses (bizarre dolls as he calls them) for the Aurora Society. His fascination with the human spirit led him to editing records so that a human never dies and instead it tries to fill itself with that which it no longer has, a soul. Everyone saw this as being perverse but the Undertaker only saw it as a interesting theory and he acted upon it with the tools given.

The fact of matter is, is that the Undertaker is in it for the amusement; he really didn’t see anything wrong with putting zombies onboard a ship with people to see who would live much like a test of survival of the fittest. He doesn’t care that he tampered with human lives and souls because it was interesting to him and led to some curious results. One could say that the Undertaker has a skewed and distorted view of what entertainment is let. His easy going manner on the entire subject, such as telling Ciel he was far too young to understand the beauty of his work, is another example of his distorted view and nature. He’s basically somewhat crazy in his ideas and thoughts though he hardly sees it as such, and meddling in the affairs of humans (which is illegal for shinigami to do) is something of a pastime amusement for him.
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[Silver | Pokémon Special | Canon Update] 1/?

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Name: Silver
Canon: Pokémon Special (Pokémon Adventures)
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Wing Color: Silver

Canon Point: Post-HGSS (ch 460)
Canon Point Explanation: This is the most current canonpoint; in addition, a lot of his out of game conflicts have either been resolved or drastically changed in nature. To top it off, he's somewhat more mature! ...Somewhat. Kind of.
History: Bulbapedia!


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looks at length of app 4/?

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but I'm really not 6/7?

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Arya Stark | A Song of Ice and Fire

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Arya Stark | A Song of Ice and Fire

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Name: Arya Stark
Canon: A Song of Ice and Fire
Gender: Female
Age: 11
Wing Color: Grey and white, like snow on stone

Canon Point: A Feast for Crows, right after she kills Dareon, before returning to the House of Black and White.
Canon Point Explanation: This allows for as much character development for Arya as possible before she starts pushing herself aside for the House of Black and White. After this point, "Arya" is just another of the names/faces she has worn and she is actively trying to make herself someone else -- or, more accurately, is trying to make herself into no one per Faceless Man training. TL;DR, this allows Arya to be Arya without her backpedaling into Just A Girl.
History: Informative as a Wiki

Swift as a deer. Quiet as shadow. Fear cuts deeper than swords.

Arya is a fierce little thing, even before the events of the series begin to make her into an even fiercer little thing. She's the quintessential tomboy, preferring to fight with swords than to practice her needlework with her sister and the other girls. She's closer to her father and brothers than she is to her mother and sister. She's hard to ruffle, especially with disgusting or scary things -- in fact, she even tries to eat a worm out of a cadaverous face that the kindly man puts on in the House of Black and White to try to intimidate her. Dead things don't scare or disgust her. She faces them like anything else, even before she is charged with cleaning and undressing the bodies in her time at the House of Black and White.

In spite of her young age, Arya has killed before, and not just once. She's killed a stable boy who threatened her, some soldiers who would have blocked her escape from Harrenhal, and one of the men on her list. The list is more of a nightly prayer than anything; each night, Arya recites the names of those she means to kill for the crimes they've committed against her and hers. The list has gotten significantly shorter than it once was, but she still recites the list of names every night before she sleeps. She knows that sometimes, murder is the only option if you're trying to stay alive yourself. The kindly man points out that she's a little too quick to pass judgment, though, and tells her that she relies too heavily on "kill it" as the solution to her problems. That said, Arya does worry that she's becoming something she never meant to become, wondering at one point if her mother would ever forgive her for all the terrible things she's done.

Arya's temper is truly a thing to behold, though. Gendry suffers the flares of her frustration throughout the third book, along with Lem Lemoncloak (who suffers a fantastically broken nose) and several others. To be fair, Gendry provokes her by calling her "m'lady." Which drives her crazy. Did we mention that she hates being called a lady? Because she really does hate that. (And also being called a child. Children don't kill.)

Firmly of the opinion that Sansa is the one who's supposed to be girly, Arya doesn't see the point in love or marriage and thinks it's all stupid. She does, however, believe firmly in being there for her "pack", after her father impresses on her the importance of banding together to survive both literal and metaphorical winter. She tries to reconstruct her pack after her father's death, turning to Hot Pie and Gendry as her new pack members, but after both of them leave her for their own agendas, she's both heartbroken and angry and decides (bitterly) that she'll find her own way through. Because they were stupid anyway and who needs them.

Resourceful, quick-witted, and naturally suspicious of everything ever since the world flipped up onto its head with her father's death, Arya has gotten very good at surviving against all odds. She's been through a lot for her age and is of the opinion that she isn't a child anymore after all she's gone through. She's cautious, often refusing to give out her real name because she knows full well that she's being hunted by Queen Cersei. She's not above stealing to survive, killing when she must, or doing the low and basest tasks if she has to - including catching and selling pidgeons to survive in Flea Bottom. She's so familiar with being ridden with fleas and ticks that they're something like pets at one point, and she almost feels bad washing them off. She's irritated and grumpy when scrubbed hard and forced into a dress while traveling with the Brotherhood. She gets into wrestling matches with Nymeria and Gendry and really just about anyone.

Arya does have her soft side, though. She loves her family - or what's left of it - with all her heart. She's tempted more than once to try to get to the Wall just to be beside her bastard brother Jon Snow, and she's too sentimental to get rid of her sword Needle when the kindly man asks her to. She makes friends easily (when she puts her mind to it) and is naturally curious, earning her the nickname in Winterfell of "Arya Underfoot", because she was always underfoot. She's brave, loyal, and fierce, just like her family's sigil of the direwolf. And she's also terribly proud of that bloodline and all it stands for. Just like her wolf, she's a natural leader, taking lead of her "pack" of Night's Watch rejects in spite of being the youngest (aside from Weasel).

Also, she tries to build herself around the tenets of her Braavosi swordsmanship teacher, Syrio Forel. Syrio's sayings like "swift as a deer", "calm as still water", "quiet as shadow", and "fear cuts deeper than swords" - especially "fear cuts deeper than swords" - constantly run through Arya's head as she tries to talk herself up and bolster herself for anything difficult. They've become as much a part of her as anything else.
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Name: Jade Curtiss
Canon: Tales of the Abyss
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Wing Color: Blue

Canon Point: The last pre-credits scene in which Jade is among the members of the group evacuating Eldrant, following the final battle with Van and saying goodbye to Luke.
Canon Point Explanation: The canon points for the other Abyss cast members are at various points of the game. However, I chose to take him from near to the end of the game in order to retain as much of his character development as possible. The true latest point is the epilogue scene set one year later, but the details surrounding that scene and the events leading up to it are vague enough that the last pre-credits scene seems like the easier canon point to work with. Additionally, I would like to consider the events of the Nebilim sidequest as having taken place for him if that is alright.
History: Tales Wiki
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Jade has been a prodigy from an early age, both in terms of intellectual prowess and talents in the fonic arts. He was able to make many innovations in the applications of fonic artes from an early age. Jade has always been particularly logical, tactical-minded and openly pragmatic. He easily gives off the appearance of not caring for others and often does what he can to encourage this opinion. In actuality, he does indeed "care", but in his own unique way which often seems to be devoid of actual emotion.

Looking back at his childhood is a sign of how far he has grown. His own sister openly describes him as having been like a "devil" who took joy in killing even harmless monsters. This was influenced by his abnormal perspective towards life. Jade has always struggled in comprehending loss and death. He only understands it in a scientific sense while being unable to process it emotionally. Through his logical viewpoint, it seemed reasonable to just replace what was lost with a copy, which is what spurred him to create the art of fomicry. This was especially true when he considered matters to be his own responsibility, as his pride in his abilities made him think he should be capable of fixing any mistakes. It was initially used to replace a broken doll, which ended up traumatizing rather than appeasing his sister.

It took several incidents for him to turn against the fomicry he invented. First, it was when he had accidentally caused Gelda Nebilim to be fatally wounded, and he chose to create a replica of her rather than seek medical attention. The resulting creation was unstable and homicidal. Still, it was Peony who persuaded him to shut down fomicry forever. One key component was likely that, even when a replica was a perfect isofon, there was no way to transfer memories to one. And he realized that without memories, no replica could truly be a revived Gelda, so that he could perform what he had intended to for her: to get down on his knees and beg for forgiveness. Gelda had been a light in his life and had drawn him in when he was young and distant. Jade found her worthy of admiration because she was a Seventh Fonist, and the Seventh Fonon was the one which Jade could not use. But those idyllic days of youth in Keterburg came to an end due to Jade's hubris. He admired the Seventh Fonon, but at the same time he coveted it, so that he could be able to truly perform any arte. His attempt to use it backfired and caused the events involving Gelda's death and her replica's birth. It's rare for Jade to admit to any kind of pain, but one that he does admit to is his guilt over what he did to Gelda. His regrets regarding fomicry only increase during the game, to the point where he admits to his self-destructive wish that he could go back in time and kill him as an infant, but the others came to remind him of the good things that have come from fomicry as well.

His primary attachments are to those he's known since his youth in Keterburg. Along Nebilim, there is his sister Nephry, the emperor Peony and Dist the Rose. It is debatable on what level he "cares" for them, but with the exception of Nebilim due to her already being deceased, he clearly values their lives and seeks to protect them. He still can be as callous towards them as he is for others. Notably, he has been distant from Nephry for the past several years, and within the game he primarily stops by when the group needs information from her. In one case, he had been assumed dead and showed himself to be alive simply by nonchalantly visiting her for an unrelated matter. His attachment to her comes across in more subtle ways, such as his displeasure at Peony naming a rappig after her or his attempt to make a copy of her doll which set the whole fomicry business into motion. Peony, on the other hand, is the emperor he serves, and the two share a much clearer camaraderie in which they constantly snipe at each other with their respective brands of witty remarks. Peony seems to have had the most positive effect on Jade prior to his meeting Luke, as he convinced Jade to stop pursuing human fomicry, and he probably also played a hand in Jade's devotion to Malkuth. With Dist, on the contrary, the friendship is borderline abusive, even moreso in their youth. When they meet as enemies throughout the game, Jade is continually bored with Dist rather than considering him a true threat and dismisses him playfully, then gleefully enacting some unshown torture on him to get information out of him. The others continually speculate that Jade cares for Dist more than he shows. However, he seems much more genuinely angry in Dist after he tried to free the Nebilim replica. The one thing Jade has faith in regarding Dist is his ability to survive.

Aside from that, he takes a shine to those whom remind him of himself in ways. Primarily, this applies to Luke following the events of Akzeriuth, as his attempts to pull himself together and try to better things remind him of his own attempts to work through his guilt. His "friendship" is one that is shown indirectly. Elder McGovern has stated that old people like Jade have no time to scold people they don't like, so Jade's scolding of Luke which McGovern witnessed means that he has taken a liking to Luke. Additionally, Jade initially mocked Luke for his reluctance to kill others, because of how it made him a liability on the battlefield. But later in the game, prior to the first showdown with Van, Jade implies that he admires Luke in some way for how he agonizes over every individual death he causes, because it is the clearest symbol of the empathy which Luke has and Jade does not. As with Gelda and the Seventh Fonon, Jade comes to admire another's quality which he himself lacks. But this example takes on a healthier form, as Jade says he has been "learning" from Luke. And indeed, it seems that as Jade's time with Luke deepens, he comes to learn more about the value of life through him and in particular through the value of the replica's own life.

While Jade's personality does not undergo a particularly drastic metamorphosis, there are several shifts in his line of thinking during his journeys with Luke and company. In some cases, not even he is aware of them. For instance, it is only during a conversation with Anise partway through the game, during their first trip to the Absorption Gate, that she points out that he must really believe in Luke and the others to have gone so far following them. He considers it as a new idea and realizes that he would have abandoned them if he had not come to truly believe in Luke. And later on in the game, when faced with the dilemma of either Luke or Asch having to sacrifice himself to cleanse the world of miasma through hyperresonance, Jade acknowledges that the practical choice would be to sacrifice Luke, because in the end the original is the more useful one. However, he also expresses that he personally would choose otherwise, and that he would prefer Luke to be the one to survive, even acknowledging him as a friend.

Luke does wind up surviving, but with a case of fonon separation that would lead to his eventual death. Jade does what he can to honor Luke's wishes by not telling the rest of the group, even though they all find out in their own ways, and he also looks into possible ways to help him in another sidequest, which results in him questioning Dist about the "big bang" coming from fonon separation. Jade is still forced to accept that there is nothing he can do to help Luke beyond generally hoping for Luke to do something outside of his expectations once more. Still, through this while process, in a way he has taken steps towards understanding the meaning of life and death through coming to hope for Luke's continued survival.

He has always had a habit of being blunt in his assessments and unsparing towards others' feelings. Over the years, however, he has learned to often mask his observations with a cheery tone that can make them seem sarcastic and joking, which can make him easily frustrating to others. In other cases he can act self-deprecating about himself, particularly about his age, when he is feeling particularly lazy. Jade is still capable of flattery, even though it's often exaggerated and sarcastic, and he often employs that when bouncing off of Anise. He has a sense of humor of sorts, but it is a twisted one. In many cases, he laughs at the ways in which others interpret him, or at their ideals, but even then it does not often sound like genuine human laughter. His brand of humor comes from exercising his wit as much as possible in speaking with others, and his stubborn pride leads him to take all measures to look like the better man in a conversation. One instance was during one of his first meetings with Luke, when he was trying to convince him to help them and acquiesced to Luke's request to get down on one knee and beg. Luke questioned his pride afterwards, but Jade asserted that his pride was bigger than a matter so petty, and he infuriated Luke's expectations by calling him Master Luke in a mocking tone. Despite his odd relationship with Dist, Jade also seems to take an odd delight in comparing Luke and Guy to them, often in an especially abrupt manner. He can very easily get childish, too; when one of the others showed surprise at Jade openly comparing Guy to Dist, Jade proceeded to act as if Luke had said it and tutted at him for it, despite everyone having heard him.

Jade does not exactly hold grudges against others. This is another pragmatic aspect he exhibits, with his ethics being driven by logic rather than emotion. He even manages to admire the meticulousness of Van's plotting while the others are content to be angry or confused by his choices. Even if Jade is aware that a person and their actions are abhorrent, he will be willing to deal with them particularly if they can be of use to him. He does this to Spinoza, who not only broke the seal on fomicry but through his betrayal of them caused the deaths of the other elderly researchers who were assisting them. While this leads the others to demand that Spinoza be punished when they find him, it is Jade who convinces them that there is nothing that can be done to undo his sins; instead he can be put to work to helping them under surveillance, work he jokingly deemed to be "punishment enough". At the same time, Jade tends to assume responsibility himself for such tragedies, as he regrets getting others involved when their lives are endangered and when outcomes occur that he has not foreseen. Still, this does not mean that Jade personally forgives others. Earlier, Jade specifically refuses to accept Spinoza's attempt to justify his usage of fomicry for creating human replicas, by saying that he is not interested in "mutual wound-licking" or in excusing others just because they shared sins. Rather, Jade's respect comes from one demonstrating a genuine effort to change instead of making excuses, as Luke eventually does.

Despite his esteemed background in science, Jade sees himself as a soldier first and foremost, and he acts off of survivalist instincts. Even though Luke is the main character and the de facto leader (as is Asch from time to time), Jade is the one who tends to manage the group and assess their states, as well as how their emotions effect their usefulness on the field. He is willing to dispose of companions who would prove to be dead weight, and he doesn't look past the possibility of being betrayed by any one of them. Jade keeps many of his observations to himself, especially if he thinks the group will ultimately not benefit from it, but at times he does openly voice his suspicions, even if he does not wholeheartedly believes them. The most notable example is when he raises that Guy has been speaking to Van and questions his loyalties. Luke and the others choose to trust him, and Jade falls in as well. He attests that he only expressed his suspicion "as a matter of formality". And as a solider of Malkuth, he expresses a deep loyalty towards it and puts its needs first, initially, sometimes in deceptive ways. For example, when Natalia tries proposing a peace treaty to Emperor Peony, Peony has to stop her and ask her to rephrase it so that it does not sound like Kimlasca is deferring to Malkuth, so that they could meet on equal grounds instead; Jade was purposely trying to let her continue as such. However, there is a shift there as well which Jade notes in an optional conversation with Peony set near the end of the game, as he no longer was seeking Malkuth's good above all, but was also seeking the wellbeing of the world in general. It was something he saw as going against the way he had learned to live, but he did not necessarily see this as a bad thing.

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Madame Vastra || Doctor Who || Reserved

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Name: Vastra
Fandom: Doctor Who
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown (and given Silurians tend to look young no matter their age, we'll probably never know)
Time Period: A day after she, Jenny, and the Doctor visit Clara's grave at the end of “The Snowmen”
Wing Color: Green, feathers have a mottled/textured appearance similar to her skin (feathers are still traditional though)

History: (It's a brief history, however Vastra has only appeared in two episodes and only so much has been revealed concerning her history)

Personality: Much of Vastra's personality revolves around her species and her history as a Silurian living amongst humans. Vastra is a Silurian, otherwise known as 'homo reptilia'--Lizard Lady, essentially. In general, Silurians are seen as villains in the Doctor Who series, despite being a race that tends to avoid war except in cases of self-defense. However in both the more recent series and in the older seasons, Silurians have generally taken the antagonistic role in whatever situation the Doctor is involved in. This is perhaps because before homo sapiens, Silurians were the dominant species on Earth, and extremely technologically advanced. When it was predicted by several Silurian scientists that a large meteor was going to strike the Earth, some Silurians retreated underground in hibernation units to wait out the pseudo-apocalypse. Some fled the planet on an Ark (“Dinosaurs on a Space Ship”), and some passed off the prediction as the ravings of fanatics. But of course, the meteor did strike Earth, and most of the Silurians were wiped out, leaving humankind to take the reins and dominate Earth while the Silurians remained in hibernation underground.

Flash forward to about the year 1880, in London. The beginnings of the London underground were in full swing, which meant digging--lots of digging, and consequentially the discovery of a hapless pod of hibernating Silurians, Vastra among them. Terrified, the tunnel diggers killed almost the entirety of what Vastra called her “sisters”. Vastra awoke and seeing her sisters being murdered, immediately turned on the tunnel diggers and began killing them (and eating them--Silurians are carnivores) one by one. It was simple enough for a skilled Silurian warrior, and an obvious action to take against a visible threat. This incident not only shows how Vastra is willing to take immediate and deadly action against an attacker, but how honor-bound she is to her people, and how she feels responsible for protecting the innocent. After killing the initial band of diggers, Vastra lurked in the tunnels and took revenge on any innocent tunnel digger that crossed her path. Such a violent plan is somewhat uncharacteristic for a Silurian, however Vastra awoke to find her sisters being murdered by what used to be a primitive people. As a warrior, the last of her clutch, and a “monster” in the eyes of humans, it's clear why she reacted the way she did and immediately took to protecting herself and seeking revenge.

Fortunately, once the Doctor heard of her existence and the problem she was posing in the fledgling London Underground, he came to reason with her. Logic says that in the beginning, Vastra didn't listen to him and probably tried to kill him as well. But the Doctor is very persuasive, and Vastra isn't violent or evil at heart. She only reacted in such a knee-jerk fashion because it was most likely her duty to protect her defenseless sisters, and because she feared for her own life. She was in a strange time, in a strange place, feeling hunted and despised. Anyone would react violently. However the Doctor persuaded her to stop attacking and come out of the tunnel and into the world. Which was no doubt also terrifying, but Vastra is brave enough to not only take the Doctor at his word in a stressful moment, but to enter into a new situation and meet the obstacles that come with it.

And there are obviously many obstacles to living in the human world as a very-clearly-lizard-woman. But Vastra managed to convince most of London society that she was simply a normal woman with a strange skin condition, and non-TV canon works suggest that she's very successful at being a Victorian lady. In “A Good Man Goes To War”, Vastra displays some of that joking charm and grace around the Doctor (“I'm trying to be delicate, I know how you can blush.”) and her wife Jenny (yes, she's a Victorian Silurian Lesbian. “Ians” everywhere.) when she asks jovially if she's being insensitive again for suggesting she can't tell most humans apart. Another instance of her joking nature is when Jenny asks how Vastra managed to locate Jack the Ripper. Jenny asks, “How did you find him?”, and Vastra responds, “Stringy, but delicious all the same.” It's a morbid joke, but a joke nonetheless. The Matt-Smith-proclaimed 'Minisodes' leading up to “The Snowmen” also depict Vastra using her relationship with Jenny to purposefully make a member of Scotland Yard uncomfortable, and she and Jenny even laugh about it later. The man is clearly flustered by Vastra's bold declaration that no, she wasn't in love with Strax of all people. So clearly she indulges herself in a bit of “Victorian Propriety Chicken” and finds fun in making people squirm (she even drinks blood as though it were wine in front of Clara during “The Snowmen”, and makes that fact known simply to unnerve Clara).

Her manner of speech and word-choice suggests a well-brought-up Victorian lady, and she certainly dresses very conservatively (yes, it's probably to save the makeup artists their sanity, but Victorians were known for their conservative dress--something that Vastra picks up without any apparent complaint). She even rebukes the suggestion made in “The Snowmen” that her relationship to Jenny is improper by saying, “I resent that implication of impropriety, [Jenny and I] are married.” I suspect that their marriage is probably a combination of Vastra's devotion and love for Jenny and the concept of Victorian propriety concerning couples and living together with one's lover. However despite her outward appearance of someone attempting to follow customs, Vastra clearly flagrantly disregards some societal norms for the sake of her own happiness and amusement. She follows them in her own way, a way that makes her happy.

But underneath the Lady is the same Silurian Warrior. Vastra's fighting style consists of two katana, sometimes wielded together, and her manner of battle dress is very Japanese-inspired. This suggests that after her awakening, Vastra spent some time in Japan studying swordplay (the Silurian preferred method of combat is usually firearms), probably around 1881 (she also went to Egypt in 1881 and was mistaken for a god--and even after that she didn't come back with a swollen head!). Her style of combat and views towards fighting as seen in “A Good Man Goes To War” are very much rooted in bushido and fighting honorably. She and Jenny take a pair of human guards by surprise, and instead of killing them outright they just hold them hostage (though Vastra isn't above threatening them a little: “Oh please, try it. I'm ever so hungry.”). She also says, when asked by the Doctor who one of the fallen Clerics is, “I don't know, but she was very brave.” Vastra doesn't need to know who someone is or what they've done previously, she finds honor and worth in moments of bravery and doing what's right. This valuing of bravery is seen again in “A Good Man Goes To War” when the Headless Monks are closing in on the Doctor's alliance, Amy, Rory, and Melody. Vastra is the one to steady the troops by saying, “The child, at all costs, protect the child!” The group then takes on a horde of Headless Monks, Vastra even taking on a few by herself and emerging without any major injuries. She is all about the moments of bravery and staring down bad odds and fighting on anyway even if death is waiting for her.

Another incident that demonstrates this honorable tone to her battle-outlook and her life, confirmed by Steven Moffat, is Vastra's first meeting with Jenny. Jenny was being sexually assaulted by a Chinese gang in London and Vastra, seeing this, attacked and killed the gang single-handed (and then most likely ate them). She didn't have to save Jenny, and Vastra probably didn't even know who she was at the time, but Vastra isn't the sort of person to just leave someone to be attacked and hurt when she can do something. Yet another example of her willingness to fight for the defenseless is Vastra's choice to join Scotland Yard as a freelance criminal-hunter. At the beginning of “A Good Man Goes To War”, she returns to her home having killed and eaten Jack the Ripper. Jack the Ripper isn't a direct threat to her or to Jenny, but Vastra took up some sort of law-enforcement because she felt it would fulfill her in some way. She even protects her friends in other ways that don't involve fighting. In the minisodes and “The Snowmen”, Vastra is seen taking great pains to protect the doctor emotionally. She tells Jenny to have pity for the Doctor instead of be upset he isn't helping their investigation, because he has two broken hearts instead of one. When Clara is searching for the Doctor in order to obtain his help, Vastra puts Clara through a test where she can only answer in one word answers. Vastra does this to protect the Doctor and ascertain if Clara is lying to get close to him for some less-than-urgent purpose. Clearly she isn't the sort to leave the innocent and defenseless without her help, either, which is a complete 180 from her days in the London Underground. She is very much a skilled warrior, and has the heart of a brave warrior as well, which demands she protect her friends and allies in any way she can.

Even though she says she can't tell one human from another in “A Good Man Goes To War”, Vastra doesn't hate humans. Obviously--she's in a relationship with Jenny and works with humans in Scotland Yard and the various members of the Doctor's alliance. She doesn't hate anyone on principal anymore, and she accredits her reluctance to act out of anger or fear to the Doctor. Vastra is calm and refined in her everyday life, willing to play around a little with her friends, and very much down-to-business and fierce in a fight. Despite all of the loss she experienced in her more recent years, she has decided to make a life for herself out of the ashes, and is determined to make it an interesting life.
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Strengths: On top of being a very skilled warrior and swordswoman, Silurians also have a peculiar talent for stinging victims with a venom delivered through their extremely long and stretchy tongue, much like a frog-tongue. One touch can kill a full-grown human, however it's reasonable to assume that Vastra is able to control the venom delivery (during an exchange with Jenny, Vastra says “I don't know why you keep me around”, then stings a hapless Cleric with her tongue, paralyzing him. Then Vastra gives Jenny a suggestive look. Yes, this is Moffat making a lesbian reference, and obviously Vastra isn't going to, ahem, kill Jenny with her tongue). In addition to this Silurian ability, Vastra herself is very determined, very brave, and probably a great strategist given her talent for taking on criminals like Jack the Ripper by herself. But she's also able to adapt into a new situation without a great amount of difficulty or angst. She's a very fluid person, but not willing to bend and let someone threaten her, her friends, or the innocent.

In “The Snowmen” it is suggested that Vastra was the inspiration for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes. In the minisodes, Vastra is seen working as a consulting detective along with Strax and Jenny, investigating crimes and supernatural happenings around London. They are legendary, according to the minisodes, and Vastra is even called “The Great Detective of Paternoster Road”. In addition to her prowess as a warrior, Vastra is no doubt also quick-minded, and can solve these mysteries and crimes much like Sherlock Holmes. Holmes' strange solitary nature and peculiar habits, as well as his lack of social skills towards those he isn't close to, are also traits Vastra shares, solidifying her role as an influence for the classic character.

Weaknesses: Not many weaknesses are apparent in Vastra's character or in the Silurian race, so I'm going off of some headcanon and canon-based conjecture. First, given Silurians are based on reptiles, I imagine that Vastra is very susceptible to cold temperatures (whenever we see Vastra, she's usually pretty covered too, be it in a cloak or long sleeves and pants). And while Vastra is depicted as fairly calm and not very confrontational, she is a very fiery personality. She's a warrior, and probably quick to a fight, quick to defend. Not immediately violent with swords drawn, but perhaps a little quick to take offense or make a hot retort. She does tend to say things without thinking (even asking Jenny if she's being insensitive “again” in “A Good Man Goes To War”), which could get her into trouble with people who don't know her terribly well.

Vastra, given her fighting and warrior nature would probably be a very strong tactician and be wise to the ways of battle and the skills that come with it (quick wound dressing, various weapons knowledge, assessing weakness and so on). Also given her quick assimilation into Victorian society, it's likely Vastra is very good at catching on to customs and following them (she's quick on the uptake). Though it's unclear if she can even read English or if Jenny has to read for her, which could severely curtail her learning ability.

Its also likely that while Vastra follows human customs, she doesn't always think they're the best way of doing things seeing as she mostly insulted humans as a species in "A Good Man Goes to War". She may live among them, and protect the defenseless, but it doesn't mean she's in love with every human she meets or can sympathize with their daily troubles. And while she's very patient with her friends, I would think that Vastra isn't terribly patient with people she doesn't care about and outright and immediately hostile towards anyone she doesn't like. Given Luceti is primarily occupied by human-shaped beings, I can't see her being very warm immediately, which could be a serious pitfall for her.

I also imagine that Vastra, being a member of a highly technologically advanced species, might have a bit of culture shock dealing with middling technology. High tech guns? Sure! A toaster... Different story. She's a little stuck between super high-tech and Victorian times.

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Vanitas | Kingdom Hearts | Reserved

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Name: Jamarcus
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Name: Vanitas
Canon: Kingdom Hearts
Gender: Male
Age: physically 15, actually 4
Wing Color: Black with red tips.

Canon Point: Post Birth by sleep
Canon Point Explanation: From the canon point he's coming from, Vanitas has died. He fought for control of Ventus's heart and the X-Blade and lost. Right now he's lost, confused, and angry. I chose this particular canon point because I want to see how much character development it will take to at least get Vanitas to open up to people in a world where people know who he is. (I already read that there was a Vanitas here previously.)

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Vanitas | Kingdom Hearts | Reserved | 2/2

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History: Wiki Link

(OOC: While most of this info is taken from the wiki, other parts of this are taken from his backstory in the novels. The novels are treated as canon, but I will revise if this is unnecessary.)

Upon his seperation from Ventus, Vanitas was at first much like him. However, after four years under Xehanort's "care" he became the cold sociopath he is today. The typical jerk, Vanitas is the sort of person who wouldn't attract a lot of people, nor is he intrested in doing so. The lives of others, even that of his master, hold no value to him, and he'll gladly take theirs if he's given a reason.

Though he and Ventus are basically the same person, They couldn't be anymore different in terms of personality. Ventus values friendship and family above all else, while Vanitas is a loner who despises any type of contact with others, even going so far as to avoid physical contact. It's not that he doesn't understand things such as friendship, as he can feel what Ventus does, it's that he is less likely or less able to reciprocate the sentiments due to his nature.

On the rare occasions he does talk to others, Vanitas is blunt, cold, and apathetic. He's also not the type to mince words. If he has an opinion he's going to say it, and if you don't like it, he doesn't care. However, if he were to encounter someone who could tolerate him, it would be possible for him to be tolerable in return.

Though he's Xehanort's primary muscle, Vanitas is far from a mindless thug. He's just as sly and manipulative as his master, and can tell lies as easily as one can breathe. And unlike Xehanort, who uses poetic language to manipulate others, Vanitas merely relays a bit of information and keeps more important info to himself. This was how he as able to lure Ventus away from the Land of Departure by simply telling him Terra will change for the worst.

Though Vanitas is Xehanort's apprentice, the relationship between them is less of a Master and apprentice relationship, and more of a trust between thieves relationship. Despite his loyalty to Xehanort, he won't hesitate to disobey the old man's orders if he feels the need arises. For example, he was perfectly willing to kill Ventus for being too weak despite full knowledge that Xehanort's plan required Ventus to be alive. He even openly admits that doing so will flush all of Xehanort's plans down the drain.

Vanitas is derived from the Laitn word for Vanity. Quite suiting, given the boy's immense pride. Vanitas is extremely arrogant, believing his skills surpass all others. Vanitas has been trained to fight opponents by himself and believes he's more than capable of doing so. His pride will not allow him to accept help even when it's obviously clear he needs it. To Vanitas, asking for help is a sign of weakness and if there is one thing Vanitas hates, it's showing weakness. His pride is usually what leads to his downfall as he overestimates himself and underestimates his opponents.

Vanitas is very cruel and sadistic, having not the slightest sympathy for anyone but himself. If there is anything Vanitas loves, it's spreading the seeds of discord. He preys on a person's emotional weaknesses, turns friend against friend, and spreads doubt and pessimism for little reason than his own amusement. The root of his sadism can be traced back to his past. He spent four years suffering under Xehanort's training. In his mind, he suffered so others should suffer as well. Basically, he's just a glorified bully.

Though he may hate everyone in general, Vanitas reserves the greatest resentment for his light half Ventus. During his training, Vanitas was able to feel all of Ventus's love for his friends Terra and Aqua. This caused him to resent and envy Ventus greatly. The envy he feels against them is shown in his constant berating of his friendships with Terra and Aqua, especially when he breaks Ventus's wooden keyblade right in front of Aqua.

However, behind the apathy and the arrogance lies a boy suffering under the weight of his emotions and filled with existental rage. Vanitas was raised in a never-ending cycle of pain and suffering, forced to fight the Unversed, which were created from his negative emotions and caused him more physical and emotional pain when they were killed. He also felt that without Ventus, he was incomplete, and thus he longed to join with him again. This was his main reason as to why he was so fixated on the X-Blade. He believed if he could rejoin with Ventus, his pain would cease to be. Deep down, he still wants to be whole and know what it's like to feel positve emotions, but this is a side of him that you will never see unless something big happens.

If there is anything redeemable about Vanitas, it's his determination and willpower. Once Vanitas starts on a goal he will follow it with a single-minded passion, almost to the point of obsession. He will move heaven and earth to see his goal accomplished. This is shown by his determination to forge the X-Blade. To Vanitas, forging the X-Blade was his purpose and he would do anything to see it completed. However, aside from forging the X-Blade, Vanitas has no goal or motivation of his own. Without a goal to work towards, Vanitas will quickly become bored and destructive. Thus, he is very dangerous and should be approached with caution.

Vanitas will not be as fixated on the X-Blade as he was before, though he'll still be an antagonistic jerk. Instead he'll be out trying to find a new purpose for himself here in Luceti. While a complete reform as it were would be difficult due to his origins, I'm hoping that enough character development will at least help him open up to others.

Physical: Vanitas is a powerful opponent in battle. His training under Master Xehanort has honed his skills greatly. He possesses great physical strength and agility. His skill with the Keyblade is also formidable. Rarely holding back in battle, he means to strike down his opponent with each blow. Vanitas's endurance is also honed to supernatural levels, allowing him to fight for prolonged periods of time and make instant recoveries. Vanitas's armor is made completely out of darkness and can be summoned at will.

Vanitas skill with magic is also strong. Like most characters in the Kingdom Hearts series, Vanitas is capable of manipulating Darkness for a variety of purposes. His most often used skill is the use of Corridors of Darkness, which allow him to travel from world to world in an instant. In battle, Vanitas can energize his Keyblade with dark energy to increase the strength of his blows. Vanitas is also able to utilize dark variations of Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder spells, and can combine them with his physical attacks for added damage.

Vanitas's most often used skill in battle is to teleport out of the way just as an enemy attacks and perform a downward slice from above. He can also use a variation of this attack called Dark Splicer, which allows him to attack enemies multiple times while teleporting. Vanitas also has a powerful shotlock called Dark Cannon, at which he creates three blue crystals that combine to form a powerful beam of dark energy.

But Vanitas's most destructive ablility is his power to create and control the Unversed, monsters born from negativity. By manipulating the negative emotions of others, Vanitas is able to spawn the Unversed. The Unversed are completely loyal to him and will instinctively attack anyone in sight. The more negative the emotion, the stronger the resulting Unversed. Vanitas can also absorb the negative emotions of any defeated Unversed, making him stronger. I'm open to let the mods nerf this ability however they see fit.

Mental: Though he serves as Xehanort's primary muscle, Vanitas is by no means a mindless thug. He's as sly and clever as Xehanort, and can manipulate others with incredible ease. Unlike Xehanort, who uses poetic language and long speeches, Vanitas merely relays a scrap of information while keeping more important info to himself. This was how he managed to manipulate Ventus into following after Terra and leaving the Land of Departure. Just telling him that Terra would be a different person without exponding on how was just enough for him to leave. Vanitas is also pragmatic enough to realize that killing his enemies straight off won't get him anywhere so he bides his time accordingly.

Emotional: Despite how easy it is for him to get under someone's skin. It's nearly impossible to get under Vanitas's skin. The boy is calm to the point that it's practicaly inhuman. Threats barely faze him, insults bounce right off him, and he might twist them against others. Even when things don't go his way, Vanitas remains calm and tranquil. Only the threat of imminent death seems to temper the boy's pride. His determination and willpower is quite strong as well. Once Vanitas starts something, he'll finish it come hell or high water. He'll move heaven and earth to see his goal completed, even if it means he has to die to do it.

Physical: Though formidable, Vanitas is far from invincible. Vanitas is suprisingly human in regards to phyiscal weaknesses, despite the odd circumstances surrounding his origins. Spells that cause status effects are quite effective against him, especially spells that suspend him in midair such as Areo, Gravity, and Magnet. While his endurance is high, a strong enough blow can knock him out. Also, being a being of darkness, Vanitas is vulnerable to light-based attacks.

Teamwork is also an effective strategy against him. Vanitas does his best in one-on-one fights. If he's outnumbered, he'll be overpowered and forced to retreat. Also, according to his backstory, destroying the Unversed causes Vanitas physical pain.

Mental and Emotional: If one were to list every negative emotion one could think of, Vanitas would fall under most if not all of those categories. Vanitas is, put simply, a mess of the worst parts of a person. Because of his nature, it's difficult, if not impossible, for him to truly care about another person. He is completely incapable of forming bonds or relating to other people in the slightest. Vanitas' antisocial nature also prevents him from relating to people. He actively tries to avoid contact of any kind, even physical. This makes him quite unlikable.

Vanitas's pride is also a big weakness. Because of his pride, he tends to overestimate his abilities, and underestimate the abilities of his opponents. This usually leads to his downfall when he's fighting. Also, like any teenager, Vanitas is quite implusive. If things don't go his way, Vanitas will throw a bit of a temper tantrum. The biggest example of this is when he attempts to kill Ventus despite full knowledge Xehanort required the boy alive for his plans. He even openly admits that doing so will flush Xehanort's plan down the drain. While Vanitas's determination is admirable, it also borders on obsession. An example of this is his fixation with the X-Blade. It's this obsession that makes him somewhat predictable.

Writing Samples

First Person

[The journal flicks on to reveal the pale face of a 15 year old boy. Unsettlingly, he looks remarkably like Sora sans the black hair and hauntingly gold eyes. For a few mimutes, he stares at the journal. When the boy finally speaks, it's clear by his tone that he's anything but Sora.]

Okay, whoever thought is was funny to bring me here had better realize that I'm not laughing. And to anyone with a brain in this backwater world, I'd like to find a way back home. Don't waste my time with idiot answers. I mean it. You better give me an answer before I start looking for one. [and to emphasise his point, a strange key-shaped sword appears in his hand in a flash of purple fire.]

[The boy pauses for a moment, before a malevolent smile appears on his lips.]

Oh and Ventus, because I know you're here, if you don't want me to start hunting you down. You better find me before I find you. We need to have a "heart-to-heart." [He then breaks into crazed laughter.]

Third Person
A groan escaped Vanitas's lips as he slowly regained consciousness. After the blissful sensation of feeling nothing for a while, being brought back to life was quite an exhausting experience. As he began the slow, aching climb to his feet, he began to notice something peculiar: His armor was missing. Well, that was easily rectified. By mental command, his armor began to knit itself back together. The only thing missing was his helmet, but that was irrelevant as there were more important things on his mind. One of those happened to be the burning question: Why was he still alive? Last thing he remembered was merging with Ventus, forging the X-Blade, and battling Ventus for control of their heart.

But once his thoughts came towards Ventus, his eyes narrowed as a lingering thought burned into his mind: He failed. Thats when anger began to build within him; Anger towards Ventus for foolishly choosing to die when they could have been whole, anger towards Aqua and the mouse for interfering, anger towards Xehanort for marching him to his faliure, and anger at himself for blindly following his orders. He was so close! Salvation was nearly in his grasp! He did everything Xehanort wanted, but he still failed! And now to add insult to injury, he was still alive and now had no purpose. What was he supposed to do?!

"Well Ventus?!" He thought to himself. "Was it worth it you worthless idiot?! You saved your friends, but what did it get you?! I'm still here, so where are you?!"

Vanitas then took a few deep breaths to rein in his anger, lest too powerful Unversed appear.That's when he began to sense an al-too familiar source of Light. Only one person could be that annoyingly good: Ventus. He then began to walk in the direction of the light.

During his walk, his eyes directed themselves towards the black book on the ground. He picked it up to find that the book had his name on it, which was odd as he never carried a journal. He then opened it to find that he could see people in the book and hear their voices. One particular voice happened to be Ventus. This made him smile malevolently. He was going to find Ventus, and make him pay.
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Diamond ♪ Pokémon Special ♫ Reserved

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Name: Diamond "Dia"
Canon: Pokémon Special
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Wing Color: Light blue, fluffy as a teddy's stuffing

Canon Point: End of Chapter 441, which wraps up the end of the DPPt arcs.
Canon Point Explanation: The end of my character’s storyline, development-wise and plot-wise.
History: Bulbapedia’s article on Dia right there.
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Diamond ♪ Pokémon Special ♫ Reserved

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Personality: When one looks at Diamond, they have the first impression of a slow, dopey, friendly, and overall average guy. Some might even call him stupid. While they’re all true (the last to some extent), Diamond’s also proven himself to be intuitive, perceptive, incredibly stubborn, and foolhardy. Setting off from Twinleaf to Jubilife’s with Pearl for a manzai contest, he was rather naive in thinking that evil so horrible as the ones in his favorite mecha anime, Proteam Omega, couldn’t possibly exist in the real world. This was proven false and he learned that bravery is doing what’s right in the face of danger and even if you’re frightened. As long as you stand for your beliefs, you could do anything! That’s his motto, more or less, along with just doing what you enjoy and eating delicious meals.

As one connected with the "being of emotion" Mesprit, Diamond again and again displays insurmountable bravery, empathy, and hope. He is what fuels Platina to do her best in the Super Contest despite opposition from the mean old hags who’d been there longer by giving her a custard pie he made, and words of encouragement about how he understands what it’s like to be on stage, the fear of failure and hostility and tough competition, and that despite that he just wants to perform “happily”. That is, he loves what he does on stage, and he wants to show everyone just how much he enjoys it. With a delicious meal in her stomach and Diamond’s words in her heart, Platina and Prinplup are able to beat the competition and win a ribbon. He goes against his best friend in order to follow his own beliefs, even if Pearl thinks they’re stupid to have because there’s no way he can beat Cyrus, and gains the respect he deserved of having a sound heart. Diamond even manages to, along with Platina and Pearl, show Cyrus what individuals can do if they work together and dances toe-to-heel with the Galactic Boss several times (Celestic Ruins and Spear Pillar being the examples) even if he was scared the first time and much more confident in the second. His empathy helped him to understand Cyrus’s words about time and space and even if he can’t put them into fancy talk he knows what they mean and what they mean to him are the time that he and his friends spent together and the space of the world they traveled and that’s important to him and no one has the right to say what is or isn’t important to the world as a whole!

His bravery and foolhardiness continues into the Platinum Arc, when he pushes Pearl out of the way of Giratina’s Shadow Force and remains calm enough to realize just where he’d ended up when he came to. There he met Cyrus again, and with a badass strong heart confronted him about the raging beast that ruled the Distortion World. He even steps forward against Charon, the man who had orchestrated the whole legendary war, when the weirdo shows himself after the trio returns from the other world. His courage comes from his beliefs, which seeps even into his Pokémon and gives them strength. Pokémon themselves seem to favor Diamond as a person, as seen with Shieldon when it grew attached to him though it’d been with Byron longer, which can be attached to his empathetic nature right beside with him being able to guess what a Pokémon is feeling. It isn’t the same as Yellow’s insight, seeing as she can see their thoughts directly with a touch and whatnot, but based on their actions and what he feels they might be feeling he can make an accurate guess as to what might be going on. Like with the two Unown in Solaceon Town. Basing information gain from the Pokédex as well, his insightfulness has gotten him out of some jams such as Lickitung (later Lickilickly) stealing items and Mar’s Yanmega raid.

As the boke of he and Pearl's manzai duo, Diamond can be quite the jackass. Though it's in a manner that basically amounts to him embarrassing Pearl. Like when the dude sends Chahiko with Platina and Diamond comments that he must've done it to find out Platina's location in case she got in trouble, so they could go after her! Which is met with a stout denial from his best friend. So his "wise guy" is never in a mean way, but he does have that trait.

He's also very relaxed with, dare I say it, a strong will. Diamond looooves to sleep, is so easy-going that even aboard a Galatic ship he's eating, but don't let that fool you! He's completely serious even when he doesn't look it. He just doesn't seem to want others to worry. While his carefree attitude may be annoying to more serious people, he's not going to change and it's actually a relief to others that he's not as strict as his best friend in that regard. You'd much rather deal with a friendly glutton that wants to help than a hard-headed drama king who thinks you're wrong and that's it, right? Right. Diamond's flexible in thought. So your first impression isn't your only to him, unlike with Pearl, and he likes to see how people and Pokémon change.

Diamond's also got quite the cold fury! Pearl says he's never seen him angry before, but he has probably gotten to that point despite his saint's patience. It's just that he doesn't have a loud, booming, pain-inducing one like Pearl does. It shows best when he's finally upset with Pearl ordering him around and not listening to him just this once because these beliefs are important to him and he needs Pearl to listen to him. He doesn't raise his voice. He doesn't hit him. He doesn't even look upset, just more of distressed. That's Diamond's anger towards his friend. Other causes of anger stem from relief (though he's more likely to sleep), actual upsetness of someone basically telling him that his heart is wrong (and that the world means nothing when it means so much to him), and when someone wants to hurt Pearl or Platina.

His persuasion technique, at first, is with comedy. If he can show someone what he means through a double act (hurting others is bad, stealing things is bad, etc) then he's happy. He does this at first with Mars, and later on against Cyrus. Neither time works, but... It's how he does it. As Pearl puts it, "The guy's got a heart of a polished jewel, you see! He's like... the ultimate refinement!" And boy does he have a big heart, going out of his way to help Platina keep her secret of going back to the casino from Pearl by going to find her Pokédex, helping anyone in need, accepting Cyrus's new perspective that the trio'd help him see... On that note, as long as someone tries to change, Diamond's going to be behind him. If they don't, they're still his enemy.
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Pearl | Pokémon Special | Reserved

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Name: Pearl
Fandom: Pokémon Special
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Wing Color: pearl pink and fluffy

Canon Point: Ch 441, which wraps up the DPPT arcs
Canon Point Explanation: This is the most recent point to pull him from o7
History: Bulbapedia has it covered, I'm pretty sure.
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Pearl | Pokémon Special | Reserved

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"To me, everything begins with willpower!"

Pearl can pretty much be summed up with the above quote. After all, with willpower as his most consistently defining trait, it's no wonder he's tough as nails as well as the de facto leader of the Sinnoh 'Dex holders. He's the one who plans the plans, schedules the training schedules, and makes the manzai routines him and Diamond perform. He's very structured and organized, and has the Early Bird ability wakes up early every day to train. Though, his training isn't usually with Pokémon battling; it's manzai training!

It might seem ridiculous that he puts so much worth on his comedy routine, considering his father is one of the greatest battlers in Sinnoh, but it's been his dream to compete in manzai competitions with his best friend ever since they were children. He's not half bad at battling once he gets into it - thanks to intrinsic knowledge -, but his true passion lies in comedy.

He's the tsukkomi (or "straight man") of their duo, marking him as the logical one. This is showcased during Platina's gym battle with Fantina; both him and Platina have trouble with Misgamius's illusions because they try to put everything realistically and logically instead of either just going with it or letting their mind put it into a simpler way to understand, like how Diamond's does.

Pearl is also rather bossy and overbearing towards his friends, sometimes reaching "jerk" status. After Diamond calls him out on his tendency to treat him like a lackey instead of an equal, his jerk tones down and he doesn't boss Diamond and Platina around quite as much. He's got a straight out heart of gold afterwards, and he's willing to go to any length for his friends.

His hotbloodedness never takes a dive though. He shouts at least once a chapter, probably more, for various reasons. Or any reason at all. Is Diamond being dumb? Shout about it! Is Platina not listening to reason? Shout about it! Evil team attempting to steal the being connected closest to you due to your overwhelming willpower/heroic resolve? Shout about it!

Pearl, obviously, tends to default to anger when he doesn't understand how to feel about something. Or at least default to not having an indoor voice; he often shouts when he's confused, but then again he's angry when he's confused as well. And, while he does seem to get angry or at least irritated quite a bit every chapter, it all takes a step up the second you kill his best friend. The chips are down, and he'll stop at nothing to destroy you.

This makes him fairly volatile, contrasting Diamond's ever average state (Diamond does get angry -- it just isn't hot and it's fairly rare) and Platina's cool exterior.

He also goes to great lengths to help and protect Platina, but he's aware she can take care of herself too. She didn't get all of those badges by being a pushover after all, and he's significantly aware of her abilities, allowing him to create perfect training schedules for her Pokémon and whatever gym leader they might face.

On a final note, Pearl seems to be pretty honorable - but not enough to put honor before reason, like Diamond. He gets angry when he thinks Platina's broken her promise to him not to gamble, and he takes his vow of being the best manzai duo with Diamond incredibly seriously -- so much that he gets Diamond to practice with him whenever they have free time. It lessens at the Veilstone pact to protect Platina, but they still engage in it when they're together. While Diamond would go to fight Cyrus in the Celestic Ruins, putting honor (of saving the world) before reason (he's dangerous diamond what the hell are you doing?), Pearl would know his limits and get out of there quick.
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Itachi Uchiha | Naruto | CANON UPDATE

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Current Characters at Luceti: Isamu Nitta ([personal profile] musubi) and Itachi, who I'm canon updating now.


Name: Itachi Uchiha
Canon: Naruto
Gender: male
Age: 21 upon death
Wing Color: black
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Itachi Uchiha | Naruto | CANON UPDATE

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Canon Point: Post death and revival by the reanimation jutsu. After he releases everyone from said jutsu.
Canon Point Explanation: It's the most recent canon point, for one, but more importantly it means that Itachi's been given a little more closure than he has at the point I have him from currently. He's up to speed on things, and he goes back to the afterlife thinking he's done all he can and that things are in Naruto's hands now.

History: Naruto Wiki

The newer information will be down where it says "part II" past "Confining the Jinchūriki Arc". As I draw only from the manga, the anime filler arc mentioned above it does not come into play.

Personality: It's said in the manga that, having seen a great many atrocities at the end of the second ninja war, Itachi had the wisdom of a Hokage (the leaders of their village) by the age of seven. While this may be a bit of a stretch, it's true that he's always been mature beyond his years, as seen by how quickly he progressed through the ranks. He was aware of the dark nature inherent in his clan and the eye techniques they inherited and actually feared for the safety of the whole village because of this. He was more capable of seeing the bigger picture.

Unfortunately it was because of this that he ended up getting drawn into the situation that he did. In the end, he chose the safety of the entire village over that of his clan, and thus was instrumental in their demise.

He loved his brother more than anything, which is why his condition for murdering his own kin was that Sasuke alone got to live. He thought that by filling his brother with hatred for him that he could become the villain and their family's name wouldn't be tarnished in his eyes. Once Sasuke completed his revenge, he would return to the village and start the clan anew.

This isn't how it happened, of course, as his brother's hatred was easily manipulated so that he followed a darker path, deciding to destroy the village instead. Though Itachi's words to him after his resurrection have him at an impasse (so not all hope is lost there) Itachi counts this whole matter as a failure and leaves the task of saving his brother to Naruto, who he thinks is more capable.

His problem, as he later admits, is that he took everything into his own hands and didn't trust others to help him see it through. He took every precaution imaginable, but in the end his method was based around shallow lies that were easily later uncovered and he had no one to back him up should something go wrong. He blames this decision on arrogance, and the belief that he was strong enough to handle anything. Itachi warns Naruto, when it appears as though the boy is trying to take everything on his own shoulders as well, that this path will only lead to failure, and that he should rely on those who believe in him to help as well.

Throughout the series, we see Itachi as a soft-spoken but cold individual. He easily overpowers Naruto, Sasuke, and the others on every encounter, and yet in the end has an odd way of leaving them alive despite the fact that he could have killed them easily if necessary. This was mostly so that he could continue to foster hatred in his brother, but also served as a method of testing out the strengths of his friends just in case. The possibility that things would not go as he'd planned wasn't lost on him, which is why he would later leave a genjutsu in Naruto that was meant to stop his brother from attacking the village as a last resort. (Though this would then be used to stop him instead, which was probably for the best as this way Sasuke can make the decision not to attack the Leaf Village on his own, rather than being ordered to through genjutsu.)

Although Itachi was the sort of person who strongly wanted peace, he was also aware that in the world of ninja they currently lived in it couldn't be won without fighting. That doesn't mean he is above talking matters out instead, and the generally calm nature of Luceti doesn't sit poorly with him. He had, in fact, come to enjoy many things about the village while he was there. He was (and is) in a relationship with Trafalgar Law, and this shouldn't change after his return. The pirate (and others) helped him to open up a little over his time spent there. Upon his return, having settled some matters that still bothered him over his time there, he will be even more at ease in the setting. Some of the loose threads he was worried about in his home world are now tied up, and he trusts Naruto to see things through with his brother. Sasuke remains the most important thing to him, of course, but he does hope to not have to make another hard choice between those he loves in the future.

Physical: Itachi is an incredibly capable ninja with a wide array of techniques at his disposal. Most involve the use of his Sharingan, an eye technique inherent to his particular clan that makes them incredibly powerful and can only be unlocked through strong emotions (generally hatred). Without this, he is also able to use both fire and water elemental attacks. A full list of his abilities is shown on the right bar of the page linked in his history earlier. This is actually a buff up from the way he was originally brought into Luceti, as he was restored to full power upon being resurrected.

The main reason I'm doing things this way isn't so much to give him a bunch of new powers to work with, but so that I have a better scale when it comes to dampening them as opposed to the vagueness I left myself with before.

Mental: The ninja is particularly strong willed, moreso than even the usual training allows for. He's also exceptionally clever, and good at planning for many possibilities in advance.

Emotional: Unlike others in his clan, Itachi was aware of the way emotions could impact himself and his techniques. To this end, he became quite good at sealing his own away. This doesn't mean he can't show them, of course, and his ability to control his anger means he isn't as easily trolled as some.

Physical: Because of an illness Itachi suffered from later in his life, his stamina is not particularly high. Even after his resurrection I plan on keeping this much (on top of the usual power restrictions). Apart from this, using a powerful technique on Kabuto in order to end the Impure Resurrection jutsu left him blind in one eye. This wasn't all that important to him at the time, as he knew he would die again with the others, but it will carry over into Luceti. This means he will only be able to activate the Sharingan with one eye.

When I apped originally, I said that Itachi would be completely blind without his eye techniques. Then I proceeded to forget I'd said that and went with it as best as we get in canon - which is to say that his eyesight is only particularly bad but not completely gone. It's not a huge change, but I'll be going with this as far as his right eye is concerned. Given that one eye will be blind and the other mostly blind, this isn't too much of an improvement.

Mental: I admit there's not a lot to list as an actual "weakness" in the mental category. Such is the nature of his character. The Sharingan is just a little too powerful when it comes to protecting from psychic-type attacks, though having said that I don't believe he would be completely immune. Also, while he's one of the most intelligent characters in the series, most of his training revolved around jutsu and everything ninja. The technology of their world is not quite up to the standards of ours, so while he might be quick to learn he wouldn't start out with much knowledge in that field or anything else outside of what is used there.

Emotional: Itachi cares a lot, though he doesn't always show it. He's made some hard decisions in the past involving those close to him and if need be he'll do it again in the future. At the same time, he can come across as rather detached, and isn't easy to get close to because of it. Though he'll be better about this now, he still won't be the sort of person who easily speaks out about his problems with others. It would also not be too difficult to use his love for his brother and his partner against him.

Anything else?: I'm assuming that Itachi will be given a living body upon his return, just as it would be if he'd died normally. Bringing him into Luceti as an undead reincarnation would not be preferable.
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Xander Harris | Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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Name: Loz
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Current Characters at Luceti: N/A
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Xander Harris | Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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Name: Xander (Lavelle) Harris
Canon: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Wing Color: Teal

Canon Point: Season 8, Wolves at the Gate arc, Part 2
Canon Point Explanation: I've chosen this canon point because Xander is in a more-or-less stable, non-emotionally fraught place, and it feels most appropriate to bring him into a game in a reasonably collected frame of mind. Immediately post the Season 7 finale would be far too angsty, but early Season 8 sees him settled and fulfilling a leadership/mentor role within the Slayer operation, and he's a lot more well-rounded and confident.

History: This page offers a very comprehensive history of Xander through the seasons:
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Gokudera Hayato | Katekyo Hitman Reborn! | Reserved

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Name: Amanda
Journal Username: [personal profile] riidaa
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Current Characters at Luceti: N/A


Name: Gokudera Hayato
Canon: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Gender: M
Age: 14
Wing Color: Red

Canon Point: Manga chapter 294.

Canon Point Explanation: This is the chapter in which the guardians find out that Yamamoto Takeshi has been severely injured by an unknown culprit. Gokudera is really shook up by this and is, of course, fuming. He vows to never forgive whoever caused such harm. This would be a difficult time for Gokudera to be thrust into an unknown environment and will ultimately make his arrival a little more interesting.
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Gokudera Hayato | Katekyo Hitman Reborn! | Reserved

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001. Reborn wikia: Gokudera Hayato

002. Gokudera Hayato is the result of his father's affair with his mother. His mother was known for her musical skill and was a successful pianist. They fell in love and Lavina ended up pregnant and giving birth to Gokudera, who is 3/4 Italian and 1/4 Japanese (his mother was half Japanese). However, seeing as illegitimate children are severely frowned upon and are the unfortunate subject of deprecation from other mafia families, everybody was informed that Gokudera was actually the child of his father's wife. He is the half-brother of Bianchi, who was born before him to his father and said wife.

Lavina was allowed to see her son only a few times a year and often encouraged him to play the piano. As a young boy he assumed she was merely a somewhat regular household visitor. On one of the days sanctioned for her visit, Lavina died in her car on the way to the estate. Suicide was ruled out when a present for the young Hayato was found in the car with her.

Gokudera resembles his mother in that he is extremely talented when it comes to playing the piano. He often partook in piano recitals as a young boy to showcase his skills, which didn't always exactly go to planned. His older half-sister Bianchi, who is an expert in 'poison cooking', always fed Gokudera before these recitals, making him remarkably ill each time. Despite this, he persevered and was determined to see his recitals through to the end. His playing was awful due to his illness, but that didn't seem to bother his audiences, who would hail his performances as 'modern' and along the lines of 'avant-garde'. He still falls ill upon seeing Bianchi's face in the present, due to his traumatic experiences as a child and the association between feeling ill and his sister.

A few years later Gokudera discovered the truth via eavesdropping on the conversation of the property's servants, who spoke of Lavina being his mother and how the arrangement was down to his father. It was this upsetting news that made him decide to leave home and run away when he was eight years old. It was from then on that his relationship with his father quickly deteriorated. Because of this and as well as the trauma he'd suffered at Bianchi's hands, Gokudera stopped pursuing the path of music and chose instead to join the mafia.

The families he had gotten into contact with refused to take him on based off of the fact that he was but a mere musician and of some Japanese heritage at that, which certainly didn't tip the odds in his favour. In order to become stronger, Gokudera sought help from a man working - at the time - for his family. This man was Doctor Shamal, a notorious medical profession as well as assassin, known as 'Trident Shamal'. Gokudera admired Shamal on some level, although he would never admit such a thing freely. Shamal of course knows this, having known Gokudera for years and even accuses him of stealing his hair style, which the young boy constantly and vehemently denies. Shamal refused to teach him his own technique of the Trident Mosquito, but instead taught him another technique he was skilled in - dynamite. The silver-haired child eventually chose sticks of dynamite as his main weapon. He is known for keeping countless sticks of dynamite on his person at all times, usually lighting them with his cigarettes. This lead others throughout the mafia society to refer to him as 'Smokin' Bomb Hayato'.

When he is 14 years of age, Gokudera moves to Namimori, Japan. He's the first person to challenge Sawada Tsunayoshi in order to ascertain whether or not he is worthy of inheriting the title of Vongola Tenth - the tenth boss of the Vongola Famiglia. He proceeds to attack Tsuna with dynamite, at which point Reborn uses a Dying Will Bullet on the defender. The Vongola successor defuses all of the dynamite sticks, including one that Gokudera has dropped at his own feet. He proves his worth, and as a Vongola rule, the loser of the battle is to serve the winner, which is Tsuna. It is most likely that Gokudera would've served Tsuna regardless of the rule, seeing as he is very impressed that Tsuna would risk his own life to save his challenger without judgement and thus vows to put his life in Tsuna's hands.

From then on, Gokudera - as a Vongola guardian - undergoes many challenges and battles alongside his family to get where he is today. He has matured and mellowed, but has never lost his fiery determination to become the successful Right Hand Man of Vongola Tenth. If anything, his resolve has only strengthened.
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Xavin | Runaways (Marvel) | Reserved (1/3)

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Name: Xavin
Canon: Runaways
Gender: Genderfluid, usually identified as female, previously male. (Shapeshifter)
Age: 16-17 (it's never precisely stated)
Wing Color: Dark purple, almost black until it catches the light.
Canon Point: Volume 3, chapter 6, where Xavin leaves Earth with the Majesdanians whilst pretending to be Karolina to face trial in her place.
Canon Point Explanation: This is the most recent point for the character, as she ceases to appear in Runaways/Runaways's appearances in comic crossovers from now on.
Edited 2013-03-05 05:17 (UTC)
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Xavin | Runaways (Marvel) | Reserved (2/3)

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History: Xavin is from the main continuity of Marvel, Earth-616. Well technically she's from Tarnax VII, a Skrull colony and the 7th in the system. But the point is, Xavin comes from Marvel's main continuity, meaning she lives in a world of mutants, magic, aliens, robots and all together super powered beings. However, most of the dramas that happen in Earth-616 happen in New York, and Xavin lives in Los Angeles and thus isn't fully aware of the conflicts unless they relate to aliens.

This doesn't mean LA doesn't face its own share of villains, though these are usually petty crimes and B-list villains. This is generally because up until recently before Xavin's first arrival on Earth, LA was controlled by a group known as the Pride, who made sure no one else played onto their turf. They were the main super villains of LA, and they ruled with iron fists.

They also happen to be the parents of the Runaways. Six couples, the Wilders, the Steins, the Yorkes, the Deans, the Minorus and the Hayes, gathered by biblical giants known as the Gibborim they had complete control and power over LA for 25 years in return for one small annual task. The Rite of Blood. Stealing the soul of an innocent (usually a female) and giving it to the Gibborim to aid in freeing them. And then after those 25 years six of them would go to an eternal paradise while the rest burned and fell with the rest of humanity. After the Steins accidentally fell pregnant it was then decided that each couple would have a child and forfeit their places to their children.

It was upon discovering their past that the Runaways became the Runaways, the children witnessing the Rite of Blood and being disgusted and horrified by their parents actions. Through a lot of hunting the Runaways discovered both who their parents were as well as who they were. Nico Minoru discovered her parents were witches, and that she had the capacity to be, after her body absorbed her mother's Staff of One, allowing her to cast spells once. The Steins were mad scientists, and Chase claimed some of their weapons as his own while the Yorkes were time travelers and had left their daughter Gert a genetically created dinosaur to protect her when they were gone. Molly Hayes was a mutant like her parents, possessing super strength, while the Wilders was normal, having previously been thieves. The kids took off and the Pride pursued using all the resources of LA to get their kids back, and in the end to kids attacked, causing the destruction of their parents and it the death of Alex who was revealed to still be on his parents side and had only shown the others what their parents were doing so that he could get rid of the Hayes and Deans who wanted to take the six places in paradise for themselves and their children. 

But more importantly was Karolina's discovery. She and her parents were aliens, Majesdanians to be exactly, a race of beings that gained their powers from solar energy and took on a rainbow light appearance. The Deans had been exiled from their home planet for criminal activities and had moved to Earth, taking the last name Dean after the actor James Dean and becoming Hollywood actors. And then a few years later Xavin's father, Prince De'zean came to lead an attack on Earth. The Deans having grown attached to their adopted home gave him a much better target in return for leaving Earth alone. The location of the Majesdanian home planet, a location Skrulls had been wanting for years. And so De'zean left, but not without one final condition; His son and the Dean's daughter were to marry one day. The Deans assuming that De'zean and his son would die in the conflict between the Skrulls and Majesdanians agreed.

And then it was years later, after the Runaways had defeated the Pride and other small super villains, and picked up a new member Victor, the cyborg son of Ultron that Xavin came to Earth to find Karolina. The years of conflict had killed both her parents and whilst Xavin was now in charge she couldn't call an end on the Skrulls side as the Majesdanians would simply destroy them. The only way Xavin could see an end to the war was to join the two races, and the marriage between her and Karolina would do that. Whilst the other Runaways were reluctant to let Karolina go, Nico extremely so, Karolina herself was unsure, especially when Xavin promised she would not force Karolina into marriage but wanted to try and form a relationship, and in the meantime this would give Karolina a chance to see where she came from and learn more about herself. It was almost perfect, but one thing was holding Karolina back. She was a lesbian, and Xavin had presented herself as a male, which was assumingly the gender she was raised in and also the gender she would have thought more acceptable to a human female, Xavin having studied basic human customs. However Xavin reminds Karolina that she is a Skrull, a race of shape shifters and that to them changing gender is like changing hair colours and shifts into a female form. It's this final act that finalises Karolina's decision and she agrees to go with Xavin, leaving the Runaways and Earth behind.

Much of their time in space isn't shown together but their relationship is shown to develop to the point that Karolina accepts Xavin's proposal for marriage. But the marriage is never meant to be, as just at the start of the ceremony a Skullos guest insults the dresses of the Majesdanian bridesmaid which leads to an instant restart of the conflict. Xavin and Karolina run, and while they do manage to escape Xavin's outpost world launched anti matter missiles at Majesdane, forcing the star to go nova which caused the destruction of both planets. This means Xavin's home is gone, and with Karolina's help she tries to build a new life on Earth, whilst learning to be human, and adjust to being the woman Karolina deserves.

It isn't easy. From the very beginning Xavin is an outsider, even more than Victor was when he joined up. She doesn't understand humans, and this is made clear when she can't understand why the team and Karolina grieve so after Gert's murder. In her eyes, the fact that both her and Karolina's home planets and people have been destroyed is much more tragic than the death of one person. And she struggles to see Victor as anything but a robot, another point of conflict that she causes within the group. But she tries, by trying to impress Karolina in fights, and doing her best to assist in the occasional fighting of LA's crime. It's only when the group discovers that Chase is going to sacrifice himself to try and bring back Gert that Xavin begins to find her place. With Karolina needing to wait for the sun to come up to recharge her powers, Nico de-staffed by Chase and Victor stuck in a loop of 1's and 0's thanks to his coding, Xavin finds herself as one of the few with powers, and so she leads the charge after Chase, beginning the fight against the Gibborim. And while she's knocked unconscious, it leads to acceptance from one of the group, with Molly deciding she's definitely her sister now, even if she changes a lot. It's the first step in a long road.

The Civil War highlights her warlike attitudes, with her instant thought of seeing Molly unconscious in the arms of the young avengers is to attack rather than stop and listen. Though she later shows her need for peace, as she scorns Teddy for not living up to the prophecy that Dorrekk VII will bring union to the Skrull worlds. In her eyes Teddy should do what is best for his people, and shouldn't cling to his Earth life. It's telling, it shows that even as she spends time on Earth she clings to her heritage and isn't willing to truly leave her past behind. But she's trying, and it's always clear why. For Karolina.

The trip to New York and the subsequent trip back in time is also important to Xavin, specifically with her relationship with Karolina. Prior to the time travel, Nico brings up Xavin's constant shape shifting and switching between the male and female gender with Karolina, and Karolina's own tense reaction in which she is adamant that Xavin is really a female learning to be human and not a male learning to be female shows that this may be something that has subconsciously concerned Karolina. When in reality the answer to Xavin's consistent changing is simply that it is her nature. It is her nature to change, and also her nature to adapt her form to the situation she faces. Her male form is taken to show more aggression and power, something Xavin doesn't realise is sexist in Karolina's eyes. She takes a male form when meeting with the Kingpin for this exact reason, and really it simply shows how much Xavin has picked up from Earth culture. To this day men are still seen as aggressive, as protectors, while women are more
nurturing and careers. The trip back in time also highlights other issues between Xavin and Karolina, with Karolina wanting to delay their return to the present so she can learn more about the past whilst Xavin worries about the affects their being in the past will cause, i.e. the Butterfly Effect. Xavin doesn't understand Karolina's desire to know more of the past and thinks her foolish, growing irritated quickly. It's clear Xavin is more interested in living in the now and considers the past gone.

At the same time, their trip back in time does help in repairing some of the damages in Karolina and Xavin's relationship. During an argument Xavin's form slips from the white male one she has taken and back into her African American female form. This makes Karolina pause in surprise, before calling Xavin on it, to which her reply is that it takes a measure of focus to hold a form, and without that focus she'll slip. Whilst Xavin doesn't understand the full importance of Karolina's excitement, who now believes she was in fact right, as Xavin became a woman again in her loss of focus, making that her true form in Karolina's eyes. Any concerns about Xavin's gender are rectified in Karolina's eyes, and the tension that has been between them for days eases away. Karolina now seems to understand that whilst Xavin changes forms to adapt to situations, such as taking a white male form over her African America male form in 1901, she does it only for that, and currently identifies her true form as her African American female one. With that solved they work together to return the group back to the Leapfrog and onwards to their own time, taking a new member, a young girl named Klara with them.

The return to present day New York is marred, when a group of fanatical religious Skrulls invade the city, looking to take over it and the rest of Earth as they believe it is a land promised to them by their god. Xavin must now choose between standing with her people or standing with what has become to be her new family. And while at first it appears she chooses the Skrulls, by knocking out the Runaways and then being observed talking to another pair of Skrull soldiers by a newly awoken Nico and Victor. Instantly they suspect her, and as soon as the Skrulls leave attack. It's then Xavin shows her true colours, confessing she knocked them out so they wouldn't be able to fight the Skrulls and get hurt, before urging Nico to take all the group besides her and runaway, saying that these Skrulls will not hesitate to kill them all, including both Molly and Klara. By eliminating them as a threat she gave them the time to run, and while she knows it'll make Karolina furious, she sends them away before heading back into the city to find Teddy, who she knows the Skrulls will be after to eliminate, as they can't risk him interfering and perhaps swaying a few to his side if he confesses his true heritage as Dorrekk VII, the supposed savior of the Skrull empire. Running however proves futile and the Runaways find themselves dragged back into the thick of it to be used against Xavin to try and force her into giving up Teddy and handing him over to his death.

While the Runaways and Young Avengers do eventually triumph, the battle is highly important to Xavin. She must not only fight against her people, but against her old teacher and mentor, to save her new family, and Karolina. She makes it clear in this fight that her loyalties lie with Karolina, the Runaways and Earth, and in a way, her loyalty to the Skrull race had begun to fade ever since her home world was destroyed, and her people once again proved they couldn't manage peace. We learn more of what Xavin's life was like before Karolina, and how it was very much just like a soldier, and that how her inability to use her Super Skrull abilities isn't as much as a weakness as she'd always assumed it was. By being unable to combined her powers she has become stronger in using all of the separately, and it's this way that she manages to stop her teacher, by creating a shield that manages to contain the explosion of him going nova. Had she had a natural talent for combining her abilities this strength and control individually would have never developed.

Xavin's teacher defeated the Runaways do what they do best and runaway, leaving New York and the remains of the invasion to the Young Avengers and the rest of New York's many heroes. Here they run into the old problem of where to hide out, Xavin having accidentally given away their hideaway in the rush to find and stop Chase from sacrificing himself. And while they find Chase's parent's old home in Malibu, and settle in slowly (With Xavin taking the role of a dad to the group to ward off worried neighbours) peace doesn't come easily. Almost as soon as they find themselves relaxing they're under attack again, this time by a small team of surviving Majesdanians, looking for Karolina. They plan to take her back to an off-world military base, home to the remainders of the Majesdanian race and place her on trial for her father's actions in revealing the Majesdanian home world. Naturally the Runaways don't agree with the idea of punishing Karolina for her father's mistakes, and thus begins the attempts to outrun and fight the aliens, which is only halted when civilians are almost harmed. Throughout this Karolina tries to halt the fighting, knowing the fighting won't stop until the Majesdanians have her and that even if they succeed against this one group, more will eventually come. And slowly Xavin comes to realise this as well. And so, to keep Karolina and the Runaways safe, she gives the Majesdanians what they want. Karolina. Knocking Karolina out, Xavin takes her form and calls a truce, agreeing to go despite the protest this gets from the Runaways. But she doesn';t sway, and as Karolina, Xavin leaves, facing an uncertain future, from a race that wants to punish Karolina, and also loathes Skrulls and would likely try to kill her if they discover the ruse.

But that's the way Xavin's story has always been. Everything she's done, everything she's become has been to prove herself to Karolina as well as protect her. In the end it only makes sense for her to make her ending as ambiguous as she, and end it like it's always been. For Karolina.
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Name: Lunare
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Name: (Neo-Queen) Serenity | Usagi Tsukino
Canon: Sailor Moon (Manga)
Gender: Female
Age: 1000+
Wing Color: White

Canon Point: VOL. 7, CH. 2
Canon Point Explanation: This is simply my preferred canon point for Serenity. Her daughter has been returned to the past for training, and she's been awakened from her coma, and fixing the damage done to her planet.
History: WIKI

Personality: The benevolent queen of all Earth, Serenity not only looks the part of a woman who granted Earth it's Silver Millennium, but acts the part, too. She is kind, and graceful, her years as regent queen granting her knowledge and maturity her past self never cared to possess, with a deep love for all living beings.

The most we see of Serenity is during times of crisis, and in these times she acts her part: the queen who would sacrifice anything for the sake of the world. She rarely falters, and when she does, she learns from those mistakes. One of the most important, the one that leads to the events of the Black Moon Arc, was her inability (and perhaps unwillingness) to execute a human, instead casting this evil man that incited fear and anger amongst her people to the 10th planet in the solar system, Nemesis. Not doing so caused the deaths of thousands of her people, almost wiped out the 30th Century as all knew it. She doesn't regret her decision, but she does wonder how things would have been if she had had him executed.

Despite being a queen, however, Serenity still manages to possess a bright youthful immaturity. She can still consume more food than one should blink an eye at, though now she can consume enough junk food to rot all her teeth without getting cavities (yes, she made it so no one can get cavities all because she hates them). She still skips work at times by feigning ill, usually dragging her beloved husband along with her, but when push comes to shove (and it does often) Serenity can put on her serious face. There's proof in the manga that she's still childish, and stubborn to learn, as her note to the 20th Century is very simplistically written, and she even signs it with a miniature drawing of herself.

She has a better understanding of responsibility than her younger counter-part, and her faith in humanity is at an all time high. There's a grace to her that was never there before, her clumsy streak far behind her now. Serenity lives a fairy-tale life, something she'd been dreaming of since she was younger, and there isn't a day that goes by where she isn't thankful for every good (and bad) thing that's happened to her.

Serenity still possess a slight naivete to certain things, especially people who aren't willing to accept the light she's willing to bestow upon them. She understands that everyone comes to at their own pace, but why are there people willing to maim and murder when they can live immortally? Why can't everyone be happy with the gifts she's given? She fears the day when someone will come and try to harm her people again, to try and incite rage and anger among Crystal Tokyo, and she isn't certain how to fix it. She wants happiness for the world, for the whole universe, but she also understands that you can't force happiness; people have to be willing to accept it.

No longer a soldier, Serenity cannot fight. She can repel, she can heal thousands of people without flinching, but her abilities as a solider were sacrificed when she became queen. It may not seem like a big deal, but there are some things Usagi truly hates, and that's the feeling of uselessness, like she must always be protected.

In short, Neo-Queen Serenity is still Usagi Tsukino. She's still the strong- hearted youth of the past, but she's simply more understanding of the world at large.

Her previous stay at Luceti will be remembered, but there will initially only be a sense of familiarity, not actual recognition, and some things will click, and other things will not. At most, her memories will be faded, and dim, especially considering the fact that Usagi had been here 1000 years before Serenity.

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Twilight Sparkle | My Little Pony | 1/3 (basic info)

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Name: Paul
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Name: Twilight Sparkle
Canon: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Wing Color: Lavender

Canon Point: Post-coronation (just after season 3 finale)
Canon Point Explanation: Most recent canon point. Twilight has new abilities and priorities at this point that I'd like to explore.
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Twilight Sparkle | My Little Pony | 2/3 (history, personality, strengths/weaknesses)

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History: Twilight Sparkle grew up in Canterlot with her parents and her brother Shining Armor. A studious pony, she never made many friends except for her brother, with whom she spent a lot of time. At a young age, she witnessed the princess Celestia raise the sun at the Summer Sun Celebration, which inspired her to learn everything she could about magic. She applied to study at Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. The test to enroll required her to magically hatch an egg, which she proved incapable of until a nearby explosion (a Sonic Rainboom courtesy of future friend Rainbow Dash) set off a massive magical reaction within her. In the ensuing power-up, Twilight hatched the egg, levitated her examiners, and turned her parents into potted plants; only the calming hoof of Celestia herself could calm her and set everything right. Celestia asked Twilight to be her personal student, a mantle Twilight took up eagerly and has held ever since. This was also the day Twilight gained her cutie mark: a six-pronged star surrounded by five smaller stars.

On the eve of another, later Summer Sun Celebration, Twilight correctly deduced that the evil pony Nightmare Moon would return to Equestria and bring eternal night. Twilight sent this information to the Princess, but rather than address Twilight's concerns, Celestia sent her to the small town of Ponyville on the pretext of overseeing the preparation of festivities. There Twilight met five other ponies: Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie. The five taught Twilight about friendship; armed with this knowledge, she and the others successfully defeated Nightmare Moon. Upon the conclusion of the celebrations, Twilight asked to remain in Ponyville with her new friends, which Celestia allowed on the condition that Twilight continue her studies in the magic of friendship. Twilight has continued to do so ever since, typically writing a letter once a week. During one incident when she was unable to come up with a friendship letter in time and nearly went crazy as a result, Celestia relaxed the rule and allowed Twilight's friends to share this responsibility.

Besides the incident with Nightmare Moon, Twilight and her friends have saved the fate of Equestria multiple times. When the chaos-bringer Discord was set loose, it was thanks to Twilight's friendship letters to the princess that she and her friends were able to break free of his clutches and send him back to a stone prison. Twilight also uncovered the dastardly plot of Queen Chrysalis, and enabled her brother and his bride-to-be to banish the queen and her minions from the realm.

More recently, Twilight used her magic to find the Crystal Heart, power source of the Crystal Empire, thus saving the empire from the villainous King Sombra. After this, Celestia increased Twilight's study load, finally sending her a volume of spells by Starswirl the Bearded. Twilight attempted to cast Starswirl's famous unfinished spell, but this had serious consequences: the cutie marks, and therefore destinies, of her five friends were switched around, with negative effects to their own well-being and to the running of Ponyville in general. Twilight was able to coax her friends into helping each other with their new problems. This let them rediscover their true destinies, and gave Twilight inspiration to fix Starswirl's spell. Fixing the spell gave Twilight a newly enlightened view on the magic of friendship; as a result, she grew wings and was crowned a princess.

Personality: Celestia calls Twilight Sparkle her "most faithful student", and Twilight has certainly earned it. She is a natural introvert, and ever since she was a filly Twilight has turned to books for her major source of company. She is an inquisitive and curious soul, and took on the task of investigating friendship and the customs of Ponyville with gusto. Twilight lives in the library of Ponyville and she prides herself on her studies.

Twilight is also very organized. She is obsessed with checklists, and spends lots of time making them and adhering to them. Twilight is often the de facto leader of her party because of this quality. She organizes the trip to evict a dragon, and ends up organizing the entirety of Ponyville during their yearly winter wrap-up.

Unfortunately, Twilight derives a lot of her self-worth from her studying, and this can lead to trouble when she slips up. Twilight is often skeptical of things she doesn't learn about in her studies, such as the effects of Poison Joke, or Pinkie's supernatural "pinkie sense". She can also get a lot of anxiety from getting her studies right. Soon after the defeat of Discord, Twilight neglected to learn a friendship lesson in time for her weekly required letter to Celestia, and drove herself crazy trying to find a problem that needed fixing. She went so far as to make a problem, which finally brought Celestia's wrath to Ponyville. Twilight also showed a great deal of stress when Celestia called her to Canterlot for a test, and continued to devote a lot of time to her studies when Celestia increased her workload in the days and weeks after that event.

But Twilight isn't just Celestia's most faithful student because of her extraordinary academic prowess. She's also fantastically faithful to the Princess, most especially when the Princess comes to visit Twilight and her friends in Ponyville. In fact, devotion to those close to her is one of Twilight's most prominent traits, particularly following the events of the cutie mark swap just prior to her coronation.

While it's evident that each of Twilight's friends has affection for the other five, it is usually Twilight who brings them together during a crisis. Twilight was able to analyze and use the positive qualities she'd discovered in her new friends to defeat Nightmare Moon. When Discord brainwashed the friends and caused them to act contrary to their very natures, Twilight's friendship letters to Celestia allowed her to break free of his clutches and help everypony else remember the good times they'd had together. Most importantly, though Twilight despaired after accidentally swapping her friends' cutie marks, she eventually decided that just getting her friends out of their miserable isolation and in the company of each other could be enough. Twilight's great epiphany during these events was that more than anything in the world, she cared for her friends, and would do anything for them. This understanding is what ultimately led to her ascension. She represents friendship in its purest state, and so could be considered an avatar for it.


Physical: Twilight Sparkle is, by this point, the most powerful magic user in Equestria. That mantle was previously held by Starswirl the Bearded, and Twilight was able to complete the spell that he couldn't and fully transform into an alicorn princess. Twilight can learn spells very quickly, sometimes just by seeing one performed. Her known magical abilities include but are not limited to the following: teleportation; levitation of self and other objects; elemental control; hair growth; transmogrification of objects into oranges; conjuration of dark magic.

Twilight is able to fly with her new wings, though she is not yet fully trained in their use.

Mental: Twilight is extremely organized, and is often the leader of her party. She is good at delegating tasks to others, such as when she realized that Spike was the only one capable of bringing the Crystal Heart safely to the Crystal Empire.

Emotional: Twilight is intensely loyal to those close to her, and will help them at nearly any cost.

Physical: Twilight is a little smaller than other ponies. Applejack and Rainbow Dash, noted Equestrian athletes, have commented on her relative lack of strength, as well. Her strength has grown a little since coming to Ponyville, though; in a time of need, she was able to dislodge a stuck mine cart containing another pony from a pile of rocks.

She is occasionally clumsy, and is particularly awkward at dancing.

Mental: Twilight is obsessive-compulsive to a fault, and likes to stay in control of everything, to the point where it's difficult to concentrate if she doesn't know where everything is in her room, or if she doesn't have an extremely detailed schedule.

Twilight is prone to anxiety, particularly when she fears failure, such as in her studies.

She is skeptical of anything she hasn't learned about in books, such as Pinkie Pie's supernatural "pinkie sense". She generally tends to rely more on book knowledge than on personal experience, such as when she participated in the Running of the Leaves having never run a race before but having previously read books on the subject.

Emotional: Twilight is still learning how to be a good friend, and can be a little socially awkward. More specifically, she's not always particularly tactful. On one occasion, she says outright to Pinkie Pie that she's not sure she can handle responsibility, not realizing that this might insult Pinkie.
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Daisuke Jigen | Lupin the 3rd | Reserved

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Name: Daisuke Jigen
Canon: Lupin the 3rd
Gender: Male
Age: Around 40.
Wing Color: Dark gray's and dark blues. Sort of like a Western-scrub Jay only darker in color.

Canon Point: His canon will be drawn from the Specials and Movies.

Canon Point Explanation: Due to the episodic nature of Lupin canon it's almost impossible to place when the events happen, as there are few call backs to previous specials and no recognizable timeline. As I am most familiar with the specials and movies, this is where his canon will be drawn from, with little to none drawn from the TV series and absolutely none drawn from the manga.
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History as given by the wiki.
Same history, as rewritten by myself (Any headcanon will be in square brackets and is closely tied to Luceti's Lupin's headcanon in places.)

Unlike Lupin, who is easily identifiable as European (specifically, French it seems) and Goemon, who is just as easily identifiable as Japanese, Jigen seems almost mutt like in his country of origin and ethnic identity. As rough and tumble as any American, with a taste for that cultures food, drink and guns; yet uses a Japanese alias and has an intimate understanding of both the European and American underworld, Daisuke Jigen's exact origins remain shrouded in mystery.

As with his origins, his early life and career are shrouded in mystery. Where exactly he picked up his gun slinging skills, and how long it took for him the expert marksman he is has never been explained in canon. What he did before he joined forces with Lupin is never explained, though hints of it are dropped all around with all the old acquaintances of his they run into. (A finer bunch of mercenary psychopaths you will never meet.) It appears Jigen was rather mercenary, working for anyone who paid well be they mobsters or rulers of small countries, having no set loyalty to any one person or job simply going where the money went.

Exactly how he (mostly) stopped this mercenary life and became friends and partners with Lupin is also never given a solid explanation. In the OVA special "First Contact" a Lupin-disguised-as-Jigen spins a story for a nosy writer. It is unclear how much of it is true, but certainly some of the details are true, as evidenced with the sword-slash container they are seen escaping with at the end of the OVA. However, just because the item in question was really an item they stole, doesn't mean the story told reflects the reality of the event. The best lies are based equally in fiction and fantasy.

But needless to say, he did indeed join forces with Lupin at some point in his career. [ It was some time into his career as the gunman to know and hire that a curious individual started to follow his around. At first, expecting a rival or perhaps an assassin, Jigen was wary of his tail; though he made no moves of violence against them. After a time of being routinely shadowed and a rather impressive incident involving a large sapphire, 60 gallons of non-toxic quick setting glue, feathers, three different mafia groups, a bakery, and more broken glass than window making factory after an earthquake he discovered the identity of the man following him. It was none other than Lupin the Third, the newly notorious 'Gentleman Thief' who had been making headlines and back alley whispers with his daring thefts around the world. His identity discovered, Lupin made the most astounding offer that Jigen had heard in a while; the offer of partnership.

Jigen immediately turned him down, knowing from hard experience that others were not to be easily trusted. He worked alone, and no charismatic thief was going to change this hard-earned habit.
Unfortunately Lupin the Third doesn't easily take no for an answer, especially if it's something he really wanted. Luckily he was more 'wear you down' type of person otherwise Jigen would have had to put an end to a rather interesting and inspiring career. A series of strange and moderately frequent run-ins while on jobs combined with mutual life-saving and back watching lead to friendship and, in the end, heterosexual life partnerbroship.]

The other two semi-regular members of the Lupin gang, Goemon and Fujiko he met while working with Lupin. Those stories are very interesting indeed, if a bit clouded in truth.


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Japan | Axis Powers Hetalia | Non-reserved - Info and Canon Point

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Name: Japan
Canon: Axis Powers Hetalia [webcomic/anime]
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown (likely over 2000 years); appears to be in his mid-30s.
Wing Color: Cherry blossom pink

Canon Point: Modern era, March 2013
Canon Point Explanation: Most "modern day" Hetalia comics are not really given a date, but it is generally accepted that they are "current" events. Considering Japan's contemporary international ties and its bid for the next Olympics, he would be more inclined to be going out and seeking relationships he could use to strengthen his international policies. In other words, he'd be less likely to become a shut-in.
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Japan | Axis Powers Hetalia | History and Personality

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History: Massive history link covering canon and touching on current politico-social issues. Other important issues faced after 2010 (at the time of the history written) are the worsening of Chinese-Korean-Japanese relations over international fishing water claims, the renewal of Russo-Japanese animosity over Northern territory debates and incursions, and the May 2011 Tohoku Earthquake that continues to be a devastating influence upon the country, spurring it toward changes in its nuclear power and international relations policies.

Luceti History: Japan was in Luceti from September 2010 to May 2012, spending just under two years in the enclosure. At the time, he spent most of his days inventing and dealing with the other countries who happened to be there - Korea and China at first, then Germany and Poland - but was eventually left to his own devices. Being left alone caused him to revert to being a shut-in as he tried to work on a method of creating electronics even while lacking the resources. He fought in a few drafts, but mainly kept to support roles since his Constitution prohibited offensive attacks.

Japan is described canonically as quiet, earnest, hardworking, a little bit shy and just a tiny bit masochistic. He doesn’t often voice his opinions and when he does, he tries to do so in a roundabout way so as to not offend anyone listening. As the representation of the country, Japan embodies many of the country's stereotypes. He loves cute things and makes mascots like Hello Kitty (Kitty-chan in Japanese), has a small white dog named Pochi-kun, and once kept rabbits and guinea pigs because they were fluffy and adorable during the Meiji Restoration. Toward the end of his isolationist period, he wouldn’t come out of his room to meet France, but did open the door a bit when he heard France had a cute cat with him (if only to ask for the cat to be allowed into his room – not France). He’s also often seen watching or petting cats when he should be training or whenever he’s out with Greece who has many strays in his country. He’s very weak against cute things even for a man, as the concept of “moe” is something uniquely his.

On the other hand, at his core, Japan embodies the traditional Japanese male spirit. He’s quiet and hardworking, shy and just the slightest bit naïve when it comes to the ways of the younger countries because he still doesn’t fully understand them. When he sets his mind to something, he will give his all to accomplish it even if it's not the best of ideas. He’s exceptionally good at working with his hands, especially detail work. Japan is very quiet and often doesn’t speak his mind, which makes him difficult to read for most people. He keeps a neutral expression on his face most of the time and rarely gets angry.

Japan is very traditional in all things, including his morals, dress and actions. He attempted seppuku after being captured once in a World War II strip, an action only samurai did in the old days. He is also distressed when Italy kisses him on the cheek, claiming it is his first kiss and asking Italy to “take responsibility.” Public displays of affection are not things that the Japanese do lightly or easily, and even simple things like holding hands or hugging are considered taboo in public. However, he has quite the extensive shunga, or erotic woodblock painting, collection in his library, which he hides among his other books since his country has quite the closeted perverted streak. Besides his morals, his dress is very traditional and whenever he isn’t at a World Meeting, he is usually seen wearing his kimono and haori at home when others are over. When he’s by himself, he tends to wear gym shorts and a t-shirt, but he never does this when he could be seen by anyone. Japan is very domestic and cooks, cleans and tidies up after his friends and his bosses. He is also extremely polite and extremely vague in his speech patterns, which sometimes leads to problems when asked to do something. Often he’ll reply with ambiguous phrases like “I’ll consider it” or “Perhaps next time” or “I’ll exercise discretion in this matter,” all of which actually mean “No.” Other phrases are things that mean nothing, like “I am always in your debt” whenever he speaks on the phone or “Please come over sometime” which is more of a socially accepted parting than an actual invitation out.

As for his masochistic side, Japan tends to get trampled underfoot when it comes to voicing opinions. He also seems faintly proud of the fact his age gives him body aches and will readily tell anyone that he’s an old man. He also puts up with Korea’s craziness like when the country asks to touch his “breasts” even though he knows Korea is likely to go overboard, which he does, leaving Japan with a decidedly uncomfortable and very freaked out feeling. He also frequently gets duped into buying things from America like Billy’s Boot Camp (Taebo), a hair straightener said to make your hair perfect for dates (he already has perfectly straight hair), and more. Special edition items and limited edition things will also empty his wallet quite quickly.

His masochism, though, all boils down to one point: he is an otaku. He prefers the 2-D world to the 3-D because while it may taint the heart a little, the body at least remains pure (going back to his traditional distaste for affection). He keeps the latest video games and manga, always making sure to buy JUMP magazine at New Years, and lending America scary video games in order to help him overcome his fear of ghosts. He has also seen the world as an RPG since the 1940s at least and little textboxes tend to pop up around him that announce when people enter his party or gain skill points. He calls this a natural Japanese phenomenon and seems very nonplussed by it, although others find it quite strange.

Along with his obsession with anime, manga and video games, Japan loves electronics of all kinds. He is always seen with his digital camera (or a regular 35mm camera during the war) so he can record anything he sees – whether it’s interesting architecture or America’s strangely colored cakes. Beyond that, Japan is known for his technical skill, which stems from his absolute terror at having been driven home once by Italy. Italian driving is quite reckless and the trauma from that event made Japan vow to make the safest cars on the road so he’d never have to experience anything like that again. Because of this, half of his economy ends up relying on electronics, computers and other sorts of technical skills.

Finally, Japan is extremely curious about the world around him. When he first opened to the West in the 1850s, he expressed his own anxiety about being able to keep up with people and to make friends in the world. Japan recognizes that he is behind the times in a way and strives to catch up and to be better in his own quiet way. He wants to be a world player as much as anyone else, which is why he has worked so hard to get where he is. Despite all this, sometimes his image of the world and the way the world is doesn’t jive well at all. For example, because of the movie Sound of Music, he believed Switzerland would be girly and wear a dress and sing. Instead, Switzerland carries a very big gun, is a man, shoots at anyone who comes near his borders, and constantly yells at him to say his own opinion. He doesn’t always understand why other countries do what they do, either, like Italians sleeping naked or Americans making blue food. He puts up with it all and remains quiet though out of respect for other cultures, although it does give him a bit of stress. And while Japan does want to keep up with people, he sometimes feels very nostalgic for his days of seclusion because when he’s out with the younger nations, he often feels like he can’t keep up with their energy. He is envious of them for that, but he states that he doesn’t want to be like them because for all their energy, they can be quite rash and immature and that is quite the opposite of the serious image Japan wants so desperately to display to the world.