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True to the definition of the word, this is a timeline post; this is for all past events and plot-related goings-on on Luceti, so that newcomers can get a good idea of what's happened and old-timers can refresh their memories.


October 26th Luceti opens.

November 4th-11th: The Flood Not much to explain here; the rivers welled over and flooded most of the village. The water stayed for a week before receding back into the rivers rather abruptly. All water damage repaired itself.

November 18th-25th: Flowers Flowers covered the village like a girly plague of color and cute. Even the insides of the homes were not safe.


Janurary 8th-15th: Chibis Again, pretty self-explanatory. For a week, characters of the muns' choosing were shrunk down to cutesy little snuggables. Whether or not they retained their state of mind was left up to the mun.

January 23rd-30th: The Hunter A Hunter was released into the woods; he was humanoid in appearance, but hulking and wingless. He was an invincible foe, and attempted to tear off the wings of any he came across. One wing lost earned you weeks of agony, and two earned you death.

February 14th-21st: V-Day People fallin' in love all over the place. The first commenter on a journal fell in love with the poster, unless either were already taken by a previous affliction of affection.

February 27th-March 5th: Genderbender's genderbender. Characters are genderbent. ಠ_ಠ

March 19th-26th: The Virus A horrible plague spread throughout the village; depending on the strain, characters either fell ill for several days before recovering, or they died. Symptoms included pain spasms, fevers, and coughing up blood; after that, they varied.

March 27th: In addition... Itsuki had held the hospital hostage with a bunch of bombs; he demanded the head of Nina Parker as payment. Speculation places this mostly as a social study on his part, but the Malnosso pitched in by releasing dangerous monsters into the forest for a little while, just to add confusion.

April 5th-12th: Animals Characters turned into animals; whether just regular, plain old w/e animals or animals from their worlds, it was up to the mun.

April 28th-May 7th: Personality Switch Again, pretty self-explanatory; for a period of about three weeks, characters got some of their powers back and underwent radical personality changes. Whether these changes were humorous or all for the angst, or hell just to explore another aspect of the character one isn't able to under normal circumstances, it didn't matter. Characters also frequently reverted back to their original personalities to be utterly horrified at what had transpired during their moments spent changed.

June 11th-18th: Darkness got dark. :| No sunlight, no moonlight, no starlight.

July 21st-August 10th: Time Skip Kind of like the above chibi event, only you could make your character younger or older.

September 1st: The End, Part 1 The barrier disappears, the sky turns red, all powers are restored to full and Death Penalties are null and void. An abandoned facility sits deep in the woods beyond the mountains, but otherwise Luceti appears to be an island floating within nothingness, rivers simply roaring off of the edge of the land and into the fathomless sky.

September 3rd: The End, Part 2 Food is not replenishing in the stores, and the buildings aren't repairing themselves. Also, about the abandoned structure there are flits of ghost-like figures sliding in and out of the character's vision.

September 7th-13th: The End, Part 3 Characters heard a high-pitched shriek at the same moment the bar codes on the backs of their necks burned sharply. It only lasts for a moment, but from that moment onward the wings grew numb, began to molt and grew thinner and thinner until they were practically skeletal. During this, the characters fell ill with a terrible weakness.

September 12th: The End, Part 4 (The Rapture) Several characters disappeared for 24 hours, having vanished without even a trace. Turns out they went back home for that time, only to pop back into Luceti a day later.

September 28th: Chatterbox Characters had the uncontrollable urge to talk and talk and TALK. Very fun for the strong and silent types.

October 18th-26th: Ghosts of the Past Characters would see up to three ghosts of people who'd died in their pasts; either those who they've killed, those who are closely tied to their lives who died, it doesn't matter. The ghosts couldn't be interacted with unless the character haunted by them "introduced" them to another person. The ghosts all appeared exactly as they had when they'd died. Gruesome.

November 7th: It starts raining in Luceti. For a long time.

November 26th: Well Collapse The well collapses and reveals a tunnel system beneath the village; characters gathered to investigate.

November 30th: Tunnel System/Coded Papers Characters can now access the tunnel system and head down to explore; going into the tunnels robs one of their super powers, however. There are several examination rooms branched off (inside these rooms are a bunch of papers on each character), a warehouse at one end and an opening into a vast desert at the other. The desert crew received instructions from a certain "helper."

December 4th: Desert Ruins The characters that were trekking through the desert have come across the desert ruins. A temple with excavation tents set around it, a couple laptops, but mostly barren of anything useful. Inside are a bunch of chambers emblazoned with a spiral motif, bones, ceremonial jars, markings on the wall worn with time and sand, etc.

December 19th-20th: Fourth Wall Characters only have a hazy recollection of this at the very best...but basically it was a fourth wall event. :| You know how those go.

December 11th: Traitor Talk The traitor, aka Jacob now, requests that residents come up with a key phrase to use in their entries, in case they want to contact him. ...but muns should just put a note at the bottom of the entry saying they'd like to talk to either John or Jacob because there is no way the mods can remember all those key phrases.

December 24th: Presents! Each of the characters got a little something from home! It could've been something they've wanted, or something they'd never want to see again, it was up to the player.

December 29th: Further details on Luceti boundaries are set. Also, on the 30th following, John introduces himself as Secret Santa and gives some info.


January 4th-11th: Chaotic Pantheon Mystical creatures ahoy! Just like the animal event, only with legends/mythical beasts/etc.

January 24th-31st: Total Recall Characters got to repeat any personal event they liked the best, just because it's fun. There is a list of the events for them to chose from.

Feb 3rd: Power in the Tunnels Jacob dishes out a few orders and over the course of about ten days, a group of the characters collects together and jumps into the tunnels to hopefully get power back on for numerous reasons. They are successful; there is now power in the tunnels, the outlets work and the floodlights above are on.

February 14th-21st: V-day (Repeat) A repeat of the previous year's V-day event, since it was such a smash. Only a few changes, highlighted in the post.

February 22nd: John Announcement The shopkeepers having gone inexplicably missing a few days before, John lets the populace of Luceti know what's become of them. Somewhat. He also starts gathering some rather curious information.

February 26th: The Laptops On the first expedition out there, Albert Silverburg's crew had snatched the two laptops found in the tents around the desert ruins. Here Jacob tells them to use them. He also mentions Tyr, the weapons shopkeeper.

March 19th-26th: Stranger Than Fiction Characters pick a genre -some sort of movie, TV show, video game, etc- to act out. ...basically, be as ridiculous and weird as you can.

April 7th: Death Penalties John requests volunteers for experimentation on the removal of the Death Penalties. Also, the Death Penalty Removal Sign-Up was added OOCly to the community.

April 19th: Personality Glitches A character's specific personality trait is either suppressed or exaggerated to the point of ridiculousness. Not a lot to explain.

April 23rd: John removes his first Death Penalty John conducts a silent kidnapping and keeps his "patient" for three days. Friends and loved ones are not pleased.

April 26th: Jacob Talks Jacob tries to hint to get some gears moving, and ends up revealing a hell of a lot. Very plot-choked post, here, though half the threads are locked.

April 27th: A Following Summary Where Estelle sums up very nicely what knowledge Jacob saw fit to share, along with whatever else was shared by the residents.

May 12th: Introducing ANI A new NPC is introduced; ANI, the Automated Neutral Intelligence system. While many topics of conversation are noted as classified by ANI as per the wishes of 'her' creator, she does indeed divulge a great deal of information. Another plot-heavy post.

May 15th: Albert Takes Charge In which Albert...well, takes charge. He makes a post to inform new residents what to expect, as well as to start a discussion based on what was revealed in the ANI post several days prior. A good read.

May 24th: The Accident Oops. A very, very plot-heavy event. Certain residents are possessed by the elemental spirits; their wings grow, they can cast powerful magic, some of them even experience changes in personality to reflect whom they were possessed by.

May 26th: ANI Blabs ANI reveals that the recent changes are not the result of an experiment; she doesn't have much to offer besides conjecture, but the residents discover that the recent changes are worldwide.

May 26th (later in the day): An Offer Not to be Refused The Malnosso give the residents an ultimatum; kill the affected, or they'll take matters into their own hand. Weapons and powers are returned to full, save for summons and vehicles. They provide no information on the crisis, and two days later, affected people begin to die in horrific ways.

May 29th: Viva la Resistance Some of the villagers decide to take matters into their own hands and usher the affected into the tunnels, as an effort to protect them from dangers within and without. (Actual tunnel post here.)

May 30th: John to the Rescue! John informs everyone -including the Malnosso- of their blinding incompetence and rushes in to save the day with a smug laugh, too much attitude and that insufferable grin. Here are the OOC details of the event end.

June 2nd: Guy gets talky. ...Guy gets talky. He kind of summarizes what both John and ANI said about the possessions, and offers up the floor for comments.

June 6th: Player plot Haruki drew a peculiar chalk symbol on the ground. Several days later, strange things were happening. Relevant OOC posts concerning this particular phenomenon are here, here and here.

June 20th: You are what you...hate. Another form-changing experiment. Characters despise something -a person, an item, an ideal- and they become it.

June 29th: John trolls the village again. John sticks his nose into people's business, and asks for another volunteer for the Death Penalty removals. He also offers a little bit of comfort concerning the barrier...not that it's very sincere.

July 11th: President Albert Speech. Albert summarizes what's known/assumed about all the things that have to say off the journal system.

July 14th: John calls for Svala. They have a brief word; Jacob is revealed as still alive -though vaguely incapacitated- and is taken topside and cared for by Svala. The next day he's found in the courtyard handing out POV guns.

August 3rd: Hypnotic Characters have the strangest urge to obey every order given to them. ...this cannot end well.

August 9th: The Breach ANI reports a mysterious "breach" to both John and the population of Luceti. Details are scarce, but apparently it's by two members of the mysterious Third Party the Malnosso seem to be battling outside of Luceti. John swiftly adjusts the barrier to exclude the desert ruins, where they reside.

August 17th: The Ever-helpful Albert Upon the conclusion of the month-long "New Feather Cycle" of July, Albert neatly sums Luceti up and provides an explanation of the current events. Better than CNN.

August 21st: Sacrifice A video feed is sent across the journal systems. Jacob has been ritualistically sacrificed in the desert ruins.

August 22nd: Explanations John offers what little information he cares to part with concerning Jacob's death.

August 28th: The Torch is Passed John gives up the task of protecting the village to the inhabitants; he lowers the barrier to allow the intruders passage and places a blanket dampening effect on their Shifting abilities. Inhabitants also get all of their powers returned to them in full for the duration of the battle.

August 29th: The War With an OOC explanation here, a massive log for characters to battle with the invaders begins. The General offers more roundabout explanations; it seems that the Third Party believes itself to be the saviors of the people of Luceti, claiming that "death is the only escape."

September 1st: Congratulations, your prize is nothing! ANI basically says "Hey you guys won, glad to see you alive. Now sit back and be specimens again." Not very good news, but existing is always nice.

September 17th: Raine is Also Ever-helpful. Raine sums up Shifting, the Malnosso, Jacob, John and ANI, the Third Party, the possessions in May and the current situation.

September 23rd: Body-Switch Event Back to business as usual! Another experiment, which goes to show that either the Malnosso are still working on their Shifting or they've got nothing better to do.

October 25th: Luceti Land Basically, John is showing off. A chunk of the forest is transformed into a massive themepark complete with a free hotel/resort for characters to stay in. Droids are running the attractions -save for those who run out of tokens- and fun is had by nearly all. Also, Jacob is alive and well! Only...he's a little strange. And there seems to be a very strange man going by the moniker of "the Great Mysterio" reading fortunes. ...when he feels like it.

October 31st: Halloween Ball The characters are required to attend a Halloween Ball thrown in the lobby of the hotel in Lucetiland. The droids seem pretty dead set on keeping party goers inside...that could be because the Hunter was set loose in the park. ANI had warned John of it beforehand.

November 7th: Kurtis proposes an idea. The 38th Defender of Earth in a Prinny's body suggests that residents set up a concrete plan for escape if the barrier is ever breached, as well as begin conception and construction of a distress signal.

November 9th: Guidlines and "Gifts" ANI lets everyone know what's safe to discuss over the journals while her creator offers a stolen conversation for some brain food. The conversation reveals that though Jacob's been revived, he apparently remembers "nothing." Which...doesn't make sense since he recognized people he'd met in Lucetiland...

November 21st: The Letter Characters receive a uniform letter instructing them to go to the central plaza that Friday for a chance to escape. The letter specifically notes that there are consequences to people staying in Luceti, but fails to expound upon them. People are understandably skeptical.

November 24th: ANI's creator sticks her nose in everyone's business. She insists that the letters were sent by neither the Malnosso nor herself. When the contents of the letter are brought to light, ANI urges Estelle to warn the inhabitants not to talk about the consequences over the journals. The reason for this? They're true.

November 30th: The Eccentric The portal that appeared and sent people to random places within the barrier suddenly morphs into a holographic old man who proceeds to be...very strange.

December 3rd: Jade brings people up to date. Concerning the portal, the little old man and the private networks. He's awesome.

December 17th: Albert's Talk Show Albert does his usual "this is how this is" talk for the new residents over in the locked community, bringing people up to date concerning things they can't discuss over the network.

December 18th: 4th Wall Event Extremely self-explanatory. :|

December 21st: Rem mothers. She checks back with the kids and explains a few things; apparently the 4th wall event is described as some kind of Shifting accident.


January 19th: Albert tl;dr Honestly this should be obvious as to what this is now. :|

January 31st: Don't Quit Your Day Job Characters are influenced to suddenly pick up another career. Fun! There are some hilarious outcomes for this.

Feb 10th: Rem Recruits Or just pitches the idea, mostly. John's the one who suggest it in the first place, and Rem follows up on her promise to talk to the residents. What exactly this entails is explained OOCly here.

February 13th: A Town Meeting People were brought up to speed about the situation, discussions were made concerning the battle that took place, and suggestions to make the world go round were brought up.

February 20th: More Newsflash from Albert I should come up with a catchy title that sticks, here.

February 21st: Dragobete Somewhat dissimilar from previous V-day events. Love with a little spin on it. There's also a very exciting log to look through.

March 1st: The Eccentric Revealed! The Eccentric offers a compromise: Work for them and receive common luxuries. Some would rather call it bribery.

March 9th: The Draftees The Malnosso show a list of people recruited for the war, including those who never volunteered, with a choice to fight for them or not. As if they really have a choice. Preparations are made.

March 13th: War The draftees arrive in Desset City (although some are dragged against their will) and take advantage of the fact that, literally, anything can come to them if they ask for it. They spend the next week fighting off the Third Party, then return on March 22nd. As promised, the Malnosso supply electricity to the populace. Wild parties and attempts to gain electrified super saiyan hair are had.

March 19th: Newsflash from Raine Raine brings the current New Feathers up to date with what's hip and happening in Luceti.

March 30th: A Proposition... is Summoned The Observer informs the summoners that there is a way to summon things from their world; however, she also tells them that doing so is extremely damaging to it. Still, she tells them that she'll return with lessons regarding it.

May 2nd: The Observer Fulfills Her Promise Basically what the title says; The Observer contacts the village and tells the summoners to meet her. There, she teachers them how to summon in Luceti and warns them of the consequences this may have.

May 31st: Echoes from Home Inexplicably, characters notice or find tiny little hints of their home worlds in the enclosure. OOCly, applications closed, so villagers begin to notice the lack of New Feathers.

June 12th: Bil Talks Business Bil brings several things up for discussion: ANI's existence, the kidnappings, giving Albert the next draft list, taking credit for sending villagers home. John corrects him.

July 17th: Internet Memes Event From the 17th to 23rd, Lucetians became subject of an experiment that seemed to have a lot in common with internet memes. Somebody had to have been fired for that.

July 22nd: Bil Talks Business Bil announces the second draft, sending the villagers to Sirry Crags, a canyon-esque mountain range. The battle took place from the 25th to 31st.

August 4th: The Earthquake At 9:30 AM on an average morning, Luceti was abruptly shaken by an earthquake that devastated the village, caused massive flooding from the river, and collapsed the western tunnels. John sounds an emergency, prompting ANI to call for assistance. He is rescued in short order.

August 9th: Who Summoned You? Still in the wake of the earthquake, things get worse in the village as it is suddenly invaded by a host of summoned monsters, torn from their home dimensions. These villagers are forced to fight the beasts until they vanish on the 14th. On the 12th, John wakes up in the barracks. He soon speaks to Bil to fix the village.

August 15th: Alternate Universes Although John's fix managed to cause the village to repair and banished the summoned beasts, things take a twist when people begin to be replaced with versions of themselves from alternate universes! On the 21st, everything returns to normal. OOCly, apps re-open at the end of the month and residents begin to notice a bi-monthly New Feather cycle starts up again.

September 15th: Bil Talks of Pets Bil reveals that the New Feather cycle has indeed returned. He also begins prodding villagers about their feelings about having pets. Maybe this isn't just him being generous.

September 23rd: Teleporting Experiment The residents are once again forced to put up with yet another experiment as they find themselves teleporting around Luceti at random.

October 7th: The Infiltration Bil organizes a mass infiltration of a Malnosso experimentation facility. The details of the facility are outlined, and as a reward for their efforts, a Battle Dome is installed for the residents.

October 23rd: Halloween Shenanigans Luceti is decorated for Halloween, dead animals are found in the woods, and hallucinations begin to plague the residents. A tent appears for the Halloween Ball, where a strange Beak Doctor slips through the party, stealing feathers, until he is destroyed in the tunnels. A new NPC is discovered, Molly.

November 21st: Total Recall Past experiments are brought back yet again in a two-week free-for-all.

December 12th: Underwater Draft Another draft occurs, this time in an underwater facility. The General makes a return appearance, claiming the lives of several draftees. As a result of the draft, the desert in the enclosure floods and becomes an ocean.


January 24th: You Are What You Love Residents become what they love. Obviously.

February 14th: Choose Your Own (Love)venture The annual Valentine's Day event, with more options and more crazy antics.

February 22nd: Southern Farmlands Draft Bil announces another draft, this time including side effects for those forcibly Shifted into the battle.

March 27th: Change Of Species Residents of the village awaken to find themselves transformed into a completely different species.

April 21st: Luceti's Alternate History The village is Shifted to believe that they have always lived in Luceti, having grown up there; families between characters are formed regardless of age, species, or previously established CR. Bil is welcomed into the village as a benevolent friend and guardian, and John is revered as a god. More details here. After a while, characters begin to dream about their true lives, and Shift Hunters lurk through the village, searching for Bil. By the end of it, Bil and Molly have taken up residence beneath the village, like John.

June 1st: The Jungle Draft A new NPC, the Commandant, announces a draft taking place in a dangerous, enemy-infested jungle. Ultimately the battle is lost, and the draftees are forced to retreat.

July 27th: Battledome Malfunction: In an attempt to upgrade the Battle Dome to something brand new and shiny, things get broken. However, in the aftermath, upgrades are made to the Battle Dome.

August 18th: Luceti Land! The return of Luceti Land! Go on the roller coaster? Try your luck at the midway? The choices are all up to you.

August 25th: The Naval Warfare Draft The Commandant announces a draft taking place on the open seas while protecting a cargo ship of unknown supplies.

September 2th: A Fairy Tale Life Residents are forced to act out fairy tales or character archetypes.

October 22nd: CJ and the Missons The R.P. Manager of the Malnosso, CJ, announces brand new missions for residents to go out on.

October 22nd: The Man in the Moon The moon begins acting strangely and begins crashing down on Luceti. Meanwhile, strange masks with odd effects appear around the village. On the morning of the 31st, villages wake up to find... everything will intact. Happy Halloween!

November 25th: Your Horoscope for Today... Horoscopes turn into little more than mere suggestions for the day as they begin coming true.

December 15th: The Underground City A general announcement from the Malnosso is sent out over the journals alerting the villages of an upcoming draft, one taking place in an underground mine that had breached a Third Party underground city. Unique to the draft was the ability to "tag" or capture Third Party members to place in a special detention center. Overall, the draft was a success and the draftees were returned on the 19th.

December 15th: Blizzard Villages not on the draft find themselves trapped wherever they are as a blizzard hits the village. The blizzard eases up on the 17th and finally ends on the 18th.


January 28th-29th: The Return of Fourth Wall It's Fourth Wall insanity all over again as Luceti opens up to everyone... then everything is promptly forgotten.

January 30th: The Return of CJ and the Missions CJ returns with another announcement relating to missions. Two new missions are offered as well as two unique missions.

February 5th: Welcome to the Jungle A small group of villagers selected by the Malnosso are sent into the jungle to monitor a cultist village and gather information on them.

February 6th: Return of the Town Meeting Another town meeting is held. Discussions about emergency plans, village defense, and festivals are among some of the topics of discussion.

February 12th: Lovefestivus It's that time again. The annual Valentine's Day event returns, with a big lovey-dovey day on the beach at the end.

February 21st: Desert Survey A small group of villages selected by the Malnosso are sent out to explore a desert regions on the outskirts of controlled Malnosso and cultist territory. Out there, an abandoned Malnosso fortress is discovered. Inside the fortress includes notes collected about the region, discussion of Natural Shifts, and some insight on the development and limitations of the droids.

February 26th: Home Again Bil announces an amazing breakthrough - they've figured out how to send people born in the world or dead in their own to other worlds. A call for volunteers is made, one person to provide an anchor world, the other to travel to that person's world with them.

March 6th: Deep Sea Salvage A crew of six volunteers have been selected for a three-day tour of the wreckage of the underwater city.

March 22nd: Third Floor Revisited The site of a previous infiltration is revisited due to strange creature that now infests it. Twelve volunteers from the village are selected to go in.

March 26th: How the Blue Man Falls On the night of the 26th, droids much more advanced and powerful than the droids sent after Luceti villagers attack the Battle Dome. Molly is taken away while Sir Catherine is left injured in village's hands.

April 1st: A Day in Another World For 21 hours, villagers are sent back to their homes with a friend - or stranger - accompanying them. This turns out to be more than just a free trip as on April 2nd, villages find themselves believing they came from a world other than their original world. On April 8th, ANI speaks to the villagers, notifying everyone of the error.

April 17th: Cargo Run A group of Luceti volunteers join a crew upon a massive ship headed out to sea, into cultist-infested waters.

April 28th: The Luceti Final Dragon Adventure Quest Luceti suddenly become one great big RPG with all the tropes and hilarity that requires. Villagers are able to party up, go on quests, talk to NPC's, explore town, find treasures, and fight monsters!

May 15th: Defense of Segretar Some of Luceti's most powerful villages are sent in to defend another enclosure from the Third Party.

May 26th: TOTAL RECALL III: THE REVENGE OF THE RETURN OF PAST EVENTS PART TWO It's that time again when the good old grab bag of experiments is reached into and all the goodies tossed out for fun, joy, and insanity.

June 7th: The Flooded Valley A dam bursts thanks to the cultists, flooding a small hotel not far from the area. Lucetians have been rushed to assist the area, being the closest enclosure to the incident.

June 19th: War, in Space! After a heads up from CJ, some of Luceti's finest (and not so finest) do some heading up of their own as they board the Liberator and go to war on a moon. This draft marks the return of the Third Party's General.

June 23rd: Bil's Timely Demise After a vague threat was levelled at the village, Bil's current life-cycle ended. In an attempt to retrieve him, The Organization's current regime struck Luceti with a serious weather Shift and attacked the village. Luceti chose to defend Bil and his dying breaths, partly by creating Bil-twins and tricking the Organization into taking fake-Bils instead.

July 23rd: Railway Rescue A mission comes up where Lucetians are called upon to rescue Molly on a daring traintrack escapade. It grows even clearer that there is considerable tension between various Malnosso factions.

July 30th: Topsy Turvey An old friend is back in charge of the Organization and he has little sympathy for the enclosure residents. Luceti undergoes many strange spatial- and perception-based warps. The trees spill secrets.

August 17th: Partying and Assasinating at Rataneran Keep A troupe of volunteers are assembled to go and perform at Count Zompano's Founder's Day feast and it turns out that the Count is, in fact, the returned antagonizer from the Topsy Turvey event. While the majority of the volunteers are asked to spy on the Count, a few are contacted secretly with a request to capture him and deliver him to Specialist Davis. The understanding is that he was delivered to the Third Party as a necessary sacrfice.