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Status: CLOSED

A SPECIAL NOTE, PLEASE READ: Due to Luceti entering the end of its plot, officially (DETAILS HERE), applications are open all the time. If we receive a sudden inexplicable spike in apps this might change, but that is unexpected.

Previously played characters can return for the endgame using the basic application at the bottom of the post. We will allow canon-updates of characters using the same application, just label the app appropriately.

PLEASE READ THE RULES BEFORE APPLYING! Especially the last few, as they establish what characters can or cannot be accepted.

The old application posts can be found on Livejournal, using the Applications tag.

Here's the application. Copy and paste the text box info into a comment and fill it out. You must apply with the following format, otherwise your application will not be accepted.


Confused? HERE is a quick explanation of how to fill out our fandom applications.


Confused? HERE is a quick explanation of how to fill out our OC applications.

You may link to threads on the [community profile] trainingwings community for your first person samples, as long as the thread in question is no older than three months. The thread or post must still have at least ten lines of dialog from your character to be considered.

HERE is a word-counting tool to check your 3rd person samples.

If a mod does not accept your app right away, please be patient. We all have our own personal and busy lives to attend to, and there might be a period of time when it might take us days to get to the applications. There is also the possibility that we do not know the canon you are applying for, and we need time to study it. So please be patient and we will work as fast as we can to get you an answer. If it has been a week with no word, please feel free to message Akai (guynophobic) or Kath (so moe you died) on AIM, or email them at their respective email addresses found in the [community profile] luceti profile page or here at the Resource/Link Directory.

Note: Applications are not always processed in the order they are received, due to the way they are divvied up between the moderators. If your application has been skipped, do not fret. Another mod will be getting to it soon enough. Additionally, you now have ONE WEEK to complete revision requests and Q&A's. You will be reminded of this deadline three days before it's up. After that week has passed, your application will no longer be considered for the current round. We apologize, but please be patient with us!

A note for applying here on Dreamwidth: Due to the character count limit being higher on DW, it might be tempting to toss the whole thing in one comment and leave it. However, we ask that you split the application up into at least two comments- the first containing your player information and (if you want) basic character info, the rest in another comment (or more, if you wish). This is to avoid having entire applications spanning the page and making it huge.

Splitting them up will make it easier for mods to process the applications. Thank you!


As noted above, if you are either:
a) a previous/current player bringing back a character played here before
b) a current player with a current character wanting to canon-update

Here is the short-form application you can use.


1) The character must have been played in Luceti BY YOU at some time in the past.
2) The character must not currently be played by anyone else.
3) The application must be accepted by a mod as per usual before the character can ICly return to the game.

If you have questions about this app (it's very much a beta right now, this is the first time we've done this!) please use the contact methods above.
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[personal profile] feelings 2014-11-27 11:10 pm (UTC)(link)
Name: May
Journal Username: aquatic
Contact Info: plurk: nautical gmail: skype: madthane
Current Characters at Luceti: N/A


Name: Haseo (Ryou Misaki)
Canon: .hack//G.U.
Character Journal: reversedarkness was his journal.
Wing Color: ~Gold~ now from the red they were before.
Canon Point: I'll be updating him to end-game. (I can't remember his exact canonpoint, but I remember it wasn't then.)
When did this character join Luceti? Haseo was in the second round of Luceti's apps!
Edited 2014-11-27 23:11 (UTC)
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[personal profile] lorentzian 2014-11-28 08:48 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Emily
Journal Username: [personal profile] revolutionary
Contact Info: journal pm or pplurk at skywards
Current Characters at Luceti: Xion!


Name: Jane Foster
Canon: Thor (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
Character Journal: [personal profile] lorentzian
Wing Color: They are now patterned after a white snowy owl's.
Canon Point: Jane will be coming from the end of Thor 2. This is a canon update!
When did this character join Luceti? Jane originally joined in July of 2012.
dinosaured: (★ where are my pants???;)

[personal profile] dinosaured 2014-11-28 09:00 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Bayley
Journal Username: [personal profile] dinosaured
Contact Info: [ profile] cinematic
Current Characters at Luceti: Rapunzel + Toph


Name: Tony Stark
Canon: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Character Journal: [personal profile] alloys
Wing Color: Hot rod red
Canon Point: UPDATED to the end of Iron Man 3.
When did this character join Luceti? July 2011
Edited 2014-11-28 09:00 (UTC)
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[personal profile] imatreenow 2014-11-30 05:29 pm (UTC)(link)
Name: Kath
Journal Username: [personal profile] whaleen
Contact Info: [ profile] whaleen
Current Characters at Luceti: Jean Kirstein [personal profile] wipesfaith


Name: Mithos Yggdrasill
Canon: Tales of Symphonia
Character Journal: [personal profile] imatreenow
Wing Color: Grey
Canon Point: Endgame, after death
When did this character join Luceti? November 2010
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[personal profile] aggraavated 2014-12-01 02:36 am (UTC)(link)

Name: KCH
Journal Username: PM this Journal
E-mail: N/A
Current Characters at Luceti: Kai [personal profile] bisons; (The characters are from the same canon, but have no contact with each other and, particularly at Raava's canon point, have no reason to interact with each other.)
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[personal profile] aggraavated 2014-12-01 02:36 am (UTC)(link)

Name: Raava
Canon: Avatar: The Legend of Korra
Gender: Female
Age: Has existed since 'beginning-less time' and is at least twenty thousand years old, if not older
Wing Color: White with transparency set to 80% to match the rest of her

Canon Point: Legend of Korra, Book 2, Episode 8, Just before the showdown between Jaya and Aye-Aye
Canon Point Explanation: She's been separated from Vaatu and will not be confused as to how or why and has only just started to realize how much she's come to care about and rely on Wan. It's a good point for her to grow from without her being nearly entirely reliant on Wan for protection.
History: History at the Avatar Wiki

Personality: Raava has a very harsh personality and is focused almost entirely on her duty to maintain balance in the world by keeping Vaatu under control. She is quick to judge humans, in particular, and even quicker to dismiss them outright. They are beneath her concern until they interfere and even then she treats them like small children who should listen and do as they're told. During her time with Wan she eventually learns that she was wrong to judge humanity so quickly and harshly.

Raava is otherwise respectful of the creatures of the world. Even humans who are not Wan. She uses honorifics such as 'Great Old One' to address the Air Lion Turtle and does not act rudely to the Air Nomads upon its back when they speak to her. She appreciates their respect given in turn, of course. Her tolerance stretches thin when it comes to those who destroy nature and attack other spirits for no good reason, however.

For an All-Powerful Spirit of Light and Peace, Raava is pretty damn violent. Despite such an aggressive temperament, she really does care about the continued existence of humanity along with the spirits. She is there to protect them and maintain balance in the face of Darkness and Chaos. While this means she has a very inhuman perspective on pretty much everything, it also means she is willing to risk her existence for the beings that are 'less' than herself. It is core to her role in the universe as much as maintaining the balance is.

Raava's other half is Vaatu, the Spirit of Darkness and Chaos. Raava understands quite intimately that Darkness and Chaos must exist for life to continue as much as Light and Peace must exist. It is a careful, natural balance that she shoulders the burden of maintaining because Vaatu himself does not care to. It is simply the nature of what and who they are. Raava does not hate Vaatu for this, but she also does not forgive him for it.

Focused as she is on her purpose and role in life, Raava has no hobbies. She will be that woman that grows up to be that crazy-catdeer-guy (literally, because she bonds with him physically).

  • Raava's strength comes and goes with the waxing and waning of chaos and peace in the world. 'As Darkness grows, light fades', she says to Wan during their second meeting. Being one half of a whole, as her other half grows stronger, she grows weaker. And physically smaller. The reverse is true as well. It is the nature of the balance she represents.

    In general, Raava is a physical powerhouse. She literally wrestled her other half into submission to maintain control of him for ten thousand years, after winning the last battle at Harmonic Convergence. She can control how powerful any strikes she makes at others (i.e. Wan) are. Despite hitting him with enough force to lift him bodily from the ground and send him flying into trees, he was left only slightly disorientated and otherwise physically sound. She sought not to injure him, only to remove him from the fight. Her control over her own force is impeccable.

    At her canon point, Raava 'stands' just a little taller than Wan, but is actually about twice as long as he is tall from top of her 'head' to the end of her 'tail'. When Wan first met her, she was literally as large as mountain. Her strength being somewhat proportional, she is still physically strong enough to easily carry a single human while flying.

  • Raava has the ability to 'hold' the four elements within herself, but not use them personally. She can 'give' the elements to Wan (and presumably any other human) by passing through them and exchanging one element for another. If she physically possesses a human, she can give that human the ability to use all four elements at the same time, but risks killing them within minutes, if not seconds should she stay inside them for too long.

  • Raava has the ability to exert her influence over other spirits, bringing 'peace' and 'light' to them in the same way that Vaatu can bring 'chaos' and 'darkness' to them. The reach and power of this ability is influenced directly be the amount of ambient chaos or peace there is in the world around her. It's shown most prominently when she possesses Wan during the fight between Jaya and Aye-Aye. The Aye-Aye spirit's anger is enhanced by Vaatu's power, turning the spirit dark. Only after she possesses Wan and combines their energies does she have enough power to influence Aye-Aye and push the darkness out of him because of how much more powerful Vaatu was at the time.

  • Raava is singularly determined to protect the world and especially those she comes to care about. It gives her the ability to focus on a task and goal in a way few can match.

  • Raava has the capacity for great patience. While she is aggressive and will lash out in the heat of the moment, most of the time she is content to take her time and wait. She knows that peace is not something that happens over night and as long lived as she is, she is only concerned about time growing short when Harmonic Convergence grows near.

As a spirit of great power, Raava has other general spirit powers that are not expressly shown by her, but are by other spirits within canon and have been shown and said to have as an almost 'universal truth'.
  • Spirits are able to take on a 'mortal form' if they so choose. This is shown multiple times by spirits of both great power (Tui and La) and relatively little power (the leaf spirit that guides Korra to the Swamp in LoK: Book 4). This form appears to have to be something that is natural and native to the Material Plane (a puppy, fish, humans, etc), but is not otherwise restricted. (Also stated outright by Tienhai in the recently released The Rift part 3)
  • Spirits can give up their general immortality and take on a permanent mortal form. (stated outright by Tienhai in the recently released The Rift part 3)
  • Spirits are able to possess humans. When they do so, the human is changed physically to take on properties of the spirit that possessed them. Raava's possession of Wan created no obvious physical deformities the way other nature-specific spirits have been shown to. She did, however, change him. The changes become more obvious over time as he grows physically more and more resilient to her possession of him and can survive longer and longer with her inside him the more they practice combining their energies. The resiliency extends to him being tossed around bodily, his bones are stronger and by the time he faces Vaatu, he is able take far more physical punishment than any mortal should be able to stand against. Three of Vaatu's building destroying energy blasts are taken directly to the face without coming close to killing him. It's safe to assume any human she possesses would gain some of her own tolerance for physical damage.
  • Raava has the ability to sense other spirits and humans who are close enough to her, the range on it seems to be fairly extensive. Probably within a mile of herself. Other spirits in the series have commented on being able to sense 'Raava energy' within Korra, so it's likely that most spirits are able to sense each other. Though it's unsure if other spirits can sense humans the way Raava has been shown to.

  • Weaknesses
    • Raava's physical strength is tied to the balance of peace and chaos, darkness and light. As much as this can be a strength when peace reigns, it can be a debilitating weakness when chaos and darkness surrounds the world. We see this clearly after the fight between Jaya and Aye-Aye. She went from being roughly human-sized when 'standing' to being small enough for Wan to pick up and carry around in his teapot. The chaos and darkness caused by the outcome of that battle in her presence was so strong it made her own fade to the point she was nearly reliant on Wan just to travel long distances. She could still fly to him, but it was obvious from how she remained in his teapot that she was doing her best to conserve her strength.

    • As a spirit, Raava isn't particularly weak against regular physical attacks, but the elements being slung at her is a very different story. The four elements of Fire, Air, Water, and Earth can be used to damage most spirits and Raava is not an exception to this. The weaker she is physically, the more damage the elements can do. It is likely due to bending specifically being a merger of the elements and the spiritual power of the user's chi that make it so she is vulnerable to them rather than a universal vulnerability. This assumption can be made from the fact that when she was first seen fighting with Vaatu, their battle brought down chunks of a mountainside from rolling into them but neither were obviously effected by the impact. Meanwhile, Vaatu had boulders of sizable portions thrown at him during the fight at Harmonic Convergence and they were able to tear through him, obviously causing damage. With Raava and Vaatu being two halves of the same whole, it can be assumed she would be effected the same as him.

    • Raava has difficulty relying on others for aid. As judgmental as she is, she does not readily trust others. She is shown in canon to take a long time accepting any help from Wan and only doing so after her encounter with Vaatu on the back of the Air Lion Turtle. She did so reluctantly and only because she was growing ever weaker and Wan was finally able to convince he of his sincerity in wanting to fix the problem he caused.

    • Raava is egotistical. Not in the way of being easily manipulated by people playing to some sort of vanity, but in the way of considering herself 'above' lesser creatures. Especially humans. While she has come to see the good in Wan and understand that not all humans are as bad as she's assumed for so long, she is not in any way charitable to them and is quick to judge them as a whole if even one steps out of line. If she had a nose, it would constantly be in the air.

    Anything else?: Raava does not need to eat or sleep, but I wasn't sure where to put that, as it's not necessarily a power or a strength. It's just something that's a natural part of her. Also, should she 'die' she does not change forms the way other spirits do, she is instead reborn within Vaatu and will over time gain strength enough to emerge from him, bonded physically to him once again. However, that is also something that I expect doesn't actually apply in Luceti due to the game's death mechanics.


    First Person: I would like a Q&A please

    Third Person:

    Sample on Training Wings
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    Re: Accepted

    [personal profile] aggraavated - 2014-12-10 16:31 (UTC) - Expand
    weakahoshi: (blush)

    [personal profile] weakahoshi 2014-12-01 07:27 pm (UTC)(link)
    Name: Mags
    Journal Username: [personal profile] magharabi
    Contact Info: [ profile] magharabi, AIM= OharasChild, also PMs to the character's journal.
    Current Characters at Luceti: N/A.


    Name: Princess Shirahoshi
    Canon: One Piece
    Character Journal: [personal profile] weakahoshi
    Wing Color: Pearl
    Canon Point: The same as before (just after One Piece manga chapter 653), with previous Luceti memories.
    When did this character join Luceti? July 14, 2012

    (no subject)

    [personal profile] weakahoshi - 2014-12-13 19:03 (UTC) - Expand
    handing: (that's very deep)

    [personal profile] handing 2014-12-02 12:13 pm (UTC)(link)
    Name: Tad
    Journal Username: [profile] tadity
    Contact Info: [ profile] tadity
    Current Characters at Luceti: N/A.


    Name: Pepper Potts
    Canon: Marvel Cinematic Universe
    Character Journal: [personal profile] handing
    Wing Color: Ruby red at the base, silver for the rest
    Canon Point: Post-Iron Man 3 (this is a canon update)
    When did this character join Luceti? July 2012
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    [personal profile] stungunning 2014-12-10 03:11 pm (UTC)(link)
    Name: Luce
    Journal Username: [personal profile] loobywibble
    Contact Info: Plurk @LuceButNotLiterally
    Current Characters at Luceti: N/A.


    Name: Milly Thompson
    Canon: Trigun
    Character Journal: [personal profile] stungunning
    Wing Color: Light brown
    Canon Point: Same as last time, Episode 25, having given Vash the Cross Punisher and watched him wander off into the desert to fight Knives. Milly will be keeping her Luceti memories.
    When did this character join Luceti? March 2011. Her first entry was here, and here are the logs she was in.
    Edited 2014-12-10 15:12 (UTC)

    [personal profile] imperia 2014-12-12 09:00 pm (UTC)(link)
    Name: Jae
    Journal Username: [personal profile] igiko
    Contact Info: [ profile] welzes
    Current Characters at Luceti: N/A

    Name: Alfonse Zena Meridia
    Canon: Arc Rise Fantasia
    Character Journal: [ profile] hakoiri; [personal profile] imperia
    Wing Color: Gradient from white (base) to blue (tips)
    Canon Point: Ending (canon update)
    When did this character join Luceti? September 2010
    fierybluebird: (flustered)

    [personal profile] fierybluebird 2015-01-17 06:30 pm (UTC)(link)
    Name: Wolf / CC
    Journal Username: [personal profile] silverwolfcc
    Contact Info: This journal, LittleTigerCC12 on aim,, [ profile] silverwolfcc
    Current Characters at Luceti: N/A


    Name: Marco
    Canon: One Piece
    Character Journal: [personal profile] fierybluebird
    Canon Point: Same. Chapter 590
    When did this character join Luceti? May 2011. Some previous history
    ageless_words: (calm and collected Aes Sedai)

    [personal profile] ageless_words 2015-01-17 07:03 pm (UTC)(link)
    Name: Wolf / CC
    Journal Username: [personal profile] ageless_words
    Contact Info: LittleTigerCC12 on aim, responding to this journal,, [ profile] silverwolfcc
    Current Characters at Luceti: N/A


    Name: Siuan Sanche
    Canon: Wheel of Time
    Character Journal: [personal profile] ageless_words
    Wing Color: Blue
    Canon Point: Start of the Great Hunt
    When did this character join Luceti? March 23rd, 2013
    Edited (I totally didn't misplace my own name what) 2015-01-17 19:07 (UTC)
    justicereigns: (*facepalm*)

    [personal profile] justicereigns 2015-01-17 07:11 pm (UTC)(link)
    Name: Wolf / CC
    Journal Username: [personal profile] silverwolfcc
    Contact Info: LittleTigerCC12 on aim, responding to this journal,, [ profile] silverwolfcc
    Current Characters at Luceti: N/A


    Name: Smoker
    Canon: One Piece
    Character Journal: [personal profile] justicereigns
    Wing Color: White
    Canon Point: Chapter 699 after Kuzan rescue
    When did this character join Luceti? April 2010
    cless: (Default)

    [personal profile] cless 2015-01-20 02:02 am (UTC)(link)

    Name: Luminitrium Sirus Collider
    Journal Username: luminitrium
    AIM/PLURK: aronianknight/luminitrium
    Current Characters at Luceti: n/a


    Name: Cless Alvein
    Canon: Tales of Phantasia
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Wing Color: Half-black, half white

    Canon Point: Post- Tales of Phantasia, and before he meets Mel and Dio in Narikiri Dungeon. (Year 4306)
    Canon Point Explanation: Because it'd be fun to play out the emotional repercussions for him as a result of being taken from this point.
    History: here u go
    cless: ([pensive] Well...)

    [personal profile] cless 2015-01-20 02:08 am (UTC)(link)

    Name: Cless Alvein
    Canon: Tales of Phantasia
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Wing Color: Half-black, half white

    Canon Point: Post- Tales of Phantasia, and before he meets Mel and Dio in Narikiri Dungeon. (Year 4306)
    Canon Point Explanation: Because it'd be fun to play out the emotional repercussions for him as a result of being taken from this point.
    History: here u go

    Cless is your average every day male in a fantasy land, but of course he's an RPG main character so it comes to no surprise that can be quite a hotheaded guy who is loud. He was one of the earliest of this kind of character, but yet, that is not all there is to him. Even though he can be stubborn when he thinks he is right, or has a bad tendency to yell or shout when he gets really upset, he is usually the kind of guy people can get along with.

    He is not afraid to reach out or put his effort into helping who he believes need assistance, even when it's not exactly the first priority in the first place. Like for example when he reaches Hamel and then decides to help out Rhea/Arche even though he doesn't have to. He certainly doesn't think he needs a reason to lend a helping hand or anything like that.

    He's also pretty damn hard-working. He has a habit of getting up pretty early in the morning whenever he can to practice sword training... which usually consists of him practicing 2,000 slashes. Which is a lot of sword swinging around that would likely not be easy for anyone when you think about it. This also easily intersects into his great amount of determination to reach his goals or make them happen. He certainly does not kid around when he gets into it.

    Noted that even though Cless lost a lot of his family relatives, he managed to keep most of that to himself and slug through it all anyway. Which that in of itself deserves a good mention, considering.

    On the flipside, even though he's certainly determined to make things happen, if the situation presents itself, he is also not afraid to throw himself into harms way. Otherwise he wouldn't be able to get things done, although he certainly can possess the unfortunate moments when he doesn't think about it too much.

    He also quite obviously thinks a good amount of good things about his friends and would quite obviously fight to the death for them. He also develops some form of romantic feelings for one of them, Mint, in particular.

    Cless was shown that he used to think things in terms of black and white during the first game of Phantasia or that he didn't really liked to think too hard about things when he settled on something. For example, when Arche began to mention/ask about why Dhaos had only gone after certain places, Cless instantly rebuffed her rudely because he thought of Dhaos then as 100% evil. And of course he leapt to the conclusion/assumption that she was going to say something to suggest he wasn't. Even though it was to point out something else.

    However, he's shown that after the game ends to feel some sort of shellshock that he basically almost ended Dhaos' world after bringing an end to the man himself, with the help of his friends. He recognizes the man wasn't entirely good but in Narikiri Dungeon he mentions to the main two children that he wasn't any better than Dhaos and seems to have understood the reason why he did what he did.

    He also expresses a form of guilt and hesitation during this conversation, and in the one before it actually lets some rude knights say bad things about him. It is easy to say that it is in this he has changed on the thought of having such tight beliefs. In the end though, it doesn't mean he won't hesitate to act and continue to do his best on what he believes to be right, even if he is conflicted. As well to himself to possibly right the things he believes he has done 'wrong'.

    Physical: Really good with a sword, like really good.
    Mental: He is rather strong not only in skill but in mental strength as well, because he doesn't allow his thoughts to affect his ability. Even if he's not a strategist, he can think quickly on his feet during battle when he's fighting.
    Emotional: No matter what happens he is able to tough it out, which is another good thing.

    Physical: He's a human, so naturally he can get cut/hurt easily if he doesn't watch it. 
    Mental: He's not exactly a strategist, so chances are when he's setting up to do things it will be straightfroward. This could work against him, considering. He also can be a bit naive at times in the way he thinks, and can leap to the wrong conclusions sometimes.
    Emotional: At times he can still become stubborn and a bit hotheaded (those things haven't gone away completely you know), so that could make things difficult. Then there is the change of him seeming to hold guilt that seems tied into self-worth, which could cause some trouble if a similar situation comes up.


    First Person: [ First thing is a few scribbles, because he tried to write first but thought he heard something behind him. So, distraction. ]


    [ It switches from text to voice though, luckily enough. He probably has no clue wtf he's doing. ]

    Okay, well, I've sort of figured out how this works now. And now that I have, I have a few things to say. First of all, that if you think kidnapping me will get you what you want, you're wrong.

    Second, if you've done anything to my friends, you will regret it. You know who you are...

    That aside, I know I'm probably not the only one out there right now. And well it's obvious I don't know where I am, but... I think I've managed to somehow get a little lost in this forest. So, if anyone could point me in the nearest direction somehow, that'd be great!

    Oh and my name is Cless Alvein. I'm from...


    What is this--

    [ The sounds of muffled noises and him being confused as he finally notices that he has wings on his back. He was much too distracted to notice before... but there it cuts off. ]

    Third Person:

    If anyone had informed Cless instead of preparing people to go into the town of Valhalla he'd instead would be opening his eyes to find himself elsewhere he'd have laughed it off. Probably. But in this case he wasn't doing so much as either of such things because he didn't like the sound of this mess in the slightest. He rises to his feet, his mind straying to the possibilities of such things even being a thing. He doesn't like the implications too much, as his mind wandered on the thought that someone didn't like him enough that they probably attempted to take him out and goofed up on the magic spell.

    Either that or this was some kind of weird skewed dream of some kind because he had accidentally fallen asleep while standing up...somehow. Which while making preparations have been hard, he wouldn't have known that they had taken their toll that much on him. His hand immediately went to where his sword should have been, and he found that... to be missing. Really, does his luck have to be that bad?

    The blond-haired swordsman henceforth begins to look through the forest itself for the blade that seemed to have somehow dislodged itself from his person, grumbling to himself, because things were starting to appear more real and less dreamish. He's not about ready to give it up or call it a day at all, although he decides that he needs to broaden his searching area when he goes through one part and a branch he didn't see smacks him in the face. This causes Cless to be thrown off-balance, trip, and fall back into the dirt in a embarrassing manner.

    Cless sighed, before getting up again, being grateful that no one saw that. At the thought he thought he heard something laugh, or maybe it was someone. But when he turned around he didn't see anything. Maybe it was some kind of forest creature... thing. He decided that it was also time to move on, muttering, "Yeah, very funny...not."
    only_skin_deep: (Default)


    [personal profile] only_skin_deep 2015-01-28 03:59 am (UTC)(link)

    Name: ThePast
    Journal Username: only_skin_deep
    PLURK: TsapEht
    Current Characters at Luceti: Remy LeBeau/Gambit X-Men: Evolution


    Name: Mystique/Raven Darkholme.
    Canon: X-Men: Evolution
    Gender: Female.
    Age: Appears early 30s, actual age 100+ years.
    Wing Color: Blue

    Canon Point: Dark Horizon – Part 2

    Canon Point Explanation: Does not carry the guilt of using her children for her own means, still believes she did what was right by awakening Apocalypse, but has anger over being used by Mesmero.
    only_skin_deep: (Default)


    [personal profile] only_skin_deep 2015-01-28 03:59 am (UTC)(link)
    History: Due to limited history given in the show, that in italics are fan-based, but influenced from other sources (comics, games, shows).

    The first signs of Raven’s mutant abilities appeared in her very early teens when her skin, hair, and eyes took on their mutant colouration. Due to the fear it created amongst her family and larger community she was forced to flee. For the next couple of decades she did what she needed to survive, running with gangs and pulling off heists, from scamming individuals to bank robberies. However, she always chose to look out for herself first, and a number of times double-crossed the group she worked with, gaining all the profits and making them take all the blame. This did not mean she didn’t have her own run in with the law, but managed to typically get away unharmed and without any true consequences (jail time, execution) for her crimes. Much of this not only came from her criminal past, but also her blue appearance, still being seen as a witch.

    Her ability to control her powers came with age, first able to alter just her colouration, to manipulating her form into other humans and her clothing, to eventually more extreme forms and taking on the appearance of animals. At times of stress her mutation could waver, causing Raven to lose control over either her form, but more commonly her colouration. This continues to trouble her (generally in regard to her anger), but she has been able to limit it to her eyes, resulting in a golden glow.

    Finding crime had limiting profits and required extra steps to ensure her own safety from both the law and fellow criminals, Raven decided to take on a more professional career, taking up the role of a detective for hire. One such case she took up was for an Austrian immigrate and mutant, Irene Alder. Raven was enlisted for two reasons, to help decipher Irene’s recorded prophecies and to help prevent the worst of the events to come. After being proved that Irene could actually see the future Raven became a believer of her client’s predictions and discovered that they both shared similar goals for the future of their kind. It was at this point Raven moved on from being a thug, thief, and run of the mill criminal, and heading towards her terrorist future.

    The ongoing ‘social engineering’ between the two mutants led to a life-long friendship between them, and an unexpected twist, falling in love with each other. Their quest for creating a better future forced them to move around constantly and to take on long term assignments, some running years at a time. Such missions educated Raven in the way of espionage and long-term under cover work, aided with Irene’s ability to predict them out of the worst scenarios and able to keep them one step ahead of any authorities. It was this point Raven began to take up her mutant name of Mystique.

    Despite their on-going relationship both took time away from each other, completing their own missions outside of their work to alter the future. Putting her learnt skills to the test, Mystique was able to take on roles within multiple governments around the world, acting as a spy and an assassin. It was during such a role she ran into a future teammate, Victor Creed. Working together via a disguise they were able to complete their mission and during their escape to a safe location, became lovers.

    Their brief encounter led to Mystique becoming pregnant with her first child, Graydon Creed. Having no desire to have a child around her, Mystique pushed the boy into a mixture of private care and boarding schools. She kept track of him throughout his childhood, waiting to see what mutation he would develop upon reaching adolescence, but when he showed no signs of his mutant heritage, Mystique broke off all contact and continued on with her work.

    Years later she was contacted by Victor once again, but he was speaking for his new employer, Magneto. Unsure at first towards joining Erik’s cause, Irene’s convinced Mystique this was required and both women became members of the Brotherhood of Mutants. She quickly came to learn that her and Erik’s views were not that dissimilar, and while Mystique was firstly an agent of Irene’s predictions, she happily followed Magneto’s orders and his vision for mutantkinds future. The missions she carried out for the Brotherhood were not too different from her typical line of work, primarily stopping key anti-mutant figures and gaining information on any threats to them, or plans and items that may help their own cause.

    Unlike their later version, the Brotherhood kept a lower profile, allowing the women to continue on with their own work around the world and even allowing Mystique to take on a more personal role as a wife to a wealthy member of German nobility. While he proved to be a loving husband she found him lacking as a lover, unable to cater to Mystique’s needs but also, due to his own infertility, was unable to help her conceive the mutant child she desired. Looking else where for what she needed Mystique sought out men like Creed, who held physical mutations. It was through a contact of her husband that she came to know Azazel, an ancient mutant/Neyaphem posing as a rich businessman. Their affair resulted in her becoming pregnant with her second son, Kurt.

    With Azazel’s disappearance Mystique returned to the Brotherhood for the remainder of her pregnancy and was overjoyed to see her second child held physical elements from both herself (colouration) and his father (tail and fur).

    Her joy was short lived upon discovering Magneto interest in the boy.
    In fear for his safety, Mystique attempted to escape with her son, only to lose him when attacked over a waterfall. When she discovered his whereabouts, she learned he had been taken in by a German couple and decided this was the best outcome to keep him safe. Despite these events, she continued to work under Magneto as plans with Irene escalated and they adopted a young girl (Rogue) who would later become an important asset in the future. For the most, she left the girl under Irene’s care until she was needed.

    Over the years Mystique became a key factor in Magneto’s recruitment drive and surveillance of ongoing threats, leading to both her role as leader of the new Brotherhood, and taking on the role of headmaster at Bayville High and keeping an eye on Xavier’s new mutant team. When she failed Magneto’s test, and angered at the fact she had to keep proving herself to him, Mystique broke away from the Brotherhood and instead set her sights on revenge against him. To do this she broke his daughter, Wanda Maximoff, out of the mental institute she had been placed in as a child. Using the girl’s rage for her father, Mystique placed Wanda under the tutoring of Agatha Harkness to contain and manage her ability to hex.

    As plans failed to kill Magneto, Mystique returned her concentration to her and Irene’s plan to resurrect Apocalypse. Believing this was the best way to protect both mutantkind and her children, Mystique used Rogue’s mutation to bring back the ancient mutant. During the process she was betrayed by Mesmero and imprisoned in stone.


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