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Application Helpers

This post is simple. We mods only know so many canons and while we do canon research for each app, we cannot feasibly read/watch/play the entire canon for every single application. But between a game of 100+ players, you can! So this post is for you to sign up, detailing what different mangas, TV shows, video games, and so on that you feel knowledgeable enough that you can provide us input on applications if and when we ask for help. This will be handled discretely and replies to this post will be screened.

If you would like to help out, just fill out this form:

Name: Yourname / [profile] personaljournal
Contact Info: AIM or Plurk is preferred. Email and PMing is also acceptable.
Your Canons: List canons you feel you know well. You can also list canons (separately) of stuff you have gone through, but wouldn't consider yourself an expert on. Try to be thorough! If you see an application go up for something you know, then feel free to edit your post here to include it.

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