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Player Event Sign-Ups

This post will work as an in-game calendar of player-run events and plots that are coming up. Comments will not be reposted in the body of the entry, so please scroll through the comments to see what's happening. We will keep the comments up to date and remove a plot comment once it has "expired" (i.e. the dates of the event in question have passed).

Please do not reply to any of the comments on this post. If there are any issues, problems, or commentary, please bring it to the mods personally, or to the player(s) running the event. If you've posted an event and need to edit the details, feel free to do so, as long as those changes are also announced to the player base/the players involved.

Here's a form to fill out:

There is a word cap on the description because this isn't really the place to go into great depth about your event. That's best suited for the explanatory post you'll put up in Luceti OOC. Remember, these comments WILL eventually be deleted, so keep all the important info elsewhere!

The description should include what events or people trigger the event, what the event will accomplish or cause, and how it will be resolved. Additionally, you may include a link to an already existing OOC comm post if one has been made.

You may ONLY reply to this post with your event AFTER it has been discussed with a mod.