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1. First off, no godmodding or metagaming. Yeah, I know you’ve probably all read this in every single RP you’ve ever seen, but it’s still a good reminder. For anyone who doesn’t know what those mean:

GODMODDING is when you use your character to control the actions of another. Like when your character throws a punch and strikes his opponent's face in the same sentence. Uncool. Also if your character kisses another and slips him tongue; super uncool. You have to allow the other character time to react.

METAGAMING is when your character has knowlege that is OOC KNOWLEDGE. Namely, if you personally read something that is locked as private and unhackable, your character shouldn't know what was written there because he or she wouldn't have been able to read it. Likewise, if you are given information on an event, your character won't automatically know what the hell is going on.

2. There is a one-month minimum activity requirement. If you can't so much as have a post or a few threads in the span of a month with your character -unless on hiatus- then you might be too busy to RP. I know this seems strict, but character squatting is kind of uncool, so please do try and do something.

We have activity checks every two months, and all players are expected to post unless they are on official hiatus. The activity check is posted on the [personal profile] lucetimods journal, and here is the tag for it if you'd like examples of how they run.

3. Please, for the love of all that is holy, use proper grammar. Remember to please use the correct verb tenses, and also refrain from using really bright font all the time. It’s funny every once in a while, but not constantly. If you’re unsure of how to spell a word, check Word. It helps.

4. Please don’t start a hell of a lot of emo drama. Drama is good, yes, but only once in a while. Especially if it’s to keep people on their toes and to keep things from getting too fluff happy and boring. But not every other day, please? Too much drama gets on people’s nerves. However, there may be two characters from a fandom that just have drama between them. For example, Luke and Asch from Tales of the Abyss constantly fight. Just try to refrain from having something like “Oh no! So and so died!” every other entry.

Additionally, please try to keep your interaction beyond smut, smut and more smut. We realize that it's fun to make sexy tiem, but there's got to be more to life than that, right? Try to portray that here, as well.

5. Keep OOC problems out of IC actions. If you have a problem with someone, your character shouldn’t be reflecting that. If you do have a problem with somebody, please try speaking to them first before running to the mods. Sometimes things are simply misunderstandings, and we don’t need a lot of trouble because you didn’t talk it over first. Words are powerful things, remember that.

6. Try to keep IC as much as possible. Sometimes experiments/events will throw your character off, that is to be expected. But don’t make a normally happy character constantly depressed or vice versa. If you have a problem with someone who is OOC, talk to them, then come to us. And if you’re having trouble with your OWN OOC-ness, try going back to your canon and looking it over.

7. This community is friendly towards all sexualities and genders. If you RP something out that is R-rated or higher and wish to post it, please remember to cut it or at least make a note of the content. If you have a problem with the above we suggest leaving now or turning a blind eye.

8. OCs are allowed, but we need a very in depth description of them. Background, personality, looks, everything is important to an OC. And please refrain from making them someone that is utterly perfect. (Flaws are interesting, indulge them!) We do not allow fandom OCs.

9. Try not to pick up more than 3 characters from the same fandom. It’s neither fair nor fun if you monopolize characters. There are others out there who may want to play a character from that fandom.

10. Please run all plot ideas that will affect a lot of characters in Luceti by the mods before putting it into action. This way, the mods our involved players can announce it in some way and let everyone know prior to the event/plot taking place. We don't want everyone to be confused when a random event starts.

11. Most of all, have fun. Luceti is here for enjoyment. If it’s making you sad, angry, or upset, try to take a break. It’s not worth getting too worked up over.

12. If you drop a character and change your mind, you will have to re-app, even if you only dropped him or her the day before. We're very sorry, but this is the only way to be fair. However, your character is free to remember their experiences in Luceti, if you'd rather not start all over.

As an addendum to this, if you want to canon-update your character, you must re-apply for said character with the relevant changes to all sections (history, personality, strengths and weaknesses, etc). For re-apps and canon updates, samples must be rewritten; we do not accept recycled samples. Everything else can remain the same if no notable changes occurred. Canon updates can be made during the application cycle.

[EDIT: 06/27/12] We do allow retcons for characters, both canon and original. These are situational and you should talk to a mod on how to deal with these.

13. Yes, the animals can talk in Luceti. However, this doesn't give you the opportunity to have them chatting it up with other characters; that's kind of cheating the application process. Your character is more than welcome to keep a talking pet, and they can interact physically with other characters, but please keep them off the journal system.

14. The character limit is 8.. We might make exceptions for those who are active, but those will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Also, we require a list of current characters in the application to check for activity before we accept. Getting a 7th or 8th character requires really good and consistent activity for a while, so don't expect to jump to the max within a month or two of joining. Be fair to your fellow players.

15. We do not allow doubles or fanwork!AU versions of characters. Something like having KH!Yuffie and FF!Yuffie is permitted, but not a fanwork genderbent!Yuffie.

Since duplicate characters can cause problems for those who play the original character, we've decided to extend the rule: those who want to app a canon duplicate of an established character must gain both mod permission and the approval of the character already in Luceti. It's simply a matter of being fair to those who are already in the game, so their character's role is not diminished in any way.

16. Vehicles are not allowed in Luceti. The exception to this rule is characters who are vehicles, eg. Transformers. Smaller, non-motorized vehicles like skateboards, bicycles, skates, etc. can be found or made in shops.

17. Characters with very small, bit parts -IE a mention by another character rather than screen time, or only a few lines in an entire series of episodes/chapters/installments- will be reviewed carefully by the mods regarding acceptance. If we feel there is not enough canon material provided to establish a workable personality, we will not be able to accept the character. If you are considering apping for a character with a very small part and are unsure as to whether they will be caught by this rule, please contact a mod. This also applies to time periods of established characters, so if you're hoping to apply using a strange time period for your character, please contact a mod.

18. Due to popular vote, video game characters may be applied for one week after the American release of the game. If there is no stateside release announced within two months of the overseas release, then you may apply for that character. There will be exceptions; please contact either Akai or Kyo if you are unsure.

19. We do not accept webcomic characters unless said webcomic has been licensed and released by a legitimate publishing company.

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