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Ginji Niecks ([personal profile] broji) wrote in [community profile] luceti 2012-09-24 12:05 am (UTC)

Had a question about vehicles, since I've seen some instances of people trying to build things in the past and am a little fuzzy on how much is or isn't actually allowed in-game as far as techie things go. I get that some parts can't be made or found in this setting, so I guess I am just trying to figure out where the line is drawn. /o/;

Firstly, would it be possible for a character to successfully create and use a paraglider or a hang glider, or some other free-flying aircraft that has no motor and can be made from materials that should be available in Luceti (fabric, line, and in the case of hang gliders it looks like a relatively simple metal frame)? I also checked height, and it looks like these are things you wouldn't fly any higher than around 2 miles (because oxygen).

The second is, for vehicles that aren't allowed in-game, what would ICly happen if a character tried to create them anyway? This is assuming there is something un-huge where the parts could actually be manufactured somehow.

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