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Please be aware that apps are only open from the 1st (12:00 AM Eastern Standard Time) to the 7th (11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time) of any given month. This means that as of 12:01 AM, the 1st, apps are open and that as of 11:59 PM the 7th, they are closed. If you post an application after that time, it will be deleted and ignored. Please pay attention to the application times and the status at the top of this page!

PLEASE READ THE RULES BEFORE APPLYING! Especially the last few, as they establish what characters can or cannot be accepted.

If you want to canon-update your character, you must re-apply for said character with the relevant changes (history, personality, strengths and weaknesses, etc). For re-apps and canon updates, samples must be rewritten; we do not accept recycled samples.

The old application posts can be found on Livejournal, using the Applications tag.

Here's the application. Copy and paste the text box info into a comment and fill it out. You must apply with the following format, otherwise your application will not be accepted.


Confused? HERE is a quick explanation of how to fill out our fandom applications.


Confused? HERE is a quick explanation of how to fill out our OC applications.

You may link to threads on the [community profile] trainingwings community for your first person samples, as long as the thread in question is no older than three months. The thread or post must still have at least ten lines of dialog from your character to be considered.

HERE is a word-counting tool to check your 3rd person samples.

If a mod does not accept your app right away, please be patient. We all have our own personal and busy lives to attend to, and there might be a period of time when it might take us days to get to the applications. There is also the possibility that we do not know the canon you are applying for, and we need time to study it. So please be patient and we will work as fast as we can to get you an answer. If it has been a week with no word, please feel free to message Akai (guynophobic), Masamune (masamune3x), or Emily (spark memories) on AIM, or email them at their respective email addresses found in the [community profile] luceti profile page.

Note: Applications are not always processed in the order they are received, due to the way they are divvied up between the moderators. If your application has been skipped, do not fret. Another mod will be getting to it soon enough. Additionally, you now have ONE WEEK to complete revision requests and Q&A's. You will be reminded of this deadline three days before it's up. After that week has passed, your application will no longer be considered for the current round. We apologize, but please be patient with us!

A note for applying here on Dreamwidth: Due to the character count limit being higher on DW, it might be tempting to toss the whole thing in one comment and leave it. However, we ask that you split the application up into at least two comments- the first containing your player information and (if you want) basic character info, the rest in another comment (or more, if you wish). This is to avoid having entire applications spanning the page and making it huge.

Splitting them up will make it easier for mods to process the applications. Thank you!

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Re: Request

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1. What is your greatest fear?
Losing the people who are important to me. I know that death is inevitable and that no one can save everyone. But I'd like to think that no matter what else happens, we'll be able to meet again someday. Or at the very least, that we won't forget each other. It might sound kind of silly, but I still try and keep in touch with everyone I can, or visit once in a while. I hear Ralis is doing well.

2. If you had to choose between saving someone else's life and saving yours, which would you pick? Why?
Someone else's life. That's only natural, isn't it? When someone's in danger, I can't just stand by and let them die. Everyone's important to someone -- that's why it's important to help as many people as you can, whenever you can. People might miss me, too, when I'm gone, but I think my own life is a fair price to ask for saving someone else's.

3. Name three of your most favorite memories.
1. The day I learned how to use a grass whistle. There's something relaxing about it, once you learn how to do it right -- the sound sort of echoes in the air all around you. Epona likes the sound a lot, too. Someone told me I might be good at playing an instrument... maybe a flute or something? But I think that's taking it a little far.
2. The day I met Epona. It's hard to believe she's gotten as big as she is. I can remember when she was just a wobbly little filly; I couldn't wait to put a saddle on her and practice galloping. But of course, you can injure a horse if you try to ride it while it's too young. These days, though, I can ride her just about anywhere. She's a great jumper, too, and she's got a sweet temperament. Although she does eat too much sometimes.
3. Finding out my friends were all right. I guess this is more than one memory, but it was a huge relief to see Colin and the others again. And being able to see Ilia safe and sound. And for a little while there, I thought that Ganondorf had... anyway, I never thought I'd be so happy to hear that sarcastic voice again.

4. What is most important in life?
I think the most important thing is to be able to live happily. It doesn't matter if you're the ruler of a kingdom or a farmer; there's happiness to be found no matter what kind of life you live. You don't need to be wealthy to have friends who care for you. I admire people who can find happiness in even simple things, like caring for livestock or collecting insects. It's important to remember that life isn't about what other people want -- it's about finding something important to you.

5. Do you have any regrets? If so, what are they?
There's one person I wish I could have said goodbye to, before we parted. What happened was her decision to make, but... I guess I wish it could have happened differently.