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This is where you request a Death Penalty removal. Please make sure you meet these requirements first:

-You must be reasonably active as a player.

-Your character must have had that Death Penalty for at least four months.

Follow the steps outlined here in the Nitpicker's Guide.

Feel free to ICly contact John HERE**. This is optional!

We clear? Wonderful! Then please comment and fill out this form:

Waiting List

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[personal profile] chainedraven 2012-04-30 04:33 am (UTC)(link)
Mun: tiassa
Preferred method of contact: email -
Characters Played: [personal profile] chainedraven, [personal profile] winged_moon, [personal profile] ayu_nee

Character for DP Removal: Gilbert [personal profile] chainedraven
Penalty: Loss of all memories from before the Tragedy of Sablier
When it was acquired: Died during the draft in December 2011, returned December 27th