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Mission FAQ

What Are Missions?

Missions are a chance for characters to be sent on special assignment outside of the Luceti enclosure. It's a chance for them to 'prove their worth' and escape the daily slice of life that often pervades the village. For the most part, mission details are assumed and not played out. For the players, objectively their purpose is to serve as an IC reason for characters to be removed from the village during hiatus. These missions are treated as an in-character volunteer only operation, meaning that characters who would be unwilling or unable to participate will not be able to go on missions.

Each mission has a variable amount of time for how long it lasts, depending on the wishes of the player. In general, a mission should at least take place three days and not extend for over two weeks without mod permission. In order to emulate the 'randomness' of kidnapping, characters will, in-game, receive only a one day notice of being sent on a mission. If they continue to refuse multiple missions, they will no longer be requested by the Malnosso to go on them, providing characters an incentive to proceed with a mission, in spite of whatever current affairs in the game might look like. During their missions, they will not be in possession of the their journals, making it impossible to communicate or interact with the rest of the game.

What if I want to play out a mission?

If players would like, they can play out interactions if two or more characters are sent on the same mission. During these missions, players may use generic NPCs (which are described in the Nitpicker's Guide and are distinct from the ones played by the mods) as background characters for tags, but we do discourage making them a focal point of your threading. They are to be used as 'flavor', not as the main ingredient of your interaction. Most interaction with NPCs should thus be assumed.

There are two overall types of missions. There are those that are 'generic' and can be used multiple times as described here. Threading on missions of these type will NOT be acceptable for Activity Checks. We do not wish to encourage players to keep their characters constantly away from the village. We still expect most of your tagging to take place in the village enclosure. Conversely, one-time only missions are created for plot-developing purposes and only a limited number of people will be able to go on them. These threads will be allowed for Activity Checks.

NOTE: For any threads taking place during a mission, please limit these to taking place on the [community profile] lucetilogs community or in individual appointment posts.

Why would my character go?

As described on the IC Malnosso post on the subject, characters will be able to accumulate rewards for going on missions. The most basic rewards will be the sort of items that Bil used to distribute freely - such as electronics, books, instruments, items from home, and so on. Characters may choose to go on multiple missions in order to earn special rewards that will grant them 'immunity' to experiments, drafts, and kidnappings.

Naturally as the player you may not share your character's interest in achieving these results. Please note that these items will not be easy to obtain and do not have 100% functionality. These items simply provide an extra incentive for altruistic or selfish characters who would not be interested in a new electric guitar and would prefer to secure means to avoid drafts either for themselves or a friend.

Can my character get hurt or die?

Some combat-missions will result in a character getting wounded, depending on the player's decision. The Malnosso will generally send wounded Luceti subjects back with their injuries bandaged and tended to, but further attention may be required from Luceti's various doctors and healers.

In general, characters should not die on missions. However, if you'd like to have your character die on a mission, please contact a moderator about it first.

What do I need to know about missions?

Very little. You have the option of handwaving the interactions and may choose to have your character not remember the mission at all. If you would like to take the time and consideration to know what they are doing on the mission, the Nitpickers Guide details the various aspects of going on missions.

Can I still kidnap my character?

You can! This is not meant to replace involuntary kidnappings. Instead, this is only an alternative for people to 'hiatus' their character without the negative connotations of captivity by ruthless Malnosso scientists.

Can my characters study or understand [insert item]?

It varies. Malnosso use technologies that in some ways mirror our own, but in some ways are more advanced. Most technologies will not be too difficult for a person to understand if they would have no trouble with modern technology. However, many of the more unique machines (such as the droids) will often run on an indeterminable power source, this being the result of a special Shift. The Malnosso are careful to guard the secrets of Shifting and characters will unfortunately never get a chance to closely study it. They will be absolutely unable to access Shift Machinery at all.

The special bonus items (such as the anti-draft bracelet) can be taken apart, but without an understanding of Shifting, characters will be unable to duplicate its effects in Luceti. Thus the only way to receive such items is through the Mission Program.

How do I sign up?

Easy! Just reply to the posts on the [personal profile] rpmanager journal. Simply use the form provided. Although you are not required to sign up for recurring missions, it's appreciated if you do!

For special one time missions, you must respond, ICly, with your character here. This is the only way your character may be considered for a mission. Please do not volunteer characters for missions they are unsuited for. The Malnosso will know which people are not fit for a mission, but we moderators don't always know your character as well as the Malnosso do.

Other Questions?

Make sure they aren't answered on another page. Most of the explanation for missions are covered in IC form on the IC Malnosso sign ups page. If they are not covered there, you may ask on this post instead. All information on missions can be found at the following pages -

-CJ's Announcement [IC]: Fairly self explanatory. The IC launch of the missions. This sets up what understanding characters have, ICly, of how the missions work, at least initially.
-Malnosso Information Post [IC]: … right here. This is a detailed description in the journal that all characters can see. All of this information is freely available to characters except where noted in tiny font. Also listed here are available missions. However, do not respond to this post! It serves for information purposes anyway. To post which mission you want your character to go on….
-Mission Request Form [OOC]: Fill out details here for missions you'd like to suggest. Only the first form is a requirement to fill out. You can pick and choose from the second form as you please, however detailed your idea gets. Feel free also to suggest entirely new locations.
-Nitpicker's Guide [OOC]: The second of the Nitpicker's guide dedicated specifically to more mission information. ALL THE MISSION INFORMATION YOU COULD EVER WANT! It's right here, in positively lurid detail.

[[ OOC: Mission Suggestions | Mission FAQ | Nitpicker's Guide: In-Depth Information | Mission Tracking | Reward Claim
IC: Malnosso Information Post | Recurring Missions | Unique Missions | CJ's Announcement ]]
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Question/clarification about rewards that is not addressed in the above pages:

Can participants request an item after the fact? For example, they did not request a reward immediately after finishing their mission, but they think of something they want later, after they have been issued participation points. How would this play out?