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Mission Suggestions


This is where you can make a suggestion as to what type of mission you would like to see that can be used when you want to hiatus your character. The general mission categories are the following:

  • Combat Observation: The Malnosso put the subjects in Battle Dome scenarios, under various settings, to log their combat effectiveness and abilities
  • Test Subject: Volunteer for various experimental scenarios
  • Reconnaissance: Work to infiltrate a facility or scout out a previously unexplored terrain
  • Retrieval: Recover specific objects, people, or documents
  • Ability-Specific: Missions that require special abilities, like being able to breathe underwater
  • Guerrilla Warfare: Characters are sent out on either solo or small group missions to conduct guerrilla warfare against Third Party camps or groups
  • Guard Duty: Protect convoys of Malnosso supplies from Third Party raids or other criminals
  • Medical Assistance: Work either in Malnosso hospitals or on battlefields assisting Malnosso doctors in healing and care efforts
  • Labor: Missions that require physical labor or heavy physical labor of some variety (cooking, cleaning, heavy lifting, debris removal, etc)
  • Mechanical Maintenance: The upkeep and repair of non-specialized Malnosso machinery, buildings, etc
  • World Research: Characters are assigned to research history, culture, magic, or another facet of another character's world

If an idea strikes you, you may also feel free also to suggest an entirely new mission category. Alternatively, if you have an idea that doesn't fit under any current headings, post it anyway and we'll come up with the mission category for it! Please do realize that mission suggestions may not be used! However, we do want as much input as possible.

Please use this format when suggesting a mission:


This part is more involved. Here you will create missions that look like this, fully detailed and ready for us to use. Now, naturally, this won't happen on your first try, because there's things like timing, logistics, plot, and other things to consider. But once you submit an idea, we'll reply and give suggestions on how to change or improve it.

Once we've agreed on something together, we'll ask you to write the mission lead-in seen on the lucetilogs comm. We may alter your final version of this to include additional details, but overall it will be a mission of your own creation. If this is something you'd like to do, then here's the form to get it going:

[[ OOC: Mission Suggestions | Mission FAQ | Nitpicker's Guide: In-Depth Information | Mission Tracking | Reward Claim
IC: Malnosso Information Post | Recurring Missions | Unique Missions | CJ's Announcement ]]
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This is two unique mission ideas that both will tie together. Will describe both in the first part and do a form for the second for each part.

Mun Name; Nadia [personal profile] ladynadiad
Mission; Don't have a name yet
Category; Unskilled labor and rescue
Description; Basically this would OOCly be signed up for as a unique mission by the players due to the nature of it and permissions obviously being needed. As far as the characters are concerned it would seem like a normal mission and be delivered in that manner. The mission is one that seems easy and safe and about any character in Luceti could do it. The people chosen for the unique mission are the ones who get it.

However, the group performing this mission is ambushed by the Third Party while out. Perhaps about a day or so in. Since this is a group of people who can't fight or if they can, they really have no skill at it, it will end badly.

However, the Malnosso do find out about the ambush, just not in enough time to get the non-combatants back to Luceti before attacked. Or perhaps they don't even care since they are perfectly fine with sending them out for drafts, after all. A rescue will end up being sent out, but they won't make it in time to save everyone.

The rescue mission will be a very last minute and ICly will go to the first so many people who sign up, OOCly signed up for in advance as usual. Because of the speed needed to get them out there, the Malnosso don't check for shift compatibility so there could also be a potential for serious drawbacks to happen for this group as well. Injury or death is up to players on this one. Could also be a potential for the group that goes to barely be strong enough to fight off the ambush. No matter what, it won't be fully successful because they won't make it in time to save all the people from the first mission.

Requisites; 1: Non-combatants and unskilled only. Players who sign up must be willing to have their characters seriously injured or killed and at least half should end up dying.
Available Slots; Maybe 8-10? It would be unique due to the nature of the mission.
Destination; Any location would work as long as it isn't a place that seems likely to get attacked. Maybe helping with the harvest or planting in the farmlands?
Time Limit; The mission is going to be set for a week ICly, attack happens about 2 days in and the characters who live will be returned after 3 days. Characters who die obviously will be back a week after their death.
Reward; Not really sure? Probably about 10-20 since it should look like a normal mission.

Requisites; Combat level 2 or higher.
Available Slots; Somewhere between 5 and 10 fighters and 1 field medic who can treat injuries of any survivors.
Destination; The location of the above mission
Time Limit; 2 days at most.
Reward; 40 points like most unique missions. Maybe a chance for a bonus if they can save any non-combatants and prevent the destruction of the unfinished work.
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