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Mun name: Rai
Mission Name ???
Slots: 6-8
Destination: Another enclosure undergoing evaluation by the Malnosso
Requisites: Characters that are known to be well respected, influential, and integral to the running of Luceti, or so it seems to the Malnosso. Should be a diverse pool of community leaders, but any character thought capable of convincing the majority of the village will be considered.

Description: Encouraged by the seeming unity of Luceti's volunteers at Depot 8 against the FTSA, the Malnosso have decided to select a moderate number of influential Lucetians to observe the evaluation of one of the Organization's most loyal and successful enclosures to further impress the benefits of co-operating with the Malnosso. Characters can expect to be courted to spread the good word at home.

However, things might not be so golden as they seem. Rumors come to light of some potentially unsavory methods used to gain the population's co-operation. Some of the inhabitants will whisper that a lot of folks are just not the same... they should be a bitter lot due to some horrific experimentation in the past, but the defiance just drained right out some time ago and no one can pinpoint why. Careful now... something similar might happen to you.

It's up to the characters involved to determine if this is the truth, and if so, prevent the Malnosso from learning they've caught on. After all, in the battle for hearts and minds, one small slip up could be catastrophic.

Information: Given this is a delicate propaganda mission, the Malnosso will have to be very careful how they treat characters if it comes to their attention that they've discovered more than they should or things that place them in a bad light. No outright punishment, but memory modification is a possibility. This mission should last a week, and there should be a reward of around 20 points at maximum, if at all. The true benefit should the information gained.

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