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Haruhi Suzumiya ([personal profile] godbent) wrote in [community profile] luceti 2012-04-15 02:47 am (UTC)

Mun Name; Zero/Charles/[personal profile] saltprince
Mission; Advertisement
Category; ???
Description; Many of the other barriers besides region six have varying levels of knowledge and loyalty to the Malnosso organization. Some of them are notably less loyal, to the point of open hostility meeting the the MSF when they come to intervene either in riots or in Third Party raids. While the organization is far from above the idea of forcing subornation in these "less important" regions, some elements in MARS to attempt a more diplomatic strategy.

To this end, individuals from region six known for being performers or otherwise charismatic will be recruited to spread a message of the necessity of cooperation with the Malnosso organization for their own safety and to help them get home. MARS acknowledges there is some risk in this, but hearing the message straight from the mouth of another captive they feel will most likely raise morale. The subjects performing this mission will obviously be accompanied by Malnosso agents at all times.

Requisites; Less than 4 on power scale (security reasons)
Available Slots; 1-3
Destination; other enclosures
Time Limit; 1 week
Reward; idk, 10 or 15*

* - Due to the obvious risks involved to the organization anyone on this mission spreading anti Malnosso propaganda will be met with the forfeiture of their points and fines for this mission as well as an "escape attempt" on the punishment system

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