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Post here with the following information if you find yourself needing to go on hiatus! Just in case there's an activity check or a personal plot you're involved in, so that people are aware.

A WORD TO THE WISE. We don't have a hiatus limit, but if your hiatus is going to be longer than a month, PLEASE either contact a mod or state what you're going to do with your character(s) in the meantime. Also, realize that you are going to miss a hell of a lot, so it would be a good idea to think of some reason why your character is unaware of what's happened.

ADDITIONALLY. We need an estimate for hiatuses. We can't have "indefinite" or "I don't know" because if an AC rolls around and you've been on hiatus for two months, we may have to cut you. It's not fair to have someone sitting on a character for an unknown length of time, to canonmates and those with CR with that character. Please be considerate to your other players.

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Character Fandom: The Hunger Games
Character Name: Cato
Character Journal: [personal profile] deadalready

Character Fandom: Bioshock Infinite
Character Name: Booker DeWitt
Character Journal: [personal profile] amonglions

Duration of Hiatus: 10/2/14 - 10/16/14
Can we contact you? Y
AIM/other messaging service/email: kujoismydog@AIM,, [ profile] cupcakepantry