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Sign up here for pets belonging to your characters!


  • Only one pet per character. The exception is made for Pokemon, in which case trainers may have three.

  • Once your character is dropped, their assigned pet will follow them. If a specific pet is applied for by another mun, you will lose god mod rights over that pet.

  • These pets cannot be ones that regularly speak and are understood by their owners.

  • Pets will behave exactly like regular Luceti animals do in regards to the journal system, as such, they cannot speak over the journal system.

  • Animals cannot be overly large. Unfortunately this means not bringing your pet brontosaurus to the game.

  • Pets do not have wings. This also means pets will NOT be revived if they die. So do not kill them. That wouldn't be cool at all.

  • Although their speech can be translated like other animals in Luceti in person, it will only be simplistic speech that would be expected from a simple animal.

  • Pets can still be applied for even if brought into the game. If a pet, such as Momo from Avatar, is accepted into the game, the NPC Momo would be 'sent home' and return days later, only with a pair of wings and with no memory of their time in Luceti.

  • Please do not create additional journals for the purpose of pets. They are meant to stay in the background and should rarely be used without their owner (or a stand-in owner) around. This means you should NOT RP as your pet or make posts as your pets. This means that if Character Bob has Jill's dog Sparky while Jill is nowhere around, Bob would narrate the actions for Sparky, not Jill (or Jill's journal).

  • Pets are not affected by experiments unless its environmental (such as the earthquake).

Note: This page and the information above apply only to canon pets or pets received from the Malnosso either as a gift or reward! Animals adopted within Luceti are not subject to the 'one pet limitation' and do not need to be registered on this page!

If you are not sure your pet qualifies, feel free to contact a mod and ask.

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