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This is where you request a Death Penalty removal. Please make sure you meet these requirements first:

-You must be reasonably active as a player.

-Your character must have had that Death Penalty for at least four months.

Follow the steps outlined here in the Nitpicker's Guide.

Feel free to ICly contact John HERE**. This is optional!

We clear? Wonderful! Then please comment and fill out this form:

Waiting List

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Mun: Stark
Preferred method of contact: AIM:
Character for DP Removal: Arsene Lupin III [personal profile] redjacketthief

Penalty: Partial loss of vestibular functioning.

When it was acquired: It was acquired during the village wide response to the Malnosso's Ultimatum in June regarding Bil and his current state. Lupin was among the decoys used to obscure Bil's location, and he died during the subsequent infiltration on June 23.

He returned to the village on June 30, as indicated in this journal post.

What date would you like the penalty removed? I would like for him to be picked up on the night of November 1 and returned on November 5.
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